Chapter 21 – Memories that will last forever

'Come on Eva! Do you call that racing?', an enthusiastic Ving is shouting at the young Earth pilot. They would race, they agreed on the Lucides ship, now more than a month ago. And finally after all those horrible weeks they are racing. Both in Earth star racers, but that doesn't make Ving a opponent that can be beaten easily. Eva enjoys every second of the race. It's difficult to pass the fast racer and she is sure that if Ving would have raced in the Great Race of Oban she wouldn't have stand any chance against her. Nu now, after all the experiences and challenges she had encountered during the Race and after that on the racetrack and in real life, she stood a fair chance. It was a relaxing race and just meant as friendship, but still the two didn't let any opportunity go by without trying to push the other one of the track. 'Damn, I wish I had my gunner boy!', Eva is shouting angry at the communication screen.

At the moment she and Aikka had pushed the buttons back at the planet of the Laiin, Jordan had appeared. As Avatar he wasn't able to use his powers for destruction, but he could save people from certain death. Their whole plan had depend on that one fatal percent of a second. If her newfound trust in him was unfounded and he wouldn't have showed up, they would have all died there. But Jordan came and saved them. After a long struggle against his altered genetic pattern he finally had beaten it and became the good Avatar again. After that rescue she hadn't seen him anymore and because she was asleep most of the time to recover from her wounds she didn't had any chance of thanking him or even see him. Now she wished more than ever that she had her gunner boy with her in the racer, because she was now racing in the old Arrow III. 'You called for a gunner boy ma'am?', with a shock she turns towards the inside communication channel and she finds Jordan sitting in the gunner seat. Not the Avatar with all his powers and fancy golden look. No, just her old friend and gunner boy Jordan, with his dog tags and blond/black hair. 'Let's kick her of the track and win this race!', Eva is filled with adrenaline and she accelerate quickly. 'Just a moment… just a moment… Now you're gonna lose Ving!', Jordan is shouting full of excitement and he start shooting. 'That was NOT fair Eva!', Ving tries to look upset and hurt, but the wide grin on her face tells otherwise. The next moment the Arrow III pass the finish line for the last time in first place.

'So you really have to leave tomorrow hah?', it's evening and Eva is in Aikka's bedroom. She knows she is acting like a little child at this moment, but she simply can't accept that it will take months before she can see him again. The man in front of her is sitting of the edge of his bed and keeps stuffing stuff in his suitcase. 'You know, that as King, I don't have a choice. I still have a family and an entire world to look after', he whispers. God, he doesn't want to leave her behind! 'Then I want a worthy goodbye from my king', the words has left her lips before she could stop them. In the next moments of silence she walks towards the surprised king and sits down on his lap. Eva takes his face in her soft hands and kisses his lips softly and gentle. 'I will give you a goodbye you will never forget!', Aikka is whispering full of passion and he throws her over his shoulder onto the bed. With a naughty look in his eyes he begins to untie her shirt and bra. With his pretty shaped hands the king strokes her upper body and he kisses her breasts. 'Finally I can be with Aikka without anybody rushing into my room', shoots it through Eva's mind. 'The others are all busy and gone. Finally!'

The next morning Eva wakes up in an empty bed. Where is Aikka? He can't be gone this fast! She rushes through her room and start dressing. After a few minutes she runs downstairs to see where her lover is. And owh yeah, she finds Aikka… she finds a lot more than just Aikka… 'SURPRISE!', everybody, but really everybody is standing in de back garden. Rush, Spirit, Ning and Skun, Lucide, Ving, Mortai, Que, Dad, Stan, Koij, Jordan and of course Aikka. Completely stunned she keeps standing in the doorway. 'What's this?', she mumbles uncomfortable. 'With all the chaos around we have totally forgotten your birthday three weeks ago!', her father is laughing. 'So we decided to celebrate it now!'

And what a hell of a birthday that was…