Cody was sitting in the suite doing homework. He was on his own as Carey was doing a concert and Zack was round Bob's doing a science project.

Cody yawned, stretching his aching hand. He was doing an English report and he had made his was through nearly a whole notepad.

Suddenly, a sharp pain filled his entire body, the worse pain coming from his head. It felt so bad that he thought his head might split open.

Cody shut his eyes and clutched his head, letting out breaths of pain.

The pain went nearly as suddenly as it had come and Cody opened his eyes again.

His head still ached.

What was that? Cody asked himself and got up to get some aspirin.

After swallowing the tablets with some water, Cody went back to his report and thought no more of it.

After a while, Cody looked up at the clock. It showed that it was 10.30pm.

Zack should be back by now, Cody thought, slightly concerned. His probably playing video games with Bob, Cody decided.

Cody got up and to ring Zack and as he reached the phone, it started to ring.

Slightly surprised, Cody answered it.


"Hello, it Miss Martin there?" asked a man's voice.

"No, sorry, can I leave a message?" Cody asked politely.

"Do you know where I can reach her?" asked the man.

"She is singing at the moment, she is un-contactable" Cody told him, "can I give her a message?"

"Her son, Zackary is in hospital" come the voice.

"What? How? Is he ok?" asked Cody, panicky. The voice sighed and asked,

"Is there an adult there?"

"No, no, is he ok?" Cody asked again.

"She needs to come to the hospital as soon as possible" the man told Cody.

"What hospital?" Cody asked, urgently.

"Boston Central" The man replied.

Cody hanged up and ran out of the suite and into the elevator.

"Come on, come on" Cody yelled at the elevator as it slowly went down.

His ok, his ok, a voice said in his head but at the same time a million horrible images run through his head.

The elevator doors opened and Cody run out, knocking two guests over.

"Cody, come back here" Mr Moseby yelled angrily but Cody didn't. He ran to the lounge where his mum was singing.

There was a man guarding the door.

"You're not allowed in here" he smirked as Cody run to him.

"I need to talk to my mum" Cody told him, urgently.

"I have been ordered not to let any one in without tickets or under the age of 18" the man growled.

In his angry, Cody pushed past the man, making him fell over.

"Hey" the man yelled but Cody just ran into the room.

There was about a hundred people sitting around the stage were his mum was singing.

Cody ran to the stage and jumped onto it.

The man was right behind him, yelling.

Carey stopped singing.

"Cody, what are you doing?" she asked.

The man jumped on to the stage and grabbed hold of Cody.

"Mum, Zack is in the hospital" Cody told her, pulling against the man's grip.

"Let go of him" Carey ordered the man. The man glared angrily at Cody but released him.

"Honey, what happened?" Carey asked, worried.

"I don't know, but we need to go the hospital now" Cody told her, pulling her by the arm.

Carey ran after Cody and out of the lounge. They run straight into Mr Moseby.

"Carey, what is the meaning of this?" he asked nastily.

"I'm sorry Mr Moseby, I have to go" she said.

"Go where?" he asked angrily.

"Zack is in the hospital" Carey told him, nearly crying because of lack of knowledge on why.

Cody got impatience and dragged Carey outside before Mr Moseby could say another thing.

They flagged down a taxi and got in.

"Boston Central Hospital" Cody ordered the man.

All through the journey, Carey kept on asking Cody questions.

"What happened? How bad is he injured? Is he ok?"

Every time, Cody answered,

"I don't know" and every time Cody got more nervous.

They arrived at the hospital and they both run in.

Despite the tight dress and the high heels, Carey ran quite fast.

"Can you tell me where Zackary Martin is?" Carey asked the woman at the front desk. The woman typed something into the computer in front of her and said,

"He has been taken to theatre"

"Theatre, what for?" Carey demanded, nearly in tears.

"Are you family members?" the woman asked.

"Yes, yes, I'm his mother" Carey cried.

"Please, take a seat; I will get a Doctor to explain everything to you when the surgery is over" the woman said, kindly.

Cody and Carey find a seat and Carey started to cry.

"Its ok mum, he'll be fine" Cody told her, hugging her tightly.

"I know, I know" Carey cried, wiping her mascara strained eyes.

But will he said a small voice in Cody's head.

Half an hour later, they were still sitting in the waiting room. Carey's face had black lines down it where she had cried.

Two Police man walked into the waiting room and over to them.

"Miss Martin?" they asked. Carey nodded.

"What happened to my son?" she asked

"He was attacked" one replied.

Both Carey and Cody gasped.

Cody immediately grew anger.

"Is he ok?" Cody asked.

"You will have to ask the Doctors that" one told them.

"Do you know where Zack was this afternoon?" the other asked.

"Yeh, he was round Bob's house" Cody replied. The police scribbled something down in a notepad.

Suddenly, Cody got a pain in his chest. Cody winced in pain but no one noticed as the police where asking Carey questions.

Cody's chest grow tight, causing Cody difficulty to breath.

Cody became scared as he clutched his chest.

"Mum" he managed to say, his voice rich with the sound of pain. Carey looked at him and saw that he couldn't breath.

"Honey, what's wrong?" she asked.

Cody was desperately trying to breathe, but he couldn't. The pain in his chest was unbearable.

"Someone, help" Carey yelled as Cody started to go blue.

A doctor who was passing by ran over.

Cody was still clutching his chest, his eyes shut in pain. Tears where running down his cheeks out of both fear and pain.

The doctor yelled for something and a nurse come running over with a mask and a bottle of oxygen.

The doctor put the mask over Cody's face, covering his nose and mouth.

"Take deep breaths" the doctor ordered.

Cody obeyed and his breathing grew easier.

His chest was still painful though.

"Has he had any past with asthma?" the doctor asked. Carey shack her head.

The nurse bought over a wheelchair and helped Cody into it

She then started to wheel him away. Carey went to follow.

"Mum…stay h…here" Cody told her, pulling the mask down.

"W…wait for…news of…Z…Zack" he panted.

Carey didn't look sure but kissed Cody on the forehead and sat back down.

Cody was taken to a corridor where there were lots of hospital beds with curtains around them.

The nurse helped Cody into one of the beds and said.

"We just need to check you over to see what is wrong" Cody nodded and clutched his chest again.

"Do you feel pain there?" the nurse asked. Cody nodded and the nurse gently pulled his t-shirt up to take a look.

She gently touched his chest, pressing down every now and again.

It didn't cause Cody more pain; in fact the pain was reducing slightly.

Cody could breath properly now so took the mask off.

"I'm fine now" he told the nurse. But she didn't believe him.

"Honestly, I can breath now and my chest doesn't hurt" he told her as she took his blood pressure.

"Please, I just want to see if my brother is ok" Cody begged her.

The nurse looked at him and smiled, sadly.

"Well, your blood pressure is normal and your breathing is fine, I can't see why you can't go" the nurse said.

Cody jumped off the bed and said,

"Thank you" he then walked, or rather ran, back to the waiting room.

Carey was no longer there and Cody went to the front desk.

"Do you know if Zack Martin is out of theatre yet?" he asked.

The woman looked him up and down and said,

"Yes, your mother just went to see him" the woman told him.

The nurse who had seen to Cody came out and the woman called her over.

"Chloe, can you take this boy to room 128" she asked.

Chloe smiled and lead Cody away.

Cody became nervous again.

Is he ok?

Did the surgery go ok?

Why did he need surgery in the first place?

Millions of questions ran though his head.

The journey through the endless corridors and stairs seemed to take for ever.

Cody just wanted to run though the hospital, screaming Zack's name. Cody wanted more then anything to hear Zack's reply.

Finally, they came to a corridor and Cody saw his mother talking to s doctor at the end of it.

She was crying.

"Mum" he yelled and ran to her.

"Cody, are you ok?" Carey asked, hugging him tightly.

"Yeh how is Zack?" he asked, looking up at her.

"Oh, honey, Zack…Zack is……….

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