When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

Summary: Rewritten…When Lee goes to the lake he walks in on a girl bathing…a girl who is none other than Gai's niece!! Oh no!! Can Lee overcome his embarrassment and befriend her, or will the promise of love turn to awkward silence forever?

Author Notes: I don't own the title (as usual…) and everyone is seventeen. Enjoy!


There were several places Rock Lee would have rather been that fateful moment. Catching himself on fire maybe, facing ten thousand Shinobi, watching Naruto in an ramen eating contest. Ok. Maybe not that. But with that being the second to worst situation he'd ever be in, this was the first.

And it had started off as such an innocent afternoon, too.

Lee, as usual, was doing his routinely training in the woods. "If I cannot do 700 laps around Kohona, it will be 1,500 sit ups!" Unsurprisingly, the Taijitsu master was going easy on himself. You can't blame him, really. After 2,000 squats, 1,000 kicks, 4,000 jump ropes, and 3,200 push-ups for his warm up routine, he was starting to break a sweat.

Not to mention it was ten million and one degrees outside, and Lee was wearing leg warmers. Orange leg warmers, over dark green spandex in the middle of summer. For a fighting genius, the guy didn't have a lot of sense in the fashion department.

Tenten had begged her teammate a thousand times to change his look...but no.

"If you wore different clothes and got your haircut, girls might actually look at you!"

"No!" Lee argued. "I want a girlfriend who loves me for who I am, not for how I look."

Neji smirked. "That's funny…I heard a fat forty year old man say the same thing about himself just yesterday."

It took Lee a moment to realize he'd just been insulted. Fired up, he shouted, "Wait and see, Neji! You are wrong! The girl of my dreams will come to me!"

But it Lee who was wrong. The girl of his dreams didn't come to him. He came to her…in the worse situation possible.

Lee skidded to a hault on the 700th lap. He'd hoped to get in 1,000 punches (or 600 more laps around Kohona) but the scorching weather was finally getting to him. Perhaps I should rest somewhere, he thought. The sun was blazing in the sky. Even the small patches of shade the trees provided little comfort from the blistering heat.

That's when the idea came to Lee. I'll take a dive in the lake… and do 500 laps! With that, the determined hard worker ran for the lake. Lee was to his training as Kakashi was to his porn.

Enough was never enough.

Lee stopped at the base of the lake. It shimmered in the sunlight, smooth as glass. He was surprised no one else was there but at the same time, relieved. Lee was self-conscious about his body. Even as he peeled away the green spandex, stripping down to his boxers, a tinge of red crept upon his cheeks.

I should probably reduce it down to 350 laps…just in case…

Just then Lee heard a splash. The young Genin jumped, and looked around. Creepy. No one seemed to be there…another splash. This time Lee turn around…

…and saw a naked girl facing him. Facing him.

If Lee's face had been red before then his whole body turned to a tomato.

"I'M SORRY," the poor boy shouted, shutting his eyes tightly, "I DID NOT KNOW YOU WERE HERE!"

He stumbled backward and fell over a twig. The girl was saying something—shouting actually—but Lee could not hear her over the wild racing of his heart. He got up and ran, forgetting about his clothes and his training. Half of Kohona saw Lee sprinting faster than ever in his boxers that day.

That, dear people, is how Rock Lee met the girl of his dreams…