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All was silent. An otherworldly stillness, disturbed only by the breeze that gently lifted the young woman's auburn hair and rustled her tattered robe, enveloped the broken heart of the city where two teens stood, surrounded by the havoc wrought by the alien invasion: shattered buildings, toppled machines of destruction, scorched pavement, scattered debris. But at that moment, neither gave thought to the wreckage about them – all that mattered to her was him and to him, her.

Kim reveled in the feel of Ron's large, gentle hands on her back, losing herself in his comforting embrace, one that seemed all the more tender in light of what she'd just seen him do. Ron in turn smiled and relaxed, knowing that his Best Friend Girl Friend was safe, that when she needed him most, he had indeed had her back.

"You were awesome," she murmured.

"Just following the lead of my badical GF," he said warmly.

"As if," she said as she pulled back just a bit, cocked her eyebrow, and smirked. "I don't glow blue and levitate."

"Well, not everyone can be the Monkey Master," he said with a serene smile that confirmed for her that something remarkable had indeed happened to her BF. "But then again," he added, drawing her away from her musings, "Nobody kicks villain booty with mad style while looking mighty fine the way you do."

Kim pecked Ron on the cheek. "Good comeback," she said.

"Well, I am da comeback kid," he said cockily.

"Don't push it, Monkey Master" she japed fondly before leaning in to give Ron another buss.

"Okay, that's enough kissy-face," Shego said as she approached the two heroes.

"I must agree," Drakken said as he landed the hovercraft. "These teens today. It's PDA this, PDA that. Why, if I had tried this kind of thing when I was their age …"

"The girl would have slapped you upside the head and Mama Lipsky would have had a heart attack," Shego interjected.

Kim and Ron both noticed the surprisingly playful smile on Shego's face as she delivered her zinger. Drakken, of course, did not and responded accordingly.

"Is that the kind of respect I get after saving the world?" he wailed.

"Dude, you admitted it!" Ron said brightly.

"What?" Drakken replied.

"You saved the world," Ron said.

"Did not," Drakken said.

"Did too," Ron replied.

"I did not," Drakken protested.

"Ron's right, Drakken," Kim said admiringly. "You so did say you saved the world!"

"Nnnnnggggg," the blue-skinned scientist growled in frustration. "Fine. I did. But let us say nothing more of it."

"Uh, why not?" Ron asked. "Saving the world's a good thing."

"For you two, perhaps," Drakken retorted. "But I have a reputation to maintain! If anybody finds out about this, my evil street cred is shot! Of course," the mad scientist added as he began to rub his chin, "my mad genius skillz would finally be recognized as da bomb."

"Okay, Doctor D, that's enough trying to be hip," Shego groaned.

"Oh, so I see you're still in charge?" Drakken complained.

Kim and Ron shared a knowing look. Then he gazed skyward and she nodded. Ron bent his knees, slipped one arm under his girlfriend's legs and the other behind her as she wrapped her arms around his neck, then fired up his jet pack.

"Whoa! Wait a minute!" Shego snapped as she saw Ron's boosters ignite. "You're still going to leave us with this mess?"

"You don't want me to miss graduation, do you?" Kim asked sweetly as she and her BFBF gently rose from the pavement.

Shego was about to protest when she had visions of being subjected to the puppy dog pout for the second time that day. "Fine, whatever," she relented. "But if I were you," she said to Ron, "I'd lose the space suit unless you're looking for a run-in with the fashion police."

"Lose the suit? Are you kidding? The Rondo is doing the diploma stroll in style!" he replied with enthusiasm before he and Kim flew off in the direction of Middleton High School.


Shego shook her head in bemusement as she watched the receding figures of the two teens. Her attention was soon called back to Earth by the voice of her longtime employer.

"You know, Shego, this is rather funny," Drakken observed.

"Excuse me?" she replied incredulously as she took in the devastation surrounding her. "Have you finally lost it?"

"No, I have not 'lost it'," he said sharply before relaxing a bit. "It's just that, well, if these aliens hadn't shown up, I might have actually succeeded in taking over the world."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Behold," he said grandly, sweeping his arm before him.

Shego looked around and realized her boss may have had a point. If the Panzer pansies could defeat highly advanced alien technology, then it was highly doubtful there was anything on Earth that could have stopped them.

"Okay, I'll give you that one, Doctor D. Too bad about your timing."

Shego noticed the gleam in Drakken's eyes.

"Oh no," she said. "You're not going to …"

"Why not? Second time's the charm they always say," he replied. "I can get my mad genius props for saving the world and then my supervillain props for taking it over. Talk about having your cake and eating it, too!"

Shego considered that for a moment, then she had an epiphany.

"No," she said firmly. "No way. Uh uh. You are not doing this."

"What?" he asked, unable to hide his incredulity.

"You heard me," Shego said. "No."

"Don't tell me a little dust-up with some aliens has made you go soft?" Drakken asked. "I'm disappointed. I thought you were made of sterner stuff."

Shego rolled her eyes. "Aliens don't bother me. Stoppable, however, does."

"The sidekick?" Drakken asked incredulously. "You can't be serious."

Shego sighed. "Doc, I don't know where you were but Kimmie's boy toy turned the sky dark, levitated, glowed blue, and then took out our two nine-foot-tall pals in less time than it would take you to say 'zowie'."

Drakken blinked twice. "He really did that?"

"Yeah, so here's what I see happening if you try to take over the world right now. Kimmie's going to come after you."

"And with an army of mutant plants at my command I'll have her where I want her!" he crowed. "I've seen that Kim Possible can be defeated!"

"Okay, so let's say your little flower friends stop her; don't know that they can, but let's just say they do," she said. "Next thing you know, Stoppable is going to do that monkey thing of his and lay a world of hurt on you that you will never get over."

Drakken thought about what Shego had said before his face lit up. "Oh, I know what this is! You are going soft!"

"Hey! Watch it!" she snarled.

"Admit it, Shego!" he said tauntingly. "You liked working with Kim Possible and her sidekick! You want to be a hero again."

Shego's hands flared.

"You know I like being evil," she said. "Stupid's another matter."

Drakken looked at his long-time colleague in villainy. The two glared at one another uncomfortably. Suddenly, everything seemed so confusing.

"You're serious," he finally said, conceding that she'd been speaking in earnest.

"Oh yeah," she replied.

"Fine. I won't take over the world," he groused. "So if global domination is out of the question, what's next?"

"Radio talk show?" she gibed.

"Very funny," he said.

Shego grinned, then looked thoughtfully towards the horizon "Look, I don't know, okay? Why don't we go chill somewhere and give it some thought. I know of a pretty swank spa in Greece where we can hang."

Drakken seemed intrigued.

"Do you think I can get a kelp wrap there?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, the whole nine yards," she said. "Mud baths, massages, saunas. You name it."

"Well, that knot in my back has been bothering me like the Dickens," Drakken mused. "Okay, Greece it is," he said as Shego leapt into the hover car. "I have one condition, however."

"What?" she asked.

"Whatever we ultimately decide to do," he said, "I want my fair share!"


Kim and Ron's high spirits were quickly dampened as they flew over the wreckage of their hometown. The remains of the Lorwardian walkers were everywhere.

"Man, this tanks," Ron said.

"Yeah," Kim agreed.

They were flying in silence, taking in the cracked pavement, crushed cars, broken buildings and houses, when a woman ran out from one of the houses. Moments later a man and two children joined her.

"Look!" the woman cried as she pointed at the teens. "It's Kim Possible!"

Ron, hearing the cry as they flew overhead, banked and turned back.

"What are you doing?" Kim asked.

"Kimbo, they need their hero," Ron answered.

"As long as I get to keep mine," she said.

"I don't see what this has to do with your dad," he said, clearly befuddled.

Kim rolled her eyes, smiled. "I was talking about you."

Stunned that Kim actually thought of him as her hero, Ron lost his focus – and sight of where he was going. Soon he was heading directly for a large maple.

"Ron!" Kim yelled. "Watch out!"

"Whooooooaaaa!" he cried out as he swerved and missed the tree's crown by inches. Grinning sheepishly, he landed in the family's yard.

It wasn't long before others in the neighborhood saw the visitors and began streaming out into the street, surrounding the two teens.

"Is it over?" one man asked.

"Dude, it is so over!" Ron said.

Cheering broke out and people began mobbing Kim, quickly shoving Ron aside. The ecstatic, growing crowd began chanting her name. Ron watched with pride as his girlfriend was feted.

Kim, however, was not pleased as her BF was pushed further and further away from her.

Finally, she had had enough. "Stop. This. Now!" she demanded.

The stunned admirers did as instructed. Kim then purposefully strode through the throng towards Ron. When she reached him she took his hand.

"Who's that?" one person asked.

"Isn't that Wade?" another said.

"Nah, Wade's the computer guy," someone said.

"Maybe it's Rufus?"

"Nuh uh!" the naked mole rat said as he popped out of his human's pocket.

"Rufus!" the crowd cheered, clearly still uninterested in Ron.

Kim was furious now. "Hello! This is Ron," she yelled. "Ron Stoppable, my partner and my boyfriend …"

"Gee," a woman said to a friend, fortunately out of Kim's range of hearing, "I thought she was dating that Dexter fellow from the Oh Boyz …"

"… If it weren't for him," Kim continued heatedly, "I wouldn't be here right now!"

"Uh, Kim, calm down," Ron urged.

"No!" she said turning on him. "I am so not calming down. I'm tired of people ignoring you, not giving you credit when you deserve it."

"KP, it's all cool," he said, taking her hands in his.

Kim shook her head. "No, it isn't. And the worst part is, part of it's my fault!"

"What are you talking about?"

"You remember that magazine we saw in the airport?"

Ron nodded as recalled the latest issue of Humans.

"You should have been on that cover with me."

"Well, I was, in a sense, kind of," he said, recalling how part of him appeared off to the side. "Sort of."

"I mean with me. By my side," Kim said heatedly before her tone became gentler. "The news coverage has always been about me, and I've never said a word."

"Sha," he said, dismissing her. This wasn't something he thought they should be getting worked up about. Being ignored by the media only bothered Ron when he began to let his mind wander and he entertained the possibility that just like the press, Kim would forget about him, too.

"Don't 'sha', me, Ron Stoppable," she said, jabbing him in the chest. "You remember that junk about how you didn't want to hold me back from going places?"

"Well …"

She cupped her boyfriend's face in her hands. "Ron, I'd never have gotten to where I am without you."

"Really?" he replied, genuinely surprised.

"Yes, really," Kim said. "If I've learned anything the past 24 hours it's not that I can do anything, it's that we can do anything. Together, as a team, as a couple. And I'm so going to do everything I can to make sure everyone knows that …"

"Look, KP …" he said before being cut off by her lips, which elicited 'oohs' and 'aaahs' from the crowd.

The auburn-haired teen finally pulled away from her grinning, dazed boyfriend, and looked at the crowd, which began to cheer.

"Have I made my point?" she asked, her hands on her hips.

The crowd responded with a lusty cheer of "Kim and Don! Kim and Don!"

"Is my name really that hard to remember?" Ron asked once he'd emerged from his kiss-induced stupor.

"Well, at least it's a start," Kim said sympathetically as she squeezed her BF's hand.

"I guess so," Ron said. "So, you wanna go graduate?"

"Please and thank you," she said as she wrapped her arm around his neck, in anticipation of their flight to the high school.


"Kim Possible is a most redoubtable young person."

Nana Possible turned to see an urbane gentleman of about her age standing behind her.

"Yes, she is," Kim's grandmother replied.

"So is Ron Stoppable," the man added.

"He would have to be to keep up with Kimberly Ann," she said with a knowing smile. "How do you know them?"

"I am Senor Senior, Senior," he said with a dip of the head. "Your granddaughter has proven to be a most worthy adversary over the years."

"Adversary?" Nana's eyebrows arched. "You're not one of those supervillains she's always tangling with?" she asked, disapproval evident in her voice.

"I prefer to think of myself as but a poor, simple billionaire seeking something stimulating to do in his free time," he answered.

Nana did not look impressed.

"I can see where she gets her steel," Senor Senior added suavely.

"Kimberly Ann has been abducted by those awful aliens," Nana scolded. "I really don't think this is the time for you to be making a pass at me."

Senor Senior looked contrite and bowed slightly. "Forgive me if I allowed myself to be carried away; you, like your granddaughter, are a most formidable and impressive individual. My intention when approaching you was only to offer you encouragement during your time of trial."

Nana cocked an eyebrow, then crossed her arms. "I see," she said, sounding unconvinced. "So tell me: why is one of my granddaughter's foes at her graduation?"

With a courtly flourish, Senor Senior pointed in the direction of the stands. There sat Bonnie and Junior, huddled together. "Miss Rockwaller is my son's girlfriend."

"You're a father? You should be ashamed of yourself!" Nana scolded. "You should be setting a positive example for your son!"

"But I try," a genuinely surprised Senor Senior replied. "I make sure Junior knows that one should always be gracious to the hero before defeating him or her, that an evil laugh is not something to be taken lightly but requires dedication and many hours of practice –"

The doors to the gym flew open and Tara, followed by Jessica and Marcella, raced in. "Kim and Ron are back!" the effervescent blonde shouted excitedly.

The room fell silent as people registered what had just been reported, then erupted into loud cheering. Students, parents, friends, and teachers, quickly began streaming out to the parking lot, and watched as Ron landed with surprising grace and gently set down Kim.

"Spankin' landing, Captain Constellation," she said as she gave him a peck on the cheek.

Ron grinned. "Ah-boo—"

"Possible! Stoppable!" Steve Barkin, late of the nurse's office where he'd regained his composure (and some semblance of a sense of manhood) after reading back issues of Mercenary Illustrated, bellowed, interrupting the buss. "Until the two of you collect your diplomas, you are bound by Middleton High School regulations regarding Public Displays of Affection. Do I make myself clear?"

To Be Continued …