Harry mentally rolled his eyes as Vernon glared at him through the rearview mirror. He wouldn't be dealing with the walrus-shaped man for much longer; Sirius had made sure of that.

Sirius had somehow known he would die before becoming "free" but as he never had a trial, he was never officially convicted, and therefore still Harry's primary guardian. He showed Harry his will at one point, and explained everything to him, including how to get past any objections that the remaining members of the Black family would have.

Harry would be the Head of both the Black and Potter families by the end of the week, and emancipated to boot. Sirius had blood adopted him, allowing him to take place as Head of the Black family.

"Boy," Vernon growled, at him as the car pulled into the driveway of #4 Privet Drive, "We have a new guest. Apparently Petunia had another sister, who married a freak worse than your parents. Both of them have died, leaving their freak of a daughter with us. There will be no freakishness done around her; it's bad enough what her parents were, and I won't have her becoming like you."

"What were her parents?" Harry asked, curiously.

"No questions boy!" Vernon hissed, "Get your things and go to your room!" Harry mentally rolled his eyes again, but did as he was told. Later that night, when the Dursleys were asleep, Harry snuck downstairs, and opened the cupboard.

'Yep,' Harry thought, 'I found her.' The girl in question looked to be about five, with pink hair. 'Oh, I bet the Dursleys just loved that.' The girl sniffled and looked up with wide green eyes. Harry took note that they were the exact same shade as his, but was more concerned with the large Vernon-sized, hand-shaped bruise on her left cheek.

"P-please d-don't h-hurt m-m-me. I-I'll b-be g-g-good, I-I pr-promise!" she stuttered.

"Shh," Harry shushed her as they both heard Vernon move upstairs. After a few moments of silence Harry spoke quietly, "He probably just turned over in bed. I won't hurt you. What's your name?"

"I-I'm S-Saku-kura."

"Sakura is a pretty name. I'm Harry. It's nice to meet you Sakura," Harry smiled and held out his hand. She took it shyly.

"N-nice to m-meet you too, H-Harry-nii-san," she said. Harry filed the unfamiliar words away for later, and decided that he would be taking his cousin with him when he left. The order members watching him right now were Dung and Tonks. Tonks was in on Sirius' plan, as was Lupin, and Dung…well, he was just an idiot.

"Do you have anything you'd like to take with you?" he asked. Sakura seemed to be confused for a moment, before catching on.

"T-they locked everything u-up in the at-attic," she told him. Harry nodded.

"Alright," he picked her up, "I need you to be as quiet as you possibly can be, okay?" Sakura nodded determinedly. Harry crept up the stairs with her in his arms. He put her on the bed then turned around and waved his hand over his trunk.

Sirius had forced him to practice wandless magic as much as he could, and Harry was grateful for that, as the Ministry couldn't detect wandless magic. Unfortunately, and other type of magic used in the house, House-Elf magic for instance, was recorded as him using his wand.

Harry smiled slightly as Sakura let out a slightly stifled gasp when his trunk started shrinking on it's own. He picked it up and placed it in his pocket.

"Stay here for a moment," he told her, before walking out into the hallway and wandlessly locking the Dursley's in their room. The charm would wear off long before any of them woke up. He put a wandless silencing charm on the attic door then pulled on it, making the ladder come down and hit him on the head.

"Ow," Harry whispered, rubbing his head. Giggling made him turn to see Sakura peeking out of his room. Harry waved her over and motioned for her to go up the ladder. She did so, and he followed. "What's yours?"

Sakura frowned and looked around the room, before pointing to a trunk decorated with pictures of cherry blossom leaves and a pink bag with a purple lily on it. Harry shrunk the trunk and put it in his pocket with his own, but handed Sakura the bag. Harry then went around looking for anything that might have belonged to his mother. According to Sirius, this had been the home of his mother's parents, his grandparents, and the only way Petunia got to keep it, was if she never threw out anything that belonged to her sisters (Harry had assumed that he only meant to say 'sister' not 'sisters', and Sirius assumed that Harry had already known about the third Evans sister).

'Aha,' he thought, taking sight of a trunk with the letters L.A.E. on it's front, 'found it.' He minimized and pocketed this trunk as well. Strangely enough, after another half our of poking around, he found four more trunks (with the letters J.C.P., S.O.B., R.J.L, and P.T.P. on each respectively), two large boxes of what was quite obviously his mother's things (or at the very least, not Petunia's as there was no way Petunia would ever own a leather jacket with a purple lily (similar to the one on Sakura's bag) on the back of it), a medium box filled with journals labeled "LILY'S EYES ONLY!", a slightly smaller trunk with the letters S.O.E. on it, as well as a few more boxes of journals and books all labeled "Stenia's" all hidden away.

"Alright Sakura," Harry said, after minimizing and pocketing everything, "Time to g-" Harry stopped short, seeing as Sakura was sleeping away, using her bag as a pillow. He smiled and picked her up, before leaving the attic, and closing it back up. He left out the front door, with the still snoozing five-year-old in his arms and walked a little ways down the street before calling the Knight Bus.

As she watched the Knight Bus leave, Tonks let out a whispered, "Good luck!" and smiled.


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