The Other Side of the Mirror

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Chapter 1

Sakura sat in the back seat of a taxi. She had been there for about an hour and she was starting to get board.

She leaned her head on a window and let her bottle green eyes look at the landscape that zoomed by her. Trees, houses, and all sorts of other things came across her vision.

She tucked some of her shoulder length hair behind her right ear. She was on her way to meet up with her relater to look at house. They had been looking at other houses, but they didn't seem to be exactly what she's been looking for.

Finally, after what seemed to be another hour, the taxi stopped if front of two story cream colored house.

It was a small house, like it was made only for four people. The front garden was filled with all kinds of flowers. There were some she recognized like roses, tulips, daisies and pansies. Then there were others that she had never even seen before with large petals and bright colors.

Standing the porch, was a young woman with short black hair.

This person was Shizune, her relater.

Sakura stepped out of the taxi and started towards her with a smile.

In return, Shizune smiled back. "Sakura, it's good to see you again," She said as she came down the porch steps and shook her hand. "Well are you ready to see the house?"

Sakura nodded. Sakura hoped she liked this one. She had seen six houses already.


Sakura and Shizune looked at the whole house. Shizune turned to Sakura and asked, "Well, what do you think about this house?"

Sakura looked around then looked at Shizune with a large grin. "It's perfect," she said. "How many offers were made on the house?"

Shizune was happy that Sakura found a house that she liked. "Oh," she said. "Almost no one has put an offer on it. So, shall we go to my office for the paper work?"

Sakura nodded and went over to the taxi that was waiting for her.

That night…

Sakura fell back onto the bed back at her hotel. She was glad that she finally found the house. It was absolutely perfect.

Though she was confused that no one had made an offer on it before her. How it seemed that nobody wanted that house.

'Well,' she thought as she yawned. 'I'd better get some sleep. The movers come tomorrow and I need to be well rested.'

Sakura she got up, got dressed for bed, then she crawled under the covers.

Then, she reached over to the lamp on her bedside table, turned it off, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

A pity that it will be the last good sleep that she will have for a long time.

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