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Chapter 3: Escape Impossible


"Wow, when you think about it... You're kind of cute for a Digimon," Megumi said as she and Miki were out of thier seats, standing next to Takuya, eyeing him as if they were vultures. "I will have to agree on that one!," Miki replied as Takuya frowned and glanced from one to the other.

"Okay, can you guys stop starring at me like as if I was your next meal?! I'm not that-,"

"You two should be trying to finding out what Digimon Takuya is," Kudamon interrupted Takuya, starring at the girls.

"We already did," Megumi said with a grin, "from the data scans, we found out his name, his attacks, and everything else." Miki went up to the computer, pressed some keys which made a picture of Takuya as a Digimon with information on the side of the screen. "Flamon, a fire Digimon, half human, half beast. Level, rookie. His attacks is 'Baby Salamander' and 'Flame Tail'."

"But that still doesn't explain how a human became a Digimon," Tohma said as he sat down at his chair while Takuya went up to the computer to look at the info.

"Yeah... Flamon huh?... Wait a minute, half human and half beast? I don't have the spirits with me..." Takuya said as Kudamon's eyes widened while the Commander was also seemed shocked as well.

"So, you were one of the Digi-destined who inherited one of the legendary warriors," the Commander said.

"That would explain why you look almost like one," Kudamon replied, looking from the Commander to Takuya, "but still, we need to find a way to turn him back to human."

"Who cares! I think it's awesome to be a Digimon! Fighting all the time!," Masaru said as he threw a mid-air punch.

"Yeah!," Agumon agreed.

"No! We need to turn him back to a human as soon as possible!," Commander said out loud.

"Are you crazy, if he stays as a Digimon, he would not be able to see his family and friends. Or worse, be sent to the Digital World forever because he is one," Yoshino said to Masaru as his grin turned upside down.

"I never thought of that..."

"Well start using your head," Yoshino crossed her arms. After the long silence after the argument Takuya decided to start up the conversation again.

"I'm sure that some of my friends can know that I'm a Digimon," Takuya said.

"Were they Digi-destined as well?," Kudamon asked.

"Yeah, we defeated Lucemon together," Takuya answered as Kudamon looked back at the Commander.

"You might see your friends, however, you'll stay here for the time being in case something comes up," the Commander finally said after a minute of silence.

"But... That could take forever! I got a soccer game soon. And I promised to go to the birthday party!," Takuya said out loud.

"We'll have to hurry then," Tohma stood up from his chair as Takuya frowned.

"Are you sure you can't find him?!," Mrs. Yuriko Kanbara asked a police officer who shook his head.

"Sorry ma'am, everyone was evacuated when the fire started," the officer said as he left. After the fire, police and fireman has been searching the area for at least thirty minutes after the DATS team left the scene to let them look around themselves. It's been at least one hour since the fire had been stopped and a sort search has been made afterwards, but was called off by the DATS team. Yuriko frowned, but before she left, she heard her name being called.

"Mrs. Kanbara!," Yuriko turned around to see a boy and a girl, two of Takuya's friends.

"Mrs. Kabara! Is Takuya with you?," Kouji Minamoto asked as Yuriko still frowned.

"No... I asked everyone, but no one saw him." Kouji and Izumi looked at each other then back to Takuya's mom.

"Mrs. Kanbara, I'm sure Takuya's okay," Izumi said, trying to make her feel better.

"We'll keep searching for him, don't worry," Kouji said before the two left her and walked towards the burnt school.

"I hope we are right that Takuya is okay," Izumi said. "We both know Takuya should be fine... Especially when he knows that he doesn't have to study because school is out," Kouji replied as Izumi nodded. "What do you think could happen to Takuya... and the school?," Izumi asked. Kouji replied, "I don't know. But I do know that once we find out what cause the fire, we might find out what happened to Takuya."

"Kurata, is there something wrong sir?," a scientist asked Kurata, who was sitting at a chair in what seems to be a laboratory. Kurata was starring at a computer screen with a huge grin, "No, there's nothing wrong at all." Right after that was said, the door to the room open up to a blond teen, wearing a blue and yellow, short sleeved shirt with a hood over a plain white long sleeved shirt. When Kurata noticed this teen entered the room he looked over to the scientist, "can you excuse us?" The scientist simply bowed to Kurata and left the room, leaving the two.

"Nice to see you again, Kouki," Kurata turned his glance back to the computer screen.

"So, know something we don't?," Kouki grinned a little, "you are never seem this excited."

"Well,,, Something interesting happened over at DATS," Kurata look over to Kouki, "turns out that another can become a Digimon as well." Kouki's eyes widened but then made a huge grin.

"Then, you're planning on having another friend to the group,"

"Yes, but sadly he's in 'their' hands,"

"How are you going to invite him over?"

"I have a plan already figured out..."

"Man, this is so boring!," Takuya complained as he sat in Masaru's chair.

"It's not our fault you turned into a Digimon," Miki said but then added, "which makes you kind of cute!."

"You're sounding like this is my fault! And don't call me cute!," Takuya yelled. Takuya was forced to stay at DATS since they don't want a Digimon wondering off in the human world. It was already night and it was Miki and Megumi's turn to watch over the DATS building, but now they also have to watch over Takuya. Megumi was apparently out, but then she shortly came back with a box.

"I got some rice balls for snacks," Megumi said happily then looked over to the hybrid and opened the box, "want some?."

Takuya frowned slightly and sighed, "sure. At least I won't be hungry out of boredom." He stood, and walked over to Megumi and grabbed a rice ball, sat right back down on the chair to eat. While he was eating, a small white knight looking Digimon was caring a try with three cups of water and walked over to Takuya. Takuya looked over to the Digimon then to the girls, "what, are Digimon slaves here?."

Megumi became upset at this, "He's just trying to be polite!." Megumi walked over to the white Digimon and grabbed a cup of water, smiled at the Digimon, "Thanks White PawnChessmon."

"Don't think low of DATS just because you're stuck here," Miki said to Takuya as he pouted taking the last bite out of his rice ball. He then realized that the White PawnChessmon was still standing by him holding out two drinks. Takuya finally decided to take a cup, "thanks." The White PawnChessmon nodded and walked over to Miki so she can get a drink too while she and Megumi was sharing the rice balls.

"Look, I'm sorry, it's just that I promised that I would go to Kouji and Kouichi's birthday party," Takuya frowned.

"Two birthday's in one? That's nice," Megumi said.

"Yeah, they're twins. But now that I know I can't, my friends would be upset at me. And I didn't bought any presents yet,"

"Well, if they really are your friends, they wouldn't really be to mad at you," Miki replied, "and why don't you ask Tohma to get the presents for you and deliver them to the party?."

"That's a great idea! You should ask Tohma, Takuya," Megumi agreed.

"But, I don't got any money to give to Tohma to buy the presents,"

"Don't worry! Tohma is rich, I'm sure he can get the presents for you," Mik said with a small smile.

"What? Really?!," Takuya asked as both girls nodded at the same time. Takuya smiled but when he did the building shook a little with the sound of a huge alarm, "what's going on?"

Miki turned around in her chair and got onto the computer. After pressing some keys on the keyboard, her eyes widened, "a digital gate has appeared right above us!" This made Megumi eyes widened and Takuya was confused for a second but then understood. Digimon was attacking the DATS building.


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