In The Corner of Your Eye

Abby Ebon


Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter. I do not own Naruto. The one day that I did, I was dreaming – I have very convincing ninja dreams…

Summary: Slash! KakashixHarry. Harry Potter arrives in Konoha – a place he swore over a century ago when his best friend and 'brother' – the Madara Uchiha and First Hokage fought, to never to return... so why now? Because, his brother, now long dead, had a granddaughter - Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, and she begs his aid in the upcoming war with Orochimaru– and, to bring back Sasuke Uchiha, for if there is anything Harry still cherishes – it is family.

Interestingly, Tsunade has asked the man known to most as the "Shadow Walker", and "Lone Shinobi of the Land of Fire" to work with Kakashi Hatake…

Since I wrote this story, the names of the 1st and 2ed Hokage have been revealed:

First Hokage : Senju Hashirama
A little on his appearance; black hair that hangs down in his face – dark eyes – and wares a leaf forehead protector – in other words, exactly like in the anime when he is resurrected by Orochimaru to fight the Third, look up "First Hokage" – you shouldn't have too much trouble finding him. He used Earth-style jutsus.
Second Hokage : Senju Tobirama
A little on his appearance; white hair – hangs down, but is wild – sort of looks like Kakashi Hatake or Jiraiya, I'm going with blue eyes – because otherwise I'd say brown/pink…and I'm just not doing that. He also has a white, helmet-like, thing which has the Leaf-symbol on it. He has red 'slashes' – or face paint, a vertical one on his chin, and diagonally on both sides of his cheeks. In other words, very much like in the anime when he is resurrected by Orochimaru to fight the Third, look up "Second Hokage" – you shouldn't have too much trouble finding him. He used Water-style jutsus.

Warnings; If you do not know what Slash is, be gone from the sight of this – but for the sake of "education" I've taken it as my duty to inform you for future reference, Slash (or) Yaoi/Yoai Male sex – with other males.

Dedicated to…She Who Can Not Be Turned.

1. Glimpses of the Forgotten


Tsunade sighed – her cheek in the palm of her hand, as she gazed down at a paper containing her signature. It had been written the night Jiraiya and Naruto had sought her out to be Hokage.

She had only written it so that, if ever there was a need – she could have it burnt – and it would summon him. Or so he had told her, as he left the Hidden Village of the Leaf, when the Third Hokage had been elected by the Second.

Tsunade had never intended it to be burnt – it was just…there, a net – an anchor, a "just in case". Now, after her and Jiraiya's battle with Orochimaru – she knew she would need it. Tsunade knew she should inform the Council of what she was going to do…

But it would start to boil under them, an argument would break out…for the last time he had been summoned, it had been in the night of the attack of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, and he had not arrived at all.

Tsunade could argue that the summoning was done by an Uchiha – not one of her own bloodline, as she was the only one left of her bloodline, and perhaps such a summoning could only be done by her now; but then the blame for it would fall to her shoulders – since she had not been at the battle.

She could also argue that he was fighting the man Jiraiya held accountable – Uchiha Madara, despite that it seemed impossible both would be alive after so long – but then they would raise questions, if he had been fighting Madara, why had he not came foreword - perhaps he had died long ago…

Tsunade sealed herself from such thoughts – he had to be alive, he was the only one who Orochimaru had ever respected – or perhaps feared.

Silently, behind locked doors, Tsunade controlled her chakra to a fiery point under the scroll, and watched as the dried parchment went up in flames – and the smoke, normally black or white – was green.


Far from Konoha – beneath the ocean, in the ruin of an ancient city – Harry Potter awoke from beneath the Invisibility Cloak in an underwater cave that had long ago formed itself into a hidden cove – centuries ago, it had been the place a great Wizard by the name of Dumbledore had taken him – all for a Horcrux that wasn't one…

Breathing in deeply – his nose flared, taking in the scent that went with the summons.


Harry's heart fluttered with remembrance – his grandniece, newly born – a squalling infant with gold hair and big amber eyes, a toddler taking her first steps in front of three Founders – a newly made ninja under the tutelage of the man who would become the Third Hokage. Even then – Harry had assured his brothers that he did not want to become a Hokage, even if his power easily usurped theirs.

Using the Elder Wand had changed him – it changed everyone for they usually ended up dead, for a time – Harry did not think of the Elder Wand. It was safely kept in Dumbledore's Tomb – no one could use it – nor did anyone know where it was, and to do so – they would have to kill or defeat him in a duel; he had thought the Elder Wand's power would die out with him.

He had not died. Draco Malfoy had lived on – had a life, had kids, died. Harry had tried to do the same – he had gotten married, had children, and watched as he did not age – yet they withered away. Now, only someone who stole and killed him with the Elder Wand could – possibly, succeed in killing him.

Yet, the Elder Wand rested in the deep underwater ruins and kept from the outside world for so long magic as it had been in Harry's life, was gone. Magical creatures still had their abilities – but they hid away from mortals still.

So, Harry lived on, kept seventeen by the Elder Wand – unable to use the Resurrection Stone, for it was lost in what had been the Forbidden Forest – and was now under the sea as well. Even with seemingly an eternity to live – Harry did not think he could bear to set eyes on his beloved deceased without going mad.

It was while searching for the Resurrection Stone that he met his 'brothers', who would become the Hokages of Konoha….


"I'm telling you, Hashirama, it's going to storm…" Tobirama warned his brother, gazing out over the deceptively clear skied ocean, Hashirama snorted – his dark hair being brushed out of his eyes as he went about setting up the boat.

"Would you relax, Tobirama? We are shinobi, if we run into a storm – I'm not saying we will, by the way, I'm sure we'd survive it." Hashirama reassured him, settling into the boat and gazing up at his white haired brother – eyebrow raised.

"Well are you coming?" Hashirama asked - smirking, and Tobirama sighed bending to his brothers will, he sat down in the boat– and placed his hand in the water. Using his chakra, he set them on the course suggested by the Lord of the Land of Fire.

Years ago, the Lord of the Land of Fire and his wife had their daughter off the coast of the Land of Fire – they were in need of a shinobi village, but claimed they would only give their support to a true shinobi.

One who could retrieve their daughter's necklace – now at the bottom of the ocean, which they had given to her on her birthday, shortly before her death; the Senju brothers were determined to get the necklace…

But they could not – and did not, want to form a village without each other, so they had planned to get the necklace together, since they judged that both their skills would be needed to retrieve it.

Hashirama had a rare talent with earth and metals – he could sense them, and luckily, the Lady of the Land of Fire had a duplicate necklace, both made from the same rare metal. Tobirama had a similar ability with water – able to call and form it into shapes and things out of "thin air".

Hashirama did not think it would be hard to find, and by synchronizing his chakra with his brothers – Tobirama could lift the necklace from the ocean floor without even getting them wet. So, Tobirama knew, that in front of him, Hashirama had his eyes closed, sensing for the necklace.

"Stop Tobirama- ! I've got it!" Hashirama called to him, Tobirama jerked his hand from the waters – seeing Hashirama's hand held out, he did not hesitate to hold it – automatically joining his chakra with his brothers; together both sensed the ocean around them, and the bottom where the necklace was – such a small thing for their future to hang upon.

As they were wont to do – they lost themselves in the task, Tobirama using his water-sensing to send the necklace up, Hashirama helping where he could – moving the necklace away from obstacles of sea-weed and reef – and jerking it away from interested fish…

Tobirama, as he normally would have, did not feel the oncoming storm breaking over them. Soon, unnoticed to both, their bodies were soaked and shivering – waves started to pick up – and Tobirama had to waste energy settling the water around them, nothing could be done for the wind and rain – they were a mere nuisance.

Finally, Hashirama's hand, which had been locked onto his brothers – released, only to close triumphantly over the necklace – both let out relived sighs, and only then took notice that they were in the eye of a building storm...

"Hashirama…" The hopelessness in his brother's voice was plain – there was no way Tobirama could stop then from being overwhelmed by the building storm. Like a tightrope – Tobirama's control over the still water around the boat snapped – they lurched with the rest of the waves, hardly able to see one another though the downpour.

A sudden high wave knocked them into the water – in a frantic attempt to save themselves, they grasped hands again – melding their chakra; gaining strength – but not nearly enough, as another wave smashed into them – the only thing that kept them from slipping apart was their hands – the necklace held between their palms.

Harry had been using gillyweed to cross the bottom of the ocean in search of the Resurrection Stone among the reefs for weeks. It was kept in a pack on his back – and there was still at least a weeks worth for one – it was only natural that when he came upon a necklace floating up to the surface that he investigate. He used a wandless spell, gazing at the object and 'asking' it why it was doing what it was.

What he found surprised him – but not overly much. Two young men were attempting to bring the necklace to the surface, an impressive feat, if an odd one to take in a storm. It took Harry a moment to realize they didn't know the storm had gathered itself upon them.

Harry knew – because of the gillyweed, that he could not go to the surface; he was left with little choice but to wait until they were submerged, then stuff gillyweed into their mouths before they drowned.

He wandlessly stunned them – then swam in front of them, despite their eyes – wide with disbelief, never leaving him as he towed them behind him with a tough of magic, with gills and webbed feet, he led them to the underground cave cove. Having long ago learned to time the doses of gillyweed on people – he knew the small amount he had given them would only last for a little while…and his own would ware out at about the same time.

One of the two, the dark haired one, gagged and Harry quickly unstunned them, yet making them follow him into the oxygenated cave. Planets swarmed around the edges – providing oxygen, and all three of them breathed it in grateful to whatever natural causes had created it.

"W-What are you?" The silver haired of the two asked – Harry, with long practice pulled him self onto the shore, watching as the other two that he had saved did the same. Harry sighed, wondering how he was going to answer that particular question.

"A Wizard…and yourselves?" Harry asked in turn, pulling the sack of gillyweed from the pool of ocean water.

"Brothers – I'm Tobirama, this is Hashirama…" The silver haired one explained, and then Hashirama raised his fist – the necklace hanging from it was identical to the Lady of the Land of Fire's – two metal beads of rare quality with a long single blue crystal nestled between them.

"And I'm the new Hokage of the Land of Fire." Hashirama said with a grin, Tobirama rolled his eyes at his brother's smug expression.

"Yeah, yeah – I'll be the next Hokage, just you wait…" Tobirama muttered, pouting only a little at not having kept the necklace when they'd been un-frozen.

"No doubt." Hashirama reassured him seriously, and Tobirama gave his brother a small grin to let him know he was happy for him.

"I'm not familiar with that term…Hokage…" Harry mused aloud, wondering if he should have spent more time above land in the past fifty years – both the brothers were looking at him wide eyed.

"You don't know what a Kage is?" Tobirama asked of Harry, quite taken aback by the black haired mans confession.

"No." Harry answered simply, for it was true.

"A Kage is the most powerful ninja in a Hidden Village of shinobi and kunoichi …you really don't know any of this…" Hashirama whispered under his breath, seeing no sudden dawning of recognition on Harry's face.

"Well, what better way to learn then to come with us? We've got the necklace; the task the Lord of the Land of Fire gave to ninja who wanted to become Kage of his Hidden Village…" Tobirama said, trailing off when his brother's eyes landed on him – the question of Harry's motives clear in their dark depths.

"I give you my word soon-to-be, First Hokage, I will not seek to become a Kage." Harry promised a light smile on his lips – and amusement dancing in his green eyes for the first time in centuries.

"Well…You did save us, so I suppose, that makes you our…brother…." Hashirama murmured – and Harry blinked at him, knowing that he had missed much – and apparently he was going to get a crash course of the culture.

"I suppose it does." Harry agreed, not seeing any reason to correct the other man. Not sure he wanted it to be corrected.

"That's all very nice and all, having a third brother – but what's a Wizard?" Tobirama suddenly asked, the question that had been plaguing him since Harry had said he was one. Startling them, laughter burst from Harry's lips, and the three finding it catching, joined in.


Harry lifted a hand, drawing on his power – the green smoke hovering over Tsunade's desk shifting into Harry's form – the Fifth Hokage pressed her hand to her mouth in relief, tears shimmering in her golden eyes – even as Harry's voice echoed from the smoke…

"I do not know why you have summoned me, grandniece, but I am coming…." Tsunade's breath caught in her throat, sounding much like a sob – her hand reached out to touch the smoke – even as it disappeared….

"Thank you, Harry…"