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Passionate Melodies
Chapter 1: Streaming Melody
By Lija-chan

It's a very pleasant and normal day today. Birds singing happily outside, the school halls bustling of its students; girls holding their bento; boys were hurrying to the cafeteria.

While...a very familiar purple-head stretched her arms to the air. "Ah…it's such a pleasant day today…three periods after this break, then another break then one more period and that's it, ne Yanagi?" Fuuko smiled at the girl beside her.

Yanagi looked back at her and smiled back, "indeed. Also, I'm getting excited about the cultural festival…I bet Mikagami-senpai will play another nice piece in front of many people." She giggled excitedly.

"Heh, I'm surprised he agreed to last year, about him playing the violin in front of a gym-full of people. The girls, even the moms were all looking at him with their irises shaped in hearts." She laughed. Yanagi giggled once more.
"Heh, I couldn't believe he plays violin. I was shocked when I found out he was going to play." She paused, "I remembered the first time he said he was going to practice, when we invited him during break time, do you remember that?" she asked.

"Yea, I was as surprise as you are." Yanagi spoke out matter-of-factly. "No, Yanagi, on the contrary…I was NOT surprised…I was shocked…literally." Fuuko's eyebrows furrowed and she sighed, an embarrassed-smile on her lips.

Yanagi giggled again.
"Mou…you don't have to laugh at me that much…" Fuuko scratched the back of her head. "Hehe…c'mon let's go to the cafeteria." Yanagi invited as she held Fuuko's hand and dragged her along. "Whoa—" BAM!!

Fuuko collapsed, falling down on the floor. "Ouch!" she complained. She opened her eyes and searched for the person who bumped at her. "Was it you?!" she shouted looking at the person beside her, also sitting and painfully rubbing his bottom. "No…it was him, the one with the glasses." He pointed at the other one lying on the floor.

Fuuko groaned looking at the person on lying on the floor, "What were you doing?" she slowly stood up. Trying to dust her clothes off of dirt, she immediately halted. Wait a minute…why is it wet? She mentally asked herself.

"Fuuko-chan…your uniform…" she turned to face Yanagi. "What about my uniform?" she asked dumbly. Yanagi pointed at it. "It has chocolate milk all over it…" she confessed. She slowly—with widen eyes—looked down at her clothes, "EEH?!" she exclaimed.

"I-I'm sorry Ki-kirisawa-san!!" the young man from the same year standing beside her apologized. "I was just walking when suddenly…(1)Ahou-senpai bumped us out of nowhere…" he closed his eyes and bowed many times in front of Fuuko.

Fuuko rolled her eyes and dully waved her hand at him. "Nah…it's not your fault…I know exactly who's at fault in this incident." She cracked her fists audibly. "Ah! Fu-fuuko-chan! No!" Yanagi protested as she immediately ran towards and stopped her from getting any closed to the man lying on the floor. "Let me at him, Yanagi!" Fuuko shouted. "Let me!"

"Ugh…" the young man who was lying on the floor slowly sat up.

"…" All the people around them glanced at him.

"Eh?" he turned his head looking around. "Whe-where am I?" he asked. "Well…you're still at school…but if you don't run away now…you'll be in hell soon…" Fuuko's voice was dripping of a murderous intent.

The bespectacled young man widened his eyes as he set eyes on the voice's owner. "Ah! Kirisawa-kun!" he shouted out. "You're the one I've been looking for!" he pointed his index finger at her.

"Huh? Don't say bull at me after bumping to me!" she shouted at him. The eye-glassed young man immediately stood up and held her hands in his own. "Please! You have to come with me! — Oh and I'm sorry about bumping in to you — We have a predicament in our hands and we require your immediate help!" he pleaded.

Fuuko slapped his hands away. "Shut the hell up! Look what you did to my uniform! This stain! LOOK! What am I going to do? Walk along in school wearing this?!" she looked down at her clothes, a vein visible on her temple. She gritted her teeth as she looked back at her upperclassman standing in front of her.

"I-I'll take care of it! I'll have you some change of clothes!" he immediately replied. "Eh?" Fuuko blinked backing away a few steps. "H-how?" she asked incredulously, blinking her eyes at him. "Well, I'm part of the Council, so I can probably ask someone for clothes easily." He said matter-of-factly.

She stared at the young man in front of her with an unconvinced look. "Well…I don't know…" she shifted her eyes.

"Fu-fuuko-chan…" Fuuko immediately glanced at the owner of the voice.

"Oh! Yanagi-chan…I completely forgot about you. I mean…shouldn't you be in the cafeteria by now, and eating away?" she asked.

"Nah, I can't do that. After all, you're having trouble here. I should at least be by your side when these moments come." She smiled sweetly. "Aww Yanagi-chan! You're so cute!" she was feeling too happy that she was readying a hug at her, when realization suddenly hit her. "Oh…" she stopped half-way. "I forgot…I have chocolate all over me…" she shuddered. "Ah…Fuuko-chan…" Yanagi smiled hesitantly with a sweatdrop on the side of her head.

Yanagi looked at the bespectacled upperclassman, "By the way, (2)inchou-san…why were you looking for Fuuko-chan?" she asked politely.

Fuuko glared at him, "he wasn't looking for me, he was looking for trouble…aren't you, huh?" Fuuko cracked her knuckles again.

The young man waved his hands in front of her frantically, "no! No! Of course not!" he furrowed his eyebrows, "I told you didn't I?! I was looking for you because we need your help!" he stated.

"We?" both Yanagi and Fuuko asked in unison; and the young man before them replied with a nod. "Myself and the council responsible for the Music section of the Cultural Festival." He stated out.

"The-the…" Fuuko gulped, "…music section?" she continued. "…of the Cultural Festival?" added Yanagi.

"Yes." He nodded and pushed the bridge of his spectacles; a bright flashed of glimmer on the side of his glasses.

"I…ah…" Fuuko gulped the second time. No…not music…music related is BAD NEWS. She thought painfully, remembering past events consisting of: torture, music, piano and no food. It gave her the heebie-jeebies just recalling them unconsciously and she felt a sudden bolt run down her spine. It's frightening.

"Um…I just remembered…something I have to do." She lied. "Inchou, just give Yanagi the clothes and I'll wear it later…" she continued. "Huh? Sure, Kirisawa-kun…but…" he was about to start saying something.

Fuuko immediately whispered to Yanagi's ear. "Going. R.T. Sky. High." It was like a code.

Going? R.T? Sky? High? Yanagi repeated in her head. "What?" she murmured out; but no reply was found…but that's not all. No Fuuko in sight either. "Fuuko-chan?" she looked around. "Now where did she go?" she asked herself scratching her head.

"Wha-what did Kirisawa-kun tell you, Sakoshita-kun?" he asked immediately. "She said something about Sky, high, going and…what's R.T?" she asked herself. Was it some kind of code…Fuuko-chan? She mentally questioned. What could you mean by them?


He sighed. Why is it that he can't find a proper place to practice? He knows it would be good to practice at home…but, during breaks at school…he just can't seem to concentrate on eating without thinking of his violin. It bothered him to no end. After all…after not playing it for…how long was it? Ten years? He was giving it his best shot to completely get better at it now. It bothered him that the fault of not playing it was because of his stubbornness not to play it.

"Che!" he muttered helplessly getting away from the bustling sound-proof music room. Can't I play alone by myself? How would I be able to listen to myself play if they're all playing at the same time? He mentally asked, totally ticked off at the moment. He walked away and went up to the stairs.

"Stupid primates…" he immediately spoke out as soon as he opened the door of the rooftop.

Looking around if there were anyone, and fortunately finding no one, he closed the door slowly. He sighed before walking on the center area of the rooftop. "No more noisy people to annoy me." He spoke indifferently.

He held his violin on his left hand and placed his chin on the chinrest. Closing his eyes slowly, his right arm moved upwards moving the bow along with it; the violin resonated of rhythmic tunes as he moved his arm as if he was being a puppet to the wind moving around him. His long silvery mane waving around as well, as if in rhythm to the violin's sound and to the wind's playful breeze.

The way he played was too extreme; the piece was not simple. It was very frightening that you feel your heart skipping a beat as the whole opus continued to play up to the quickening parts. It quickened even more that his brows furrowed as his upper body moved on its own as he continued on.

"A-achoooo!" he was cut off from his concentrated playing, but still continued on. He was already getting to the dangerous parts and this wasn't the time to get bothered by a simple sound.

And so…he continued on; his brows furrowed once more as he concentrated on the piece his practicing on. More…more…continue…concentrate… he mentally sang. The rhythm quickened once again and he was succumbed into finishing it until the very end.

"Mi-chan?" a voice reverberated behind him; the sound of the violin ruined. It was cut off. He was about to finish…but then…someone's very familiar voice just had to pop out of nowhere.

He immediately looked behind him. Finding…no one there at all; but he was so sure he heard her call him by that God-forsaken nickname. It was nerve-racking. Why her of all people?

"Kirisawa?" he called out, still trying to find her.

"Over here, smartass." She spoke out.

He looked up and found her…glowering at him…her skirt happily flapping along with the wind. He walked closer; having a very nice view of her undies in front of his eyes.

"Nice underwear. Where'd you buy them?" he smirked, forgetting to get mad at her for ruining his practice.

She blushed, "PERVERT! Stop looking!" she shouted, trying her best to hide them. "No used hiding them when I've already seen them." His eyebrow rose higher than the other. "Plus, there's also no use hiding coz I've seen you in less." He snorted and smiled.

Fuuko widened her eyes. "I can't believe you!" she was about to step her left foot forward, but unfortunately…she forwarded too much and end up stepping on air.

"Kirisawa!" Tokiya shouted out as he tried catching her with his free hand.


- TBC -

(1) Ahou -
Ahou is the name of their upperclassman...and also, by stressing that rather might also think that he's meaning to say another kind of meaning. Coz ahou also means, fool or idiot. XD
(2) Inchou - this one means president. And Ahou-senpai is their Student Council President. xp So you prolly get what I mean now. :3

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