In The Corner of Your Eye

Abby Ebon

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25. As Tides Recede


"Have you done it, Shisui? Is Tengu freed?" Orochimaru asked uneasily, frowning to the black clothed man who seemed to smoke slightly.

"Oh, yes, Shisui has freed me – though he likely wishes he hadn't…" 'Shisui' looked up, seeming to frown, and pulled the spiraling mask from his face. His features were slanted, sharp angles that seemed most inhuman. His eyes were entirely the red haze of the Sharingan, though it swirled with green.

Who…who is that? Naruto wondered, swallowing dryly, wanting Harry to snap out of it – to fight beside them. Then maybe he wouldn't feel so utterly helpless in the face of this danger.

"That is Tengu…" Kyuubi answer rumbled along his spine, and caught in his throat.


Eerily, Tengu seemed to hear Kyuubi within his own mind, chuckling darkly as he surveyed them. Kakashi could read the expression from his face, he thought they were pitiful - a waste of his time. Kakashi clenched his jaw, holding tightly to the powers of circle that Harry had shoved (more like thrown) the unsuspecting Deidara into before Shisui had somehow…enthralled Harry in whatever went through his mind as he looked upon the cavern wall.

"If you are Tengu, then you must obey me, for I hold…" Orochimaru had lifted his hand to reveal the ring he had once been granted as an Akatsuki. The red stone was gone. Itachi and Kisame glanced quickly to their own rings and the stones were gone from their rings as well. Their eyes flicked to Deidara, and Kakashi understood why Harry had ordered him to create a circle when it had seemed so pointless to him at the time. Deidara still held his red stone ring.

"You hold nothing. Die." The last word was a whisper, though it may have well been a shout. Jiraiya tensed eyes meeting his former teammates before Orochimaru choked, gasping he clutched at his throat.

Gagging and hacking black snakes slithered out of his mouth, until the seventh bit him. Then he screamed, and the skin beneath the bite seemed inflamed, burning from within Orochimaru was reduced to ash.

Itachi smirked, seeming to find his death amusing, they did not dare look him in the eye least they see something within him they feared to acknowledge. Kisame only seemed disgruntled. Kakashi swallowed, narrowing his eyes (both his normal eye, and the one that swirled with a Sharingan) on Tengu, though otherwise helpless to move least the barrier around Deidara fail.

Naruto noticed then that all the rings – save for Deidara's – were merely silver bands. Naruto thought then that he knew were all the red stones had gone. Jiraiya's gaze flicked to the ring still with a red stone on Deidara's finger, then to meet Kakashi's eyes – something passed between them, and Naruto swallowed, knowing that – somehow – what they did now would shape what was to come.

Gaara stood tensed beside him, though the redheads eyes were on Harry, he, it seemed, was the only one not concerned with Tengu. Harry hadn't so much as twitched when Orochimaru died, still staring – sightlessly, up into the stone wall – as if it held something Harry could see, but could not touch.

Tengu's lips quirked, seemingly pleased with the result his power had had on Orochimaru, his eyes flickered to Harry as if wishing to see his reaction only to become pensive, his eyes narrowing at the sight of Harry.

"What was done to him?" Tengu demanded, his hand flicked and one of each the seven black serpents slithered to the side of each of them. Naruto swallowed, looking down at the seemingly placid serpent that curled at his feet. It was uncomfortably close to his neither regions.

Kakashi glanced only once to the two black snakes that hovered near him, while Deidara swallowed, seemingly unable to look away from the green eyes that glinted like metal. Jiraiya shifted, seeming realizing what Naruto had, and uncomfortable on a general principle about serpents. The irony of Orochimaru's death had not been lost to him.

"Gaara… could your sand protect you before they strike?" Naruto hissed softly, hoping his words would not distract Tengu. Gaara's eyes met Naruto's and he hesitated only a moment before nodding. Naruto's shoulders slumped in relief, and then Kisame spoke.

"Don't be a fool; you've only seen one strike once. Samehada does not sense life within these serpents." Considering his was the one whose bite had burnt a man from the inside out, Kisame was taking all this calmly. Though his voice shook with the knowledge that Samehada could not sense chakra – life, within these black creatures did not comfort him with the fact that they were very mush aware of their surroundings, and whom they could bite. Itachi's lips twitched his eyes on the flickering green eyes of the black serpent at his feet. He knew Kisame feared fire.

"Let's not forget that these serpents are likely demons, they can likely hear us and understand. We don't know what other reactions their bites might produce." Itachi felt the looks the others gave him; of disbelief and exasperation he carefully hid his smile. He knew he sounded far too interested in the serpents, as they threatened his life and theirs. His serpents silver tongue flicked, seemingly amused.

"I asked a question." Tengu was not looking toward them, but the serpents stirred uneasily, Naruto swallowed as he eyed the snake at his feet, wondering if their senses could be used by Tengu to overhear and see them.

"He…he mentioned something about the…the Shadow Walker helpless in the face of what his disappearance wrought…." Jiraiya spoke up, hoping to draw Tengu's attention away from his rising anger. If the demon were to be angry, Jiraiya would rather it was directed toward himself rather then Naruto.

"Madara, then, he is still held in stone. I shall free him, ancestor, if only because then I will hold your attention." Tengu mused aloud, strutting towards Harry, lifting his hand to run it through the dark hair that fell across his shoulders waist length.

Kakashi's fists and jaws clenched, eyes narrowing as he watched. Tengu seemed to know very well the effect he had on Kakashi, seemingly enjoying the torment he was putting the younger man through. Tengu too, then looked at the wall, the green tomoe swirled quickly then he jerked Harry backwards – into his embrace, when a figure fell forward.

Mud covered him, coating his skin and hair. Even so they could see the blazing red Sharingan fixed on Tengu. His black hair fell around him, though he was otherwise without clothes.

"Tengu…" Fear crept into the Sharingan eyes of Madara, but Tengu only quirked his lips in response.

"I have a body now, though not yours…you need not fear me." Tengu's very words seemed to lie as the shadows in the cavern rippled and gathered, swirling about Tengu. Two wings seemed to spring from his back, though they knew them to be shadows. Tengu seemed more comfortable; at least, claw tipped fingers dug into Harry's shoulders.

"Are you not pleased, ancestor? I have brought back my son for you…" Tengu crooned into Harry's ear. Madara swallowed, seeing this side of Tengu, clinging to Harry – Itachi realized – disturbed him. Kakashi was taking it no better.

"You will be able to revive your family, ancestor – the Uchiha will not die with you as you feared…" Tengu continued softly, almost pleading with Harry to respond as he nuzzled his neck, something like a bird's cry of distress rippled through the cavern air. It was hauntingly beautiful, and it came, Naruto realized, from Tengu.

"You are wrong, Tengu…" Madara murmured as he stood wobbly, eyes not leaving Harry. Tengu's lips drew back at a perceived threat, Harry's blood dripping onto his claws as he clenched them reflex. This seemed to startle both.

"What has been done to him? He does not bleed that easily…" Kyuubi growled, seeing with Naruto's eyes the blood that Tengu and Madara seemed sickened by as they noticed. Both seemed to hear Kyuubi for they tilted their heads toward the others, eyes narrowing eerily as one upon Naruto. They were alike, and it was not just the body Tengu inhabited that made them kin.

"How things have changed…the mighty Kyuubi, held within the body of a child…another child, once victim of Shukaku, freed by the bloody hands of my ancestor…" Tengu mused, clothing shifting as he moved – it was then that they seemed to realize the clothing was merely shadows. Tengu seemed to leer, chuckling as he held Harry to him, watching them with wary eyes as if he had just realized they might be dangerous.

"Does the contract between us still stand, Kyuubi?" Madara asked softly – his fists clenching and unclenching, seemingly trying not to ignore how Tengu clung to his mentor. Kakashi remembered the things Harry had told him of Madara, and knew the other had just as hard a time with this as he did. The thought did not comfort him, for Tengu was known for his animosity toward Madara, the demon would surely do what it willed to disturb him most of all.

"Yes…through if the Shadow Walker dies, he does so with a debt owed to me, one which I will hold against his kin." Tengu did not seem surprised by Kyuubi's words, and though Naruto had thought he was the only one able to hear him, he found himself again mistaken.

"The greater kin of the Shadow Walker can read thoughts…" Kyuubi explained seemingly impatient with Naruto.

"What have you done to the Shadow Walker?" Itachi asked with calm deadliness, surprising Tengu, who chuckled at his obvious boldness for though the others sensed something was amiss; they had not questioned it as Itachi had. Tengu glanced to Harry then, something like a gentler emotion passing though his eyes before he took notice of them again; he sighed, seeming almost regretful.

"I have done nothing, it is what my son's descendent – Shisui - has done that should concern you…I did not want this." Tengu murmured, surprising them in that moment, his power tugged at them, tested them – enough so they knew he had attention to spare. Enough power to hold them in place if he so desired. This was not a demon that would be surprised by their rebellion.

"Three of us have killed the like of your kith and kin before. What makes you think you are so immortal?" Deidara snarled clearly frustrated that he had to stay put, was – because of an inanimate object – the most vulnerable of them. His black snake hissed, seemingly annoyed at him.

"Simply, I am immortal. Even though, as the late Orochimaru did, I steal bodies for my own use, I do not have to do so to remain as I am, it is simply more convenient, flesh ages – while I could remain in my demonic form, it bores me. Even if I remained in this body until it rotted with me within, I would survive – though likely I would wish not to. This nature is something I share with your beloved Shadow Walker and my own son - more so then even Kyuubi, we are immortal. I was born of the same kin as your famed Shadow Walker; I grew up on nursery tales of magic and wizards and learned the arts of them before I could walk." Tengu seemed pleased to tell them this, proud of a past they had only glimpsed from stories told by their elders.

"He spoke of you as an enemy." Gaara murmured softly, keeping his eyes low as he watched them. Tengu seemed amused with him, tilting his head as if to see him better in an attempt to unravel the mystery he represented.

"Being torn into two halves and imprisoned will change even a demon." Tengu mused softly, power rippling within the air like a pool of water, seeming to dare them to argue against his words.

"Kyuubi…still wants you dead." Naruto spoke up, for he knew it was true. Kyuubi wanted to do to Tengu what the other demon had done to Orochimaru, only perhaps a longer death. Tengu's nostrils flared in his anger.

"Kyuubi and I are nothing alike." Tengu seemed particularly miffed that Naruto would think they were alike. Even Kyuubi 'felt' as if he'd had his fur ruffled the wrong way.

"Enough. Three of them know what has been done to Harry; let them speak before you fall to reminiscing once more." Madara demanded, eyes seeking out Itachi, Kisame, and finally Kakashi. Jiraiya's eyes widened, realizing that while they had been distracted with Tengu, Madara had looked into their minds – and none of them had noticed.

"Your servant, Sameh', offered him tea laced with tainted Uchiha blood – mortal. He knew it was a trap, I was there. I do not know why he drank it." Kakashi spoke up, knowing that the others had not been there to see Harry's actions – he had. Tengu tensed, seemingly frozen as he considered what he knew.

"What does this mean, Madara?" Tengu murmured softly, still having Harry in his grip Madara seemed to hesitate to answer.

"It means, Tengu, that very soon I will be mortal." Harry's lips quirked in amusement, taking in the expressions of those around him – Gaara and Naruto stood wide eyed, they knew, being what they were – what they had been – that their lives would be as long as most demons. Madara seemed torn, between his relief to see Harry had come to himself, and fear – that he would be left alone if – when – Harry indeed did die.

"There must be a way to reverse it." Tengu mused, head tilted bird-like as he glanced to Itachi and Kakashi. The shadow of his wings and clothes had grown as dark as his hair. The only sign of his distress was that he barely touched Harry, as if fearing he would harm him again.

"None that I know of…." Madara murmured, having studied the effects of his blood – and that of his mortal descendents - on demons injected with it. He had wondered if the demon-killing affects of the Amaterasu were genetic.

"Then we will find one." Tengu hissed, as if daring Madara or Harry to disagree. Madara looked to Harry, silent for a long moment as they communicated without words or thoughts, as those who knew each other well enough often did.

"We will. Harry will be safe among them," Madara nodded toward them, seemingly more at ease with his choice voiced, "mortality is alike a slow acting poison, and his heritage – our birthright as wizards, will give him longer years then they." Tengu had reluctantly released Harry, who – despite what they had heard of his mortality – stood firm on his own.

"Call off your pets, Tengu, or I shall." Harry murmured, eyes skimming over the seven black serpents that seemed to have little attention for their charges. Their green flicked eyes seemed content to gaze at Harry, bidding their time. Tengu seemed to realize this was not an idle threat, softly, he hissed under his breath and without conflict the serpents went to his side.

Harry traded one last glance for Tengu and Madara, before he walked to the others attention on the circle, his fingers danced over the barrier leaving rippled – it, Kakashi had thought, was impossible to bring down in such a way, but it seemed Harry had tricks still –for the barrier that held Deidara fell easily at his touch. Only then did they remember the red stone still left. It leapt into Harry's hand, behind Harry; Tengu only shook his head seemingly amused that he had forgotten such a thing.

"You are free, Tengu. Do not abuse that." The ring slid onto his finger easily, the glimmering silver band of metal blackened to resemble stone, as if black stone gripped and held the red stone fragment of Tengu's mind. Tengu shook his head, before turning to Madara, the two shared a not so friendly glance before shadows and black fire seemed to swirl about them, taking them elsewhere.

"It is odd, what will make enemies bond…" Harry mused, and Kakashi saw it when the power seemed to fade from him, released, Harry faltered in his step. He didn't have time to be at Harry's side before positions were taken up on either side by Naruto and Gaara.

"Why let us leave, without so much as a fight?" Itachi asked, the only one to pause while the others made their slow way out of the cavern.

"Tengu has seen his son grown, seen his grandchildren and great grandchildren grow from infant to adult, and all of them slaughtered between times – but it is his own descendent that did the killing – so he'll not take revenge. Madara loathes you for that – but it will balance out between them. They know that time is running out, in the face of my death, well, seems keeping flesh and blood alive is more important then squabbling over what could have been." Harry seemed amused at that, though he was tired still, the strain showed on him.

"You knew they would join together rather then let you die." Kisame murmured, smirking slightly at the thought as he figured it out. Deidara grumbled, sulking along beside the big shark-like man.

"Will…will you really die?" Naruto asked, glancing only once to Gaara's pale face, it looked as if he was mourning Harry already and Naruto wanted that to stop. Tengu and Madara had hope – so they had to have it too.

"In time, everyone dies, but they were right – I won't die for a very long time. If they let me die at all…." Gaara seemed somewhat reassured at Harry's words, though he looked as if he would be one who would rather not see Harry die at all. Tengu and Madara had an ally in him, if ever they needed one.

"Tsunade left word with us; she and the council disagree on what to do about the possible return of the Uchiha. They would like to keep us as caged birds, to be bred for the next flock of Konoha. You are not safe there either Harry – Naruto. She gave us a choice; she wants us in Suna, with Gaara… as negotiators on the behalf of Konoha." Itachi told them, amusement hinting his tone at his last words.

"You are welcome to come with me, if that is your desire." Gaara spoke up, unable to keep his hope from his voice. Naruto bobbed his head in a nod of agreement, though Jiraiya and Kakashi traded worried looks.

"What of us?" Kisame asked softly of the young Kazekage, nodding toward Deidara to include him.

"Of course." Gaara allowed with a wary nod. When they came across where Hidan had been, he was gone, not a trace of his blood remained. The rest of the journey out of the cavern passed in uneasy silence.


Harry drifted into an uneasy sleep that night, his breath rattling out of his chest, he realized then he felt old. He felt Kyuubi stir within Naruto, and knew the fox wanted to speak with him, and would not let him rest until he had said his part.

"Shadow Walker…I know the first part of the answer – that before demons, there were beings like you. Wizards. Witches. I know now they changed into demons, Tengu practically writ the answer on the wall. What I want to know…was I one of them?" Kyuubi asked, ear flicking as if he expected to be attacked. Harry knew this sort of communication made Kyuubi vulnerable, for neither of them knew how the seal would react to his movements in sleep.

"Yes, you were once one of my own people. I do not know your name." Harry could admit that, though he was careful not to look into the red eyes that glared down at him accusingly. Kyuubi huffed softly, crouching so it could look Harry in the face.

"You are lonely…." Kyuubi sounded surprised, though Harry did not think it should have been so surprising.

"Is there a way to return me to what I was?" Kyuubi asked, knowing this would be the second part of his answer. What he wanted to know to free himself from his vessel. Harry thought for a moment, staring into the blazing red eyes of the fox demon which demanded truth.

"Yes…" Harry allowed, reaching out to touch the soft fur that stretched along Kyuubi's face. Kyuubi allowed his touch, huffing gently as if amused.

"How?" Kyuubi asked, unable to keep the eagerness from his tone, his tails twirled about – though he was careful of them. Harry's hand against Kyuubi stilled, and he smiled tightly.

"I must die." Harry answered, looking away for a moment, remembering that Madara and Tengu searched for a 'cure' to his mortality. It amused him, somewhat – for so long he had wanted to die, now when faced with it – he wanted to avoid it as much as any other person would.

"That is unacceptable." Kyuubi rumbled, voice a low growl in anger. He seemed too loath the idea, and it caught Harry by surprise. He had not thought Kyuubi would care, so long as he had his answer.

"Then you will not be what you once were." Harry murmured in a whisper, Kyuubi's large ears twitched, hearing and acknowledging what he had said, though saying nothing for a long while.

"Perhaps…that is for the best." Kyuubi admitted, standing slowly, careful of Harry in a way he had never been before. Harry saw the chain about Kyuubi's neck, but did not say or do anything as the fox demon retreated to its cage within its host. Perhaps Tengu was not the only demon that could change.


Kakashi had been the one to insist that Harry get as much sleep as he needed. Though it worried him when Naruto had confessed that thought Kyuubi was still "sealed" within him, and he could sense an attachment to the nine tailed fox demon – he thought that Kyuubi was 'visiting' Harry in his sleep. Something none of them had thought he could do.

Whatever the two spoke of it didn't seem to disturb Harry – who Kakashi carried for most of the trip to Suna. Jiraiya had stuck around only until they reached the borders of Sand. Then he had taken off – after making sure Naruto knew to use the summon frogs to call for help if something went wrong.

Kakashi suspected that Jiraiya would report to Tsunade of what had happened, which – he knew, he would have to go do as well. Unless Tsunade sent word for him to stay by Harry's side – which he intended to do, at least until he was settled in Suna and Kyuubi wasn't lingering within Harry's mind unwelcomingly.

Kakashi had never really been to Suna, so he was as surprised as everyone else when Gaara revealed that the "surface" dwellings were for show; beneath their feet – safe from dust storms – were once volcanic lava passages. It had last flowed, by estimation, before magic had died out. Gaara had secured Harry within one of the passages that housed himself and his siblings; he allowed precious few of his own people into his domain. So, Kakashi knew he and the others were to be counted as lucky that Gaara allowed them rooms along the passage, or that they were allowed – in shifts- to watch over Harry.

Both Gaara and Naruto had proved to be possessive of his care. So much so that Itachi and Kisame were more often then not, amused by their antics – one or both of the two boys watching during "their" shift just making sure they didn't "do anything to Harry" in his sleep – Deidara had muttered that they'd likely break fingers if they so much as touched Harry. He had meant it as a joke, though Gaara's sand had taken the threat to heart swirling about Harry's bedside like a frantic pet snake. That had been enough to make the former Akatsuki members retreat.

Kakashi suspected it was luck that it was his 'shift' when Harry woke, surprising Kakashi with his soft voiced request for water.

"Have pleasant dreams?" Kakashi asked in a not-quite sarcastic manner. He wanted to know what Kyuubi had spoken to Harry about; though he wasn't sure Harry would share such information. Kyuubi had not.

"As well as can be expected, with demons coming to call…though that is not what I would like to speak to you about." Harry was amused; it was woven into his words. He paused mid-sip setting the clay cup aside, for a long moment Harry studied Kakashi, as if it was the first time he was truly seeing Kakashi. It left him somewhat uncomfortable, to be the center of the others attention.

"Oh?" Kakashi mused, glancing only once to the entrance of the room to see that the door was firmly shut, before turning his attention to Harry once more. Harry had waited for his attention, which told him more then words or tone that what the other had to say was important.

"Yes, I realized something. Everything I know from the past has changed one way or another. Yet they say your mask has been with you since childhood. I wondered…why that was." Sooner or later everyone asks that, Kakashi mused. Though Harry seemed earnest in his wish to know – as if he would not press – and if Kakashi brushed the not-question away, Harry would not ask again. He wondered if it was personal – or if Harry only truly wanted something that he could understand. Kakashi saw no harm in answering in his own way. He had nearly lost Harry, and he hadn't even realized it – that shame haunted him.

"You likely don't remember…when I was a child, my father went on a mission – it wasn't supposed to be difficult. Somehow, one of his teammates was injured, and he was faced with a choice – to leave the teammate behind to die, or to complete the mission. He chose his teammate. The mission at the time was considered more valuable then a shinobi life, at least in my father's time, things are…different now. They shunned a man they had once considered great, and bit by bit it killed him on the inside. They would give him no missions; we were surviving because his teammate – the one he saved – tried to help us in turn. My father took his own life, later. I never saw the body, was never told how he died." The bitterness of that not knowing lingered with him, though how Harry regarded him, with understanding and something like kinship, lingered as Kakashi struggled onward.

"I wore the mask then out of shame. I could not forgive him. In time I became a ninja, and had a team of my own under the man that would become the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, he and my teammates Rin and Obito Uchiha taught me something about what my father one day during a mission. I had become the sort of man my father would have hated. If not for Obito, I would have left Rin to die at the hands of our enemies. It was Obito who forced me to see the truth, to save Rin – he lost his life teaching me that lesson. While he lay dying, Rin – at Obito's request – have his Sharingan eye to me. The mask now serves two purposes, to keep this eye from driving me mad by seeing everything in every moment of everyday, and…mostly, to remind me that when I become the sort of man my father was…I won't need this mask anymore." Without his conscious permission, Kakashi's fingers rested against the smooth cloth of his mask – it startled him, when he felt Harry's fingers brushed his, drawing his attention to Harry, away from his own memories.

"Thank you…" Harry murmured softly, finger tips tangling in his hair, thumb brushing his jaw. Kakashi shivered when he felt his thumb play against his bottom lip. He took a shuddering breath, wondering what Harry meant by doing this to him.

"I…" Kakashi trailed off, feeling the tips of Harry's fingers curl at the bottom of his mask which rested against his neck tucked into his shirt. Gently he pulled the mask upward, allowing Kakashi time to protest as he took his time slowly inching the cloth away, as if he understood that this more then anything undressed him.

Harry paused when he uncovered Kakashi's chin, searching the startled eyes that regarded him. Hesitating only a moment, Kakashi nodded, and Harry continued to pull upward until Kakashi's lips were uncovered. Harry levered himself upward, gently kissing the side of Kakashi's mouth, soft lips gently touching skin that had not been touched by anyone before his childhood.

In that kiss Kakashi felt Harry accepted him, wanted him. Kakashi was never sure afterwards which of them made the soft sound that pulled at Kakashi to not let this moment – this chance – slip by. Kakashi rose from his seat, his weight against Harry – pressing him downward, dominating the slighter male. His breath breathed over Harry's face, the green eyes gleamed in eagerness. Kakashi wanted to see this – needed to remember this, if it were chance – which he hoped it was not.

Boldly, he pulled his mask the rest of the way off, the Sharingan studying the man beneath him taking in every detail. Kakashi kissed Harry then, having memorized his features, he played at Harry's bottom lip, teeth teasing the sensitive flesh until Harry gasped, breathing quickly inward with his surprise as Kakashi pressed his tongue into the moist cavern, mapping out teeth and the feel and taste of the others mouth. Harry moaned slightly, shifting beneath him, wanting to touch and be touched. Only then did Kakashi pull away, taking in the sight of Harry's flushed features and heated eyes. He did not think he'd ever get enough of seeing Harry like this, beneath him, wanting him.

"Sorry…" Kakashi murmured, knowing he had gone too quickly – wanting forgiveness for pushing the other. Shakily, he brushed his hand over Harry's face, unable to help wanting to touch. Harry did not seem to mind, pressing his face against slender hands.

"For what?" He read the words off Harry's lips, for the blood rushing through him did not let him hear words. He swallowed, trying to fight down his urge to press his body – nude – against the shorter male. It would not take much to rid Harry of the dress-like clothing the Suna medical-nin had put him in. Kakashi's fingers itched to pull the fabric his hands knotted in, beneath it was Harry. Kakashi groaned slightly, catching sight of Harry's neck, the skin tempting the ache within him.

"I don't think I can stop…wanting you." Kakashi finally answered, after he thought he had mastered his tongue and would not say anything…dangerous. It would not due to tell the other he had wanted this since he had felt the danger the other could represent. That was a part of Harry's appeal, he was deadly – temptingly so.

Harry took a shuddering breath, and Kakashi felt it against his skin. Harry kissed the side of his neck, licking along his uncovered jaw only for his lips to pause at his earlobe. Kakashi shuddered, feeling the faint breath against his moist skin, Harry's lips played with his ear, drawing his lobe into his mouth, sucking the tender bit of flesh until Kakashi could barely think past the sensation.

"I don't mind…I think…I want you too." Harry hummed into his ear, Kakashi heard him, moaning slightly in his approval when Harry drew him closer against him, their clothed bodies fitting snugly together as Kakashi had thought they would while carrying Harry to Suna.

"Clothes…" Kakashi moaned in annoyance, his length pressing painfully against his pants and into Harry's thigh. Kakashi took a shuddering breath, loathing that he would have to get off the slighter male – if only for the few moments it would take to undress.

"There are advantages to being a wizard." Harry whispered against the skin of his neck, nibbling on it before whispering a word that Kakashi had never heard the like of – nonetheless the result was swift, there was a draft against his heated neither regions, with only a word, they had no cloths. Kakashi murmured his delight as he licked from the shallow hallow of Harry's throat, to his navel. Looking up teasingly, mismatched red-and-black eyes teased needy green as the tip of Kakashi's tongue played against Harry's shaft.

Harry's fingers clawed into the sheets and mattress, gasping back a needy moan as Kakashi's mouth enclosed around his heated tip, tongue swirling and dipping along the length – swallowing around his groin, Harry had never felt so helpless – so reliant upon another for the release orgasm offered. He felt it, teasing him, just out of reach for all it was sinking into his skin and blood, making him tremble. Kakashi wouldn't let it overcome Harry.

Kakashi, knowing it would hurt, but wanting it more then mere hesitation would allow him to worry, forced him self to relax with a disciple born of years as he straddled the slighter male beneath him. His fingers played along Harry's groin as he guided the tip to his entrance, letting himself fall carefully backward in a controlled motion that caught the breath in their throats.

"Kakashi…" Harry gasped breathlessly, struggling with himself for control as slick heat surrounded his shaft. His fingers clenched into his lovers shoulders, a warning Kakashi took to heart, lips trembling in a shaky breath he let out slowly. Easing his way up the thick shaft, as his muscles clenched and relaxed with his pleasure.

"Harry…!" Kakashi whispered, biting his bottom lip to keep from crying out as he felt his climax press at him, tugging him even closer to the edge. Harry tossed his head back, struggling to master his own body in the face of pleasure and heat. Kakashi felt something primitive tug at him to bite and mark the smooth column of throat presented, groaning he did not deny the urge, and shuddered around Harry as he came messily between their thrusting hips. Harry moaned, eyes blinking open to take in Kakashi's expression his body shuddering as he came within Kakashi.

Harry weakly kissed Kakashi on the jaw, tucking his head beneath the other males chin, Kakashi curled his body about Harry protectively, letting the calm and comfort of the moment fill him as he closed his eyes. A moment later something stirred him, he would never be sure later if it had been luck or chance.

"Harry," Kakashi asked carefully – keeping his eyes firmly shut - as he heard footsteps coming toward them from the outside hall, "where are our clothes?" A whispered mumble of a half formed word relaxed him when he felt his clothes covering him again. Kakashi watched the door as it opened, holding Harry firmly against him, his grip at once protective, though no one would deny he was possessive.

"I'll, ah, leave you two to, whatever…alright?" Deidara's cheeks burned, and he couldn't quite look at them in the corner of his not-mechanical eye.


The End


Note; what you may or may not have recognized as the concept of what I like to call "the brilliant mask theory (of Kakashi)", what should be quite obvious is that this is not my theory. Nope, not at all, it is the theory of Cassandra Incognito, as I interpreted it from her writing in "Father Figure", chapter eight. It's a Naruto/Kakashi story that if you haven't read you are missing out on. Go read it!

Also for any concerned fans of Cassie, you should know – before you get in a huff, or decide I need telling upon – I have her permission to "copy" the concept she presented, though in my own words, which is what I have done.

Ah…now to work on my other Harry/Naruto crossover stories, "Song of the Caged Blackbird" and "What Must Never Be Lost"….-nervous look-….and some forty-something other miscellaneous stories…but, at least I finished this one! –sticks tongue out at bunnies-…oh, dear….

One; Sirius did not die when he went through the veil – instead he landed in Konoha, quite different then how he went in. When the Fourth Hokage shows off a ancient relic to Sakumo Hatake, a small three-year-old boy, with 'rooster' silver hair, dark eyes comes out and – all of Sirius Black's memories …he becomes the solemn son of Sakumo Hatake, Kakashi. Some twenty-three years later, a twenty year old Harry Potter – newly allowed into the Department of Mysteries to research the veil – walks back into his godfather's life.

Two; Hired by Harry Potter's fiancé (who can be male or female), Kakashi is to watch over and protect the Savoir of the Land of Lightning without his targets notice, and to ensure that he does not kill himself. So, why is it that Kakashi finds himself wanting to be noticed by the young Raikage of Kumogakure?

Three; It isn't every day Kakashi finds an unconscious nudist at the Konoha memorial site…Centuries ago, Harry Potter fought and won against Voldemort, at the price of his own soul being tied to his, even in death. Now, Orochimaru, desperate for a way to win – brings his ancestor, Voldemort, back to life.

Four; Kakashi is hired to protect Harry Potter – who does not know he is watched, who has nightly dreams about Kakashi, who is not allowed to be seen, heart or felt by the Wizard. Yet he too dreams of Harry…In which Harry is very likely a incubus-creature, and the story is set in Hogwarts or shortly afterward with Harry living in his own home and 'friends' dropping in a few times a day.

-Whimpers-…I almost forgot about those