Miaharpy: This story was suppose to be for 'My Digital Adventure' but I decided that it should be it's own story. If anyone found any errors, please tell me.

Prologue: Experiments and Plans

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In a long empty hallway that is dimly lighted, a man dressed in white continued to walk down the halls. The hallway only had doors, if there was windows, it would've shown the black sky with no stars, just the moon that is almost completely blocked by clouds.

The man, who was walking in a steady pace, had slightly messy hair and glasses that covers his eyes. He was also grinning as if nothing could go wrong.

"Kurata, Sir!," a young researcher called out, running towards the man. Kurata stopped and turned around to see the young man that stop in front of him. The young man took out a envelope.

"Here's the report from DATS," the man said as Kurata took the envelope and continued to grin.

"Good job, do you have any news to report as well?," Kurata asked.

"Um… For starters, Sir. A new member had recently joined the Squad. I believe his name to be Daimon." Kurata frowned lightly.

"So, there's a other Daimon. Well, no matter about that. The last one is still missing. Anything else? Gizmon or the other experiments?," Kurata asked as his frown turned back to a grin.

"Well, the Gizmon is going as planned, but some experiments will still need to be checked on, like those three… Everything else is going well," the man finished.

"Good work, you can go home and get some rest now," Kurata said as he turned and started to walk away.

"Thanks Sir," as the man made a slight bow and walked off as Kurata just grinned, caring the envelope, as light reflected off his glasses.