The weeks passed by and now Zack remembered everything.

Everything that is, but Cody.

When Zack had fully recovered from the attack, he went back to school. It was then that Zack started to draft away from Cody. He hanged out with his own friends instead.

Cody started to have nightmares about Zack and they were all the same.

Cody was walking down a dark, empty street, when he saw Zack being beaten up by the boys; Zack's cry was echoing everywhere. Cody ran to him but when he got a few feet from them, Cody couldn't get any closer.

Cody tired to fight the force that stopped him from getting to his brother, but it didn't work, so Cody had to watch, helplessly as blood started to pour from Zack's head.

Then the boys disappeared and Zack got up, slowly, covered in blood and started to walk towards Cody.

Every step he took caused Cody endless pain.

"Your useless, no wonder I don't remember you" Zack spat.

"No, no Zack remember me" Cody begged, sinking to his knees from the pain.

"I will never remember you" Zack told him.

Cody would then wake up, panting and covered in cold sweat.

This happened every night.

And every night Cody would cry himself back to sleep.

One night, Cody was shaken awake by Zack.

"Cody, Cody, your having a nightmare" he said.

Cody sat straight up-right, breathing deeply.

"Are you ok?" Zack asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Cody rubbed both his arms and nodded.

Zack put his hand on Cody's arm. Cody jumped at his warm, comforting touch.

"It's ok, it's just a nightmare" Zack told Cody.

Or is it? Said the voice in Cody's head.

Cody nodded and then lied back down, curled into a ball and faced away from Zack.

Zack didn't leave the bed edge. Cody wished he would.

"Cody" Zack suddenly said, in a bare whisper.

"Yeh" Cody sighed.

"Cody, I…I remember you" Zack whispered.

Cody turned around so fast that he nearly kicked Zack off the bed.

Zack was staring wide-eyed at him.

"Do you?" Cody asked. Zack nodded and smiled.

"I remember you" he then hugged Cody so tightly that he nearly crushed Cody's ribs.

Cody hugged back desperately and started to cry, while smiling.

"You always cry" Zack laughed but him himself was crying.

"I can't believe I ever forget you" he said, while wiping his face.

Cody couldn't stop crying. Zack smiled again and lent Cody's head against his chest. Cody was shaking so badly.

"Hey, hey, it can't be that bad" Zack said, trying to comfort him. Cody laughed uneasily.

"What do you remember?" Cody asked, looking at Zack.

"Everything, I think" Zack replied, "The ghost in suite 316, curling though the air vents, us playing football and basketball in the Lobby, everything"

Cody just burst into tears again.

"Cody, I remember something from when we were six years old" Zack said, lifting Cody's chin so they were looking at each other. Cody realised that Zack looked serious.

"We were climbing a tree and you fell out and broke your arm, but it was me that was in pain" Zack told him, "Cody, when I was attacked, you felt my pain" Cody nodded.

"Why didn't you mention anything?" Zack asked.

Cody shrugged,

"I was just glad that you weren't in any pain" he told Zack, wiping his face.

"You're the best brother ever" Zack told Cody, matter-of-factly.

Cody laughed,

"No, I'm not; I have been a real jerk lately" Cody told Zack. Zack shook his head.

"I would have been the same, if not worse, if you remembered everyone but me"

Cody brought his knees up and rested his chin on them.

"Sorry" he mumbled. Zack shook his head again. Cody burst out in tears again.

"Dude, you cry a lot" Zack told him, hugging him again.

"I'm just so happy" Cody cried into Zack's chest.

Zack smiled.

"I hope you're not like this at your wedding, your bride will ditch you for being a cry baby" Zack joked. Cody laughed and said,

"I dealt that I will ever be this happy again"

Zack smiled again and laid down, bring Cody with him.

They laid together, Cody still crying into Zack's wet chest.

Every now and again, Zack would tell Cody one of his memories.

Cody slowly claimed down and they both fell asleep.

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