Jeffrey woke the next day with what Susie had said in his mind. Aaron was right to give her a chance. When Jeffrey arrived at the hospital, Susie was already there, catching up on medical journals. He liked her enthusiasm

"Morning Dr Geiger", Susie said and smiled looking rather sleepy.
"Call me Jeffrey. Did you any sleep last night?" he asked.
"I've been catching up on 6 months of medical journals, studying for my next exam and Dr Shutt let me observe him" Susie answered.

This didn't really surprise Jeffrey as he knew how much work these new doctors had to do and it never gets any easier. What did surprise him was the fact she observed Aaron which must have shown on his face as Susie asked "Why are you surprised? You went home early and I have to take opportunities to observe great surgeons performing pioneering surgery".

Jeffrey didn't exactly leave work early to go home, he went to see his wife who had been sectioned after she'd drowned their son.

"Well I'm here now so would you like to assist me today?" Jeffrey asked,
changing the subject. Susie's eyes widened. This is what she had been dreaming of for such a long time. It meant that Jeffrey was willing to give her a try and she bet he didn't like the thought of Aaron taking over as her mentor instead of God-like-Jeffrey!

After surgery Susie was on top of the world!!! She got to assist Jeffrey and he told her she did well! The day couldn't get any better!

"Thank you so much for giving me a chance" Susie said as they walked to his office.
"No problem you can go and have lunch now I'll see you later".

Before Susie could think she kissed Jeffrey on the cheek and got in the nearest lift. It was whilst she was in there that butterflies started in her stomach and she realised to her horror she was falling for Jeffrey!