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Epilogue: The most beautiful wedding ever


Ichigo and Rukia's wedding was something to remember.

It had started the night before with Ichigo, Renji, Shuhei, Izuru and Kiego getting drunk at Ichigo's bachelors' party. Kon, Ririn, Cloudo and Nova had played a terrible prank on them that caused them to think that Mayuri was taking pictures of them and was going to use them as his next experiment. Since the boys were all drunk they ended up running around screaming and somehow manage to wake up half naked in the 1st division. When Byakuya heard of this he was prepared to cancel the wedding, throw Ichigo out into the street and send Rukia into an arranged marriage. It wasn't until Yumichika had shown him the bill for the wedding that he decided to not to let the food go to waste.

Rukia's bachelorette party was not that innocent either, Matsumoto reveled a hobby that no one knew a thing about. She had secretly compiled a list of all the gorgeous men (who she thought were gorgeous) walking around Soul Society and recorded them. Include was Kenpachi killing a hollow with his shirt torn off, Hisagi swimming in the lake, and Byakuya changing (Rukia was uncomfortable while the others were upset that Matsumoto had kept this footage to herself.)

The day of the wedding had been nothing but chaos for Yumichika (who named himself the wedding planner) the flowers were not fresh enough, Orihime's heel had broken, Renji had thrown up on Chad the best man. He recruited Hanataro and Nanao Ise to help make sure the bride and groom (and their parties) were on time to the ceremony. When they failed to arrive, Yumichika had no choice but to enlist Ikkaku and Tetsuzemon Iba to entertain the guest by juggling. Finally when Ichigo and Rukia arrived and performed the traditional Japanese ceremony that he felt he could relax. All of the guests agreed that the ceremony was the most beautiful thing they had seen, apart from Isshin's loud sobbing.

Of course the reception was not what everyone had expected. Rukia had wanted a full chappy theme, until Yumichika had persuade her to only having the chappy cake and let him pick out what he wanted. He went with a soft blue that would not clash with Ichigo's hair and brought out Rukia's eyes. The banquet hall was big enough for the 200 wedding guest that were invited (how it got to 200 surprised everyone).

Included on that list were all the division's taichou and fuku-taichou, as well as all of the noble houses in Soul Society and friends of the newlyweds. Nell was able to temporally stay in soul society for the wedding as long as Mayuri (who was banned from the wedding) was 300 yards away from her and she was under a shinigami's supervision at all time. Rukia's dress was created by Ishida (as well as the whole wedding party). It was white with a blue layer underneath, her hair pulled back with a white headband (a gift from Byakuya). Ishida even made two matching pale blue dresses for Nell and Yachiru. Nell's had green sash that tied into a bow in the back, while Yachiru's was pink. They had stayed on their best behavior all day, as Byakuya had bribed them with their own mini-wedding cake if they did. Of course after they had their cakes they resorted to their trickery.

By the end of the night, Ichigo and Rukia were prepared to leave only to find out from Byakuya that he would chaperone their honeymoon. Ichigo challenged Byakuya but was half frozen by Toshiro Hitsugaya's Hyourinmaru. Toshiro had seen Renji kissing his date Momo, and thought that Renji was taking advantage of her. It had taken 2 hours to unfreeze both Ichigo and Renji and for Momo to convince Toshiro that she was really dating Renji and not drunk on the expensive sake. Meanwhile Matsumoto, Kenpachi and Kyoraku had gotten insanely drunk. Kyoraku started to sing a song about how much he was in love with Nanao, Ukitake was forced to take him home early. Matsumoto and Kenpachi had left the reception for awhile and when Yachiru had gone to look for them stumbled on them half undressed. She left, choosing to ask Ikkaku what it was they were doing tomorrow.

When all of the guest had left it was 3 in the morning and only Ichigo's and Rukia's closet friends had stayed to watch the two leave onto their honeymoon. Chad, Orihime, Ishida, Tatsuki, Kiego, Mizuiro, and Renji congratulated the two and followed them out to their carriage. Rukia was holding a sleeping Nell and was hesitant to pass her into Renji's arms, afraid that she might wake up calling for her. Yachiru (who should have left with Ikkaku) ran up to Ichigo and gave him strong goodbye hug.

"Yachiru, thanks for everything." Ichigo whispered in her ear and left with his new wife. Yachiru stayed and watch the carriage left and did not move even after everyone had left. There was a full moon and the night was unusually warm. She was lost in her thoughts about the future when suddenly Byakuya walked up to her handing her a small pink box.

"What's this Byakushi?"

"It's a gift…You look very beautiful tonight; I hope the next enjoyable wedding I attend will be yours. Please do not wear that gift until that day."


"Yes Kusajishi-fukutaichou?"

"Thanks for being my friend…" she placed her small hand into his and squeezed gently.

"Oh and Byakushi?"


"Do you got any candy?"

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