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It is with a heavy heart that I finally admit I just no longer have the time to write fanfiction. My last ditch attempt to finish them by posting them to my livejournal, with my last upload being almost a year ago, unfortunately did not work. I'm sorry to those of you who followed me there that I was unable to finish them.

I am placing all my uncompleted stories up for adoption. If you choose to adopt a story, please pm me (on ) so that I may let those interested know by posting your penname in the story in question.

I will very shortly be privatizing the fanfiction posts on my livejournal (if I haven't already), and hosting them solely on . The few fanfictions that were introduced to my livejournal but not on , will be posted on fanfiction shortly after. I will also be uploading any remaining written portions and notes for each chapter to fanfiction. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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Below you will find the remainder of written parts/notes I have for the rest of this story.


Shibi/Gen: I probably would have kept the name Shibi since he wasn't named Gen when I started writing this.

Kakashi/Harry/Shibi: Shibi's marriage would have been arranged. He and his wife both have other lovers.

Feel free to adopt this story. If you do, please remember to PM me so I may add your penname below.

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