Chapter 1 – Finally racing again

Eva groans. She worked the past weeks so hard on this, she can't blow it now. With a screwdriver in one hand and a spanner in the other she attacks the star-racer. 'This must go out and this goes here instead of there', mutters the young woman. Sometimes she really is convinced that men suck in being a technician. This star-racer would never have left the ground if she didn't came along totally surprised.

'Ah, I see you found the racer', sounds a voice just from underneath her. When she leans backwards to check the person who spoke, she looks in the face of her father. 'Hey dad!', with an exciting jump Eva lands next the man. 'Give me this day and tomorrow she will fly like a bird', his daughter smiles at him. Don looks at his girl and put a hand on her shoulder. 'You must do your very best my child. Tomorrow is your big day, you're first race since Oban 6 years ago', Don explains the situation. Their normal pilot had gone sick and they needed to race tomorrow. Don gets no more time to talk further when Eva begins to jump and shout. Finally she is going to race again! Immediately she grapes her equipment from the table behind her, put on her belt and working gloves and continues with her work.

Its already late in the evening when she's done. Tired but satisfied the woman looks up at her racer. Six long years had passed since they returned from Oban. There wasn't any welcome back party and she had to return to school again. Stan and Koji went back to their former jobs again and so it seemed that the Great Race of Oban never happened. Eva thinks back at the time on Alwas and Oban. Many friends were made, but also enemies. The Crogs haven't showed their faces in the past 6 years, but she knows it is just a matter of time. Her thoughts stop at the memories about the friendly, giant Rush. She can't prevent herself from laughing when those images skip through her head. Jordan had looked so afraid of Rush, but that was al history at the moment he saved Eva from the cold water and sinking temple. Jordan, good friend and partner Jordan. She sit down at one of the crates in the hangar. They didn't start of very well in the beginning of their adventure, but everything turned out to be great. A partner like him, somebody she could trust fully, was rare and the best thing ever happening to her. He didn't looked her up in the passed years. Probably to busy with running the universe and learning from the creators. He said on Oban he loved her and it had comfort her at that moment. Such a good friend can't be found that easily.

'Hey Eva! You're still here is see!', from around a corner Koji and Stan appears. 'Long time no see teammate.' Eva gets onto her feet and laughing she runs towards the boys. 'It's indeed very good to see you guys. I thought you were too busy to drop by this evening?', welcome she her good friends. 'Yeah well…. You see there was this girl who really liked Stan so…', Koji started, before brutally interrupted by his friend. 'Just shut up you fool!', Stan hissed. But Koji was just warming up and he danced out of reach of his friend. 'And they were first standing in front of each other very shy and then suddenly she kissed him!', he roared with laughter. 'You should have seen his face! Hahaha.' Stan turned completely red and didn't know where to look anymore. Luckily for him Eva put an stop to this embarrassment. 'Have you brought the last few parts for my racer with you Koji?!', she shouted at him. The mechanic stand still while his hands search his many pockets. Then he opens them and there are the parts needed for the star-racer. 'Thanks Koji! You're the best!', with the speed of a snake she snatch the parts and climbs onto the racer again. While she is busy playing the technician, the two boys take the opportunity to walk around the machine. 'Is this a new racer Molly?', Stan asks. Before Eva get the chance to react he corrects himself. 'Sorry, I mean Eva.' With a smile the young woman continues with her work and begin to talks. 'Yes, this machine is build after the schemes of the racer my mum used to fly with. We also looked ate the Arrows and took their upgrades into this one as well. So now we have a new star-racer with the power and speed from the racers on Alwas and Oban.' When she is done the three of them have a small talk about life and the race before they part and Eva leaves for home.