Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Fucking bird…" mumbled a hung-over Sasuke as he lay in bed, his face buried deeply into his pillow. He began waving his arm aimlessly, trying to hit the snooze button. Instead, his hand grazed warm, naked flesh lying next to his sleeping form and he woke suddenly with a start, turning his face to look at whatever poor soul his drunken self had seduced the previous night.

Sasuke's eyes caught a lock of long, red hair and his heart gave a small jolt of pain. Even when he was trashed out of his mind, he still longed for that red hair. The owner of said hair turned to him suddenly and smiled widely, way too cheery for seven o'clock in the morning. He gave her a stern look. Sasuke would never be that happy in the morning. She covered her bare chest playfully and jumped up from the bed, taking the comforter with her to wrap toga-style around herself.

"Do you want to go to breakfast together?" she practically sung as she bustled around the room, picking up loose pieces of clothing. Sasuke sat up lazily and hid his face in his hands. Why did they always want to go to breakfast?


"Asuka," she said sharply, catching onto his rejection.

"Asuka," he repeated. "I would but I have class in…" he looked at his watch and jumped up suddenly "five minutes!" He looked at her pleadingly and she nodded.

"Okay, I'll call you later and we can do lunch!" she said happily, pulling a black tee-shirt that was way too small to cover her well-endowed form over her head. She skipped over and kissed him lightly on the cheek before hurrying out of the room so he could get ready.

With a sigh, Sasuke collapsed back onto his bed, covering himself with the abandoned comforter. Hopefully she won't realize it's Saturday until tomorrow, he thought to himself as he stared at the ceiling, now too awake to get any more precious hours of sleep. Gaara never would have fallen for that.

"Not that I'd want to get rid of him," Sasuke whispered out loud as he closed his eyes, his mind flashing back to naked bodies, embracing each other as the sun came up against the horizon. But he wanted to get rid of me. Or maybe…just himself.

It had been Sasuke that discovered Gaara's unconscious form, lying on his bed three years ago. Naruto had called the Uchiha, worried that Gaara might do something brash because of Neji's sudden death, and he had rushed over immediately only to find an empty bottle of sleeping pills and a broken Gaara, barely clinging to life.

It had been Sasuke that called the ambulance, held Gaara's limp hand while his stomach was pumped, sat and watched over him for days without sleep while he lied on the bed, fighting bleakly for every breath. When the doctors informed Sasuke that Gaara would, indeed, live, the Uchiha got up without a word and walked away, never looking back on the redhead that broke his heart.

Gaara had dropped out of school that year, and didn't return as a senior. He began working full-time for his sister and Sasuke had recently heard that he had opened a second Temari's Place in the very city where the Uchiha was attending University. Sasuke was now in the middle of his sophomore year and was serving as a Resident Attendant in Suna Hall. Thus, he had his own room, allowing for all of the "private" company that his drunken self desired at late hours of the night.

Not surprising was the fact that Sakura was none too pleased with Sasuke's promiscuous behavior. She often scolded him and made loud accusations of the STDs that he had undoubtedly acquired from his latest rendez-vous. They had many classes together since they had both been accepted into the honors program and her nagging voice was quite annoying sometimes as it seemed to constantly buzz in his ear.

Naruto, on the other hand, had sort of attempted to go to University their first year out of high school, but flunked out after a mere semester. He was currently stationed on Iruka's (or should I say, Kakashi's) couch, drowning his sorrows in a bowl of soggy ramen. It turns out, Hinata had a break down after killing Neji. She was serving time in the local mental institution. Her only visitor, Hanabi. The rest of the family would not forgive her for murdering their genius progeny.

Thus, Naruto was miserable. Unable to face the woman he loved as he felt guilty for letting her drive drunk in the first place. For that matter, he felt guilty for driving her to teenage alcoholism after getting her pregnant and pressuring her into an abortion.

No one was happy. Lee had gotten into a school farther away, and his and Sakura's relationship had not been able to survive the long-distance. Sasuke was driven to promiscuity by a broken heart. Gaara was stuck in the monotonous lifestyle of store manager/cashier. Naruto hadn't showered in weeks. Hinata struggled occasionally in her straight jacket as she stared angrily at the blank, white wall of her cell.

Well, the only disagreement Iruka and Kakashi ever had was who would be on top (there was never really any contest). And as for Itachi and Temari…

"You are cordially invited to the union of Itachi and Temari to be held on Friday, May 13th. RSVP by…" Sasuke read quietly, his body rigged as he stood fixed next to his mailbox.

"Fuck," he muttered, skimming the rest of the invitation. He closed his eyes, just imagining all of the people he'd been avoiding for two years, all meeting up together to torture him with questions. Questions of his sexuality. Of his life at school. Of Gaara…

Gaara! Gaara will be there! Sasuke hit his head softly on the metal mailbox a few times, but his self-abuse was cut short but a loud squeal.

"Sasuke!!! Did your professor let you out early? We can totally brunch together now!" Asuka ran and jumped forcefully into the irritated Uchiha's arms. He was too anxious about seeing Gaara again to protest and let himself be led towards the dining hall, the wedding invitation hanging loosely in his hand.

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