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Emily bit her lower lip nervously, tightening her grip on the small silver doorknob. Today was her first day with such a delicate patient. She was actually scared to see the girl, especially after reading her status report. Since the patient was most likely going to die today, Emily's job now was to at least consol her guardian if and when that happens. Emily hesitated once more before finally turning the knob silently, swinging the door open and entering the small room.

She held back a horrified gasp. The girl was worse off then she had imagined. Emily wasn't surprised that she already looked like a corpse, judging by her condition and how late she was brought it; it was probably too late to save her. Poor thing, She thought sadly, approaching the bed, just noticing the man at her side, resting his head on her pillow as he slept besides her.

She smiled sadly. The must've been the man they've been talking about, the guy who tried to save her. She went to him, tapping his shoulders gently. "Sir? Please wake up...visiting hours are over, and you have to leave."

He twitched in his sleep and pulled his face off the pillow, staring at her with a confused look. "Oh...right." He murmured, his voice slurred with sleep. He gave her a small, tired smile, which she returned a little more timidly.

He stood up off the chair and yawned, pushing his fingers through his already messy ebony hair. "How is she?"

She flinched slightly, hoping he didn't see. "Um, well. She's not doing that well right now...she's probably not going to make it, Sir."

He frowned, staring down at Nora sadly. "Oh. I was really hoping she'd make it through this." He sighed, his voice in an unreadable monotone. She just nodded slowly, unsure of what to say now. Consoling people had never been her strongpoint. "Um...Sir?" She stuttered nervously.

"Call me Roy." He answered gently, smiling at her again. "Y-yes. You're going to have to exit the building now, Roy. All visitors have to leave at this time." Emily continued. Roy nodded in understanding. "I get it. I'll go now." He looked at Nora with another frown and gently stroked the base of his finger against her undamaged cheek.

"Goodbye, Nora." He muttered, then turned to go when he felt a dull tug on his jacket. He blinked, looking down at the heavily bandaged and splinted fingers clutching to the edge of his jacket. His eyes widened at the same time Nurse Emily gasped. "I can't believe it...she actually woke up..." She breathed in shock.

Roy smiled in relief, placing his hand on hers and trying to pry them off him as gently as possible. Nora stared up at him with wide, almost white eyes, her pupils still contracted enough to not show the colors of her irises. She still looked terrified, and momentarily she flinched in pain, trying to force herself to sit up. Seeing this, he put his hands down on her bony shoulders and pushed her back onto the bed. She flinched away from his touch, making him whip his hands away as quickly as possible.

Nora stared at him with the same scared look, then looked away to stare around her room in confusion, then at Emily. Emily smiled gently at her, but Nora just flinched and looked away, looking down at her bandaged hands and made a small whimpering sound, staring at them as if they were about to fall off. She tried to say something, and realized she couldn't, because of the thin tube still trailing into her throat. Looking absolutely horrified, she shot up to a sitting position and clawed off her oxygen mask and started tugging at the tube frantically, screeching like a wild animal.

"Crap!" Roy attempted to stop her, hesitant to not hurt her accidentally. Somehow, Nora succeeded to pull the tube out and doubled over, unable to breathe, coughing and hacking harshly until what looked like red, shredded pieces of flesh shot out of her mouth and dotted her sheets. She screamed raggedly, tears flowing down her face and soaking into her bandages.

Emily rushed to her side, searching through a number of items on the desk nearby. The monitors went crazy, flashing red alert as her heart rate went up in a panic, "Bepp...beep..beep..beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeeep!!!!"

Emily finally retrieved a needle full of a clear liquid and quickly syringed it into her IV line. Setting down the needle back on the desk, she grabbed Roy around his arm and pulled him back warily. "Please leave, Roy. I'll take it from here."

Roy nodded shakily, watching Nora's eyes widen even more as Emily started leading him to the door. The sedative quickly taking effect, she closed her eyes and lay still on the bed, breathing raspily in between quavering moans of pain. Emily shut the door, snapping Roy back to where he was.

"I'm sorry about that." Emily apologized frantically, frowning as she jotted down something into her clipboard. "Not all of her surgery has been complete, and her throat's still injured-"

"She'll be okay, though, right?" Roy cut in anxiously. She looked up and stared at him in slight confusion. "There's a chance she'll make it through completely, judging by the fact that she's still alive now...but it's still very, very slim. You have to understand-"

"It's fine." Roy shook it off and smiled before walking off, leaving her standing there looking very confused.

Roy turned down the hall and headed for the exit with a deep frown on his face. Death and torture- both things he had to watch and try to ignore because of the war. Both things he thought he could just block out and make them not sicken him anymore; many times before he had been forced to abandon his own men and leave like a coward. And now, he's done it again. He stopped at the end of the hall, staring down at the ground. I should've stayed with her... he thought with a sigh.


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