Hello again, readers of this fic! I bet you thought you had seen the last of this story, but you were wrong (insert evil laughter here). Anyway, I recall hinting that I would write some bonus content for this story in the last chapter, and this story has recently hit twenty thousand hits, so in commemoration I wrote this little bonus epilogue. I hope you all enjoy it. (also: please be watching my profile page in the future, because my daughter/junior has drawn a comic about the adventures of Mikal Wright and little Harry—as soon as she gets it scanned, I'll be putting a link to it up)

Snape stared in disbelief at the space just outside his door where Wright had disappeared.

Then he stared in disbelief at his almost-empty tea cup.

His first thought was, "I thought I didn't spike that tea…"

His second thought was, "Oh dear. Dumbledore and Pomfrey are going to murder me."

His third thought was, "I wonder if Wright would care if I drank his tea, too?"

At that point the gravity of the situation hit him, and he lunged out of his desk and into the hallway. "WRIGHT!" he howled frantically, then took off in a run towards the Room of Requirement, where Dumbledore and Wright had been living. When he got there, a good eight-minute run later, he nearly fell over himself running back and forth the three times necessary to reveal the door.

"Why, my dear boy," Dumbledore started cheerfully—

Snape promptly interrupted him. "Wright's disappeared! Just stepped out of my office and disappeared!"

Dumbledore frowned. "Are you sure he wasn't just pulling a prank on you? You know he enjoys that kind of thing…"

"I'm quite sure I would have noticed a sleight of hand. In case you've forgotten, I tend to have the upper hand while dealing with Wright." Snape said indignantly.

Dumbledore had several thoughts about a series of events that started with an 'M' and ended with a 'alfoy', but decided that for his own safety he shouldn't mention them aloud. "Let's not panic." he said instead. "Maybe he was whisked away by a house elf for an emergency, or perhaps a student was playing a prank."

"The Ravenclaw uprising!" hissed Snape menacingly.

"Er, right. First place I'd check is the infirmary. And even though I'm not in charge anymore, I was headmaster before you so I've got seniority and you've got to do what I say."



And so Snape and Dumbledore made their way to the Infirmary.

When they arrived, they were immediately greeted by Madame Pomfrey. "Well, what is it this time? Broken limb? Snapped spine? Snape's head come off again?"

"That wasn't funny." protested Snape from behind Dumbledore.

"I dunno, I thought it was kind of funny—"

"Boys!" Madame Pomfrey interrupted, probably staving off a good deal of silly old man violence.

"The reason we're here," Snape sniffed after gathering his dignity back up, "is to ask if you've seen Wright. He disappeared."

"He didn't really disappear." scoffed Dumbledore. "Personally, I think he's just playing a trick on Severus."

"Wright is quite capable of being rude, but I don't think he would have played a trick at a time like the one he disappeared in. We were having quite the emotional moment."

"Aww, you were bonding. I'm so proud!"

"Sir, with all due respect, shove off—"

"DID you happen to notice exactly how he disappeared?" Pomfrey said crossly.

"Well, he ran out of my office, and as soon he stepped foot outside my office door he just disappeared." said Snape unhappily.

"And did either of you ever actually talk to him about how he got here in the first place?"

Snape and Dumbledore shared an uncomfortable look and shifted around a bit.

"Well," said Dumbledore uncertainly, "it never really came up. I mean, we were always very busy, you know, doing things."

Snape nodded in agreement.

Pomfrey gave a weary sigh. "That is the exact way he came to be in our world. Of course, you never believed anything else he told you, so I'm not sure why I bothered to even ask."

"That isn't true," Snape protested. "of course we listened to him. He was an invaluable source of information concerning the war. He had been through it once already, after all."

"No, no, I mean really listened. What was the first thing he told you when he arrived here?"

"I think it was something along the lines of 'terribly sorry about breaking your leg', actually—"

"I mean later, when he was in the infirmary because you knocked him out. You asked him what his name was, and he told you the truth and you didn't listen. You accused him of lying, in fact." Pomfrey said with a glare.

"That's ridiculous. He can't have really been Harry Potter." scoffed Snape.

"What's Harry done?" Snape and Dumbledore both jumped as Lily Potter stuck her head out of Pomfrey's office.

"Well, if he's gone like you say he is there's no point in hiding it for his sake. Mikal Wright is really the Harry Potter of an alternate dimension."

The three non-Potter inhabitants of the room immediately braced themselves for a hysterical woman.

"Are you kidding me?" Lily demanded in obvious distress.

"Look, Lily, we're sorry—"

"The poor thing was probably an orphan! I could have been pampering him! Oh, I bet he's never had a mum to tell him off and I missed the opportunity. And I could have had him over for dinner—Poppy, why didn't you tell me about this? I knew he and my Harry got along surprisingly well."

"Er—" Pomfrey said helplessly.

"Oh, don't even start with me. I've got to talk to someone with some sense. I'm off to write a nice long letter to Remus. And you should all be ashamed of yourselves! Helping him keep secrets from his own sub-dimensional mother. Absolutely ridiculous…"

The others breathed sighs of relief as Lily's voice faded down the corridor.

"So Wright was a Potter. It seems I'm destined to like them after all. I bet fate's having a nice loud laugh on my behalf right now." Snape said miserably. "Which reminds me that our Harry's asked me to read over his thesis for his Potions project this year. I'd better hop to it—last thing I need is for Lily to be even angrier at me…"

While all this was going on, the Harry Potter who was sometimes known as Mikal Wright was being given a cross word or two by a grown-up Hermione Weasley. "You said you'd be here twenty minutes ago. The kids are going crazy for Uncle Harry and Ron and I are running late for our date. We get you to watch the kids instead of some teenager to avoid problems like this, you know."

"Honest, Hermione, I tried to make it on time—it's just that I stepped into this inconveniently placed dimensional vortex, and I've spent like six months in another world, and I just go back! You wouldn't believe—"

"Really, mate, if you worked a little later than you meant to at the office, just say it. Save the stories for the kids." laughed Ron Weasley from behind his wife. "Hey, kids! Uncle Harry's got an exciting new story just for you!"

Harry winced at the excited shrieks that issued from inside the doorway at that announcement. He was never going to get them down for bed at this rate…

"Yes, alright. Come in then, Harry. Ron, we've got to go. Just send Prongs down if anything life-threatening happens. Oh, and watch little Arthur, he's gotten into the habit of swallowing things that aren't supposed to be swallowed…"

Harry and his godchildren waved from the living room as Ron dragged his wife into the fireplace and yelled the name of London's new most exciting fancy restaurant.

Once they were gone, Harry turned back to the expectant faces of the Weasley children and gave a resigned sigh.

"Okay, kids, Uncle Harry's got a great new story for you guys. And I'll tell you right now, the moral of it is to never step outside your office door without extreme caution…"