Unit Control

by CharmingSlayer

Chapter Six: Moving Forward

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Martha grabbed Rose's hand and held on tightly as the Doctor moved another part of the switch. Glancing, at Rose she noted the other girl watching with only mild concern. Leaning over, Martha quietly whispered, "Aren't you worried?" She blinked as Rose shrugged and smiled,

"We've had worse." Martha shook her head and looked over at Jack who was watching his watch very carefully. Calmly, Jack informed the Doctor,

"90 seconds." Martha took a deep breath and muttered,

"He'll find a way, he'll fix it . . . " she trailed off when an odd green glow surrounded the four of them. Looking over at the Doctor, Martha was stunned to see him blink in confusion. She closed her eyes as the glow intensified and a shiver went through her.

Michael Jones grinned as the Doctor, Martha, Jack and Rose landed on the circuit pad, even if they landed roughly. He watched them all very carefully as they pulled themselves up and relaxed as they all seemed normal. Turning to Doctor Sato, he grinned and shook her hand, "UNIT thanks you for your help." The Asian woman smiled and nodded,

"Torchwood is glad to be working with UNIT again." Michael stepped around the large machine in front of him and Tosh and held out a hand to Martha, "Welcome back to Earth."

"How did you teleport us out?" The Doctor asked as he helped Rose to her feet. Michael smiled and turned to him, unable to hid his pleasure at the situation.

"Torchwood has been working on teleports for a while Doctor and Jack left the bio data of all of you in my computer system from when he tracked you." Michael shrugged and glanced at the grinning Jack Harkness, "We were able to lock in on you using that although . . . " he trailed off for a moment, "We've never teleported more than one person at a time."

The Doctor let go of Rose's hand and walked over to Michael with a grin. Shaking his hand quickly, he promptly turned to the teleport controls and nodded. Glancing at Michael, he said, "Not bad really."

"We can manage a few things Doctor," the Brigadier said as he walked into the room, "Despite what you might think."

"Oh now Brigadier you are too harsh."

Rose smiled softly as the Doctor began talking with the Brigadier, watching him congratulate Michael Jones. Walking over to Jack she smiled at him, "Tell him I'll see you guys back at the TARDIS." Jack frowned at her in confusion and shifted into big brother mode,

"Everything alright Rose?" Nodding quickly, Rose forced a smile,

"I hope so, there is just something I need to do before we head back to the TARDIS." Jack nodded and glanced at the Doctor before smiling at her,

"I'll tell him, but hurry back. The Doctor doesn't like not knowing where you are." Rose grinned,

"I'll be home soon."

Stepping out of the cab, Rose stared up at Mickey's flat and shifted nervously on her feet. Swallowing, Rose knocked on Mickey's door quickly and stepped back to wait. The call from her older self had her very worried and then the door swung open. Blinking in surprise, Rose took in the sight of the attractive brunette standing in the doorway. "Hello," she said politely, "Can I help you?" Forcing a smile, Rose nodded,

"Hello I'm Rose Tyler. I'm looking for an old mate of mine, Mickey Smith." The woman nodded, her smile fading a bit,

"I'm Laura Athern and I'm afraid he's not home," she paused and stepped aside, "Come on in."

Nodding Rose entered the house and sat down on the sofa, the place was cleaner than it had ever been before, "So are you living here?" Rose asked, trying to be friendly, "It looks a lot cleaner than I remember." Laura nodded and laughed, sitting down across from Rose. She paused and bit her lip,

"Mickey wanted to tell you himself but since you travel around the world, you're hard to get a hold of," Rose nodded letting Laura continue, "Mickey and I are getting married." Rose was aware of Laura watching her carefully but she just smiled,

"That's great. I'm glad I stopped by." Laura relaxed and smiled,

"I glad you're okay with this, I mean you've been Mickey's mate forever and you dated-" Rose held up her hand and shook her head,

"That's been over for years, now we just care about each like friends or siblings. He looks after my Mum for me when I'm away." Smiling warmly, Rose added, "I'm glad he's found someone."

Both women jumped as the door opened and Mickey strolled in. He stopped as his eyes landed on Rose, but she just grinned, "Oh no and here I was about to tell Laura all sorts of stories about you." Mickey grinned and gave Laura a quick kiss before sitting next to her.

"I'm glad you stopped by Rose. I didn't want to tell you over the phone." Rose nodded with a smile and shrugged,

"We're just in London for the day. I escaped from everyone long enough to run over here." Mickey grinned,

"You really left the Doctor and Jack alone?"

"Martha can keep them out of trouble in modern London."

"Martha?" Mickey asked raising an eyebrow. Rose smiled and laughed,

"She's from London and she's joined the crew now. Jack has a crush on her, at least I think so since he's cut back on the other flirting."

A ring from her phone pulled Rose away from the conversation as it alerted her to a text message. Flipping it open with a soft smile, Rose shook her head at the message from her mother. 'Should I board the windows?' Glancing up at Mickey, Rose sent back a negative response and stood. Smiling at Laura, she softly said,

"I should get a move on. Only stopped to say hello." Mickey nodded and squeezed Laura's hand,

"Babe could you give us a moment?"

Laura glanced at Rose, but smiled and kissed Mickey on the cheek before leaving the room. Standing up, Mickey hugged Rose tightly and asked in a whisper, "Invasion?"

"Already taken care of." Rose said with a giggle. Mickey chuckled and shook his head before stepping back,

"Have you told your Mum? About Bad Wolf I mean?" Rose bit her lip and looked down making Mickey sigh and roll his eyes, "Rose!"

"I know I know, next time I visit I'll tell her," she held up her hand, "I swear." Crossing his arms, Mickey nodded firmly,

"See that you do," he laughed and hugged her again, "Visit soon."

Walking back toward her part of Powell Estates, Rose tried to sort out her thoughts. She knew that someday soon she'd have to tell her mother, but how could she explain it. Lost in her thoughts, she nearly walked into the TARDIS, parked near her flat and laughed at herself. Rose grinned as a black car pulled up next to the TARDIS and her. Rushing over, she joined the Doctor, Martha and Jack as they climbed out of the car. "Where'd you go off to?" The Doctor asked, glancing at her, but she shrugged,

"Had to go meet Mickey's fiancé." There was flicker of something in the Doctor's blue eyes, but it passed quickly as Jack looked on with a knowing look.

Nodding quickly, the Doctor looked back at Michael as the lad stepped from the car, "Say hello to your mother for me." Smiling, Michael nodded and shook the Doctor's hand,

"I will and don't worry I'll keep an eye on Torchwood. I'm being put on the Cardiff team." Giving the young man a long look, the Doctor nodded and smiled.

"You'll be fantastic Michael." Giving the man one last look, the Doctor vanished into the TARDIS.

Jack grinned and shook Michael's hand, "I'm sure I'll see you around." Michael chuckled and shook his head but was smiling when he said,

"You flirt with anyone won't you Captain." He shook his head and released Jack's hand, "See you around then." Martha laughed at the hurt look on Jack's face but Jack recovered and winked,

"I like a challenge." Martha raised an eyebrow,

"I thought I was your challenge?" Grinning, Jack pulled her against him,

"I can handle two, Martha, makes it more fun." Quicky squirming out of Jack's grasp, Martha rushed into the TARDIS ignoring the laughing Rose. Jack grinned and before following her into the TARDIS remarked to Rose and Michael,

"She adores me, she really does." Rose shook her head at them and then smiled at Michael,

"Thanks for your help." Michael nodded and looked at the TARDIS one more time,

"Good luck Rose Tyler, for what I've seen on the tapes, you'll need it." Nodding, Rose stepped back into the TARDIS and gave Michael a small smile over her shoulder.

The Doctor glanced up as Rose entered the TARDIS and shut the doors, she smiled warmly at him and tossed her coat over the rails. Looking back at the controls, the Doctor began to lay in some coordinates. Jack leaned forward and frowned at the coordinates, "Where are we going Doctor?" Crossing his arms as the TARDIS came to a halt he replied,

"We've got to drop off Martha remember. She only came for a quick trip," he shrugged, "Night after you left, not bad." Martha swallowed and looked over at the Doctor,

"Can I come with you?" The Doctor blinked at her in surprise and Martha took a deep breath, "And I don't mean as one more trip Doctor, I don't want to just be the passenger." The Doctor glanced over at Rose and noted her smile. Looking back at Martha, he grinned and pulled out a TARDIS key from his coat,

"Okay Miss Jones, if you're up to it." Grinning, Martha stepped forward and let him drop the key into her hand. He began setting controls and looked up at his three companions,

"Now then? Where should we go next?"