Unit Control by Peyton Halliwell Chapter One: Return to London

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The TARDIS shook violently as it landed with a crash, Rose Tyler and Martha Jones both grabbed onto the rails tightly until the shudders came to a stop. Slowly the two women detached themselves from the TARDIS rails as Jack dusted himself off, adjusting his plain white shirt. "Rough landing Doctor"
"He's still mad about having to come here." Rose informed Jack with a smirk. The Doctor ignored her comment and roughly asked,
"Are you sure Jackie didn't give you any more information?" Rose rolled her eyes at him,
"No for the fifth time Doctor. She just said it was urgent that we come today." Leaning over the controls Jack checked their location.
"Well that's where we are. London Powell Estates."

Martha raised an eyebrow, "Powell Estates"
"It's where I used to live." Rose replied pulling on a light coat and moving for the door. "Come one Martha you have to meet my mum." Tossing open the doors Rose stepped out in the early morning, clouds blocked out most of the sunlight. Smiling she looked around the simple estate with a small smile as the others joined her. Martha raised an eyebrow as she looked around, her neighborhood it was not. Still she smiled at Rose seeing the happy look on her new friend's face. "Come on then, lets see what Mum thinks is so urgent." The Doctor bit back a retort, ignoring the amused smirk on Jack's face as Rose lead them up the stairs to her Mum's flat.

The door wasn't opened by Jackie Tyler when Rose knocked but rather by a tall dark haired man wearing a suit. "Rose Tyler?" Rose nodded, swallowing the fear rising in her. The Doctor stepped up next to her into a protective position but the man nodded and stepped aside allowing them into the flat. Giving the strange man a careful look Rose stepped around him, "Your mother is in the living room waiting for you." Visibly relaxing Rose moved into the house, Martha close behind her. The Doctor glanced at the strange man and then at Jack who nodded in silent understanding. Knowing the captain understood the Doctor followed Rose closely into the living room where Jackie Tyler was sitting with a cuppa and Prime Minister Harriet Jones.

The Prime Minister stood gracefully from the low seat and smiled at the new arrivals, her two bodyguards shifting to the side. Stepping up to Rose, Harriet pulled the girl into a friendly hug. "Hello Rose. Oh my precious dear how are you?" Grinning Rose shrugged,
"I'm fine you"
"I've had better days." Harriet replied with a sigh before looking to the Doctor. "Hello Doctor"
"Harriet Jones." The Doctor responded with a smile and nod. "Nice to see you again." The Prime Minister seemed eased by the Doctor's welcome. Martha Jones just blinked at the Prime Minister in shock,
"Rose the Prime Minister is in your flat." Harriet looked to Martha in mild surprise. Rose grinned seeing the looks,
"Oh Harriet this is Martha Jones, she's a friend of ours and travels with us." Harriet gave Martha a kind smile,
"Nice to meet you dear"
"And you met Jack during the Sycorax invasion but I doubt you're here as a friendly social call." The Doctor interrupted causing Harriet to turn back to him.

Harriet Jones nodded, worry and fatigue showing in her eyes and face. "You're right of course Doctor. I'm sorry but I thought Rose was the best way to find you, UNIT lost contact with you years ago and an old problem has appeared." Harriet looked around the flat as Martha leaned to Rose,
"The Prime Minister is in you flat"
"She's an old friend, stopped World War Three with her"
"She says it is something from your old days." Jackie Tyler inserted curiously looking up at the Doctor. Both Harriet and the Doctor seemed to ignore her in favor of talking.
"Doctor will you come with me to UNIT base? Our advisors on the current situation seem to think you can help with our problem." The Doctor crossed his arms and looked very interested.
"I'm guessing you won't tell me here." Harriet shook her head.
"Out of the question, I won't put the people in the area in a possibly dangerous position." Pleased with her answer the Doctor nodded.
"If my companions can accompany me." Harried Jones smiled and nodded.
"I saw to that for Rose already I'll have Miss Jones and Mister Harkness dealt with as some as we get there." Martha blinked in shock as the Doctor grinned and nodded.
"Sounds fun Harriet."

Jackie Tyler stood up as the Doctor began to move towards the door. Rose gave her a quick hug, "Hi Mum, I'll promise we'll stop by for tea or dinner after this is over. See you later." Then Rose dashed back to the Doctor's side as they moved out the door. Shaking her head Martha Jones looked around the tiny flat again and shook her head.
"The Prime Minister was in her flat." Jackie gave Martha a soft smile and squeezed her hand.
"You're new at this aren't you." Jack leaned around the corner to see Martha and Jackie.
"Sorry we have to run Jackie." He threw her a charming smile before looking at Martha, "You coming Martha?" Nodding Martha turned back to Jackie quickly.
"It was nice to meet you Mrs. Tyler." Then she ran out the door after her friends leaving Jackie in the middle of the flat shaking her head.
"There are days I hate that Doctor."

Sighing happily Rose settled back into the posh car seats as the doors of the black car were shut around them. The Doctor, herself and the Prime Minister were in the first car with Martha and Jack following with the Prime Minister's aid in another car. Harriet Jones was still unwilling to talk about the new threat to the Doctor but Rose had gotten the feeling that it was alien since his old allies at UNIT wanted to find him. Smiling at them softly Harriet looked back to Rose, "I'm sorry to pull you away from your mother Rose. I feel terrible having to call on you through her, I do hope you'll be able to see her for a good visit later"
"Why didn't you just have Jackie tell us that UNIT needed me?" The Doctor asked raising an eyebrow at the Prime Minister who chuckled softly to herself.
"One of the advisors UNIT has called in said that you didn't like being called in to help. When I told him about Miss Tyler he was very surprised"
"Why surprised?" Rose asked before the Doctor could make any inquiries. Surprised at the question Harriet replied quickly,
"Well all of Torchwood's files on you were destroyed by the Bad Wolf virus before the Battle of Canary Wharf"
"The what?" Both the Doctor and Rose asked making Harriet frown deeply.
"I'm told you were both there two years ago, the fall of Torchwood London." She seemed concerned for a moment that she had angered them, "Not that I blame you of course Doctor, I know that you only do what is necessary. Anyway Torchwood's actions had endangered this planet, UNIT is quiet happy I dare say that Torchwood has been so pushed back. Only their Cardiff office remains." Harriet seemed much calmer now, "In fact due to the fall of Torchwood 1 they have started working with UNIT again. It's a relief I daresay, knowing that our protective agencies are working together again."

Rose was about to ask the Prime Minster what she was talking about when the pressure of the Doctor's hand on hers told her to be silent. Instead the Doctor nodded to the Prime Minister and smiled, masking his equal confusion. "Glad to hear it but who told you that I wouldn't come." "An old retired commander of UNIT." Harriet replied glancing at the window, "Now what was his name... oh yes." She looked back at the Doctor but was interrupted by the car stopping and a man opening her door. "We're here Prime Minister."

The Doctor followed the Prime Minister out of the car and grinned manically as he looked around. Behind him he heard Rose giggle as she turned looking around them. "The Tower of London?!" Grabbing the Doctor's hand Rose beamed at him and Harriet Jones as the second car pulled in. Jack helped Martha out of the car, laughing at the shocked look on her face as they joined the Doctor and Rose. A tall man with light brown hair and green eyes dressed in a smart clean uniform stepped up to them, his rank was that of a captain. He handed them all a white badge and then said simply.
"Follow me." Shrugging to his companion the Doctor did so and followed the captain and the Prime Minister down a flight of stairs.

The Doctor nodded in approval as they were lead into a large room filled with personal and computers. A large screen at the far end of the room was tracking a large grouping of objects moving towards Earth. Frowning the Doctor stepped forward to one of the machines, ignoring the man working there and hit a series of buttons. "Doctor?" Harriet asked, seeing the intense look of concern and concentration on his face. The screen shifted zooming in more but the Doctor frowned deeper and pulled out the sonic screwdriver. Jumping up from the computer, the man moved out of the Doctor's way letting him sit down. Leaning around Rose, Martha looked around and whispered, "What is UNIT?" Jack moved closer to them too.
"The Doctor used to work for UNIT." Rose whispered back, "They deal with aliens and protecting the Earth. He hasn't helped them for a while but I guess they need him now"
"So you don't know much about it?' Martha asked making Rose shake her head.
"There's a lot Jack and I don't know about the Doctor Martha."

The sharp ringing of a cell phone made the trio jump apart as Martha pulled her cell phone from her pocket. "It's my mum"
"Don't say anything about this." Rose hissed to her as Martha flipped the phone open. Martha raised an eyebrow at her fellow companion.
"Trust me Rose I don't want to get locked up." Smiling she answered the phone. "Hello Mum how are you?" "You disappeared last night." "Last night?" Martha asked confused, Jack leaned over to whisper to her.
"It's the morning after you started traveling with us. You've only been gone twelve hours"
"I went home that's all and then I met up with some friends this morning mum. I'm fine." "Well your father-" Francine Jones was cut off as the Doctor gave a laugh and the screen focused in on a fleet of round metal ships. "Mum I'll call you later I've got to go." Martha closed the phone and followed Rose who stepped up next to the Doctor. Jack frowned deeply at the image before looking at the Doctor,
"Doctor are those Sontaran ships?" Slowly the Doctor nodded and looked over at Harriet Jones.
"An invasion fleet of the Sontaran Empire, heading straight for Earth."

Coming Soon: The Brigadier