TheladyWolf: Hello all, this is my first story, so don't be too harsh. .

Warnings: this is a man/man love type of story, with I guess what you can call incest, though the main characters aren't related by blood. Don't like don't read, because I don't want to hear you complaining about your poor blinded eyes. -.- you know who you people are. –Nods-

Story: Sasuke is a powerful business man, along side his brother Itachi, but he not happy, till one night a baby is left on his door step, that baby becomes his world, and watch what happens through it all as Sasuke tries to make sure that the only person he loves is Sasuke.

Pairings: Sasuke/Naruto, Itachi / Kisame, Iruka/Kakashi and who know what else I might add in the parings. O.o I am open to suggestions.

Disclaimer: No I don't own any of these people from Naruto, because if I did, I would be controlling you people with my Naruto yaoi . XP




Only you.

Chapter 1. Free baskets.

Sasuke sat in his living room, sipping his tea, reading over documents for a meeting that was to be in the morning. He sighed, he was bored out of his mind, everyday seemed to be that same thing to him now a days. Wake up, get dressed, eat, go to work, and then come home.

With his family being powerful, where was the challenge anymore? There was nothing that rivaled there company.

Knock knock

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, 'who could it be at this time of night?' he thought to himself as he went to answer the door, he liked his privacy and made it known that he hated for others to disturb him in his house, he contemplated this as he went to go see which fool would dare bother him. He opened the door and saw…nothing. He was just about to close the door when he heard a whimpering below him, looking down he saw a basket on his steps, in curiosity he reached down and opened the basket, wondering if someone had abandoned a kitten or puppy. He opened the basket, and then promptly shut it.

Taking a deep breath he opened it again, sure that his eyes were playing tricks with him, he lifted the lid and looked inside, and sure enough, that bundle of blankets did not morph into a kitten or puppy.

He looked at the bright splotch of blonde hair on the baby's head, and those beautiful blue eyes that gazed at him in curiosity. As the baby whimpered and shivered Sasuke realized how cold it was outside and picked up the basket and the bag beside it and carried it inside.

He placed the basket on the couch and put the bag down, looking at the baby inside, who gazed back at him with the same fascination as well.

"Wonder why they left you here" Sasuke said, and the baby cooed, as if agreeing with him. Sasuke bit back a smile as he heard the baby, the baby was cute, as far as baby go, but this one was going to be beautiful when it grew up, he could tell.

Suddenly the baby kicked its feet, ruffling the blanket and out flew a letter that was hidden in the folds. Sasuke picked it up and opened it; the letter was short and simple:

Dear Mr. Uchiha

I can no longer take care of my baby, and rather then see Naruto suffer; I am hoping that you can give him the life that I am sadly unable to give my baby. All of Naruto's things are in the bag, and some books and what to do are also in there. Please take good care of Naruto.

Love his mother

Sasuke read the letter over again then looked at the baby, Naruto, so that's what it's name was, he still didn't know the sex of the baby, but that could wait till later when he had to change it's diaper.

Naruto whimpered, seeming to suck on nothing, Sasuke looked in the basket and saw a pacifier and stuck it in his mouth, it seemed to work, at least for the first minute, then Naruto promptly spit it back out, his whimpering slowly turning into cries.

'He must be hungry' Sasuke thought as he opened the bag, pulling out a bottle and the powder. He read the back and went to the kitchen as he prepared the bottle, he saw a note stuck to the mix, saying to be sure to test the heat of the water so as not to burn Naruto's mouth with the milk.

He walked back into the room, bottle in hand and stuck it in Naruto's mouth, watching as the baby seemed to consume it in a matter of minutes. Sasuke patted himself on the back, proud that he was able to all of this without any trouble; of course Uchiha's we known for being able to do any thing, of course.

But after a minute Naruto seemed fussy, so Sasuke tried to figure out what was wrong, he sniffed, no not that, at least not yet. He had just fed him, so what could it be?

Naruto was starting to cry now, so Sasuke decide that Naruto just needed to be held, cause babies where just strange like that. So he awkwardly picked him up, trying not to drop him as he squirmed in his arms. Sasuke was amazed at how fragile that baby was, he was so defenseless, he set the baby on his shoulder and patted his back, trying to reassure him that everything was ok, "it's ok Naruto, don't cry"

It was then the Sasuke learned two important things about babies, especially Naruto.

One, don't ever pat their backs after they eat with out a towel.

He shuddered as he felt the white substance go down his shirt, feeling the warm throw up.

Second, Naruto had a hell of a burp for a baby, he had to admit, it was impressing. he knew adults who couldn't top what just came out of this baby.

After getting over the fact that his shirt would never be the same, Sasuke held the baby against him, studying his face now that the child was much closer. He saw that upon closer inspection that on the baby's cheeks there were three distinct scars on each side, but apart from that the skin seemed flawless with its tan color.

Naruto yawned, resting his head upon Sasuke's shoulder and closing his eyes, content to be there. Sasuke couldn't help it, he smiled, though he might deny such a thing crossing his lips in the presence of others, he was an Uchiha for Pete's sake, they smirked, not smiled.

But Sasuke realized something as he stood there, holding the baby in his arms. He felt more alive in this one hour, then he had felt in months, hell maybe even years.


While waiting for his young charge to wake up from his sleep Sasuke decide to have a look thru the bag. He found bottles, baby's food, diapers and all types of outfits. But he still couldn't figure out if Naruto was a boy or girl, seeing as the bag had both dresses and male clothing also a cute little orange fox plushy.

He also found out Naruto's last name, it was on a blanket in the bag sown on the bottom.

"Naruto Uzumaki" he said out loud. He picked Naruto up and walked up stairs, he still wasn't sure how to carry him, but he had to learn some how. He smiled down at the baby, feeling warmth inside of him, who knew he could feel like this? And all due to a baby.

He laid Naruto down on the bed, making sure that the baby wouldn't fall of the bed, then lay down next to him. He felt a possiveness over the child already, even though he had only had him in his posseion for a few hours.

He reached over and stroked Naruto's head, loving the feel of the soft downy hair on his hand. "Your mine now" he whispered as he gazed at the baby till he fell asleep.


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