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Chapter 1

Indigo eyes stared back at indigo.

Frown met frown.

After a few long minutes, Ken Ichijouji tore his gaze away from the bathroom mirror and stared down at his open hands. Sure these were the same hands that had held up a D-3 along with the rest of the Digidestined during the final battle with Malomyotismon, but not long before that, they had held the whip that enslaved and beat thousands of innocent digimon. Despite their clean, white appearance, they were no longer the pure hands of the boy that used to blow bubbles with his brother on their balcony; they were nothing more than the blood-stained hands of the—

'Digimon Emperor'

Ken jerked his head up, looking around frantically. He could have sworn he'd heard a sinister voice addressing him by his former title. Seeing no one else around besides himself, he concluded that it was just his imagination and turned his head forward again.

Indigo eyes stared back at indigo.

Deep frown met deep frown.

Ken was lost in his thoughts once more when suddenly, there was a knock at the bathroom door. The dark-haired boy nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Ken, honey, is everything all right? You've been in there for almost half an hour. Do you need a laxative?" asked his mother worriedly.

Ken watched as the face in the mirror copied the disgusted look his face had twisted into.

"N-no, thanks, Mama," nervously replied her son. "I'm almost done." He paused for a few seconds to think up an excuse. "Brushing and flossing my teeth extra carefully take a long time, you know."

"Oh, then take all the time you need." Ken could just imagine how bright his mom's face had lit up at this point. Soon after, he could hear her footsteps growing fainter as she left him alone, saying to herself, "My little boy is concerned about his hygiene. I'm so proud! Maybe he'll become a dentist one day, or maybe a doctor…"

Sighing, Ken unlocked the bathroom door, turned off the lights, and headed for his room. No sooner had he opened his bedroom door a crack than a green, caterpillar-like creature jumped onto his leg.

"Ken! What took you so long? I was starting to get worried," cried the rookie-level digimon.

"Wormmon, I wasn't even gone for an hour," Ken said calmly, reaching down to pick up his anxious friend. He then closed the door shut behind him, an old precaution that he didn't bother to stop taking, even after he had told his parents about the partner digimon he kept in his room.

"Yeah, I know, but it seemed like forever!" Wormmon started squirming in the Digidestined of Kindness' arms. Ken couldn't help but smile and hug him tightly. As the boy walked over to his computer and reached for his mouse, the little digimon continued to whine, "And don't forget that you have school tomorrow. You need all the rest you can get."

"Okay, 'Mom,' I'm going to bed right now," Ken muttered, shutting down his computer and putting Wormmon on the bed. After turning off the lights, he climbed up the ladder to his bed and snuggled his partner digimon, who was already half-asleep.

Pulling the covers over the both of them, Ken whispered, "Good night, Wormmon."

"Good night, Ken," he murmured drowsily.

'Good night, Digimon Emperor.'


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