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I sincerely suggest pulling up a copy of Etta James song At Last to play along…well, you'll know when the time comes to play it!

"Hey Big Guy…Goliath…" she finished softly.

"I never understood why you called me that. Once, camaraderie perhaps, but now?" He asked quietly.

Elisa looked down, eyes crinkling in laughter. Looking back up at Goliath, she smiled.

"I guess I was trying to..." she sighed, trying again. "Every time I said your name, it felt somehow so personal-" and when I said your name, I was afraid you would hear something that nobody could miss hearing in my voice, "-so I just called you Big Guy…"

Looking into his dark eyes, she found what she was looking for, something that had been there a long time. She hadn't been ready before, but now…

"Come with me, Elisa." Goliath gently commanded.


"… Please, come with me?" he smiled somewhat hopefully.

Elisa smiled, reaching up toward his shoulders as she stepped forward.

"Okay, lead the way Big Guy" she laughed lightly.

Elisa gazed at the blue swath of night as it swung by overhead, hung with endless piercings of white stars. The air was cold, but seemed electric and exciting. She sighed, fixing her grip tighter about Goliath's neck. She felt whimsical, spinning through the skies, soaking up his warmth.

So much hotter than a human…must come in handy zipping through the night in a loincloth! Elisa thought.

They hadn't really spoken the words, but it was there. The most important thing in her life, but she never talked about it. Yet he knew it all the same

"Here" he interrupted her thoughts. Dropping down and back-winging, they came in for a smooth landing.

"Look" Goliath prompted.

Elisa opened her eyes. When had she closed them? She took in the scenery.

At first, she thought it was just the usual: her apartment. When she stepped down and looked closer, she saw candles, dinner…music played in the background.

"I was here earlier, preparing." Goliath said.

Elisa looked at him, "What, so Angela didn't really need my help?" she asked with feigned exasperation.

"Perhaps…she said she was going to improvise and was charmed to "be a part of the subterfuge" Goliath finished drolly.

The setting of dinner, candles, music…flowers? Huh! Somehow Elisa never imagined they would really be doing this, quite so…traditionally…Okay Maza, you knew Goliath could be a very traditional guy, despite his impressive adaptation to modern times.


"Can I have a moment? It all looks so lovely, I'd like to get out of the work clothes, change into something more-- something better." She looked at him.


She looks wonderful already, but it has been a long day. Perhaps…

"I will wait; I can finish the last of the preparations"

Elisa closed the door behind her.

Whew! Danger! Danger, haha. Or I guess I should say my Spidey-sense is going off!

She hung up her coat and stripped off the work clothes; faded black shirt, dark jeans, socks. Elisa craved something cozy, but proper. She'd been waiting for the excuse to wear the new black sweater…jeans, hee hee, I'm going to crawl out of one pair and into another…She laughed at herself. Same outfit, almost. She pulled on the top. She'd liked it because it looked a little carefree… Ugg! She tossed it back in the closet. Feeling suddenly restless, she grabbed the sexy black tank with one strap, bias cut…Bra will have to go, she lamented. Going to the other end of her closet, she pulled out the danger pants. She'd seen them at the store and had to have them. They were daring, tight, thin, and soft, with many naughty peekaboo holes…This is stupid; it basically says "Do me!" Not that she wasn't tempted to send that message, but really…

Focus girl! Elisa grabbed the merlot cashmere sweater; it was so soft with a wide neck hanging off the shoulder. It was good: romantic, but safe. She slid on a pair of dark brown pants; they were cropped at the calf. Stepping towards the bathroom mirror, she swept her hair back into a quick ponytail and popped in some gold chandelier earrings. A swipe of mascara, peachy-brown lipstick, and gloss. Aha, and shoes…She was in her own apartment, she decided to heck with it and walked out barefoot.

The sound of music flowed at her again. All the lights in the apartment were out, but Elisa enjoyed the rustic glow from several clusters of candles at the table. They filled the air with a soft spicy musk and the radiance of golden light.

"Sorry, Goliath, I didn't mean to take so long." Umm… the smell of dinner and spices caught her.

"It is no imposition, dinner is ready." He'd been facing the stove, his back facing Elisa as she approached. He turned to gaze at her, expression deepening. "You look lovely" He paused.

She is so beautiful, face like an angel. Goliath finished reaching for two wine glasses and headed towards the dining table. Sometimes it amazed him that Elisa could be so fierce one moment, so lovely the next. She was always lovely, but now…

They sat down for dinner, Elisa having long ago acquired a chair substantial enough for Goliath. Other things in here are also substantial enough to hold him now, she thought, glancing to the couch where they sometimes watched movies…She'd almost died of uncharacteristic girlish embarrassment, but had also tried to be sensible and buy another piece of furniture specially reinforced…that had taken some explaining.

Elisa's cheeks flushed.

Goliath's brow knit, nostrils flaring…he schooled his face.

"I had hoped to learn how to prepare something you would like. I have practiced something new with Broadway. Is it to your liking?"

"Yes! It's wonderful" Elisa sliced a few pieces off her steak. "I never really thought of you cooking."

He looked down and smiled to himself. "And all those times we procured our own meals as we traveled the world...?" Goliath asked as he swirled his wine, brow spur arching blithely at her. He looked at her again, continuing.

"Gargoyle males are expected to carry their weight. Females are also protectors and warriors, males likewise must help clean, tend to the young, and prepare foods. We share the responsibilities. I was young once and had many duties. Like the other hatchlings, I had spent a share of my time in the kitchens...for one reason or another…" Goliath mused.

"I know, it's just all this," she gestured at the candles and their meal, "it's different".

"Different." he repeated.

"Unexpected, but appreciated." Elisa stilled, an uncomfortable need in the pit of her stomach.

Goliath looked at her. She always felt like he listened to everything she said. She could see him taking her words and weighing them, examining their meaning. He never intimidated her, not the way criminals and the bad guys were intimidated by him. Nonetheless, she paused, thinking about the intentions behind tonight's dinner.

He nodded, expression smooth, but open.

"I am glad that you appreciate it".

Elisa felt the genuinely pleased warmth in his words and relaxed. She smiled, Big Guy, sometimes I think you enjoy yanking my chain…

"And I have something special for dessert" he said.

Elisa's smile grew as she spied a glimmer of humor in his eyes. Ha! How does he do that with a straight face?

They ate for a short while in companionable silence, here and there making small talk of the events of the day. As their plates emptied, conversation grew. She listened to him discuss the plans for the clan, his thoughts on rooming at Castle Wyvern aka the Eyrie Building these days, and the issues of Angela and the boys. She chipped in her thoughts and centered herself on his ideas.

"This is wonderful, we should do it again" she smiled. Elisa had immensely enjoyed the steak, grilled vegetables and caramelized carrots. Each bite had been savory. The special surprise? Chocolate caramel mousse with fresh raspberries.

Mmm…Elisa sighed. Rich and delicious, but he really had me going there. She scraped the last bit of chocolate off the spoon with her tongue. He had to know what "special dessert" sounded like though. Right?

"Somehow I always thought I would be cooking dinner in this scenario" she raised her brow.

"I wanted to do this. You do so much; it is little enough that I do this for you."

Jazz played soft and unendingly in the background. Lex had taken the time to show Goliath how to use and program the five CD player. The soft beginnings of Etta James' At Last begin to filter through the air. The unmistakable opening notes always touched a spot in her soul.

"Do you know this song?" she asked.

"No, do you like it?"

She stared at him.

"Listen to it, it's really something…"Elisa lifted her hand to him, palm up in invitation.

At last…

He placed his hand in hers, following as she grasped it, standing to move into the recessed floor of the living room.

My love has come along…My lonely days…are over

There were only a few candles about the rest of the apartment. A lone candle on the coffee table cast a flickering glow, illuminating their features in soft gold and purple shadow. Elisa stepped forward leaning into him as she did when preparing for flight. Reaching up to him, she placed her hands along either side of his neck.

"Dance with me" she urged him, asking again with her eyes.


And life is li-ike a song…Oh yeah, yeah…

She closed her eyes, laying her head on his chest. She quietly hummed the tune. Goliath reached down, to embrace her. He sighed as he reached out and stroked her hair, then held her in the second embrace of his wings. They began swaying to the music, slowly.

At last…the skies above are blue. My heart was wrapped up in clover…the night I looked at you.

The song continued to float around them, seeming to say something that neither of them had been able to say aloud.

Moments of his life with Elisa flashed by…he recalled that first stunning night they met, her face drawn in great shock and fear as she tumbled over the castle walls…A moment when they had been caught in magic, being changed from human and gargoyle forms back and forth…when he came to realize that the human detective Elisa Maza was beautiful, and that she had come to mean something more to him…

You smile, you smile…Ohhhhh and then the spell was cast…

Truly, Goliath told himself.

And here we are in heaven, for you are mine…at last.

The last notes played and too soon, it seemed, the song was over.

Remembering the past, he had closed his eyes. I don't remember doing that. He looked down and found Elisa staring at him, still humming parts of the song.

"Elisa?" He shifted to let go.


He paused.

Elisa made no move, only continuing to stare up into his eyes; deep thoughts spinning through her own.

"Goliath…" she continued to whisper something.

"I am sorry Elisa," unable to make out the rest, he leaned over further to listen. "I cannot hear-

She rose onto her toes and kissed him.

Here we are in heaven he thought to himself. The kiss was more than their kisses before. It seemed that where once he had been shocked, and later met warmly, this time he was consumed in flame. She kissed him hungrily, feeding at his mouth. He opened up to her, gliding his tongue over hers in a sensual dance.

He moaned quietly, breath quickening.

"I've always wanted to do this" she said. Elisa began to stroke her hand along the column of his neck, resuming her sweet kisses.

Goliath pulled back.


"Goliath, please, we both know how we feel about each other."

To be continued

I'm a fan and have enjoyed reading other people's fan-fiction for years. I enjoyed this little piece and wanted to share it. It starts out sweet and romantic. Hope you enjoyed it!