Ok so hear is my first story sorry about any errors.


Her breath caught as her feat thudded against the cobble stones. Her eyes flew madly across her pathway searching, for some way or

manner of escape. She listened for the racing hoof steps of her pursuers. They were getting closer now, as she could hear the horses

straining for air. Know it was only a matter of time, before they caught up with her. She wondered where the keepers were, and why

they were not helping her and her baby. Why she thought must more of her people die, before they accept that there secret has been

leaked out, by the very things that mean to destroy us. How can the Keepers continue denying this when there is so much evidence

against them? Her time now was all most out; she must choose her life or her baby's life. She then sped around a corner at inhuman

speed and pondered her dilemma. She then looked in to her baby's eyes searching for an answer. She found one there never was any

choice anyways after she looked into her baby's innocent, and trusting violet eyes. She stopped running and quickly removed all traces

of her society from her baby except for a tiny locket. Her pursuers were only a heart beat away, so she bent her head down and

prepared to drink her baby's blood.

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