Hi peoples!

Taru chan, what are you doing?

Well, I've decided to go through and revise My Imaginary friend…


I dunno, I guess it's cause it's nearly a 2 year old story and it could do with a touch up. Besides that I need practice for when I become a real writer.

Aren't you a real writer now?

Well, yes and no. it's true that I am writing these stories, but I want to become a working, PAYING author. Like… Shigure or Yuki or even Usagi.


Ugh, nevermind. Stupid fox and him not knowing some of the best authors known to anime lovers…

What, I'm only demon!!

Un, what will happen to the story?

Nothing too drastic. Just a bit of tweaking here and there and then I can continue on with the story. AND to keep you occupied in the meantime, I give you the results for the Mpreg voting!!!

you rigged the polls so that what you truly wanted won, didn't you?

Didn't need to. And besides, why would I do that to my lovely reviewers?

To torture me, mostly… -grumble, grumble-

anyway, our results. Kyuubi, if you please…


Ending results are:

Yes: 5

No: 2

To anyone who does NOT want it to be an Mpreg (You know who you are): No, I will not go through any of the nine months pregnancy type thing and then the whole scene where Naruto has the baby and- no. I want them to have a baby, yes, but gosh birth for a GIRL is hell itself! (I had to watch the miracle of life in teen living, it look so PAINFUL!!! 0.0) so no, I will say he will have a baby, and then TIMESKIP!!!XD the baby will be about… probably five years old in human ears in the jump between this and the sequel. As for the name I have none yet, but I'm working on it!

Oh god, now she's going to have them name our baby, too!

Not this time. I want to give a name to the baby!!!

What about me, I'm the one who has to go through the torture!!

True but I am NOT letting you name your kid Ramen. No way in hell. And Sasuke is horrible wit names so the job is left up to the godmother!

And who decided that!?


No ma'm…

Then… that's all I have to say. As soon as I'm done with the revising (which I hope you all shall read) I shall continue on with the final chapters!

So sad, un…

I know, Dei kun, but remember: SEQUAL!!!

YAY, UN!!!

Anyways, until next time!!