Disclaimer: (G: Don't tell me you're gonna cop out on this one like you did in the preview.) Nah, Digimon's not mine and neither is the Digi-Bloop That concept among many other things that are mentioned here.

A/N: Okay, this is really just a sorry excuse for me to repost this story for anyone that wants to read my sequel, but I also thought it would be kind of fun to see what would happen if the characters didn't say or do what they were supposed to in my story.  So, here are some out-takes from the production of "Reflection." BTW, this is basically going to be in the style of Hikari Takaishi's Digi-Bloop That series, which I found hilarious.  Sorry if this sucks; this was kind of a last minute idea my muses gave me before posting my sequel.  Try to enjoy my pathetic attempts at humor, though.



Chapter 2:

(Ken writing e-mail)

Ken: (typing) Hi guys, sorry I can't join you today in the Digital World. You see, this fanfic writer, Gaia Lao, is forcing me to be a character in her really cheesy, angst story, so I'm stuck here all day and will probably be nauseous by the end of it.  If you guys could come and rescue me that would be much apprec—

Gwen: *snatches D-terminal away* No messages asking for help, Gaia's orders.

Ken: *pouts*

Chapter 3:

(Ken's dream)

Voice: I should sound familiar. You've known me for quite some time.

Ken: Wait, don't tell me…you're the Tooth Faerie, right?

*the sound of a voice actor face-vaulting can be heard*

-Take 2

Ken:  Santa Claus?

Gaia/director: Cut!

-Take 3

Ken: Mama?

Voice: Do I sound like yo mama?

G: *pops head in* Yo mama's so fat that when she sits around the house--

Gaia: *hits G over the head with a mallet before she can finish* Cut.

-Take 4

Ken: You can read my thoughts?

Voice: (mumbling) Yeah, only me and everyone else reading this stupid fic.

Gaia: (ears perking up) What was that?!

Voice: Uh,…er, this stupendous fic, yeah, that's what I said, everyone reading this stupendous fic.

Gaia: Cut anyway.

(scene in which Yolei gives him the mirror)

Ken: Th-thank you, Yolei. You really shouldn't have. *looks down at shoes* I don't deserve this.

Yolei: Nonsense! I got it on sale anyway; it only cost me 500 yen.

Gaia: Cut!

-Take 2

Yolei: It only cost me 1000 yen.

Gaia: Cut!

-Take 3

Yolei: It only cost me 1500 yen.

Gaia: (getting slightly angrier) Cut!

-Take 10

Yolei:  Um, it was only 5000 yen?

Gaia: (much angrier) Cut!

-Take 50

Yolei: Okay, fine, I found it in the store's back room.

Gaia: (now really ticked) Cut, cut, cut!  Yolei, for the last time, cut that out and stick to the script!

(Ken calling after Yolei)

Ken: Yolei!

Yolei: *is in mid-turn*

Ken: (blushing) Your undies are showing.

Yolei: *blushes and hastily pulls up pants*

Master Roshi/Kamesennin: *runs in and smacks Ken upside the head* Fool!  Why'd you have to tell her?

G: *runs in and smacks Ken upside the head* Why were you looking there in the first place?

Gaia: o_O Er…cut…*grabs a megaphone* Will all characters who are not in Digimon please get the heck out of my story!?

-Take 2

Ken: Yolei!

Yolei: *turns around*

Ken: You know, you're pretty cute yourself.  Wanna go for a cappuccino after this shoot is over?

Yolei: (beaming) Why wait?  Let's go now.

Ken and Yolei: *exit arm in arm*

Gaia: Hey, we're not done yet! *runs after them*

Chapter 4

(Wormmon trying to get Ken to go to bed)

Wormmon: Are you sure you'll be all right?  It's getting late, and you could use a good night's rest.

Ken: Aw come on, Wormmon, what could possibly happen?  My dark side suddenly showing up in Yolei's mirror and forcing me to go to the Digital World where I'll ultimately become the Emperor again?

Gaia: Cut!  Ken, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

(Ken noticing something in the mirror)

Ken: *looks up and sees only his reflection*

Gaia: Cut!  What the heck happened to the Emperor's image?  Who's in charge of special effects here?

Davis: *waves from window of special effects booth*

Gaia: Oh lord, no!

-Take 2

Ken: *looks up and sees a big purple dinosaur* AHHHHH!!! No, anything but that! *dives under desk*

Davis: *snickers*

Gaia: Note to self, remember to show Ken a picture of Barney every time I want him to shriek like a girl.

-Take 3

Ken: *looks up and sees a picture of Kari in a bikini*

Gaia: Ken, you pervert!

Ken: (panicking) It wasn't me!

Davis: Whoops! So that's where I put that.

Tai: *runs into the special effects booth and grabs Davis by the collar* Where the heck did you get that?!

Davis: I-I, uh, um…er, T. J. gave it to me! Yeah, that's it!  It's all his fault!

Tai: *runs off to kill T. K.*

Gaia: Davis, why are you even doing the special effects anyway?

Davis: Izzy was supposed to do this stuff, but he got sick, so being the nice guy that I am, I decided to fill in for him.

Gaia: (flatly) Wonderful.

Chapter 6

(Yolei falling through Ken's computer)

Yolei: *falls on top of a half-dressed Ken* Ooo, I think I like this part.

Gaia: Cut!  Sorry Yolei, but we're trying to keep the story PG here.

-Take 2

Yolei: *falls on top of Wormmon*

Gaia: Cut! Wormmon, you're supposed to be asleep in Ken's bed!

Wormmon: (squirming out from under Yolei) But I got thirsty.

-Take 3

Yolei: *falls on top of Master Roshi* Ew! What's this pervert doing here?!

Master Roshi: Enjoying the view?

Yolei: *slaps him and storms off*

Gaia: Okay, who keeps letting that guy in?

G: *whistles innocently and sneaks out of the room*

-Take 4

Yolei: *falls onto the floor*

Ken: What the--? Yolei is that you?

Yolei: *sits up and glances behind her, only to see a completely naked Ken* Oh my--! *turns extremely red*

*A horde of fangirls stampedes in and mobs Ken*

Gaia: Cut! Cut! Cut! Ken, next time dress faster.

-Take 5

Yolei: *glances up to see Ken dressed in a tuxedo*

Ken: This fast enough for you?

Gaia: (mumbling) Everyone's a comedian.

Chapter 7

(Ken's dark side showing him his past)

Ken's dark side: This is merely a shadow of your memories, boy. You can do nothing but watch.

Ken: Really? *goes up and makes faces at Cody who doesn't even flinch* Hah, you're right! I bet they can't hear me either. *walks up to T. K.* (to T. K.'s face) Hey, T. K., you know that fake vomit you found in your hat last week?  Yeah, I put it in there.  That'll teach you to wear that stupid bucket on your head all the time. *next goes over to Kari* You know, you really do look hot in that bikini…

Cody: (whispering to T. K.) So when should we tell him we're only pretending that we can't see or hear him?

T. K.: (slightly ticked but still whispering back) We can't, Gaia's orders.  But then again, why should we?  This is starting to get interesting.

Ken: (to Davis) Man, you've got to hook me up with some of those pictures.  I wonder if you have any of Yolei—

Gaia: *sees Yolei turning a fiery red* Cut!  All right, Ken that's enough out of you. 

(Ken's dark side making him watch the scene over again)

Ken: Not again! Stop this! Why are you replaying these horrible memories?

KDS: *shrugs* Eh, I'm bored.

Gaia: Cut!

-Take 2

KDS: Now, now, Ken. We have to give the fangirls their Ken torture, don't we?

Ken: Yeah, but it doesn't mean I can't complain about it.

Gaia: Cut!

-Take 3

KDS: Now, now, Ken. Didn't your soccer coach ever make you watch videos of other teams' games over and over again so that you could study your enemy?

Ken: No.

KDS: Oh, never mind then.

Gaia: Cut!

(Ken seeing shadow in desert)

Ken: *hears his name and spies…a big purple dinosaur* (shrieking like a girl) NO!!! He's here to get me. *runs off at faster than "Rocket" speed*

Gaia: Wow, I think he just set a new world record.

Gwen: At the hundred meter dash?

Gaia: No, at producing the girliest scream ever.

Gwen: Oh.

(Ken's dark side giving the last word)

KDS: Fear is a powerful weapon, Ken.  You can see how girly it made you sound just now.

Gaia: Cut!

Chapter 8

(Ken turning in his quiz)

Mr. Morita: Quiet! No talking! *turns back to reading…a Playboy magazine*

Gaia: Cut!  Mr. Morita, where did you get that? *sees Master Roshi sneaking out of the room out of the corner of her eye and pulls out a walkie-talkie* Security, there's a dirty old man lurking about the set.  Do you mind kicking him out and making sure he doesn't come back?

G: (on the other end of the walkie-talkie) No sweat.  *hides Master Roshi in a broom closet* Hehehe.

-Take 2

Mr. Morita: But are you sure you don't at least want to check it?

Ken: *shrugs* Why bother?  Gaia's gonna make me get a 100% no matter what I write on it.

Gaia: Cut!  By the way, Ken, what did you write on it? *snatches quiz away* (reading off paper) "This story is torture.  Someone please save me.  The author is completely demented." *turns to Ken* Sorry, buddy boy, but flattery isn't going to get you any less pain in this story.

Chapter 9

(Deciding on team captains)

Ken: (turning to Davis) I'm up for it. How about you, my worthy adversary?

Davis *blinks and then screams and points* AH! It's the Emperor!

Gwen: Wow, I didn't know Davis was that perceptive.

Gaia: He's not. *gestures to tall man wearing sunglasses standing behind Ken* (sighing) Yamaki, what are you doing here?

Yamaki: *smirks like the Digimon Emperor* Just giving you a warning that you have 30 minutes to finish up here.  We've reserved the park to shoot a scene for Digimon Tamers at that time.

Gaia: Yeah, yeah, but could you at least not freak out my characters in the meantime?

Davis: (still pointing) It's really him.  He's got the smirk and shades and everything.

-Take 2

Davis: (thinking) Whoa, now this is weird. Ken hasn't called me that since…last week when he challenged me to a round of rock, paper, scissors.

Gaia: *face-faults* Cut…

(T. K. and Kari following after Yolei)

T. K.: We'd better hurry up before Davis has a fit about us lagging behind.

Kari: (giggling) Right! We wouldn't want to give him any ideas about us.

Tai: *runs in* There you are, Takaishi! Get away from my sister! *starts chasing him*

T. K.: I don't know what this is all about, but I got a feeling it isn't good. *runs off the set with a very angry Tai hot on his heels*

Davis: *jogs up to Kari* Hehe, now it's just the two of us, Kari.

Kari: *starts chasing after Tai* Tai, whatever you do, don't kill him!

Davis: *pouts*

Chapter 10

(Ken using Armadillomon to make a goal)

*ball completely misses Armadillomon*

Gaia: Cut! Ken, I thought you were supposed to be good at this.

Ken: Hey, it's not my fault! H-he moved.  Yeah, that's it!

Armadillomon: Did not!

Ken: Did too!

Armadillomon: Did not!

Ken: Did too!

Armadillomon: Did not! Did not! Did not!

Ken: Did too! times infinity.

Armadillomon: Did not! times infinity plus one!

*they go on like this for five minutes*

Ken: Did too! times…um where did we leave off?

Armadillomon: Beats me.

All but those two: *face-vault*

Gaia: Cut…

-Take 2

*Armadillomon moves (for real)*

Ken: See? What'd I tell ya?

Gaia: Cut.

-Take 3

*ball bounces off Armadillomon and hits Ken in the face*

Gaia: Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

-Take 4

*ball bounces off Armadillomon and hits Davis in the face*

Davis: Ouch, that hurt!

Gaia: Cut!

-Take 5

*ball bounces off Armadillomon and hits T. K. in the face*

T. K.: Ouch, that was painful, that was excruciating! Eh, it wasn't that bad.

Gaia: Cut!

-Take 6

*ball bounces off Armadillomon and hits Barney in the face*

Ken: All right! That had better hurt!

Gaia: Cut!

-Take 7

*ball bounces off Armadillomon and flies up into the sky, never to be seen again*

Gaia: Well that was rather anticlimactic.

Chapter 12

(Yolei talking to the Emperor)

Yolei: Ken has feelings for me?

Emperor: Like, duh.

Gaia: Cut!

-Take 2

Emperor: Humph, no matter. But riddle me this, Batman—

Yolei: Batman?  You're the one dressed up in the suit and cape, and you're calling me Batman?

Gaia: Cut.

(Yolei taking a swing at the Emperor)

Emperor: *takes a step back and lets Yolei fall to the ground*

Gaia: Ken!

Emperor: Hey, I'm not supposed to be Ken remember?  This is part of my character.

Gaia:  Yeah, but we can't let you have all the fun.  So stop trying to be a smarty pants and let her hit you!

-Take 2

Yolei: *misses and falls on top of the Emperor* Ooo, I think I like this part.

Gaia: Cut! Yolei, what did I say about keeping this PG?

-Take 3

Yolei: *slips and crotches the Emperor*

Emperor: (doubled over and shaking on the ground) The…pain…

Gaia: Cut!

Chapter 13

(Ken jumping off cliff)

Ken: *trips and falls flat on his stomach*

Gaia: Cut!

-Take 2

Ken: *jumps but lands on other side of gorge*

Gaia: Cut! Ken, this is not "The Matrix."

-Take 3

Ken: (preparing to jump)

T. K.: *comes running up from behind, apparently not seeing Ken, crashes into him, and falls with Ken into the gorge*

Tai: *runs in* (panting) Has anyone seen that perv, Takaishi?

Yolei: Nope, haven't seen him all day.

Gaia: Ditto.

Tai: Thanks anyway. *exits*

Yolei: (calling down into the gorge) Okay, T. K., coast's clear…T. K.?

Gaia: Uh, Yolei, might want to fetch Aquilamon.  We didn't exactly have time to put in the safety net before we started shooting.

Chapter 14

(Ken tries to unite with the Emperor)

Ken: *lunges at the Emperor*

Emperor: *sidesteps and lets Ken fall to the ground*

Gaia: Ke—er, Emperor!

Emperor: What? This is part of my—

Gaia: Character.  I know, but think of it this way: the sooner you unite with Ken, the sooner you can get the heck out of this story.

Emperor and Ken: (eyes lighting up) I'm all for that!

-Take 2

Ken: Now I know what to do to make sure you don't come back. *catches him in a tight embrace*

Emperor: What? Hug me to death?

Gaia: Cut! What did I say about ending this story?

Emperor: Sorry, it slipped.


(after the story's finished)

*Kari and Yolei walk down the hall and stop in front of a broom closet*

Kari: You know, I wonder what ever happened to that perverted old man.

Yolei: Dunno.  Good riddance I say.

Master Roshi: *pops out of broom closet* Hello, ladies!

Kari and Yolei: *scream*

Tai: *walks in* Hey, you!  Gwen told me that there was a pervert running around who took those pictures instead of T. K.  That must be you! Sic him, Wargreymon!

Wargreymon: *crashes in and starts chasing Master Roshi*

Master Roshi: Wait! It really wasn't me!

G: (standing in the shadows) Aw, you ruined all my fun, Gwen.
Gwen: (standing next to her) Well how else were we supposed to end these stupid out-takes?

G: *shrugs* Dunno.  That's Gaia's job.

Gaia: *walks up from behind* Oh really?  And why do you suppose I hired you two?

G: Comic relief?

Gaia: Besides that.

Gwen: To check your grammar?

Gaia: Besides that too?

Gwen and G: …

Gaia: To give me inspiration! Now inspire me as to how to end this thing.

Gwen: Uh, Gaia.

Gaia: What?

Gwen: I just ended it for you.  All you have to do is say, "The End."

Gaia: Oh, ok. The End.