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Sara Black leaned back and felt her husbands arms come around her, as she eased back into his lap. She still couldn't believe that they had been married over seventeen years, with three kids. Sara had just finished her latest chilrens book, and was rewarding herself, by taking the evening off and relaxing with her husband, in there two storey house. King Henry the second slept at their feet. Their three kids upstairs doing homework, or playing computer games, and talking to friends on MSN.

Sara was thankful that God gave them kids. Triplets, they were a handful at times, and still were even in their teens, but they were glad that God knew Sara could handle having kids. Though having three wasn't what she thought. Luke, Kimmy, and Dawn were turning seventeen in three weeks. Her Sister-in-law, and niece were planning a hugh surprise party for them. Luke was the oldest, and a boy so he did the big brother, protector job well. Kimmy was shy and timid around people she didn't know, but if her brother and sister were there she crawled out of her shell and had a good time. Dawn was what kept them together. There was a bond between them, that if one of hurt or sick, the other two felt it too, none could live without the other. Though it was Dawn who cemented their relationship together. She was always so full of life, and there was always a smile on her face. All three had light brown hair. Lukes was long for a guy, and hung over his eyes half the time, and Kimmys' was cut short for a girl, ending an inch above her shoulder. Dawns' was long, and she use to always wear it in a braid, so now it was naturally wavy. She loved her long hair.

Adam moved slightly and then relaxed as the movie began. Luke and Kimmy had come down at ten to tell them they were going to bed. An hour later the movie was over and they were surprised that Dawn hadn't come down yet. Sara walked up to her youngest room, and tappped lightly on her door. No answer. Sara opened the door, and was met by a dark room. She flinched,
as he past invaded, but she pushed it aside, and turned on the light. Dawn was asleep in bed, with her Chemistry book open and a bunch of papers spread out around her. Sara smiled warmly, and removed the pages and the textbook, putting them on her desk. She kissed her forehead and headed back out in the hallway, turning the light off, but leaving the door open slightly.


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