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War had struck the shinobi nations. No one was alliences with each other anymore. Even if you though you had an ally you could never trust them. The Akatsuki died once thier true leader Madara had been killed in battle. Five whole years of pain, death, and insanity had torn each of the villages apart slowly, leaving them poor, hungry, and unhealthy. Even some of Konoha's own ninja had decided to turn on their village and leave to work on thier own, like so many of the other had also decided. There what seems to be no hope, the once vast and bueatiful land could now cause even the worst criminal to cringe.

Konoha, however, was the healthiest out of the surviving villages, they still held thier ninja pride as most as they even if evey country seem to be aiming for them.Suna had also lost thier forever lasting pact with Konoha once thier leader fell.

Deidara sat comfortably underneath a canopy of trees resting yet eagerly waiting for some action. No longer wearing his Akatsuki robes or even his headband, but in stead rags and the only thing holding his pants up was the belt for the clay holders. He was in currently in the land of Cloud, eyeing the poor men fighting over stale bread, shinobi men. He found it sad that such a great land had reduce to fighting over stale bread. And everytime he wander the lands he would cringe at the sight of each village. The war had aggravated him so and he was waiting for an end.

The ground was poisoned and dry making it almost impossible for any clay making time to take place. The sky was always dreary and foggy making it hard to fly. And just about everywhere he went some crazy bastard would come up and try to take something of his. Life was wonderful.

Deidara always thought that it might be a good idea to form his own group, though he wasn't much of a leader. But, to start off he needed any ally of his own, but who would want to be his ally? Well Hidan was still alive burried in the dirt of the Nara forest. And he hear rumors about a man that sounded a lot like Tobi taking refuge somewhere near or in the Land Hidden in the Waves. That was a start, but he needed a bigger allience, like a village. Unfortuantly no village would help him. He pondered for a couple moments... He then thought the only way he was going to get his clay back was if he lied to a Shinobi village, get thier alliance and set his foot down, but first he thought he should go get Hidan and why not start with thier Kage first? Even though she was one hell of a bitch, she was good at her job. Hidan could help with the lying part, like if she throughs a punch or something he can just put Hidan in the way and he won't feel a thing, he is immortal.

With his growing plan held with him, Deidara headed off to fetch Hidan, he was the person he along most with in the organization anyways, he was still a pain to to be around with although constant talk about religion like 'Bla bla bla fuck you bla bla Kakuzu's an asshole bla bla blood bla bla bla Jashin is my savior bla bla your a bunch of stupid athiosts, piss off bla' or something really close where a sentence is formed. Deidara had no idea how this plan came about then he remembered...bordome.

The blonde haired man stretched his muscles from sitting to long took one last look at the men fighting for food and started off with a walk. He then stop almost right after he started to walk to try and remember if the Hokage was even alive, but then he figured yes. She was to strong to be pulled down yet.

Deidara continued walking, the silence was too akward for him so he began whistling a chipper tune to keep him self company. It was a long way to Konoha, ND hIDAN. He wondered if he could get that Kyuubi brat, and his little pink-haired comrade that killed Sasori no Danna to come with. As much as he hated them, he would defiantly have to admit that they were strong.

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