Title: Commercial Value

Rating: T for language

Warnings: umm...i was half asleep when i worte most of this.

Spoilers: nope.

Disclaimer: i own a toy car that looks like the impala, a sam girl t-shirt, the first 2 seasons on dvd, a jacket that looks like dean's, and Supernatural nevermore, but supernatural? nope.

A/n: all the commercials mentioned in this are ones that skeeve me out. in fact it, i was watching the first one mentioned when the idea for this came to me. oh and if this looks at all weird, it's because i'm working on a brand new computer and it 1.doesn't have MS word and 2. the wordpad on here is different from what i'm used to.

"God i hate this commercial" Dean looked up from the gun he was cleaning to see what his brother found so distasteful. on the tv screen two dolls of the pull-the-string-and-they-talk variety were discusing insurance without moving their lips.

"Those things look like they wouldn't hesitate to kill you in your sleep. whatever happend to that gecko anyways? he was so much cooler than a couple of creepy-ass talking dolls" he said. he had to agree with sammy. that commercial was freaky.

" they still show gecko commercials, but apparently they think that wannabe chucky dolls and jumbo sized cabbage patch kids attract people" sam said, making a face at the tv screen.

" kinda makes me think of those quiznos commercials. ya know, the ones with the wacked out, vocally challenged roadkill?" dean remarked, shuddering slightly. man he hated those things.

" dude i had finally repressed my memory of those things and you had to go bring them back up! those things gave me nightmares" sam said. it was true too. in one, the worst one, the...things had brainwashed dean and he and them had chased sam around singing the whole time.

" Speak for your self. i swear that starburst berries and cream commercial scarred me for life!" dean replied. he hated the commercial not only because the dude acted and looked like he should be locked in mental institute, but because it didn't make any sense. well at least not to him. there was obiously someone out there that it made sense to.

" oh god" sam said, letting his head drop forward in his hands, " don't even go there! that dude was scarier than hell." he sat up. " i hate those M&M dark chocolate commercials" he added.

" dude, seriously? what's so scary about an M&M commercial?" dean asked. sam could be seriously weird sometimes.

" it's not really the commercial, it's the voice at the end." sam said, blushing.

" yeah...whatever" dean said, shaking his head. little brothers, so weird.

" hey at least i was never scared by the burger king" sam said in his defence.

" hey! that burger king is creepy! would you really wanna wake up in bed with him?" dean said. he ever got the chance and the burger king was getting an ass, among other places, full of rock salt.

" good point" sam said. waking up in bed with with the burger king wasn't a particularly appealing thought.

" besides, at least i was never scared by a car commercial" dean added.

" dude i was a little kid! and joey isuzu so should have been in jail!" sam said, pouting. something about those comercials had scared the shit out of him when he was younger.

" you know what?" dean said, finishing upand putting the guns aside.

" what?" sam asked, curious. dean stretched out on his bed.

" the people who came up with those commericals had to have been either possessed or on crack"

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