There in the booth sat two familiar faces. Sakura ran up to them immediatly. The blond hair one jumped up and began yelling thier names.

"Naruto! Kakashi-Sensei!" Naruto left the booth to embrace Sakura.

"Your okay! Thank god!" Naruto held her tightly.

They parted, Shino and Hinata came up beside Sakura. "Don't you think you should be working at your office?" Sakura asked.

"When I sent Shino and Hinata...I decided to stay at the gates...I was worried for you guys, I can't loose anymore friends," Naruto sighed. She sighed and smiled up at him.

"...How's Lee?" Sakura struggled to say.

"I don't know..." Naruto looked up at his friends. "But..he'll be okay! I know it!"

Sakura smiled at Naruto. She could tell the he knew Lee wasn't okay, but was happy that Naruto still kept his enthusiasm just so she wouldn't worry.

Deidara grunted and glared as they all had thier reunioun. He didn't understand how they could be so happy at times like these. And more so he was slightly angered that they had him tied like pig.

As they continued talking, Deidara realized that this could be his break to escape. In other words, then form a team, and get a chance to dig up Nara forest to retrieve that blunt asshole Hidan.

Slowly he began to walk quietly away, while everyone's attention was focused on something else. Although he didn't realize that Kakashi was eyeing him courisouly.

"You must be tied up for a reason," As Deidara was walking backwards he bumped into the masked-nin.

"Huh?" Deidara swiftly turned to face him and backed away once again. "Dammit," He mumbled softly.

"Who are you?"

"You should of all people know, un," Wow has the Akatsuki really been completely whiped of everyone's memory? I should at least be a bit reconisable to him...he ripped my damn arm of.

"Well, mind giving me name?"

"Yes I do, un."

Naruto looked over at Kakashi and Deidara. "Hey! Who are you?!"

"Holy fuck...You guys are more retarded than Tobi, miracle, yeah," Deidara rolled his eyes.

"All I asked was who are!" Naruto pointed a finger at his face. "I'm the Hokage, I need to know these things!"

Sakura glared at Deidara as he just smirked back at them.

"Remember what Gaara," Naruto glanced at Sakura, Deidara grinned hiding the face that said 'oh no'. He was going to get the shit beaten out of him if she told him the rest. But if he attempted to kill her he would be raw meat.

"...When he died...and Chiyo saved his life?" Naturo's eyes grew larger in anger, his gazed fixed on Deidara.

"You," Naruto's gazed turned to a glare, "Son of bitch!"

He rushed to Deidara with a fist held. Kakashi had a grip on him so that he couldn't loosen, not that that would help because all his chakra had been drained. Shino suggested it for the safety of others.

"Bastard!" Naruto slammed a fist across his cheek causing Deidara to stumble slightly but he held his ground, along with the help of Kakashi hold his shoulders up.

"Fucker..." Deidara mumbled to himself.

"What the hell did you bring him here for!" Naruto sqeaked. "How is he alive!"

Deidara showed no emotion to Naruto, instead he gave him a gaze that Naruto learned hate so much.

"Why do all look like that!" He slammed another fist into Deidara's face, causing his scope to break off, leaving a large gash under his eye.

"Uhg," He cringed at the pain of his eye. The blood rolled down his cheek.

"If you have something to say just say it goddamit," Deidara glared at him.

"I have alot to say to you!"

Naruto gritted his teeth and fummed back to the Hokage's office. Deidara glared at his back and then did the same to the shinobi in front of him.

"Why do have to be such a bastard! He never did anything to you!" Sakura bellowed at him.

"Akatsuki changes your view about everything you wouldn't know, un," He hissed at her. Sakura just frowned at him and followed Naruto to the Hokage's office.

"I don't plan on making anything explode, yeah," Deidara sighed.

"Shino, Hinata I'll take care of him you go and get some rest," Kakashi ordered.

"Right," They said at the same time and walked off.

"So where I'm going?" Deidara asked. He had respect for Kakashi, but he was still ticked off and trying not to put out on the masked man.

"Questioning," Kakashi replied almost boredly.

"Thought so," Kakashi and Deidara walked through the city of Konoha, it's streets were trashed and unlike it's usual flowing crowd of people barely anyone walked the pavements of the village.

The two men reached a small wearhouse, Deidara's eyes flickered at Kakashi for a moment, who paid no attention to him. They then enter the large shack, inside it was empty besides the hay that laid everywhere.

"Come over here," Kakashi pushed Deidara to the far end of the shack. There basically the only thing in the warehouse was a chair with cuffs for the arms and legs.

Deidara froze. "...We're not going to kill you," Kakashi told him and Deidara was forced to sit in the chair. He didn't beleive what he said but he had no choice. He sat in the chair and was locked in.

Out of nowhere four ANBU shinobi surrounded Deidara along with Kakashi. Thier plaster white masks stared a never ending dead stare at him, which made him squirm in his seat.

"So you are going to kill me, un," Deidara stated.

"No we're not...I already told you that.." Kakashi replied.

"We're just going to ask you some questions...if you don't comply we will use torture..." One of the ANBU interruped.

"About the Akatsuki?" Deidara asked.

"Yes.." Another one of the plaster masked nins replied.

Deidara sighed. He waited for them to start firing off, but there was a long pause. He didn't have anything against Konoha and never did. And he was pretty sure he could ask answer any questions about the Akatsuki too.

"Are there other Akatsuki alive?"

"Yes, yeah," Deidara replied.

"We have an inter book about each of your pasts, skills, personal info and origin," Kakashi interfired.

"You must have gotten it from either Orochimaru or Kabuto...they kept a book about us to kill us, hn," Deidara added.

"Yes...which ones are alive..?"

"Only one other...Hidan," Kakashi pulled a book from one of the others hands and began to flip through it. He stop once he reached the page with Hidan on it.

"Is that why you are here..?" One of the masked nins asked. Deidara nodded in reply. "He was immortal yet died in the Nara Forest, why do you look for his body?"

"Tch...Hidan is not dead...he'll never die he's just simply immobalized, yeah," Deidara said sarcasticly.

"How did the rest die..?"

"Take a guess cause I don't know..I faked my death because I wanted to go after Itachi not his little brother...but then I heard the news that Itachi was dead, hn," Deidara replied back to the masked man.

"You do know Madara started this war died in battle to the nine-tails.." Deidara was shocked, no he didn't know that.

"Where did that come from, yeah?" Deidara asked still a little shocked by the news that Kakashi told him.

"Madara was the true leader of the Akatsuki...he never told you of this nor of his plans?"

"Well, I guess not," Deidara was annoyed by this. He wondered if he was the only one who didn't know about this.

"How about we go and dig up your friend, shall we?" Deidara nodded in agreement. He needed to get himself and Hidan out of the village. He had lied about Hidan being the only other Akatsuki alive because there was Tobi too.

It was now coming down to the midday hours. Kakashi, Deidara and the several ANBU from before headed into the Nara forest. Kakashi tried to remember the spot where Shikamaru had taken the man, but had been a couple of years since the battle.




"Naruto..I'm sorry," Sakura frowned. Naruto sat at his desk, trembling. It had been a year since the huge attack in Suna. All of Gaara's followers began to blame him for the cause wasn't of war and not being a good leader. Gaara was reduce back to being heartless and destroyed alomost half the village in anger. He wasn't dead either, Naruto knew that for a fact. he had just dissappeared after his attack. Temari and Kankuro were on the search for thier brother. When Naruto got the news of his friend he felt helpless. When Deidara came back up it put him back into his dispair.

"...Naruto...I wasn't your fault.." Sakura walked over to him and hugged him tightly.

"I don't want him in my village," Naruto whispered loudly his voice trembling.

"Okay.." Sakura let go and backed away silently, "I'll see what I can do.." She left the room leaned on the wall. She knew the pain that Naruto was in. He was always so used to being there when people needed him most but lately he been unable to do that deed. So many of his friends had died and Sakura's as well. She knew well enough that they were going to need a miracle to put an end to this war.

"Sakura?" It was Shizune.

"Huh? Oh Shizune! How is Lee," Shizune looked at her with smpathy.

"Yes he is..for now at least..we are trying our best to keep him alive.." Sakura smiled back and stood up. "I'll see you later today," Shizune bowed and walked into the Hokage's office.




Deidara was digging like a physcopath. He was eager to make his finding fast and easy. Kakashi had his book out and the ANBU were keeping an eye on the blonde. He took a quick moment to feel the soil and continued digging.

"So they set a trap using paper bombs which cause a bunch of rocks to fall into this hole, un," Deidara said outloud, he didn't even realize it. "That's smart,"

For hours on end he kept digging through the boulders and dirt. Every now and then testing the dirt. His eyes widen with victory. "I found him!"

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