Vampires in Vegas

This is my 1st attempt at writing so forgive any major errors in writing. I also have no idea how to post multiple chapters so I am going to make it up as I go along :) It was a funny idea that came to me so I hope you laugh.

I own nothing. It all belongs to the brilliant Stephenie Meyer. I humbly bow in her presence - and love her characters thoroughly.


My foot was tapping a mile a minute as I gazed into Edwards' beautiful eyes. I don't know how long I had been staring at him, getting more frustrated with every passing minute."Have you figured it out yet Edward?" I asked for at least the fifth time this hour.

"No Bella. She's getting very good at blocking me out of her mind. As soon as I decide to look, she sees it and her head fills with thoughts of elaborate mathematical equations, words to really bad songs, or worse…" he shuddered at the thought. I can only guess those images involved her and Jasper in a compromising position.

For the past week, I only saw Alice briefly. And if Edward came in the room she zoomed off on an errand or went hunting, again. It wasn't like her to act like that. She was avoiding me, and definitely avoiding Edward.

"I know she is planning something. I can just feel it. We have to figure it out before it's too late." I was getting paranoid and starting to drive Edward crazy with all my questions even though he was too much of a gentleman to say anything.

In addition to her strange behavior, I noticed a certain twinkle in Alice's eye that always makes my stomach knot up. Usually, it meant another shopping trip to Seattle or an afternoon of 'Bella Makeovers' which I think she really should be getting tired of by now.

It was two weeks until the wedding and I was stressed out enough without having to worry about what Alice was going to ambush me with on top of it. I had been bugging Edward for days to 'pick Alice's brain' for me and figure it out but even he was stumped which I think had him a bit worried too.

I own nothing – Stephenie Meyer – sheer genius- owns it all.

Double team

Edward's cell phone suddenly rang "Were your ears burning? Yes, I'll ask her." He turned to me with a suspicious smile on his face. "Alice wants us to come over to the house right now. Are you up for it? She claims she needs to tell you something important." He rolled his eyes at me and smiled.

My foot froze and I simply nodded my head. Hopefully it would be over soon. A new dress, a skimpy swimsuit for the honeymoon, a new hairdo, waxing my eyebrows… mind started running through the horrors that awaited me in Alice's plan.

Edward hung up the phone and a slight look of worry clouded his otherwise perfect face. He put his hands tightly around my waist and pulled me close. "Don't panic, but I think this is going to be worse than you thought Bella. I think Rosalie is in on her plan too."

"Why do you say that? What did she say? Did you see something?" My brain want haywire. I thought back over the last few days. Alice and Rosalie both had been hunting more than usual this week and I had only seen them a few minutes at a time and then they had to go do something come to think of it. Were they both trying to keep Edward out of their minds with odd thoughts and distance? I knew his gift was limited by distance…..was that why they were gone so much? Had they really been hunting or were they off planning something that would for sure be the end of me? I looked into Edwards' beautiful eyes, my face looking as helpless as I felt.

He smiled and gently kissed my lips. "Don't worry; I'll protect you from my crazy sisters. I can be quite frightening when I want to you know." He flashed me that dazzling smile that made my heart race and then gently kissed my lips.

I kissed him back and laughed "I think I'm more afraid of Alice than the Volturri sometimes. And if Rosalie is in on this….." my face flushed bright red. "Let's get this over with right now before I lose my nerve."

I looked up with a smirk, grabbed Edward's face and pressed my lips to his. As always, his cool lips felt wonderful on mine…too good. His face curled into a smile and I knew that meant I was pushing my luck, but I didn't care. If I was about to be humiliated and the hands of his sisters, I wanted to get something good out of it. We were both smiling as we headed to his car.