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"Well, I used to stand for something
But forgot what that could be
There's a lot of me inside you maybe you're afraid to see

Well, I used to stand for something
Now I'm on my hands and knees
Traded in my god for this war"

--"Capital G," Nine Inch Nails


Chapter Three: Too Much Perfume


Light nuzzled a little deeper into the fabric of the pillows that Ryuuzaki had tied on the bed, inhaling slightly--a small voice in the back of his head insisting he wasn't smelling them, he was merely breathing whilst simultaneously enjoying the scent. He let out his breath slowly before turning his head to glance at the clock.

Nine-fifty-six AM.

During the three days he had previously been there, he had learned that almost everything was on a schedule--besides most things having to do with Ryuuzaki, but that didn't come as any surprise to Light. Seriously. No surprise at all.

Watari, however, seemed to be a habitual person. At exactly ten o'clock every morning, he came in, changed Light's bandages, gave him his meal, and asked if there was anything he needed. At one-thirty, Watari would return with lunch and cart away the remains of breakfast, offering a kind word of some sort. Dinner was at six sharp and always consisted of an appetizer, entrée, soup, and extra-sweet dessert. Despite the fact that Light always left the sweets untouched and even suggested that Watari stop bringing them, he still found himself staring into some cake with three inches of icing every night.

But even with that, Light found himself growing slightly fond of the older man. Despite their… pleasant first meeting, Light found that Watari was rather interesting. He could even host a semi-interesting conversation.

That was one thing that he always hated. Whenever a normal person tried to talk to him, it was about stupid, boring, trivial things like gossip. Light hated gossip. Even more than sweets.

The door creaked as it opened and the brunet turned to see Watari enter, tray in hands and a roll of bandages tucked under one arm. Once he had reached Light's bedside, he placed the tray on the nightstand and turned to face the boy. Automatically, Light pulled off his shirt, revealing his bandaged torso.

Watari went through the usual morning routine, helping Light remove the old bandages before unrolling the new strip and starting to work on the rewrapping process.

"So, pretty soon you'll be good as new," Watari commented as he continued working. Light didn't answer, his eyes settling on the wall.

True, his injuries were healing up very nicely. His sprained ligaments were as good as they were going to get and his other wounds had closed up. Soon enough, he could leave for home. Though that still roused the question that Light was nearly killing himself over: Was Ryuuzaki just going to let him go? He was a paranoid figure, so somehow Light highly doubted that. There was the possibility that Ryuuzaki could drug him and then abandon him in the city. But for some reason, he doubted that prediction as well, which left him to mull over the other possibilities.

"How does your lower back feel?"

Light broke from his musings to turn his attention back to Watari, who was examining his spine like it was the most intricate working the older man had ever seen. "It feels tense, but other than that it's fine," he duly replied.

Watari nodded before letting his fingers fall to the smooth skin of Light's back, tracing down the valley of his spine lightly. When he was satisfied that Light hadn't gone out and caught scoliosis overnight or something, he pulled his hand away and nodded. "You're lucky to have not sustained any internal damaging, but it is possible that you did something to your muscles. Though I'm almost a hundred percent sure there's nothing else wrong with you, I decided to cater to Ryuuzaki's paranoia."

Light wasn't sure if he was more interested in the fact that Watari was starting to speak like Ryuuzaki--who had an obsession, it seemed, with talking in percentages--or the fact that the insomniac was concerned with his well being. After a pause, he shook himself and opted for the former. He didn't care what Ryuuzaki thought of him. Really, he didn't.

"I didn't know he cared," Light dryly commented.

Watari didn't reply, but instead continued his work of tying off the bandage around his midsection--though, admittedly, the wrappings did get a little tighter, making it slightly harder to breathe.

Watari finished in silence before bidding him a farewell and leaving him to enjoy his breakfast. Light looked over to the meal and gave a mental sigh of relief when he saw that--even though it was crêpes--they weren't drenched in sweet sugar.

He took a hesitant bite and swallowed when he deemed it officially edible before reaching down to pick up the laptop from its place on the floor. Nibbling on his breakfast--half of it poking out of his mouth--Light pushed the power button and waited--slightly impatiently--as it came to life. When it had finally loaded, he wasted no time in continuing his work with the CD Ryuuzaki had given him. His eyes had barely scanned over some of the files for a second before he had to resist the urge to sigh and roll his eyes.

'If a video game suddenly went missing and someone was seen by three eyewitnesses walking out with the edge of something black poking from under his shirt, who do you think took it?' he sarcastically quipped to himself. He had gone through the grand total of two cases that looked even a fraction of a fraction interesting and all he was left with were stupid things like a video game.

Deciding it wasn't worth it, he closed the window before leaning back on the bed. He was once again going to have a boring day.

Ode to joy.


To be honest, he had always thought that the comparison made between a throbbing headache and having a hammer beating on the back of one's skull was overdramatic and unrealistic. Now, however, L could understand where the figure of speech had come from. There was an almost pulsating pain in the back of his head and he was starting to wish he had some Advil or something handy.

"Yes, Yagami-san," L interrupted the older man. "Yagami Raito is safe. He had some serious injuries, but he's fine now--"

" 'Now'?" Soichiro echoed, a trace of horror lining his tone. "He wasn't 'fine' before?"

"He was always in the best of care," L insipidly assured.

"That's not an answer to my question!" Soichiro growled. "He was seriously hurt, wasn't he? Oh, I swear--"

"Though I must say, he has quite a bright mind," L interrupted, tone thoughtful as he successfully changed the subject.

Soichiro paused for a second as the words sank in. "Yes, he is very intelligent." Pure pride oozed thickly from his words. There was a pause and L could tell that Soichiro wasn't done yet. And, indeed, a few moments later, he spoke up again. "Is there any way--?" He cut himself off before beginning again, this time sounded confident as he said, "I wish to see my son."

"I'm sorry Yagami-san. At this time, I'm afraid that's impossible--" L had barely managed to say the last syllable of impossible when Soichiro barked his response:

"What do you mean 'impossible'? Why am I not permitted to see my son? Are you keeping him from me? Rest assured, Ryuuzaki-san, that if you are, I'll have you regretting it with every inch of your life--whether or not you are currently important to the police force."

Had L been anyone else, he would've rolled his eyes at Soichiro's words. "I'm not keeping him from you, Yagami-san. But I do have our safety to look after. It would be dangerous for you two to meet right now. I can't reveal my location. The safest thing to do would be to wait until he's out of my care to see him."

"But he's my son. How can you deny me--?"

"I assure you, Yagami-san. You will be able to see him soon. In fact, tomorrow I can call you with more details."

Soichiro hesitated before slowly asking, "So there is a way for me to see him?"

"I'm not giving a definite yes or no, but there is a chance if I decide to act," L explained, bringing his thumb up to his mouth.

"Act on what?" Soichiro inquired, his tone going back to professional. "Are you referring to Kira?"

"Kira has been dormant for a week now. It's a cause for concern on my part. I'm still not sure if it's part of a plan he has or if he's injured." L paused for a second before continuing, "Due to the fact that I can usually predict Kira's moves or at least understand why he made them, I admit I can't understand why he would just suddenly stop… My only guess is that he's injured or something of the like. I think I have a way to counteract."

"Counteract?" Soichiro repeated, sounding like the word was a foreign one to him. "If he hasn't done anything, how can you counteract?"

L continued to chew on his thumb for a few seconds before a small grin slowly spread across his lips. "This brings me to my next question. Just how great of a detective is your son?"


Light was nearly ready to throw something across the room, just for the sake of something to do. Of course, he would never really do anything of the sort. He was a proud man, and wouldn't stoop so low just for some sort of entertainment--despite how tempting the opportunity may be.

He had checked his emails earlier and hadn't received anything. But that was about two hours ago. Hoping with all hope that he had something to read and maybe even reply to, he opened the laptop for the ninth time that morning, took his time typing in the address for his messaging system before entering his email address and password. He waited patiently for the screen to load before his eyes hungrily took in the screen. He was ready to throw the 'hand-held bundle of fun' (1) against the wall when he saw that he had no new mail and still had nothing to do.

Of course, he would never do such a thing. But at the moment, he could almost hear the crunch of the electronic components breaking.

"Is there something on my wall?" a new voice asked. Light slowly turned to face the newcomer.

"No, not really," he informed Ryuuzaki dryly.

Ryuuzaki slowly blinked in surprise before his thumb found his mouth--subconsciously, Light was ready to chop the finger off or something; Ryuuzaki's habit of chewing on it was getting old--before making his way to a chair and taking a seat in it. His rear end had barely made contact with the cushion before his legs were pulled up so the soles of his feet were flat out on the chair.

"You were staring at the wall like it would reveal some secret of life… or something," Ryuuzaki said, encouraging Light to shed some light on it.

"Maybe it would," Light commented off-handedly. "How about you join me and we find out?"

"Ah, sarcasm duly noted."

Light scowled up at the ceiling in thought. "So, to what do I owe this visit?"

"Am I not allowed to come and go through my room as I please?"

The brunet sighed lightly. "I suppose so," he murmured. "But it's unlike you to come for a visit without some reason behind it."

"Do you not enjoy my presence?" Ryuuzaki's head tilted slightly as he regarded the younger boy.

"It's not that. I suppose I do enjoy your presence. You're never a bore to talk to. And I… sorta have nothing to do anymore…" He grumbled the last part, not really wanting to admit out loud that he was bored and wanted something--just about anything--to do.

Ryuuzaki paused for a second, his thumb falling from his mouth as he stared at Light. "Have you completed everything I gave you, then?"

Light shrugged before replying. "I did most of them… A few weren't even worth the effort. Just by glancing at them, I could pretty much solve them. But now I have nothing to do."

Light glanced over at Ryuuzaki, knowing he would get the hint. What he wasn't sure of was whether or not he would take it and offer something else for him to do. Ryuuzaki, however, remained silent, his face giving no hints as to what he was thinking. A long silence formed and Light was starting to think that Ryuuzaki had no intention of breaking it when he finally spoke.

"What do you know of Kira?"

Light mentally growled in slight frustration. That was not what he had been hoping Ryuuzaki would answer with. But… at least having an in-depth conversation with the detective would keep him occupied for a while.

"He's a serial killer. I suppose 'killer' is the wrong term. I've heard that he kills his victims without even touching them. All of his victims succumb to heart attacks. He's apparently a genius--definitely the most intelligent criminal to date. He's made himself a self-acclaimed god in the eyes of many, and that seems to be just what he wants."

"Is he?"

Light looked over at Ryuuzaki, not sure what he was talking about. "Is he what?"

"Is he a god?" Ryuuzaki clarified.

"It's all a matter of opinion," Light automatically answered. "Everything is a matter of opinion, if you think about it. People are what make something or someone a god. If you believe in it, then it can be classified as a god, but to those who don't believe, to them it can't be classified as such."

"So then do you believe Kira to be a god?"

"No." He definitely did not.

Ryuuzaki let a few seconds pass, absorbing the new information before continuing. "So then, do you believe Kira should be captured for the criminal he is and punished as such?"

"Yes. Of course I do. He's killed many innocent people. Any person could see that's he insane." To Light, Kira was just another criminal. Criminals were to be captured and placed in jail to receive their judgment. That was how it worked when one sinned.

"So then, if you received the chance to help in the mission to capture Kira, what would you say?" the detective slowly asked.

Light's golden-brown eyes flicked over to the older man for a second before a small smile-smirk--it was a crossover of the two, something only Light could do, it seemed--bloomed across his features. "You're working on the Kira case." It wasn't a question.

"Yes," Ryuuzaki replied easily.

"And you want me to help you out."

"In a word, yes. You could be a huge asset to this case. If we work together, I know we could be the best team Japan's ever seen. Kira wouldn't be able to outsmart both of us."

"I knew there was another reason behind why you came in here for a visit," was all Light said in reply. He laid himself out flat on the bed and tucked his arms behind his head, staring up at the ceiling.

"Does that mean you'd accept?"

"Of course. Working on a case like the Kira case is something that would present a challenge. A real challenge."

"He's seemingly disappeared," Ryuuzaki informed Light.

Light glanced over to Ryuuzaki again. "What do you mean by 'disappeared'?" he questioned, frowning.

"Exactly what I said; he hasn't killed anyone in seven days and it's a cause for concern. Nobody knows what he's planning--if, indeed, he's planning anything at all."

"He could be temporarily out of commission," Light mused out loud.

"Exactly," Ryuuzaki agreed. "And that's what we need to find out."

"How do you propose we go about that? Is there any way we could tempt him to come out?"

Ryuuzaki remained unmoved for a long second and then he brightened. "Oh, yes. I called your father earlier today. He seemed very adamant about seeing you. I take it he's always like that?"

"Yes. But I'm guessing you turned him down on the subject of seeing me." It was a statement, not a question.

"Did I say that?" It was a question, not an answer.

Light decided he didn't feel like having a verbal battle just to find out whether or not his father was coming for a visit. To him, it was fairly obvious that Ryuuzaki had quite a case of paranoia and wouldn't allow anyone else into his home. It had been a fluke with Light. And Light was fairly sure the detective would take extra measures to make sure nothing of the sort would ever happen again.

"Anyway, my legs are getting cramped from being confined to this room," Light informed Ryuuzaki, dropping a hint the detective most definitely was not going to miss.

"That is most unfortunate," was the only response from the detective.

But it was once again all a matter on whether or not Ryuuzaki would take the gods-forsaken hint. "It's really not healthy for me to do nothing than lie in bed all day," Light said, trying again.

"In that case, I would suggest you walk around the room. This is, after all, the master bedroom. It's fairly large and would be more than enough room for you to stretch your legs."

Light's patience thinned slightly. He wasn't going to stoop so low as to beg, but he would persist, if need be. "Ah, yes. I could do that. But it's also my mind that wants out of this room. And just walking around in it wouldn't do anything for me psychologically, now would it?"

Ryuuzaki's eyes narrowed slightly--very, very slightly--in thought as he apparently contemplated something. Light was half expecting him to change the subject again when he decided to speak once more.

"Actually, I don't think it would hurt anything at this point for you to 'stretch your legs.' In fact, I could go with you and explain some things."

For a second, Light wasn't quite sure whether or not Ryuuzaki was sincere or not. The older man hadn't showed any sign of sincerity, at least--but, then again, he never really seemed to show signs of anything with his apathetic expressions.

It was when Ryuuzaki slipped off the chair and made his way to the door, opening it and turning to face Light, that the brunet got the feeling that Ryuuzaki had been quite serious. All doubts were dispelled when he spoke. "Shall we go, then?"

Light literally rolled off the mattress in an unceremonious manner. However, to make up for his less-than-graceful fall, he landed lightly on his feet in an almost elegant movement. He then straightened before heading over to the door. Once they were out of the room, Ryuuzaki took his place at Light's side as they traveled through the hall.

It was a second nature to Light to take in every possible detail about his surroundings and as such, as the two traversed through the corridor, he found his eyes flicking back and forth from the walls. There wasn't much to take in, which wasn't a great surprise to Light. He supposed the Ryuuzaki took extra measures to have nothing in his home that could link him to his identity. He was sure that the name Ryuuzaki was a pseudonym, but it didn't really bother him. A lot of detectives used nicknames nowadays.

Mostly, the hallway was empty. The walls were a light, cream color with no pictures, paintings, or any other hanging decoration. At least, currently. Upon closer inspection, Light could see nails still sticking out of the plaster where something had to have been hanging at some point. He frowned and debated on commenting on it. Ryuuzaki beat him to it.

"I had a few Picasso and traditional pieces up. Nothing of your concern. They were merely taken down for the packing." Absently, Ryuuzaki blew a raven lock that was tickling his eyebrow. He looked blankly at it before trying to blow it away again.

"It would work better if you actually used your hand," Light idly commented before continuing. "What do you mean they were 'taken down for the packing'?"

Ryuuzaki let out another short, sharp breath upward. The stubborn piece of hair floated back down to his face and finally, Ryuuzaki lifted a hand to meticulously pinch the raven lock between his forefinger and thumb, examining it thoroughly.

"Ryuuzaki… it's your hair. It won't hurt you," Light assured. He was unsure as to whether he should be amused with the detective's behavior or exasperated.

"Ah, Yagami-kun, of course it is," the older man replied. "Hair is merely an inanimate object that is made up of dead skin cells."

Light resisted the urge to thwack him or anything along that train of thought. He decided not replying at all was the best option for this situation. And so, they exited the hall in silence. The room they entered must have been the family room or something--or would've been the family room if Ryuuzaki had a family living with him. Light figured Ryuuzaki wouldn't have any unnecessary appliances--probably a couch, table and TV. Nothing fancy.

So, when the only thing in the room to be seen were two hardwood chairs over in the corner, he had to admit he was slightly taken aback. The room was bare. Like in the hall, there was nothing on the walls save for a couple scattered nails, but even those were few and far between.

He supposed his expression must've reflected how he felt because Ryuuzaki was soon explaining the state of the room. "I've asked Watari to pack it for me. I've been busy with the Kira case."

"Yes, you mentioned that you packed away the works you apparently had on your walls," Light slowly said. "Any particular reason why you're tucking everything away?"

"Ah, yes," Ryuuzaki replied, tone light-hearted, like he was conversing on the delectableness of some muffins over tea. "We are all moving."

" 'We all'?" Light echoed, not sure what he meant by that.

"Yes," the detective affirmed. "Watari, you, and I shall be moving tonight."

"And how do you plan on going about this? I thought you didn't trust anyone to know where you lived."

"I don't. I know you have questions, but save them for after the explanation, ne?" He didn't wait for Light to respond before continuing. "Watari is going to move my things to another one of my homes. This one is out of the country, so I won't have to worry about you finding out anything about me. You and I, in the meantime, will take up residence in a hotel farther in the city. Every two days, we'll rotate hotels for safety purposes as we work on this case. As well as you and me, your father is helping me work on this, and also his team."

Light slowly exhaled. "But I will still be leaving this house that you previously owned, correct?"

"Ah, yes. I forgot to go into the details about your part in the move itself. Tonight with your dinner, you will receive a cup of tea. Watari will add a few chemicals to it that will make you pass out. When you wake up, it'll be tomorrow and you'll find yourself in the hotel."

"So, you are still paranoid about your identity being found out," Light murmured, more to himself than anything. "And why a liquid sedation, if I may ask?"

Ryuuzaki shrugged, his thumb finding his mouth. "It was either that or sleeping gas. The gas would leave a bad taste in your mouth."

Light's eyes narrowed slightly as he continued to regard the other man. "Do I have to be put under? I mean, if you're going to move, it shouldn't really matter anymore--"

"It matters," the other calmly cut in. "And you know that."

Yes, he knew that it could matter. But the thought of someone like him being forced to--Light cut off his thoughts with a blink. 'Someone like him'? Sure, Light was a genius, but he wasn't a god or anything along those lines. Sighing in resignation, his eyes flicked away from the detective as he replied, "Fine, I guess."

The tips of Ryuuzaki's lips twitched upward ever-so-slightly in amusement. "You won't even notice that you're unconscious."

"Until I wake up and find myself in some strange place," Light grumbled in response. "That's why you're letting me out of the bedroom, isn't it? We'll be gone by tomorrow, so as long as you're with me to act as chaperone, I can explore a little bit."

"I'm not going to deny that part of that is truth. But your excursion must now come to an end. We'll go back to the room." With that, Ryuuzaki turned and headed back into the hallway. Light felt slight disappointment for some reason at not being able to stay out of the stupid room longer, but decided it wasn't worth fighting over, as much as he would like to protest. He was basically a prisoner currently due to lack of trust. Well, not really lack of trust but more paranoia.

When the bedroom door was shut behind him, he definitely felt like sighing. The lock clicked into place, safely securing him in the room. The noise almost seemed to echo, like it was trying to tell him something.

Light snorted at his thoughts--the isolation was getting to his mind--before laying down flat on his back on the bed. Faintly, an almost unique scent entered his nose and he resisted the urge to glare at the gods-forsaken pillows.


Light felt like he was preparing himself for a death sentence. Truly, he did. When Watari came in that night and told him to drink the cup of jasmine tea last --unless he felt like passing out and doing a face plant into his meal-- he was ready to dump the tea out and say to screw it all. However, Ryuuzaki had enough foresight to have Watari patiently wait with Light until he had finished his meal and downed the cursed tea.

Seriously, Light was really starting to feel like an inmate in a prison. He made sure to slowly eat his dinner, relishing in his last moments before he lost consciousness. But like life, the slower he tried to move, the faster time seemed to slip by and soon enough, he found himself staring at an empty plate.

Watari placed the cup of tea before him and Light resisted the urge to glare at the offending cup of liquid.

"You won't be able to tell it's drugged," Watari assured upon seeing his hesitation.

Light wasn't so sure about that as he slowly lifted the cup towards his lips. The rim came into contact with his mouth and he once again momentarily wondered if this was how a criminal collared with capital punishment felt before facing their death.

It was at that point that he mentally kicked himself in the head for his stupidity before chugging the whole thing in one swing. He pulled it from his lips with a small smack. He willingly handed the empty cup over to Watari.

"It should take effect soon enough. I'll stay with you until it does," the elder man informed him, neatly placing the cup on Light's dinner tray.

Light scowled. "You'll stay with me until it does?" he repeated. "Just how long--?"

He didn't remember anything after that point.


The sunshine was bright, causing him to see red against the back of his eyelids. He slowly opened them only to shut them again when his corneas felt as though they were being burned alive from the bright rays from the sun that was shining in from the nearby window. Light estimated that it was somewhere in the mid-afternoon, maybe around three or four. He also guessed that the gentle throbbing of his head and the slight dizziness he felt were most likely some side effect of the drug.

Light decided he didn't feel like hunting around for some sort of pain reliever, so instead he opted to relax and wait for sleep to take him again, which it did.

The next time the brunet opened his eyes, the shadow from his bed was stretched the whole way across the expanse of his room and was starting to climb up the wall on the other side. Wincing slightly at a crick in his neck from sleeping on the muscle wrong, he sat up and started to examine his surroundings.

Just as Ryuuzaki had told him, he was in a hotel room, definitely. The stiff mattress and thin quilt was a dead giveaway. While the bedroom was a nice size, it wasn't as extravagant as Ryuuzaki's room at his old house. There were a few traditional paintings adorning the wall and overall, the decorations were fairly simply--very nondescript. Though there was a bathroom directly attached to the bedroom. That was nice.

Speaking of bathrooms, Light felt a need to shower. For some reason, being contained to a room seemed to make one feel dirty. A shower was the least he deserved for allowing Ryuuzaki to drug him anyway. So, he fished around the room for a while until he found a suitable change of clothes.

The shower was, indeed, refreshing. It felt nice to clean away any filth on his body and the warm water did wonders for his aching neck. When he finally stepped out of the bathroom--clad in boxers and jeans, his shirt folded neatly over his arm and his towel wrapped around his neck--he was proud to say he did not have heart failure when the first thing he saw was Ryuuzaki's face barely six inches away from his. He did take a step backward in surprise, but that was about it.

A little abashed at being caught off guard, Light narrowed his eyes slightly in disdain at the other man. "What do you think you're doing?"

"I was coming to talk to you about some things."

Light looked over at his shoulder for a second before his gaze returned to Ryuuzaki. He raised a brow. "What? Did you plan on getting in the shower with me or something?" he asked snidely.

The older man stopped chewing on his finger as he regarded Light. "Is that what Yagami-kun wished for me to do?" His tone was deprived of any emotion, but the comment was still enough to make Light want to throttle him.

Instead, he lifted one hand so he could rub his temples. "What did you want?"

"Ah, yes. Please sit down, Yagami-kun. We have several things to discuss." Ryuuzaki then turned and took a seat in the blue armchair that was near the bed. Light really didn't want to indulge the older man so much as to listen to him, but he knew that they did need to talk some things out. So, albeit reluctantly, he found himself heading towards the hard bed and sitting down on it, turning so he was facing Ryuuzaki. Though he was mildly displeased with the man, he still had manners and couldn't ignore the part of him that insisted he show at least some common courtesy.

"So," he began, his arms folding on his lap as he got comfortable, "what did you wish to discuss?"

"There are many things we need to review and go over, but first, I must tell you that your father wishes to see you. I have arranged it so that tomorrow he will come to see you for lunch. I take it you don't have any protest to this?" He paused and watched Light shrug.

"I guess not. I don't mind him coming and it's not like right now I have anything else to do in my free time."

"Ah, but soon enough you won't have too much free time when you start working on the case. I'm not sure how much free time you'll have then or how often your father will be able to make his comfort visitations. But there is a chance that we'll be working closely with him and his team on this. So, there is a chance that you'll see him almost daily. However, I believe you should see him before just as a precaution. I also need to tell him in person about an adjustment that needs to be made."

Light nodded as he moved the towel to dry his hair before slipping into his shirt. "That makes sense."

Ryuuzaki continued. "As I briefly informed you before, we will be moving from hotels every other day as not to be found by Kira. I have Watari plant cameras in every room, though, so don't think that you can do something without being seen."

"I'm not sure why you would think you would require cameras to watch me."

"I think you can guess."

"Yes, I can make an educated guess. Your paranoid and you don't fully trust me."

Ryuuzaki gave a small sigh. "I would like to trust you, Yagami-kun, but with things as they are…" He drifted off.

"Yes, I know," Light said dismissively. "Please just continue."

"Ah, yes." Ryuuzaki reached into his pocket and pulled two objects out. "First off--you are familiar with how Kira kills his victims, are you not?"

"Of course I am. He uses heart attacks. What has everyone baffled is how he kills them without even touching or going near them. He needs to know their name and what they look like to kill them apparently." Light gave him a look that asked him to clarify why that was so important.

Ryuuzaki nodded. "Precisely. He needs their name and what they look like. If he lacks one of these sources, he cannot kill them. That is why from now on you are Kenjiro Amagawa." Ryuuzaki held out Light's wallet and Light took it before flipping it open. Inside was a new--false--ID complete with his picture and the name Amagawa Kenjiro below that. "If, by chance, someone finds this ID, your real name won't get out. It's much safer."

Light nodded in agreement before pocketing his wallet. "That seems to be the smartest thing to do in these circumstances."

"And lastly, put this watch on." Ryuuzaki held out the device and Light took it. He examined it for a second before wrapping it around his wrist and fastening it.

"What does this do?"

"It has a locater in it. If you disappear for some reason, I'll be able to find you with no problem."

"It's another factor of trust, then."

Ryuuzaki shook his head. "Not specifically. If you go out and don't come back, it could be possible that Kira killed you or something happened. The locater in the watch will help us to find you. Also, it can be used as a short-distance radio."

" 'If I go out and don't come back'?" Light repeated to himself. "If I'm stuck in the hotel, how can I possibly get lost?"

The other man stared at him for a short moment before answering. "Why would I limit you to the hotel, Amagawa-kun?" he asked, making sure to use Light's pseudonym. "You're free to leave if you wish. I have nothing to hide here."

"So, then… I can go outside?" Light inquired hesitantly, like just asking was enough to make the detective change his mind.

"I do not lie, Amagawa-kun. Of course you can."

Ryuuzaki continued to regard Light. Light thought about that for a second before standing up. "I take it we're done talking, then."

"Yes," Ryuuzaki agreed. "We are."

"Very well. Then I'm going to go out while the night is still young," Light informed his companion as he slipped on a pair of socks.

"I would suggest you wait, though," Ryuuzaki murmured around his thumb. "The weather was calling for rain tonight."

"I really don't care if we were about to experience a meteor shower," Light retorted. "I've been inside for several days and right now, getting caught in the rain sounds refreshing."

"Then perhaps you should just take an umbrella with you?" Ryuuzaki called at him as he opened the bedroom door.

"I actually won't be out that long," Light assured, "so I don't see any reason in carrying one around for no reason."

He shut the bedroom door behind him as he left. It took him a few minutes to maneuver through the hotel room to the door, but eventually, he managed it and pulled on his shoes.

It took the elevator over a minute to finally come up to the twenty-second floor, where he was. And for some reason, waiting a minute was too long. So when he stepped into the elevator, he jabbed the button for the main floor impatiently and wondered why it took a full ten seconds for the doors to close.

It took Light a while to meander his way to the main entrance once he exited the elevator. But eventually, he found the exit he was looking for. He started off in the direction of it when someone called out to him.

"Oi! You there!"

At first Light wasn't sure who the person--it was a woman--was trying to grab the attention of. It was when that woman grabbed his wrist from behind him and tugged that he knew she wanted to talk to him.

And despite the fact that he was itching to walk through the doors that were less than thirty feet in front of him--the damn things were teasing him, he was sure--he tilted his head so he was looking in the general direction of the woman and replied. "How can I help you?"

She was youngish--probably a year or so younger than Light himself--and, admittedly, she was rather pretty. She grinned up at him and, releasing his wrist, used the same hand to flick a long lock of her hair away from her face. "I just wanted to ask you something," she replied, grinning. "I'm Moe, by the way; Moe Rikyo. (2) But feel free to just address me as Moe."

Light continued to stare at the Moe-figure. "Is there something you need?" he asked bluntly. "I'm sorta in a rush."

"That's okay," Moe assured him, her grin widening. "I actually work here and when I saw you, I wanted to know something."

Already this conversation was incredibly boring to Light. He gave her a look that told her to get on with it and she hooked both of her wrists around one of his arms, leaning into him slightly.

He actually liked this shirt--it was one that Watari had bought for him--and he really didn't want her to soil it with her overly-strong perfume. As he tried to slip out of her grasp, her hold became stronger and he realized he had no hope of escaping until she deemed it so unless he used physical force. And he wouldn't do that--there were eye-witnesses around.

So instead he patiently waited for her to explain her purpose.

Moe let out a small laugh as she pulled herself closer to Light. "You act like this is the first time anyone's taken an interest in you that way." Her emphasis on that way very clearly made her intentions known. While Light had plenty of women take in an interest in him 'that way,' he never in his life ever found himself interested in those women 'that way.' And most certainly not women like this Moe person--women like her were annoying.

She pushed herself up on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his ear. "I go on my dinner break in a little under ten minutes. And it's easy for me to borrow a room from this hotel since I work here."

Light flicked his golden-brown eyes in her direction. "I'm sorry. I'm in a rush. I'll be on my way now."

Moe stepped back, pouting. "Surely you don't mean that?" she asked in what she presumed was a very enticing and seductive voice.

"I do," he assured her as he finally managed to work his arm loose. "I bid you a farewell--and I suggest you wipe off some of your perfume. It's very strong." Without saying anything else, he turned and continued to the doors. He didn't turn around when she called for him to wait. Instead, he pressed his palms against the bar on the door and pushed it open. Warm, muggy air immediately rushed at him and he relished in the feeling before turning in whatever direction he fancied and walked aimlessly, just enjoying the feeling of moving.

Light could tell immediately that they hadn't left Tokyo. In fact, if he hailed a taxi--and if he had money to pay for it--he could drive to his house quite easily. He had never really taken a huge delight in anything about the city. In fact, a lot of the time he merely ignored his surroundings since he deemed it not worthy of his time. However, after several days of what could be called solitary confinement, he found he quite missed the sights and sounds of the busy city-life.

The streets were crowded with what he guessed were people hurrying home from their afternoon job. He was repeatedly shoved and bumped, but currently, he couldn't find it in himself to really care. He passed some electronic store with several TVs on display in the front window, each one turned on and channeled to the same news program. He stopped briefly to listen. After a few short reports on some fatal accidents and a murder, the anchor shifted and started a report on Kira.

"As you may know, it appears that the murderer known as Kira has been lying low for the past week. There have only been thirteen cases of a cardiac arrest in the past seven days and every one of those cases has been classified as completely natural. There are mixed feelings on this in the public. Some are relieved and hoping that this self-acclaimed god will stay gone, while others are nervous, saying that Kira has something dreadful planned. However, this morning, our office received a letter that was signed Kira. While the letter was short, it has definitely caused some excitement on our part.

"Can we get it on air?" The anchor pulled his mike to his ear as he awaited a reply. Finally he nodded and turned his attention back to the camera to say, "It's currently on your screen. Feel free to read it." As he spoke, a letter filled the small TV screen. There were two creases in it from where it had been previously folded to most likely fit in an envelope. Light raised a brow before reading it. The message was easy to read.


Please note that I am not gone from this world. I have yet to finish my purification. There is still a lot of trash to take out, so to speak. Expect me to be back with a vengeance very soon. And when that happens, criminals, be prepared for your death. I must say, the condition of our world is something that sickens me. The sinners must be dealt with.

And I implore you to answer this question: have I really done this world wrong by ridding this world of its filth? Even those ignorant of my existence have surely noticed that the crime rate has dropped significantly since I came into being.

This is merely something for you to ponder on. I will be back. I assure you.


Light's eyes narrowed slightly as he took in the letter. That didn't sound like the Kira he had come to know at all.

The letter faded and the anchor filled the screen once again. "What you have just read was received today around two o'clock this afternoon. But we are still left to wonder just what happened to Kira to cause this pause in his killing. This afternoon--"

But Light never heard what had happened that afternoon. Instead, he felt something slam into his side and thin arms wrap around his neck. And then he heard the screech.

"Raito-kuuun! Oh, Raito-kun!"

Light looked down to see a girl. Almost immediately after taking her in--she was, apparently, a goth of some sort--he almost keeled over from the strong wave of perfume that assaulted his nose. Instead of doing something unbecoming--though the urge to cover his nose was great--he merely tried to breathe through his mouth. Before he had a chance to address the girl, she looked up to Light and gave a huge smile. For some reason, she looked familiar and it irked him that he couldn't recall her name or how they were acquainted.

"Raito-kun!" she breathed happily before starting off. "Oh, I was so happy when I glanced over and glimpsed your name through the crowd! Of course, I didn't need to see your name to know you were here. I always know when you're around--I am your girlfriend, after all!"

Anything else she babbled after that was lost to him as he continued to stare at her. "…Girlfriend…?" he hesitantly uttered softly to himself. He had a girlfriend? Why wasn't this ringing any bells? His eyes narrowed slightly as he thoroughly examined the girl before him, finally tuning back into what she was saying.

"…but that shouldn't be any cause for concern, Raito-kun! Raito-kun told me not to do anything on her own without instruction, so I haven't actually used it--Misa-Misa doesn't want to ruin Raito-kun's chance!"

Chance at what exactly, he wasn't sure, but he was slightly grateful to the girl. The words Misa-Misa struck something in the back of his mind. Just like how something nearly forgotten can be resurfaced from the brain through a picture, memories flooded into his mind and almost immediately after she finished speaking, he realized that the girl was Amane Misa.

"Misa," he calmly murmured to her, gaining her full and unwavering attention. "You're wearing too much perfume." It was the only thing he could think of at the moment to say. Her perfume was much, much too strong for him to bear and he felt the need to tell her so. Misa leaned back to look at him in faint surprise, blinking dumbly, and Light felt the need to say something more intelligent to make up for his ridiculous, earlier-uttered phrase.

He opened his mouth to continue--to maybe ask what she was talking about earlier and where she got the crazy idea that they were together--but something cold and wet landed with a plop on his cheek and anything he had prepared to say died on his tongue before it was even born. Curiously, he glanced up as another splash of cold landed on his other cheek.

Rain, he thought subconsciously. And with that thought, a downpour started. The water fell so heavily from the sky it looked more like someone was dumping a huge bucket of water over Tokyo rather than droplets. Everyone on the streets immediately froze in the commute and scurried about for some shelter. They resembled ants with the way they were running blindly for the first dry spot they saw, and Light found he didn't want to resemble an ant for some reason. So, instead, he took advantage of the mini panic, turned and slipped through the thinning crowds, back in the direction he came from.

Somewhere behind him, he could faintly hear Misa panicking--"Misa-Misa lost sight of Raito-kun! Raito-kun? Raito-kun, can you hear me!"--but ignored it. Instead, he continued back in the direction of the hotel. He couldn't see more than two or three feet in front of him through the thick rain, but he decided that it didn't matter. There weren't going to be any people to worry about running into and the traffic would definitely be slower with the intense storm. He knew he was already soaked all the way through his clothes to his skin. He also didn't care at that moment. For some reason, he didn't feel like running out of the rain like everyone else had instinctively done.

So, instead, he slipped his hands in his pockets and continued on. Idly, he was thinking that although it was a bother to be caught in the rain, at least it there was a chance that the excess amount of perfume both Moe and Misa had worn wouldn't be soaked into his shirt anymore.


It had taken him nearly a full hour to shove open the doors to the hotel he and Ryuuzaki were staying at. The glass door slowly shut behind him and he was aware that both of the receptionists behind the check-in desk--one of them was Moe--were looking at him oddly and he didn't blame them. Light took a step and his shoes made a squelching noise as some of the water that flooded his shoes was forced out.

He didn't say a word to them as he traveled past them to the elevator in a series of squishing noises. He didn't say a word as the elevator dinged open. He stepped out and walked down the hallway to his hotel room--number 1473. He checked his pocket for a key but found nothing. He then patted down his whole body, thinking that maybe it had sewn itself somewhere on him. He found nothing. He let out a growling sigh as he realized that Ryuuzaki had not bothered to give him a room key. His knuckles rapped firmly on the wood of the door as he thought of all the ways to slowly kill a certain raven-haired detective. Several moments passed and no one answered. Growing exasperated, he called out, "Ryuuzaki, it's me--Raito."

There was no reply.

It took him seven seconds to realize that no one was going to answer the door. His muscles trembled from barely suppressed frustration as he whirled and just about stomped back to the elevator. When he was once again on the main floor, he continued to the check-in desk where the two women where still sitting.

Undoubtedly, as he once again made his appearance--looking much like a drowned rat with his drenched clothes and wind-swept, soaking hair that most likely currently resembled short dreadlocks--both of the women were wondering if he had the right building. He knew he looked like something an animal chewed on and spat back out and he most likely seemed like he was completely lost.

He stepped before Moe--who was staring at him in a mixture of confusion and amusement--asking, "I need. My key," he ground out. It more of an order than a request.

Moe's thin brows rose to hide in her thin, wispy bangs. "What room, sir?" she asked politely, giving him an unsure look.

"1473," he replied tersely, impatience lining his tone.

Moe flicked through something behind the desk before turning her attention back to him. "The occupants of that room wish not to be disturbed and have requested that I hand out absolutely no extra room keys."

Light wanted to deck her. Really, he did. "I am an occupant," he managed to calmly tell her in response.

Moe blinked in mild surprise before leaning to the left and shuffling through some papers. Finally, she turned to face him again. "Are you Yagami Raito?" she asked in a professional voice.

"Yes, I am."

"I'll need to see some identification then, sir, and the key is as good as yours." She smiled at him.

Light pulled out his sopping wallet and peeled it open. His ID card was hard to pull out, but he managed before shoving it at her. "There it is. May I please have the damn key now?"

Moe examined the card before smiling at him politely, handing the card back. "I'm so sorry, sir."

"It's quite alright," he assured as he accepted the card.

"But I told you that the occupants of that room didn't want to be disturbed by anyone. You included."

"What?" he demanded before looking down at his ID card.

He was ready to throw a temper tantrum like a three year old would.

Gleaming back at him from the card was the name Amagawa Kenjiro under a picture of himself. Why the hell would Ryuuzaki give him the stupid card and then go and enter his real name into the hotel? His eyes darkened with frustration as he looked back up at Moe. "I'm wet," he told her simply.

"I can see that," was her reply.

"I'm cold," he continued.

"I can see why you would be, sir."

"I'm uncomfortable in these clothes," he continued again.

"I can understand why."

"I need a shower."

Moe nodded. "I would, too."

"I want. My key," he finished.

She shook her head. "I'm sorry, sir. My policy says I can't give it to you--"

"Moe," he interrupted. "I. Want. My key."

Moe's brow crinkled as she looked down to her right breast where a shiny nametag read Hello my name is: MEROKO and I'll be happy to help you! She looked up at him again and inquired, "What did you call me?"

Light resisted the urge to sigh. "Moe," he answered. "It's what you told me to call you before your dinner break, or so you said."

Moe's--or Meroko's, or whatever she was called--eyebrows shot up again. "You're that hot guy from earlier?" she asked incredulously. "What happened to you? You… sure don't look like him." Her eyes took in his currently wild appearance.

But Light could see a way out of this and took it. "Moe," he murmured gently. "I got caught in the rain and I forgot my key in the room. Will you please give me a key?" He mentally gagged at the word please. Geniuses like him did not beg like some fool. But desperate times called for desperate measures.

Moe leaned forward over the desk and Light got a whiff of her perfume again and mentally gagged once more. "I'll tell you what," she told him softly. "If you can tell me the name of the other occupant of the room, I'll call the room and see if they'll allow me to give you a key. Sound fair?"

Light nodded. "It's Ryuuzaki…" He drifted off and mentally slapped his forehead. He had finally found a way to his room and it failed miserably.

"Ryuuzaki…?" Moe prompted, looking for a last name.

"…That's all I know," Light eventually grumbled.

Moe sighed. "Well, you got the first name right. So… I guess I'll make an exception." She smiled brightly before picking up a black, cord phone that was on speaker phone and waited as it rang. It rang thirteen times before someone eventually picked up.

"Hello?" Ryuuzaki asked, tone apathetic as always.

"Ah, sir," Moe began. "I have someone down here that is in need of a key and wished to obtain one. Would it be alright with you if I give him one?"

"And who would this person be?"

"Amagawa Kenjiro," Moe replied instantly. "He has been asking for a key for the past twenty minutes."

"…And why aren't you letting Yagami-kun up again?"

Moe blinked in surprise. "Um, sir, it's Amagawa-kun that's here for a key, not Yagami-san."

"Please give him a key and do not keep one from him next time. Thank you. Good night." With that, he hung up. Moe blinked in surprise before looking at Light and grinning.

"Well, he said it was fine, so…" She plucked out a white card key that was no bigger than his ID and held it out for him to take. "Just so you know, my offer from before still stands!" she called after him as he started heading for the elevator for the second time.

Anyone he met in the hallways was at the receiving end of his glare, especially if they glanced over at him curiously. His clothes were freezing cold from the air conditioning and he wanted out of them. He combed a few locks of hair that dangled in his face, trying to make himself more presentable. All he managed to do was split the locks into rat tails. He decided it wasn't worth it as he slid his card through the reader and waited for the red dot to turn green. For a second, he thought he was going to have a stroke of bad luck and, in fact, be holding the key to another room. But the light on the reader blinked off before the green one illuminated and the black security box beeped.

Light nearly ripped the door off its hinges as he tugged it open. Almost immediately, he saw Ryuuzaki sitting not but forty feet away from the door on a chair, working on a laptop.

"Did you just come in?" Light asked, forcing his tone to stay calm.

Ryuuzaki shook his head slightly. "I've been here all night. The news broadcast that was on earlier caught my attention. Perhaps you saw it--?" He never finished his sentence, for quite suddenly, a fist connected his left eye. Tiny bolts of pain sizzled at the area. Light stood, looking down at him with a murderous look in his eyes. Ryuuzaki leaned back and swung his leg up. It made connection with Light's chin with a crack. Light fell over backwards, landing on his rump, rubbing his chin idly.

"Whatever was that for, Yagami-kun?" Ryuuzaki asked, his eyes narrowed slightly, most likely in a mixture of confusion and anger.

"I knocked on the door. You had to have heard me," Light growled.

"Ah, yes. I heard that," Ryuuzaki agreed easily.

"And you didn't answer?" the younger boy demanded hotly.

"I didn't know who it was and I have to be careful," Ryuuzaki answered simply.

"Didn't know who it--for crying out loud! I announced it was me!"

Ryuuzaki shrugged before replying, "There could be many Raito's in Japan."

"With my exact voice?"

"You should've used the pseudonym I gave you, then," Ryuuzaki suggested. "Then I definitely would've known it was you."

"You're a hypocrite," Light hissed. "You entered Raito Yagami into the system here. Why didn't you use that pseudonym then?"

"I was going to tell you to use it as a safe word, but you left before I could tell you." Ryuuzaki paused before removing the finger from his mouth and asking, "And why does Yagami-kun smell like perfume?"

Light gave him a look that could kill cats. He was cranky. He was wet. He was cold. He was uncomfortable. He had to make two trips up to the room. He had to beg a useless girl. He looked like he had just had a run-in with a tornado.

He wanted a shower.

He stood up and as he did so he felt several cold droplets of water slide down the back of his calves. Ryuuzaki regarded Light as he turned in the direction of the bathroom.

"Yagami-kun…" Ryuuzaki called softly. "What happened? Did you not take my advice on the umbrella?"

"Shut. Up."

With that as his parting farewell, Light slammed the door to the bathroom and peeled off his clothes--quite literally--as he took his second shower of the day.


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