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Summary- Elizabeth's not sorry

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Elizabeth's POV

We had saved Jack, traveled to World's End and risked our lives for his, so why did I still feel guilty? Why did I find it hard to look the euni- Will in the eyes and fall asleep at night? Why was I avoiding Jack at every turn, praying that he won't realize that it's me that has been drinking the rum from the cellar?

'Because you're not sorry!' the small voice in the back of my head taunts.

"But I am sorry," I whisper to the wind that is gently rocking the ship in the moonlight, "I sent him to a fate worse than hell!"

'That's not what you're not sorry about!' It says again, "Think about it… Lizzie, what are you not sorry about… what are you willing to do again. Fiancée or no?'

I let the rum bottle slip from my hands onto the deck below, spilling its contents around me.

"That was a waste of perfectly good rum Ms. Swann,my perfectly good rum in fact. Never would have guessed that the prim and proper governor's daughter loved the gold stuff!"

Jack's sly voice came from behind me, making me jump.

"How long have you known?" I asked quietly.

"A day or two, you're getting sloppy at hiding it luv!"

"Jack," I begin but he cuts me off,

"Captain Sparrow to you luv!" he says leaning in closely and growling into my ear,

"Because remember, 'you're not sorry!'" he mocks, his breath passing over my skin lightly, making me shiver.

Plucking up my courage, I look into his deep brown eyes and whisper,

"I said I wasn't sorry, Jack," I leaned in closer, my lips just brushing against his, a newfound courage building within me, "I never said what I wasn't sorry about."

Quick as lightning, my lips ascended upon his. All thoughts of Will and guilt left me. I pulled away.

"I'm not sorry!" I whisper in his ear before taking off across the deck to the cabin I was staying in.

Closing the door behind me I breathed in heavily.

'Nope,' the voice said happily,'definitely not sorry!'