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"Pain--without love
Pain--I can't get enough
Pain--I like it rough cuz I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all"

--"Pain," Three Days Grace


Chapter One: The Beginning


Pain. Agonizing, unending, unmerciful, sanity-breaking, soul-splitting pain.

And a burn.

Though that couldn't come close to threatening the goddamn pain.

That was the only thing every fiber of his being--every nerve in his body--could feel. Pain and only pain. It started down at his toes--they were numb, though. He was pretty sure his one ankle was sprained, if not both. His legs were scratched up and his left knee might've been twisted. There was blood staining his ragged shirt and his head throbbed. Not just a headache or migraine throb, but a throb that echoed around his head, like a small hammer beating away at his skull.

The thing that pissed him off more than anything, however--more than the pain, more than the degrading humiliation of being caught in the middle of such a situation--was that he was completely and thoroughly helpless. He couldn't very well move since he was pretty sure he did something to his wrist, and even if he forced his arm to move, the agony of moving his screeching body would most likely kill him. And there was absolutely no way in hell he would willingly allow someone else to help him.

How degrading--and ironic--would it be if he died here and now? He tried to force a chuckle out of his throat, but it came out dry, hollow, scratchy, and muffled. Immediately, he broke into a coughing fit. What a becoming way to die…

His coughs finally gave way, but he had let out all the breath he had in him and suddenly found it incredibly painful and too hard to bring in more. He wheezed several times before plummeting headlong into an eternal dark abyss.


"Hmmm… The thought of a girlfriend ever cross your mind?" the woman slyly asked, tilting her head, giving a flashy smile, and clasping her hands, making her shoulder come together some which ultimately pushed out her breasts more.

Not that she needed to do that to show it off.

The woman was naturally busty.

Giving the smallest hint of a smile--one of more surprise than anything--her "companion" inched back slightly in his seat in embarrassment. "I'm not really sure that's anything I considered…" he replied timidly, his voice obviously showing his nervousness--at least to himself. To everyone else, there was probably close to no different.

"But Ryuga-cha-a-a-a-an…" The long-lock hair wrapped her arms around his left arm, pressing her face against the sleeve of his shirt in a cat-like way, also pressing her shapely body against his own 'accidentally on purpose.' "How can someone like you have never considered something like--?"

"If you would excuse me, Kimi-san, I have a very important engagement that I can't miss." Though he was still slightly surprised at her approach, he knew where this was going and there was just no way he would allow himself to do anything of the sort--he was allowed no attachments.

He deftly slipped his arm out of the grasp of the simply yet undeniably beautiful woman. "I apologize." He turned to go.

"W- Wait!" she called after him, apparently shocked that she was being denied. "Why are you leaving me?" When he stopped and turned his head ever so slightly in a hesitant manner, Kimi puffed out her bottom lip in a pout. "Ryuga-chan… how can you be so mean?"

He blink, a bit taken aback. Mean? Him?

"I know you want something other than work," she continued.

Another blink.

"Didn't the last five minutes mean anything to you?" she asked, smiling coyly, confident in his answer.

Yet another blink. Then a pause. And finally, his answer. "No." It was at that comment that his head turned forward again and he continued out.

Her face contorted in rage. "Yeah, I'll bet! You're probably some sort of man-whore." Almost as an after-thought, she added, under her breath, "You're truly a freak on the inside and out, Ryuga-chan." Her words, though softly spoken, reached the ears of the one they were about.

Unruly ebony hair hid half of the other's face as he reached the door. "The percentage of you being correct is almost a definite one hundred… And my name is not Ryuga."

Then he was gone.


L had known it had been a bad idea form the start to go out. It had been a pure spur of the moment idea he had gotten after analyzing some reports.

Absolutely nothing seemed to add up. It all went in circles and L's brain had actually started to hurt a little from his viscous thinking cycle. Several times he had thought it out--with every little detail and name stitched in his memory--and every time, he came to a dead end or he made a full circle in his theories.

It was absolutely infuriating!

Feeling pent up and in the need for some air, he had left his house only to wander around town for a while, desperate for something to keep his mind entertained for a while until he could clear his thoughts. After he had managed that, he planned on returning home and getting back to work.

He had passed several bars, of course, but as he made his way past one in particular--Sanity's Edge--a woman had seen him and had called out to him. Not wanting to appear rude, he gave her his attention, which had been mistake number one. If there was one thing he learned seven seconds after replying to the woman was this: Never let your guard down when passing bars, especially if poorly dressed prostitutes hung off them, waiting for the first guy to walk by, when they would leap like some sort of wild animal for the kill. He had barely gave her his name--an alias, of course--before she was yanking him inside, seducing him.

It had not been pleasant.

L sighed and looked up at the dark sky. It had to be close to midnight. Maybe later than that even. All he knew is that he couldn't see any stars, and that wasn't due to the pollution--not entirely, anyway. There had been a chance of rain. Not just a chance, but an eighty-five percent chance. Fairly large. And if there was one thing L hated more then anything, it was getting caught in a storm while being several miles away from his--

A raindrop promptly fell down to plop on his nose. Followed by more. And soon, he was being assaulted by the large, cold raindrops. L's lip curled as he glared up at the sky as though it would somehow make the weather change. Must to his disdain, he was approximately a mile and a half away form his house. That was about a twenty-five minute walk… He could run and get there in fifteen… But he didn't have very good stamina and most likely than not, he wouldn't get more then five hundred meters before he'd stop, completely winded.

L sighed again. Mulling the situation over while standing wasn't getting him any closer to his destination. Almost without thinking about it, his feet started moving. He was already drenched to the bone and he supposed that it no longer mattered how long it would take him to get home.

His face became the void mask that it usually was. As he continued to move, so did his brain. But now that his earlier 'problem' had been solved, his thoughts moved onto another topic. And this particular thought had been making him go insane for the last several months--Kira. The monster that was rampaging through Japan killing all the criminals he deemed sinners. The thought repulsed L. How could someone who has never met another kill them without a second thought? How could this god--sarcastic emphasis on the word god--judge people who he didn't know? The only reason why Kira knew they existed at all was because their name and face was on either the Internet or the News.

But what L couldn't understand was how this Kira figure killed them without even touching them. It was impossible. It was against the law of Nature. But somehow this monster did it. Mostly through heart attacks, but… Lately L couldn't help but wonder if maybe he could manipulate the victim before death and kill them in other ways than just a heart attack.

Maybe this person used hypnosis somehow? Maybe he somehow, by knowing the name and face of the person, came into contact with them, hypnotized them, and then caused their heart to fail--?

L shook his head slightly. No. That made absolutely no sense. Maybe he was cracking under all of this…

Another slight shake of his head. No, he was the great and mighty L. There was no way that a case like this would cause him to lose his mind. He was in complete control of this situation, and he was going to find Kira. There was no way this phony god was going to scare him away or manipulate him. He was the one who controlled himself, and he alone. Some 'Kira' figure had no influence on--

And suddenly L, in his right mind of course, veered sharply to the left suddenly, turning down a small, abandoned road. His feet, which were completely under his control of course, continued down the worn pavement. There was a moment of confusion as L wondered how he had managed to have never even seen this road before. His left eyebrow arched as his hands burrowed deeper into his pockets. Had he been spacing so much that he, if only for a second, acted on impulse instead of what he knew? He made a face. Of course he didn't! He had merely assumed that this road, which seemed to cut through the city, would get him home quicker. The fact that it looked incredibly dangerous and gloomy--the perfect place for a gang to jump people--had enticed him and he--

Oh, damn it all! His brows furrowed. Thoughts muddled, he decided to let that thought train gain it's equilibrium before further poking at it lest it topple over and explode.

L continued down the road in silence, his overly large eyes scanning his surroundings for any possible threats. His black, bottomless pupils stopped on an unmoving shape on the ground not too far away. He hesitated a fraction of a second before deciding to investigate. The rain started pounding down harder, bouncing off the ground and pounding into his flesh.

L was about five feet away from the large mass when he stopped abruptly, breath hitching.

That 'unmoving shape' just-so-happened to be a body. L slowly closed the distance between himself and the lump and knelt down for a further examination. Definitely a body of a human, L's heart suddenly started pounding in his chest. Was it another victim of Kira? Had he killed another inno--

No. That couldn't be it. Unless Kira's IQ had suddenly decreased to that of a chimpanzee, it was nearly impossible for this to be a victim. The person had not suffered from a heart attack. The only way that Kira could have killed this person was if he had done it physically, and there was no way that the mighty Kira would stop so low and risk his defeat.

L's eyes scrutinized the mass of flesh before him. It was male, obviously, he could tell--and he hadn't even looked at the person's face. The well-toned, muscle-ridden body made it fairly easy to guess. Injuries included what looked like a sprained ankle, a twisted knee, two sprained if not fractured wrists, maybe even a dislocated shoulder. There was a bloody gash across the guys' stomach and many other scratched on his anatomy.

L was planning on leaving without looking at the face of the victim, to go to the nearest payphone and leave an anonymous call to the police about a person most likely dead on one of the backstreets of Tokyo.

But his large eyes were drawn to the perfect face of the boy like two opposite ends of magnets. And the word 'boy' seemed to suit him better than 'man' or 'guy.' There was an air of perfection around him, even though he had to be about twenty or twenty-one. He seemed to scream the word 'innocent.' So, yes, in L's mind, the word 'boy' was more suitable for him. He had brunet hair that was short yet--L cut off the thought abruptly and left it at 'he had brunet hair.' There was no way he was going to think that another man was--L cut his thoughts off again and glared up at the rain. The stupid rain was messing up his thought process and by the gods--

This was getting him no where. L sighed for what seemed like the umpteenth time thought it had only been the third--but it might as well have been the umpteenth since he never sighed. Even though he locked up criminals everyday, witnessed grown men break down in court after receiving the death penalty, witnessed the death penalty, and watched violent scenes like rape and murder; after L had seen the boy's face… he could no longer drag himself away to give that anonymous call to the police. L shook his head, making a face. He saw close to a hundred percent sure that this boy was dead. There was blood everywhere. Even if he was alive, he wouldn't survive more than five minutes unless he called the police, and yet L found that he just couldn't move.

L wondered just what had occurred. It looked like the poor boy had lost nearly ever pint of blood in his body. A knife stab perhaps? No, the wounds weren't cleanly cut… At least most of them. The large gash across his stomach could've been a knife wound… Maybe he had been thrown and fallen on something? No. He would have seriously broken something and besides some sprained--

L nearly jumped out of his skin when the boy suddenly and violently started shuddering. The boy was alive! L blinked once in mild surprise. How in the seven hells was this possible? The boy had obviously lost at least fifty-five percent of his life blood and it was still draining out.

The boy moaned in obvious agony--L didn't have x-ray vision, but there was a possibility that the boy also had internal injury, which could give more pain than a broken bone depending on what he had hurt.

L sighed. He knew that the only way to save the poor boy was to get him to medical attention. He knew it would be quicker to run to a pay phone and call an ambulance, pretending to be an anonymous person, as was the original plan.

So what possessed him to gently pick up the figure, he wasn't sure. But he did, and with the boy cradled in his arms, L continued on home.


Warmth. That was the first thing he felt. And after the great amount of pain he had felt before, the warmth wasn't necessarily as bad as it should have been. In fact, Light almost wanted to push up against the warmth even more. He even shifted his body slightly; rolling so he was pressed more firmly against--

Hold the phone. The source of the warmth was also pressed up against him and he felt a slightly sticky-with-sweat surface against his flesh. And that surface was warm. The surface was alive. And it just-so-happened-to-be a person. Light's eyes popped open almost immediately after this epiphany. He was greeted by the sight of two widely opened eyes staring right back at him.

He jumped back away from shock. What the hell? Immediately, something that resembled a snarl developed over his face. He then tuned into what his body was telling him, closing his eyes to concentrate. Was he in pain? Hell, yes, though it wasn't as bad as--As bad as what? He couldn't quite remember. He shook his head and went back to his earlier thoughts. Nothing… seemed to be broken. That was good. He seemed to be in one piece even though--

Oh… damn shit ass fucking hell! Hoping it was his imagination and not reality, Light shifted his legs so that they ran over each other. He felt flesh running over flesh. Ah, no, it wasn't his imagination. But he had never thought he would ever be in this position. For, in fact:

1) Light was in nothing but his boxers

2) The person next to him was in nothing but his boxers

3) They were in a bed

4) They were lying smashed against each other

5) The person next to him just-so-happened to be a male

Light tried to convince himself that it was fine--they were both male, so what was the harm in this? Nothing. There was nothing wrong with this--nothing at all. But Light's pride often times had a way of overpowering his reasoning mind and the moment he opened his eyes again, only to be greeted once again by those wide, black eyes, a thoroughly pissed, what-the-fuck expression plastered itself to Light's face

"Who the hell are you?" he growled, eyes narrowing dangerously.


L knew that the boy was likely to be pissed--irate, even--and confused that he was in someone else's bed almost nude. He knew that there might be screaming and yelling and even the accusation of "Pervert! I'm going to call the police and you'll be locked up for rape." Actually, he had even expected to be hit once or twice. He had expected all of this when the boy woke up--if the boy woke up.

What he had not expected as much was for the boy to open the his eyes--eyes of almost an amber shade--and blink at L before allowing them to drift close as he shifted under the blanket. A few seconds passed as he took everything in before his eyes snapped open again only to glare venomously at L. That part was expected. He had counted on the younger man to be pissed, as stated earlier.

"Who the hell are you?"

L blinked slowly. He was waiting for the boy to give further comments--"Where the hell am I?" "How did I get here?" "You pervert!" etc. etc--but found that after the one question, the boy remained quiet, waiting for an answer as he thoroughly scrutinized L.

Now that was not what he expecting. Slowly, he replied, "Ryuuzaki." L waited several seconds as the other's brain furiously worked things out.

"This is most definitely not my room, so just where on this green planet am I?" The new question was said with less ferocity, though not too much to make a big difference.

"You're in my house, in my room," L replied smoothly.

The younger boy's eyes narrowed again as he examined L and L couldn't help but notice they had darkened to a deeper shade of brown--they almost looked like the rich brown of ground cinnamon.

"May I be so bold as to ask you for your name?" L finally said, breaking the silence. The boy looked like he was going to sneer as he sat up, looking down at L with slight disgust.

"Just what makes you think I'm going to trust you with information like that?"

L shrugged, also sitting up, dragging his knees up against his chest. "I understand perfectly what's going through your head. You're wondering if I'm some sort of murderer or rapist, no? I can assure you that if I were either, you would be chained up and most likely dead by this point. I would be sloppy in my work; if I allowed you to wake up and create the chance of you escaping and turning me in I would be sloppy indeed." L brought a thumb up to his teeth. "I know that this will most likely not appease you, but it will make you wonder. And what's the harm in giving me your name? If I was the murderer or rapist you think I may be, wouldn't I already know your name?"

The other didn't miss as beat as L finished. "Unless you're trying to seem innocent to get me comfortable so that it would be easier to dispose of me. Gonna kill me while my back is turned and I least expect it?"

L paused in nibbling his thumb to give the other an amused grin. "You are very intelligent, aren't you?" queried L.

Cinnamon eyes narrowed. "Are you saying it's the truth?"

L shook his head. "No, I am merely pointing out the facts. I have no ill-will for you and hold nothing against you… Besides the fact that you kneed me in the stomach while you slept."

"Care to tell me just why I happen to be in the same bed as you?"

L cocked his head. "I found you."

The younger boy blinked. "What?"

L wrapped his arms around his legs and rested his chin on his kneecaps. "I already told you--I found you. You seemed to require assistance, so I brought you to my home."

There was a pause as the other considered this. "I see…" he finally murmured and shook his head running one of his hands through his brunet locks.

"Now will you assist me with your name?" L inquired.

L could feel those cinnamon eyes scrutinize him again for a second before he looked away. "Raito; Yagami Raito."

"Hm. I see. And what, may I ask, did Yagami-san do to obtain such wounds?" L started nibbling on his thumb again.

Light snorted. "Well, isn't it obvious?"

L paused a second in his actions. "No."

Light gave him a glare before mumbling, looking away.

"I'm sorry, Yagami-san, while I do have quite adept hearing, I can not make out babble."

Light's face colored before he mumbled only a little louder. "Mm-nnmoo."

L gave him a slightly pointed look. "Excuse me? You're still not speaking clearly."

"I said, I… don't know," Light replied, tone starting loud before getting quieter by the syllable.

L cocked his head, thumb floating up to be placed between his teeth. "You don't know? How is that possible? Surely you would remember--?"

"Hell, you think I enjoy this? I would rather not be in this current predicament, thank you very much. I didn't ask for this, I'll remind you!" Light's expression was almost that of a snarl. He apparently was not comfortable admitting he had a weakness, especially one like forgotten memories.

"I don't see how you could have lost something like your memories when you didn't hit your head…" L finally said skeptically.

Light gave him a look that said he was about ready to rip the goddamn thumb out of the detective's goddamn mouth and put it somewhere so that it would give him a lot of goddamn pain. "I'm sure I would know if I remembered something. You think I take some sort of sick pleasure in this?"

L blinked. "I had never thought of it, assuming you were a more innocent boy, but now that you mention it…"

Light's brow ticked. "Dammit! Hell, no! It's called sarcasm, you idiot--"

"I understand that Yagami-san may be angry, but that doesn't mean Yagami-san can say whatever he pleases with no thought as to his words." L's expression was serious and his thumb had fallen from his mouth.

Light blinked at him before mumbling something that wasn't an apology nor another insult, but rather an excuse to his rash behavior.

There was a shift in the bed as L stood up and Light jumped in surprise. "Where are you going?"

The detective didn't even bother to turn around as he continued. "Yagami-san will be hungry after sleeping for nearly two days, no?"


Light blinked twice at the figure's back as he turned and left his sight.

I've been asleep for almost two days he absentmindedly thought to himself, shaking his head in mild disbelief.

If he had been so long wouldn't his muscles be cramped? Wouldn't his stomach be shredding him apart from hunger? Wouldn't he be stiff from lack of motion? Wouldn't his eyes hurt like a little effing-mother from being deprived of light for so long? But most of all, wouldn't he--

His thoughts suddenly broke off as he nearly yelped at the sudden pressure in his bladder. Ah. The answer to his last interrupted thought had made itself known. He had to bite his lip as he rolled off the bed to land on his feet with a thump.

His eyes swam for a while as he gained his equilibrium before he took a hesitant step, acting like with the smallest breeze and he would topple over--which might just be as close to the truth as possible. He could hear a groan from with his tendons and muscles as his body protested his movement. So he was a little stiff… he just hadn't been able to tell from the bed. As well as that, his ankle throbbed slightly under hid weight and his knee seared.

Deciding it would be wise to stretch his muscles as he was weary of his injuries once he had relieved his bladder, Light hurried as fast as was possible to the restroom.


...Three. No, four. Goddamn… I say at least nine.

Brunet brows furrowed as Light desperately fought to remember. After a few seconds, Light shook his head. It was no use… No matter how much he wrestled with his mind, he just couldn't remember a thing about that night. Two nights ago… That was what that Ryuuzaki character had said, right?

Light shook his head again. It didn't matter; what mattered was that he couldn't remember what happened that night and that he was going to make his brain remember whether it liked it or not. He was a genius; it should be a piece of cake for Light to figure out this little mystery. Judging from his wounds, he assumed he had been in some sort of fight. His most logical explanation was that a gang had jumped him randomly for some pocket change, or he had picked a bone with the wrong people--the latter being the most likely since light seemed to have a habit of opening his mouth before he had a chance to pre-think what he was going to say in the heat of a moment. So some gang had jumped him, beaten him, and left him for dead…

That sounded… logical, right? There was no other explanation to it. That had to be it. The only thing now to figure out was why they had picked him--though he pretty much figured it was because of his earlier hypothesis at picking a bone with someone--who it had been, and how many there had been.

This brought his previous thoughts back into his head with a snort. There's no way in Hell there were only three of four. Nine sounds plausible… Light squinted a second as he thought about it. On second thought, there had to have been more like twenty.

Nodding in satisfaction at his own cockiness, Light moved on to the next puzzle. Who had he royally pissed off? Light squinted up at the ceiling, leaning back on the bed as he thought about it. Just how much of that had he remembered? He closed his eyes and let his mind drift.

He had woken up promptly at 7:56 a.m. He had gotten ready for his day, taking a shower, getting dressed, etc. Skipping breakfast, he had turned on his laptop and had spent hours on it, jotting things down in something. Light's squinted eyes narrowed even more as he fought to remember what he had been writing and why he couldn't remember what he had been writing in. After several long infuriating minutes of coming up with nada, he gave an exasperated sigh and let his mind continue through his day. After he had finished whatever he had been doing, he had flicked on his T.V. and watched the news for a while. Time had passed before the phone had rung. Light had answered, not bothering to check the caller I.D. but somehow knowing it would be… And Light's mind came to a blank again.

Who the Hell had called me?

Whoever it had been, he had left his house to meet them… He had no recollection of the rendezvous with them, but he had left late… really late. He had wanted to do something… He wanted to… Blank.

Light's hand flew up to his head to grab a hold of the brunet, messy tresses and he tugged at them with his frustration. Why couldn't he remember anything? He had a feeling that it was after he had… done whatever it is he had wanted to do that he had been hurt… or beaten… or whatever.

He gave a growl of frustration before flopping over backward on the mattress. He slowly breathed in, trying to sooth his rattled nerves before letting it out. He would let his mind relax and come back to the topic later. If he let his mind wander before coming back again to re-examine his memories, maybe he'd be able to remember more…

A sudden knock at the door jerked him from his reverie. He jumped into a sitting position and blinked as the door slowly began to open.

Was it Ryuuzaki coming back?

"Excuse me, good sir," came a gentle, elderly-like voice. An older man stepped in, covered tray balanced delicately on his fingertips. "I've come to give you some food, as was required." The man placed the tray down on a nearby nightstand.

Light blinked at him as he started retreating. As the man opened the door, Light blurted, "Who are you?"

The man stopped, hesitating, before he looked over his shoulder to answer. "You may call me Watari, I suppose," the old man said. He seemed to give away this information reluctantly.

"Who--Why did you…?" Not finishing his question, Light waved in the direction of the tray.

Watari's eyebrows arched as though he had never heard such a stupid thing before in his entire life. "Hmm," he hummed, his tone suggesting he was about to talk to an incompetent toddler. "Master Ryuuzaki told me to prepare you that, obviously. You're wounds are very serious. I'm surprised you lived, to be quite honest."

Light gave a slight nod before hesitating, not sure if he should ask the next question or not. Finally, he decided he wanted to know. "Who brought me here?"

Watari gave him an incredulous look. "Master Ryuuzaki, obviously. If it had been I, I would have been extremely careful and left you there. Though I'm surprised that--" The man let off suddenly, like he didn't want to say what he was thinking but had blurted it before he could stop himself.

There was a pause. When he saw that the old man was not going to finish the thought or enlighten him further on that topic, Light moved to another. "Why?" he asked finally.

Watari gave him a dry look. "When I myself know that answer I will be sure to inform you, Raito Yagami."

Light didn't miss the lack of any endearment--there wasn't even a 'Mr.' attached to the name.

Deciding to take advantage of the new source of information, Light leaned forward and asked another question. "Who exactly tended to me?"

Watari gave him a smoldering look. "I did."

The youth paused as he absorbed this information. That old geezer took care of him? Did the old man even know what he had been doing? "You?" he finally echoed dubiously.

Watari grew indignant. "Is there anything wrong with that information, Yagami?"

Light immediately shook his head mutely.

"Oh, good. For a second I thought that you had gone into shock. Yes, I tended to your wounds, on Master Ryuuzaki's orders. Though at this point, I'm starting to seriously think that Master Ryuuzaki was not in his right mind when he saved you," the man grumbled.

" 'Saved me?' " Light echoed, amused. "Is that what you think took place?" Even in his wounded state, Light the Magnificent was cocky as ever.

Watari was not amused. His expression grew thunderous as he turned to face Light completely. "That is exactly took place, Yagami. If Master Ryuuzaki had left you there, you'd be dead right now. So if you call yourself a man, you should at least thank Master Ryuuzaki. He was considerate enough to take care of you and keep you from dying. I'll have you know that he didn't move once from your side the entire time you were out."

Light did a double take at that, blinking repeatedly. "Wha--? Why?" he uttered, dumfounded.

The old man's patience wore thin. "Because in the state that you were in, it was possible for you to freeze to death with how much blood you had lost. Master Ryuuzaki made sure this did not happen by not only piling on as many blankets as possible, but also making sure you had someone else's body warmth, seeing as that was the best solution. If you don't even have the heart to feel grateful for what he did for you--"

Light interrupted suddenly. "I am grateful, okay? I'm sorry to have interrogated you. Please continue on with your day."

Instead of felling pleased that Light was grateful, he bristled slightly. "The only one I take orders from is Master Ryuuzaki," he said testily before leaving, shutting the door a little louder than necessary, the only physical sign of his irritation.

Light stared at the door for several seconds after Watari's departure before sighing. This place is a little messed up…

It was then that something caught his eye. He wouldn't have even seen it if he hadn't been looking around for something to do. But, alas, to his great fortune, it had indeed been spotted. It was a simple, small camera. It was built into the wall right inside the air vent. The camera, though small as it was, could rotate on its own and looked pretty high-tech, meaning it could zoom in and most likely had sound.

Light couldn't stop the narrowing of his eyes as he stared at it. Did Ryuuzaki really distrust him that much that he had to be monitored at all times? The youth almost snorted at the irony. Here he was, wounded, in a total stranger's house--and this stranger could possibly, though not all too likely,be a murderer or rapist--and he, the victim, is not trusted. Light almost laughed aloud at that. Almost.

Hesitantly, he took the lid off the tray only to find a very delicious looking dinner. There was chicken friend rice, rice balls, rice, all sorts of friend meats, and even some sweets. He hesitated a second as he thought about the chances of the old man poisoning him. It was very likely, he had to admit, but since he had done this under Ryuuzaki's orders, his suspicions shrunk and when his stomach cried out loudly, he completely ignored the thought of poisoning and inhaled the meal; all but the sweets.

Light never much liked sweets.


Light was pacing from one end of the room--limping ever-so-slightly--to the other when L finally decided to make another appearance about an hour after Light had eaten. One bent finger pressed up to his lips, brows knitted together in thought, Light truly looked like he was thoroughly puzzling something out.

L stepped into the room completely, and immediately brought his thumb up to his mouth, "Why is Yagami-san out of bed?" he questioned innocently.

Light's actions immediately stopped as his gaze flicked over to the spindly figure. His brows knitted again as he stared. "It just doesn't make sense," he finally said, ironically not making any sense whatsoever to the detective.

L decided to make that fact known. "What doesn't, Yagami-san?"

Light was almost glaring as he fought internally, amber-ish orbs blazing at the struggle. "I just can't remember what the hell happened to me that I--" he suddenly broke off when he felt woozy. Light's vision blacked for a second as he fell--somehow managing to do so gracefully--to the floor, barely able to take in his breath. His head spun as he came into contact with the ground. He could clearly hear his pulse as his vision slowly returned, the sudden darkness falling away like shedding scales on a reptile.

L was nibbling on his thumb as he slowly made his way over so he could stand in front of the younger boy. "I asked Yagami-san why he was out of bed. It is very unwise to be standing so soon after losing so much blood. Moving around is especially bad for your current health, Yagami-san. I suggest that you return to the bed to rest for the day." L paused as he cocked his head. "There is about a fifty-four percent possibility that Yagami-san will be good enough tomorrow to be up… for a small amount of time, that is."

Light's eyes narrowed as he very slowly stood and gained his equilibrium, breathing deeply and evenly so that his brain was supplied with supple amount of oxygen--he wasn't quite in the mood to meet Mr. Floor again today or in the near future. "I know the consequences of my actions; I'm not an idiot," Light snapped irritably as he slowly walked to the bed. "And what do you mean, a fifty-four percent chance of me getting up tomorrow? Of course I'll--" Light didn't get to finish the sentence. He had not taken another breath once while talking and had suddenly gotten light-headed, collapsing on the bed as not to have a reunion with the carpeted floor.

"Make that thirty-four percent," L corrected.

"Go to Hell," Light muttered softly, just so L could hear it.

"Ah, sorry. I have no current reservations there. While this may distress Yagami-san, I have to admit that I also have no plans on ever making reservations. I heard that once there, it's quite impossible to leave. Perhaps the service is quite incredible…?"

Light lifted his head to give L a look. "Shut the hell up," Light demanded.

"That I could do."

"Then do so," Light grumpily ordered, not all too pleased with his intensifying headache.

"I have no intention of it."

Light wouldn't have minded shucking something at L's head.

"I have a headache," Light complained simply.

"Ah, that I have every intention of fixing." And with that said, L departed without another word or an explanation of any kind.

Light mumbled something before sighing and relaxing against the bed. His face was gently brushing one of the pillows and Light's nose was filled with the smell of it. Not that that was bad, necessarily. The pillow smelled like… Well, like L. Light nearly rolled his eyes behind his closed lids.

No shit, Sherlock.

But all sarcasm cast aside, Light really, really, really liked the way the pillow smelled. The perfect blend of masculinity, sweetness--like sugar, but not an overly sweet sugary smell, since Light didn't like sugar all too much--and a unique scent altogether. Combined, it was quite--

God damn it… Light subconsciously inched closer to the afore-mentioned item that Light now cursed with every fiber of his being. It was a god damn pillow. Light was not to be getting addicted to a damn pillow for pride's sake!

Light blinked. Addicted? He almost snorted. Alright, now you're over-reacting, Raito. I just like the shampoo the damn guy uses. I'll have to ask where he got it.

As Light turned over, he once again inched a little closer to the pillow, nearly shoving his nose into it.

Damn it!

He jumped up and glowered down at the evil mass of molecules, cotton, filling, and fluff that seemed to mock him.

"Hm… Does Yagami-san make a habit of staring at beds?" L's voice suddenly asked.

Light managed to keep from jumping in surprise and slowly turned to face L. "Not usually," he replied. Just your frickin' bed with frickin' annoying fricken' good smelling--

L's head tilted slightly and L took the time to actually examine the detective's face, something Light had for some reason deemed unimportant and had put on his to-do list after waking up half naked next to him. The spindly man was thin, unnaturally so… unhealthily so. There were dark, black scars that marred his flesh right below his eyes--the mark of an insomniac. The man's hair was a quite pathetic excuse, to be honest. Unruly raven locks poked out from every direction, seeming to defy gravity at some points. It almost looked as though he had never in his life. Other than that, he was mostly nondescript.

Except his attire.

Before leaving first thing after Raito had woken, L had shoved on some baggy, plain blue jeans and a loose-fitting white sweater. It was quite… unbecoming in Light's mind. Had L put something a little more flattering on, he just might've looked attractive on normal standards. But that just seemed to define L.

"Would Yagami-san mind explaining why he is once again out of bed? I would have thought that his earlier repercussions would have--"

Light interrupted him with a snort. "Can I do something because I feel like it or must there be a reason behind everything?"

L blinked at him. "Very well then; when you fall because you don't have enough strength or blood going to your brain, please do not blame me."

Light glared at him before turning his gaze back to the bed to glower at the pillows. He sighed before slowly rolling onto the bed, head placed at the foot of the bed as to avoid the pillows. "Happy?" he demanded.

"Very actually," L replied before holding out what he had been holding. Light blinked.

"Oh, thanks," he mumbled in response, reaching over to take the pill and cup of cool liquid from L. He popped the pill and downed it with a swig from his drink. His wrapped arm protested the movement, however, and he winced.

"I have to go now. I'll be back later. And please refrain yourself from moving from that bed. I would really hate to come back to find a dead body on the floor. I wasn't even expecting you to wake up for another day or two."

Light blinked at that. "What? Why?"

The detective gave him a completely blank look. "It looked like you were going to die there for a while. It's a miracle in itself that you lived. Another that you took merely two days to wake up."

And with nothing more to say, and not wanting to have any further chats with the youth, L left with no further word.

Light closed his eyes and relaxed, deciding to momentarily forget the aggravating character. It was only minutes before he was fast asleep.

It was hours later, at about six-thirty p.m., that he woke up with a mental string of curses.

Oh, damn shit ass fuck no!

He woke up with his face buried in L's pillow--despite the fact that he had fallen asleep at the other and of the bed--nose deep in the folds of the silky pillow case.


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