The Muggle with White Hair

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Chapter 1: WALLS



Sta-"Are you lost child?" Hitsugaya Toushirou twitched. He lifted his pale emerald eyes to the foolish mortal who dared to address him by such an inferior name and surely deserved to toast their heels in hell.

Psychological problems, the glasses-wearing Quincy would say.

Shut up, Hitsugaya would reply.

While having this imaginary battle of words with someone who only existed in his mind, the granny who started all this inner turmoil quickly left. Maybe she thought he was mute.

After he banished his foe from the pits of his mind, Hitsugaya resumed staring. He probably looked like some freak since he was staring at a red brick wall.

A thick red brick wall.

An aggravating thick red brick wall.

An aggravating thick red brick wall that supposedly held the entrance to a non-existent train platform.

He started pacing back and forth, ignoring the glances passerbys gave him. This just wasn't his day. Not to mention that he didn't even receive a brief. Now he was having problems with some inanimate object. How he wished that he was back in his office instead of being in some foreign country while Matsumoto was most definitely trashing the place. Speaking of Matsumoto, he hoped half-heartedly if she was doing the large stack of paperwork he had left behind. By the time he came back his whole desk would've been swallowed by documents.

Better start thinking of ways to reel in and discipline his fuku-taichou.

Hitsugaya glanced at his ticket for the train 9 and three quarters. Feeling frustrated he sat on his large leather trunk. The weight caused it to promptly burst open, scattering its contents and its owner on the floor. Red-faced, Hitsugaya grabbed his most embarrassing undergarments first before coming face to face with a huge stuffed animal. It looked like a cross between Santa Claus and a platypus.

It held a sign:


-Jyuushirou Ukitake, Captain of the 13th division!

For the hundredth and fifty third time in three hours, Hitsugaya felt his vein pulse ominously. Curse that stupid, ignorant, shame to his gender, old, sick, bas!! The next time he saw that man he will rip off his fingernails! He grabbed the doll and it immediatly burst into song.

Correction, he will just run that idiot through.

Finally he shoved everything back into his trunk, clasping it securely. The next chance he would get will be to procure some masking tape and hot glue.

Hitsugaya sat next (rather than on this time) to his luggage. His gigai body was becoming uncomfortable. Not to mention something pointy was puncturing his buttock. Investigation revealed a long twelve inched piece of wood. It was supposed to be a weapon and an object to help him blend in. How on Soul Society was this fragile stick going to protect him from the Espada? Suddenly Hitsugaya had a mental vision of jabbing the wood in Aizen's tender regions. He chuckled darkly.

His vengeful thoughts were interruppted by a skinny black haired boy who knocked into his trunk, skidding sideways. The boy adjusted his glasses and quickly murmured an apoloygy before being dragged away by a plump red-haired woman. Hitsugaya followed the trio (they were joined by an elderly grandma) with his eyes, half-lidded with disinterest.They were heading for the wall that had so distracted Hitsugaya. Before he could shout a warning (they were heading straight for it!) the strange family vanished into the dark bricks.

And thus, Hitsugaya began his staring again.

A porter with a limp shoved past him, threw a suspicious look, and entered the wall with a cartload of trunks.

So that was how you entered the stupid platform! Hitsugaya grabbed his heavy trunk and stood uncertainly in front of the wall. A picture of a mutilated body replaced the Aizen one. On second thought...

This time a tall, similarly red-haired boy, a portly (also red-headed) man, and a curly brunette stepped in as Hitsugaya hastily moved out of the way. Quickly, before he calculated the sum of payment to the Bureau of Technology for a crushed gigai, he walked in after them.

Realizing that his gigai wasn't smashed into bits, Hitsugaya adjusted to his surroundings. There were a lot of...young people whom were all headed for the scarlet train.

Platform 9 and 3/4 said the sign.

The first leg of his mission. Done.


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