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His feet were cold.

The ceiling was unfamiliar, lacking childish glow-in-the dark stars. Cornelius Stone rubbed his feet together, feeling new calloused bottoms. Just this afternoon, he and Luis were gaily strolling hand in hand on the beach like one of those Hollywood couples. Luis had been so sickly sweet, whispering nonsense into his ticklish ear. He snapped back snide, often dirty, remarks. Grinning in amusement when his boyfriend's neck blushed a fierce red.

His boyfriend.

Corny never thought he'd get to stay that. He had always thought he'd grow up, get a degree in something. At best, make it big as a genius business man. And die lonely, never to have romantic experience.

He curled onto his left side, the covers beginning to warm. Corny could remember when Janet and he were younger; he would always crawl into bed first and warmed the bed with his cold feet.

As the years went by, he would get kicked out of Janet's bed, leaving warmed sheets for Janet to slip under (he told Janet that he did this out of habit). He'd pull the covers to her chin, tweaked her nose and murmured a "Night," before leaving for his own room.

When the kelpie took away his baby sister his nightly routine changed. Alone he would take his covers and anxiously wait for Janet to shove him away. Obviously, she never came.

The night he first realized he liked Luis, he caught himself (and was caught) looking at the enticing crease in his troubled expression. Wanting to reach out and smooth out the nuisance, wanting to stroke the roundness of Luis's cheek. Light feathers had brushed against torn, yet kissable lips.

Corny sighed dreamily (and then mentally slapped himself, adding a harsh kick to his backside as a bonus). After Roiben had been crowned as King Faerie of both Seelie and Unseelie courts, he was free to touch Luis as he wished. He was often called doting and adoring. But Luis did not seem to mind, often leaning into his touches.

He felt the bed dip behind him and the covers lift to let in another body. Warm arms followed by warm chest scooped his back and tucked him into a cozy, familiar embrace. Corny entwined his feet with Luis's chilly ones. He tilted his face to give a lazy kiss. From this close, his senses were befuddled with a fresh, yet musky smell that was an interesting mix of olive shower soap and Luis. Corny murmured a 'goodnight', and felt a breathy, soft reply against the back of his neck. Feet secured with Luis's, Corny could find himself not cold at all.