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Dawn stood at the door, with a blanket wrapped around her. She was waiting for her parents. Her Aunts and Uncle have all tried to get her to come in and get some sleep, as the sun began to fall behind the trees. Dawn shook her head and stayed where she was. She waited an hour before she heard horses approaching. Dawn stood up from where she was leaning against the wall,
and watched as five horses appeared. She watched her mother and father look at her, and dismount quickly. Her mom ran to her and she met her at the bottom of the stairs. Her mom hugged her, so tight she could barely breathe, but she didn't care. Her father came over and wrapped his arms around both of them.

Sara stroked her hair. "I'm glad you are home, and safe." Sara told her.

Dawn looked at her. "They cut my hair." Dawn told her, starting to cry for the first time since she could remember, since this all happened.

Her mom hugged her tighter. "I'm sorry sweetheart." Sara told her youngest daughter.

"Where are Luke and Kimmy?" Dawn asked, wanting to the ask the question since she got here.

"They're staying with Ellen." Sara told her.

"I want to go home." Dawn told them, wiping her eyes on a corner of the blanket.

Adam looked over at Dave. "We'll leave first thing in the morning." He told her. "Lets go inside." Adam told them, as he lead his daughter and wife to the house.

Sara sat down on the couch with Dawn beside her. Dawn stretched out of the couch, with her head on her mothers lap. Adam sat on the coffee table looking down at Dawn. "You want to talk about it?" Sara asked quietly.

"Not much to talk about." Dawn told her, as her uncle came into the room. She sat up and took a thin pile of papers off the coffee table and gave it to her uncle. They were sketches of the men who took her. He took them, looked them over and nodded sadly at her.


The plane landed in O'Hare at ten. They all had gotten up early. Dawn walked down the steps after her uncle told them that it was okay to do so. Kimmy and Luke were waiting outside. Dawn ran over she and Kimmy hugged, Luke wrapped his arms around both of us. Kimmy was crying.

"Glad to see you two." Dawn told them, putting one arm around Luke, as Kimmy did the same.

Their parents and Aunts and Uncle stood behind them, with smiles on their faces as they watched the exchange. Until finally Dad broke it up. "Come on guys, Dawn has an appointment with a doctor. So lets get to the hospital." Dad told them. Dawn grumbled. Kimmy and Luke laughed, as she walked inbetween them. They both had an arm around her.

Aunt Kates' brother-in-law Tom stood at the Nurses' station waiting for them. He smiled and gave Dawn a hug before he hurried her off in a wheel chair with one of the nurses. He and the parents talked for a few minutes as Kimmy and Luke sat down on one of the couchs in the waiting room.

They were allowed in Dawns' hospital room an hour later. She was hooked up to an IV along with a heart monitor. Uncle Tom was there telling her not to pick at the IV needle in her arm. Dawn pouted slightly. "How long till I'm out of here?" She asked him.

"A couple of days kid, and hopefully about five pounds heavier." Uncle Tom teased her,

"Does that mean I'm allowed sugar?" Dawn asked. "Cause I could go for a chocolate milk shake." She told them as the rest of her family entered the room.

"Not quite." Uncle Tom told her. "For now it's IV's and what the nurse gives you."

Dawn grumbled. "I should have stayed lost."

"NO!" Kimmy and Luke said at the same time, the others laughed.

Dawn stretched out on the bed and soon fell asleep. Kimmy and Luke sat on either side, holding her hands, they soon fell asleep with their heads laying one their arms on the bed. Both still holding Dawns' hands.


She woke up to a steady beaping sound. She wanted it to stop. She opened one eye and found the culprit for the noise. It was the heart moniter to her left. She hissed at it, as she opened her other eye and looked around the small room. Her brother and sister were both asleep, each holding on to one of her hands. She decided that she wouldn't wake them up. Her mom was wrapped up in a blanket sleeping in an overstuffed chair in the corner. She realized that her dad wasn't in the room. She found that oddly strange, she shook the thought off and looked down at her arms. An IV line ran down her right arm, and into the needle that was stuck in where her arm would bend. She noticed her wrists were newly bandaged. A nurse came in and smiled at her, as she switched bags on the pole above her head.

"Do you want a doctor?" She asked. Dawn shook her head slightly. The nurse nodded and smiled reassuringly. "Well if you need anything press the page button." She told her quietly. She took the page button and placed it near her hand that Luke was holding. She then quietly left the room.

Dawn was left to stare at the ceiling and she was tempted to wake up her brother and sister just for something to do. Her dad and Uncle Dave came into the room. Her dad smiled at her, coming over and kissing her forehead. "Evening baby." He whispered.

"Hey kid." Uncle Dave greeted her, kissing her cheek. "Brought you something." He said,
placing a brown teddy bear at the foot of her bed.

She grinned. "Thanks." She whispered. "Do you think you could free my hands?" She asked them sheepishly.

They looked at her and then laughed quietly. Then slowly and gently removed her hands,
from Kimmy and Luke. "Thanks." She told them, She laid her right hand down beside Kimmys' head, since she couldn't bend her arm. She then gingerly placed her left hand across her midsection. "Goodnight." She whispered to them, before falling asleep again.

She woke again with a start. Luke and Kimmy weren't in the room anymore. Light was shining through the small slit in the curtain. Her mom leaned towards the bed startled. "Honey?"
She asked. "What's wrong?"

Dawn didn't realized she was sitting up until her wrists protested in pain at holding her up. She ignored them. "Where are Kimmy and Luke?" She asked nearly panicking. Her heart rate,
was out of whack.

"Shhh... Dawn it's okay they'll be back in a few minutes. Dad took them home to shower and change." Mom said, trying to calm her down. It wasn't working.

"I....I" She stated, letting her mom push her back down on the bed. She was still panicking, but she couldn't figure out why. A nurse came in and looked at her heart monitor, before pushing a button above the light switch.

Soon two other nurses and Uncle Tom was in the room. One of them was getting mom to move aside. "No." Dawn stated, panicking even more. "Let mom stay." She pleaded as one of the nurses,
handed her uncle something. She looked at the needle and flinched away from him. "No...Please." She pleaded, but her Uncle injected it into her arm anyway.

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