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As a slave to the Wolverine, I found myself forced to write this story. It's short and abrasive, but it helped a bit. He's still there though, so don't be surprised at the story's content. It's rated Mature for Language and Innuendo.

Displacement- Jean didn't die at Alkali Lake because another was there to take the burden from her shoulders. But, what happens when the two women find themselves victim to the same entity? LoganOC

Prologue- Subtle Differences

"Jean?" the Professor turned his head slightly as he glanced toward the back of the jet. A strange feeling had washed over him and for some reason he found himself worried about the telekinetic.

Glancing toward the back of the jet, Wolverine raised his brows in confusion. "Wait, where's Jean?" he asked gruffly as he gripped the back of Storm's chair tightly with his left hand.

A moment of silence filled the jet as the Professor closed his eyes and felt a wave of pain wash over him. He knew exactly where she was at and what was happening. But he couldn't understand why. "She's outside," he responded solemnly.

Leaping out of his seat quickly, Cyclops shoved Wolverine out of his way and rushed toward the back of the jet. The ramp rose quickly and he found himself unable to exit the jet to reach his beloved. Frustrated, he thumped his fists against the hard material even as he began to break down emotionally. Meanwhile, the jet began to re-power itself somehow. "Jean!" Cyclops shouted as he began to tremble in fear.

Jean raised her hand in the air and focused on the jet with a small portion of her mind. Narrowing her eyes for a split second, she managed to re-power the engines while leading the jet through its pre-flight procedure. With her right hand, she focused only on the jet and slowly lifted it off of the ground, even as she pushed her left hand forward and held back the raging wave of water that rushed out from the broken dam. In the back of her mind she saw herself dying, but all she could think about was saving her loved ones and friends aboard the jet. She managed to hold her ground as she held back the wave of water and the jet rose in the air and hovered just out of reach of the dangerous water.

Her mind felt like it was on fire when she suddenly felt a presence nearby. Glancing to her left, Jean noticed a woman standing on top of a huge boulder staring down at her just a few feet away. The woman, dressed in leather and army green, watched in awe as Jean somehow held the towering wave at bay. Within the blink of an eye she was beside Jean, her fingerless gloves close to the redhead's face. "Can you stop it?" her voice shouted over the sound of the raging waves that were somehow swept around the two.

Letting out a groan, Jean managed to shake her head. "I'm sorry," she told the woman softly, still unsure of whether or not she was imagining the woman or if she was real. "I can't hold it any longer," an orange glow suddenly appeared around Jean's hand and she looked at it in shock. Power surged through her as she slowly lowered the glowing hand.

"No!" the woman shouted as she suddenly gripped Jean's face with her fingers, a look of shock and utter pain on her face. As Jean lowered her hand, the unknown woman slowly raised hers. The water continued to swerve around the two women.

"I know what I'm doing," Jean muttered as she leaned against the woman in support. "This is the only way," she let out a gasp of pain as though her very soul was tugged from her fragile body from the small touch.

Unmoved, the strange woman continued to fight back the raging water until it slowed to a mere trickle. When at last the rapid had receded, she lowered her hand and the two women floated lifelessly in the freezing water. The jet, meanwhile, slowly lowered its ramp and two men stared out at the figures. The strange woman's body barely caught their eyes, but Cyclops immediately spotted Jean. "I vill get them," a demon-like man with blue skin suddenly teleported out of the jet in a cloud of blue smoke before reappearing with the body of Jean.

"The other woman," the Professor gasped out as Cyclops took Jean's body into his arms and rocked her back and forth slowly. "Kurt, you must get the other woman!" he nearly shouted as he clenched the armrests of his chair tightly with his hands.

Disappearing and reappearing with the unknown woman, Nightcrawler laid her still body on the floor of the jet and the others stared at her in confusion. Bending down beside her, Wolverine held up a small metal tag much like the one that was now sitting at the bottom of the lake and let out a growl of confusion. "Scarlet," he shook his head as he dropped the tag and it landed on her chest.

"Their pulses are faint, but both are breathing, Professor," Storm quickly assessed the two women and covered each of them with a thick blanket. "But, I don't understand how-"

"-Neither do I, Ororo," the Professor interrupted softly. "We must get to Washington."

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