Summary: Yachiru is special and only those around her know how much. A four chapter series on those Yachiru has affected. A futurefic.

Ch.1: The girl has raw talent. (Byakuya and Kenpahi)

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"So the 6th squad captain is hanging out by the 11th squad, again, what a surprise."

A slight breeze picked up as Byakuya turned his head to the left. All day long it had been hot and stale. It was well past 4 and people where still hiding in the shade, trying to cool off. Instead of indoors Byakuya and Kenpachi were on top of the roof looking down to the squad 11 courtyard. Yachiru had forced many of subordinates to participate in a game of Simon Says (a game she had learned from Ichigo) pulling her sword behind her.

This was not the first time Byakuya had watch her from afar. Yes she did constantly disturb him, but secretly he enjoyed her company. His favorite moments with her were when she would hug him around the neck and, if he gave her some of her favorite candy, receive a kiss on the cheek. Exactly the way any daughter would do to her father. Today being the first day he had ever been caught watching her, and to be caught by Kenpachi Zaraki was not something he felt like dealing with at the moment.

"I would be worry about some guy always looking at her, but since it's you and I can tell somthin's bothering ya I'm given ya a minute to answer what the fuck ya doin here Kuchiki?"


"Silent treatment eh? You sure are one of those noble shitheads. So ya gonna make me beat it out of ya?'

"Someone with your skill could not possibly touch me"

"That's what you said to Ichigo!"

Byakuya turned to face Kenpachi, who held a wild grin on his face, and pleasure in his eyes.

"He was an exception. Even Kurosaki-taichou defeated you."

"That's why I'm gonna kill him!"

"If he was able to defeat me, what makes you think that you could defeat him?"

"Cause now, I know the name of my zanpakuto!"

"That surely puts you at an advantage"

"You suck at sarcasm Kuchiki. Minute's up now I'm gonna have to kill ya"

They held each other's gaze for what seem like eternity. The air suddenly began to cool down, and Yachiru had finally let her subordinates take a rest.

Finally Byakuya broke the ice.

"I was wondering…why would someone like you take in a child?"

"Heh. So I'm not the fatherly type now? That's alright, you aint the brotherly type either, if ya were then why ya take in that Rukia girl?"

"That is none of your concern."

"Yachiru is neither any of your fucking concern! But I already know your whole sob story, so I'll tell ya something Kuchiki, that girl is special."

"Yachiru? Special?"

"yea. That brat may not look like it, but ya think I take in some kid and not teach them to hold their own? No, to enjoy the battle and win? She has raw talent, that's why she's fukutaichou ."

"She is unusually strong. Yet what had made you take her in the first place?"

"Heh. She wasn't scarred of my sword. The blood of a man that I had just killed, slaughtered him right in front of her, and she wasn't frightened. That girl is tough. Just crawled up to my sword and touch the blood. She was born with talent I taught her to use it!"

Byakuya looked down to the courtyard to see Yachiru jumping on her subordinate's heads. Her grin had lightened up his cold heart, Byakuya force himself not to smile.

"You care about her?"

"She's all I got. Like Rukia is all that you have from your dead wife."

"Would you do anything for her Zaraki-taichou?"

"Fuck yes. I know that the girl is more important to me then anything! Ya should take a page out of my book and let Rukia marry Ichigo! You gonna let them?"

"That is also none of your concern"

"The war with Aizen left lots of people unhappy. A wedding would cheer them up."

"There will be no such wedding"

"Let me tell ya Kuchiki, Ichigo went against the best of the best to save that girl. What makes ya think he's gonna take no for an answer? Let them be happy for awhile. If ya want I'll kill Ichigo before he says 'I do'!"

"Kuchiki-fukutaichou, is a member of my household, I will decide her fate."

"And her taichou just happened to kick your ass, several times."

"As I had said before, he is an exception. Kurosaki –taichou and Kuchiki-fukutaichou will not be married as long as I am head of the Kuchiki house."

"So I guess I'm gonna have to kill ya first?"

"You would not be able to... Why are you so eager to let them wed?"

"Some people need happy endings."

"You are a very different Zaraki-taichou then the one whom I had first met."

Before Kenpachi could respond his pink-haired lieutenant jumped onto Byakuya's shoulder.

"Byakushi! Did you bring me candy?!"

It was now sunset and Yachiru was glowing with the soft pink and purple as her background, and the air had cooled down dramatically. He pulled out a sack of rock candy and handed it to her. Her faces brighten up and for a second Kenpachi saw a spark in Byakuya's eyes. Yachiru filled with joy jumped off his shoulder and onto Kenpachi's.

"Oh thank you Byakushi!! Are you and Ken-chan going to play together today?"

"Nah, we're just talking Yachiru, unless the taichou here wants to play?"

"That would be fun! Byakushi are you gonna let Ichiny marry Rukia?"


"Oh Byakushi don't be a meany to them! Everyone needs a chance at happiness." She gave him a smile with crumbs all over her face. Hearing her words Byakuya actually understood what she meant, and what so many others had told him. He had broken the rules before for happiness, what difference would it make to do it again?

"Oh brakes over!" with that she jumped off Kenpachi's shoulder and landed on Ikkau's head.

"She is different from the other child prodigy, Hitsugaya-taichou."

"The way I raised her, she could kick his ass"

"Hmm…Be certain to not leave Kurosaki-taichou with so many grave injuries, before he says his vows" Byakuya turned and disappeared exactly as the sun had.

Kenpachi grinned to himself; out loud he said "what a sucker".

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