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Displacement- Jean didn't die at Alkali Lake because another was there to take the burden from her shoulders. But, what happens when the two women find themselves victim to the same entity? LoganOC

Chapter Sixteen- Perfect Sonnet


Disbelief coursed through my veins as I watched her body slam into the rocky plateau with such great force that the ground shook. "Wolverine, we have to get the others out!" Beast shouted as he gripped my arm tightly, trying to draw my attention away from her but failing miserably. "She's going to kill everyone!" he shouted as he shook my arm.

Whatever it is that Phoenix was doing, it killed everything it touched. I watched with wide eyes as a large group of soldiers let out screams of terror and their bodies burst into ash. "She killed 'er, Beast. She fuckin' killed Eryana!" the animal inside of me howled as it tried to slash its way out of the cage. "How the hell are we supposed to stop her?"

The blue furred doctor's eyes widened in horror as he watched the people around us simply burst into ash. It was quite breathtaking, and I could hear his heart hammering in his chest. He was scared. "There's nothing that we can do, Wolverine! Kitty's got the source of the cure, we have to get out of here now!" he glanced back at the building where Kitty was pulling along a teenaged boy toward Storm. "We have to get off of this island!"

"Get 'em to the bridge, Hank!" I shouted as I shoved him and Colossus toward Storm and the others. They just seemed to be standing there in horror, not understanding what was going on. "I'll buy ya as much time as I can!"

For a moment he looked like he wanted to argue, but he nodded his head as he dropped to all fours and rushed toward Storm with Colossus charging behind him. The anger flooded through me as I fought the urge to look back toward where Eryana's body had slammed into the ground and instead turned on my heel and stared at the raging figure of the woman that I had once loved. It's different now though, I thought to myself as I walked toward her at a deliberate pace, trying to ignore the rips of pain that continued to shoot through my body. Whatever it was that she was doing was taking a toll on my body. My healing ability was able to keep up with the strain, but it was slowly becoming too much. The leather of my suit burned off of me, revealing deep cuts on my chest from whatever it was that she was doing to me. There's no Jean left inside of this thing. Jean would never kill anyone. Let alone me, I thought sadly as I struggled to walk up the hill that she was standing atop.

Her eyes were black as night and her arms were at her sides, stiff as a board as she stared at me. A strong force hit me head on and nearly knocked me flat on my ass. I managed to stay upright as I let out a howl of pain and kept struggling against the force. I stood in front of her as the wave of assaults stopped suddenly. "Jean!" I shouted as I grabbed her by the arms, forcing her to look into my eyes.

The blackness seemed to suck me in, and I could sense the evil that permeated from her. I shook her once, watching with relief as her eyes returned to their normal shade for a split second. "You would do all of this for them?" her voice wasn't her own as she motioned to all that remained standing. "You would die for them?"

I shook my head fiercely as I felt a familiar presence drawing near. Why were they coming? "No Jean. For you," I gulped as a wave of emotions swept over me. Don't make me do it, Jeannie, I thought to myself as the fire danced around her. God, don't make me do this!

"Save me," she pleaded with me as I released my hold on her and she clung to me. "Save me, please," tears ran down her cheeks as the surging energy continued to fight for control.

"Forgive me," I let out a feral cry as I dug my claws into her chest, the sound of her heartbeat disappearing as the chaos around us faded. Sobs racked my body as I retracted my claws and held her close, her scent filling my nostrils as I struggled to remain standing. My body felt weak, but what was worse was the fact that something inside of me felt broken.

"Logan?" Ororo rested her hand on my shoulder. I could smell the tears pouring from her eyes as she gripped my shoulder tightly. "It's okay Logan," she motioned to Hank. The kind doctor ambled over and took the burden of Jean's body away from me, holding her gently in his strong arms. "Oh Logan," I just stood there as Ororo wrapped her delicate arms around me and pressed my nose into her hair, trying to comfort me.

There's no point in anything anymore, is there? I thought to myself as I stared at the others that were slowly grouping. "Furball, I thought I told you to get them to the bridge? Hell, ya could've at least gotten them to the jet and off of this Godforsaken island!"

"The jet was destroyed during Phoenix's rampage, I'm afraid. Along with countless others. I'm not even sure how many, if any, made it out alive other than us," he answered calmly, his eyes glued to the dead form of Jean in his arms. "You did what had to be done, Logan. We all knew the risks before we came here, Logan. You of all people should realize that you had no choice."

"I know that dammit!" I shoved Ororo away from me as I shook my head sadly. My body shook as I fought to stay conscious, my body so weak from the encounter with Phoenix that I just wanted to crawl into the nearest hole and lick my wounds. "She killed so many people, 'Ro. But, Jean was in there. She was trapped inside of herself dammit! She begged for me to kill her and I did," I glanced down at my blood stained hands. I had killed many that night, but the guilt I felt for hers was so strong. "She was too weak to fight it off, and so I did for her."

They were all silent for a few moments as we all stared at Jean's body. Hank cradled her close, as if he were afraid of damaging her. She had always been like a porcelain doll, but in death she appeared to be even more fragile. But, at least in death she appeared to be calm, at peace. "There was no other option for you, Logan," Ororo placed her hand on my shoulder and tried to offer me a bit of her strength. "What you did saved our lives, and you know it," I could never admit that killing the woman I had loved was the right thing to do. She may have made her choice, but something inside of me would always ache for her, that much I knew. "Does anybody know where Rogue is?" she asked so softly that at first I thought I had imagined her asking the question.

My eyes darted about the deserted area, more grief gripping my heart as I considered the fact that Rogue was, in fact, not among us. I had already lost Eryana and Jean, what God would condemn me to losing another in the same day? "Where is she?" I asked gruffly as I glared down at Drake, who promptly shrugged his shoulders. "Where the hell's Rogue?" I continued to glare at the others until I realized that another was missing. "Where the hell's Tin Man?" Kitty's eyes widened in confusion as we slowly realized that two were missing.

"They're coming," the teenaged boy standing near Kitty announced solemnly as he pointed toward a large number of cliffs that banked the facility in the distance. I barely glanced at him as I narrowed my eyes at the quickly approaching figures. Rogue was flying through the air, her hands gripping onto one of Pete's. "They've got someone," he announced as if it wasn't the most obvious thing in the world. In his free arm Pete clutched a broken body with bright red hair.

I took a shallow breath as I managed to take a step forward. Rogue landed, gently placing Pete on the ground as he shifted the body in his free arm so that he was cradling it gently. "Ah had tah find 'er," Rogue announced softly as she gripped her hands tightly in front of her and watched as Peter placed the body on the ground gently.

Reacting, Hank bound forward and placed Jean's body next to hers as he began to assess her injuries. Straining, I could barely hear her heart beating. With each passing moment, it stilled and weakened. "She's unconscious, probably due to hemorrhaging in the brain," he announced as he lifted her eyelids and shined light from a flashlight into them briefly. I didn't even question the fact that he was prepared, as his uniform had a number of pockets that were more than capable of holding such items. "Her left pupil's blown," he let out a hiss of disgust as he lifted his hand to her neck and closed his eyes as he took her pulse. "She's fading and without the proper equipment, there's no way that I can save her."

The news hit me like a ton of bricks. The truth of the matter was that I had thought she was dead the moment she had sailed through the air over me. I had smelt the death in the air and had known in that instant that she was gone. Medically speaking, however, it was believable that she was alive, at least for the time being. "How much longer?" I choked out through my suddenly dry throat, my eyes glued to the torn and bloodied uniform that looked so out of place amongst the dark brown and black of the scarred earth.

"A few minutes maybe," Hank muttered as he crouched on his haunches, his eyes glued to the sight on the ground. "If it makes you feel any better, I don't think she's in any pain," he shook his head as he stood to his full height and glanced around the small clustered group. "Is anyone else injured?" nobody stepped forward except for Rogue. But she did so for an entirely different reason. Hank only nodded his head in her direction as she crouched by Eryana's body and clutched the lifeless hand in her own.

"She seemed so indestructible," she shook her head slowly as Eryana's chest rose and fell in stunted bursts. "What we gonna do?"

Ororo shook her head as she looked into the distance at the bridge that had been uprooted from its natural position and was somewhat connected to the island. "The authorities will be swarming all over the place soon, but we do have the smaller jet available," I couldn't even begin to imagine how she thought all of us would be able to transport ourselves in it. "Bobby, contact the Professor and give him the details," she nudged the young mutant forward, watching as he descended from the hill and ran toward the cliffs behind which we had hidden the smaller jet. "I guess all that we can do for now is wait."

"I can't just sit here and wait for her to die," I couldn't bring myself to look away as a small trickle of blood on the ground continued to grow until it was a massive puddle. She had obviously been more wounded than I had originally assumed, which wasn't surprising considering the fact that she was dying right in front of me. "Dammit fur ball, do something!" I growled loudly as I jerked my hands and the claws instinctively appeared. With a groan of annoyance, they seared back into my skin, the wounds disappearing immediately. What if? I thought to myself as I stared at Rogue holding Eryana's hand and the thought festered through my mind. "Hank?" he stared at me intently as his eyes searched my face. He shook his head firmly as he let out a sigh.

"Logan, she's too far gone. If you could have gotten to her immediately after the attack, I think that it would have made some sort of difference," he stared down at her as he slowly pulled Rogue away from her. "In this shape the only thing that will come from it is your death. Do not take that chance, Logan."

Despite the fact that his logic was irrefutable, I couldn't deny the fact that I wanted to help her. Atop the Statue of Liberty my mutation had managed to bring Rogue back from death. I had nearly died then, but it had been worth it. "I have to try," I growled as I kneeled beside her and pulled her body into my lap. I pressed my hands against her face and waited, expecting the pull. her voice echoed through my mind as I heard her heart slowing even more rapidly as I fought to gain control over the beast inside of me. "She didn't think that she could absorb me again," I muttered as I struggled to maintain a firm facade even as I crumbled on the inside.

And then I felt it. The subtle feeling of having the air sucked out of my lungs as I pressed a chaste kiss against her forehead in farewell. My eyes bulged as wounds that I'd received throughout the battle suddenly reappeared, blood gushing from my side as I jerked backward and felt my back connect with the hard ground. "Logan!" Ororo shouted as her face suddenly appeared above mine, her eyes wide with worry. "Logan, what happened?" her soft brown hand brushed at my cheek as she shook her head. "I thought that you said she wouldn't be able to absorb you again, Logan?" her eyes danced mockingly as I struggled into a sitting position and wiped the sweat from my brow.

Hank was once again crouched over Eryana's form, a small flashlight in his hand as he checked her pupils. Once he had finished, he once again searched for a pulse. "Pupils are reacting normally," he muttered as he gently prodded her body for injuries, his hands strictly business-like. "She's lost a great deal of blood, however, so I'm not sure what to expect. Her pulse has stabilized for the moment, but she's not responding."

I crawled forward on my knees, grasping her hand in mine as I realized that her gloves were gone. A great deal of her uniform had apparently been burnt or torn away, revealing long strips of bruised and gashed skin as I stared down at her closed eyes. "Eryana?" I willed her to open her eyes as I clenched her hand tightly, begging her to fight the darkness. Under her lids her eyes danced, flitting back and forth as her hand tightened around mine and then went lapse again. "Where the hell's that boy?" I growled as I glanced up and looked around for Drake. "Hank, if we get her back in the next few hours, what are 'er chances?" I found myself asking.

He was still knelt down beside me as he pressed his fingers against her neck again. "Logan, I'm afraid all that you did was delay the inevitable," he shook his head as Bobby ran up the hill and began speaking to Ororo in hushed tones. "Her chances would be better, but I'm not going to fill you with any false hope," he stood up quickly and walked over to the other side of Jean. She was sprawled out on the cold earth next to Eryana, the two of them looked quite peaceful. "The jet is large enough that we should be able to place them safely inside, Logan. It would be better without you there, but I know I couldn't talk you out of it," he nodded his head slowly as I stood to my feet and gently scooped the woman into my arms.

At the same time, he slowly lifted Jean. "Then lets get goin'," I muttered as I turned quickly, my eyes focused in the general direction of the jet as I set my shoulders. "We need a stretcher, Hank," I motioned to the dripping blood that continued to puddle at my feet. Logically it was insane to move her when she was in such an unstable position, but my mind was focused on the fact that she still had a chance. "Come on," I took a deep breath, ignoring the burning hiss that tore through my body as I took a step forward.

It was decided that Ororo and the others would search for survivors before leaving the island. The authorities would be on scene soon, and they would wait until they arrived before trying to find a way out. If they were unable to find transportation, they were going to contact the Mansion and we would go from there.

It took a number of long minutes for us to arrive at the ramp of the smaller jet. I boarded quickly, following Hank's guidance as he gently placed Jean's body on one of the benches in the back and strapped her in. Across from her, I did the same to Eryana. "Logan, begin the pre-flight procedure," he nodded toward the front of the jet as he knelt down between the two and checked Eryana over once again. I could only mutter to myself as I stormed to the front of the jet and stared blankly at the controls, too stubborn to admit that I had no idea what the fuck I was doing. After a few minutes of staring blankly at the dials and buttons, he appeared and sat down in the pilot's seat. "She's fading quickly," he muttered as he strapped himself in and began the procedure that looked somewhat familiar. It took only a few more moments before the engines were online and we were slowly lifting into the ground. "Logan, I think you should say your goodbyes."

"No," I refused to accept the fact that there was any chance that we were going to lose her. The sun was slowly rising, but I couldn't accept the fact that change was necessary. "Hank, she's a fighter. If she's got my mutation, it's working," he only nodded his head slowly as he gripped the controls in his large hands and set a speed that was a great deal faster than the one the jet had been traveling earlier.

Ignoring everything, I simply stared at the swirling clouds that passed by us in a blur, my hands tightly clenching the armrests of the chair I was sitting in. Blood still caked my hands and my uniform from the poor bastards that had found themselves at the mercy of my claws throughout the evening. Had I known that this would be the outcome, I would never have let Eryana take on the Phoenix alone. She had been so determined, and I had faith in her. "She's going to make it," I nodded my head furiously as I risked a glance over my shoulder toward the back of the jet. The scent of death was strong in the small area as I let my eyes slide over Jean's form before they rested on Eryana's. Her left arm was hanging limply in the area between her and Jean, almost as if she were reaching for her. Jean's right hand was stretched out in much the same manner. It was surreal, but not unbelievable since the two benches were both extremely narrow.

"I'm sure that she's fighting," Hank commented as I turned my gaze back to the front and focused solely on the destination ahead.

It wasn't Eryana's fault that she had been dragged into all of this. The fact that she had survived so many years under Stryker's evil thumb said a lot about her will, but little about her true nature. I had glimpsed the real her in that shitty motel room back in Canada though. What I had seen deserved respect and remorse. What Jean had done to her had affected her just as much, if not more, than everything else that had happened in her life. What would have happened if she hadn't been there to absorb Jean at Alkali Lake? I couldn't help but wonder as I tried to keep my mind on the trip home.

For so long I had been fighting against the undercurrents of need that had pushed me toward Jean. And then in one full swoop, I found myself looking into bright gray eyes and searching for something more. I didn't realize it then, but now I know. She's mine, I thought to myself as I rubbed my aching eyes and prayed for a miracle. Whatever the Phoenix had been, it had squirreled away inside of two women that didn't deserve its wrath. What was more, however, was the fact that it took me so long to realize that in the short amount of time that I had known Eryana, I had lost more than a few nights of sleep.

A part of me knew that what I held inside for Jean had been displaced somehow. She and Boy Scout were perfect for one another. I loved Eryana, but was too stupid to realize it. She's gotta be okay, I thought to myself as I shook my head.

She was mine, and I'd go through hell and back to make sure that she made it.

What I didn't realize, however, is that on that long trip back across the states Eryana's heart gave out and she went into cardiac arrest. The noise of the roaring wind around us was too loud and it blocked out the sound of her thrashing body and her muffled sobs. She died without my arms around her, holding her close and offering her everything I had. But, when we got back to the Mansion her heart was pumping and her wounds had all nearly disappeared. Hank chalked it up to a medical miracle, and I chose to believe that she had fought through it.

Despite the fact that whenever she grew angry, her eyes would flash a violent orange, of course.

But then again, it had only been a matter of displacement that had brought her into my life in the first place.

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