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Chapter 1: A day in the life of…

Tyler Matthews heaved a restless sigh as he sat outside of the school cafeteria on one of the table/benches. He poked a fork aimlessly into what appeared to be some sort of tuna salad and cat food combo. But as the lunch ladies had said, several times, it was actually Tuna surprise.

The teen huffed, "What's the surprise after you eat it you glow in the dark?"

After poking the questionable food substance a few more times he dumped his uneaten tray into one of the trashcans situated around the courtyard and sat down under a large oak tree. He leaned his back against the trunk, and glanced around at his classmates. He saw Dash and the football players lounging across several tables with Paulina and her crew jabbering loudly next to them. His light brown eyes drifted over the varying cliques and clubs, finally coming to rest on three normal kids sitting at the far end of the yard.

Ty knew that the one with the blue eyes was Danny Fenton but the other two he didn't know. With a shrug he abandoned his mental search for the girl and boys' name and let his mind drift to other thoughts. It was hard to believe that only a few days ago he, along with his classmates had been at the mercy of a ghost virus that gave each of them a strange ghost related power.

The teen shivered involuntarily at the memory, he had been trying to put the incident behind him but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't stop bringing it back up. His power had been strange, at first he thought he hadn't contracted the virus, until a flash of blood red light had encased his body.

The blond teen remembered feeling extreme cold rush up his spine, as the light traveled over his body. He also remembered his chest tightening to the point where he thought he was going to suffocate. But after a few moments the light had disappeared and the he felt normal again.

Oh, how far from the truth he had been Ty learned after catching his reflection in the bathroom mirror. His once dark tan face had taken on a sickening blue color and his hair had changed from dirty blond to a spiky glowing golden color.

What had shocked him the most were his eyes, which had gone completely gold even the pupils. After seeing his frightening reflection he had screamed before running out of the bathroom shouting for help. He, like the other infected students, had been moved to that creepy hospital on that extremely creepy hill. And after a few hours of being uncomfortably cold and randomly falling through solid objects, for some unknown reason the ghostly mosquitoes left the teenagers bodies.

"Hey dude the bell just rang." A male voice said, pulling Tyler from his thoughts. He glanced up to see the boy from earlier, with the red beret and glasses, standing over him.

"Oh thanks," Ty mumbled getting slowly to his feet. He flounced past the other boy, his baggy jeans dragging under his large clunky combat boots. It was amazing he didn't trip, considering he wasn't very graceful.

Ty snorted at the thought, lazily looking over his classmates. Most of which, he didn't give a crap about. Maybe he was anti-social, but he liked to keep to himself. As he past a group of pretty girls he smiled suavely at them, hoping to earn at least one smile. But they rolled their eyes and turned away.

Well, that's high school for ya, Ty thought with a shake of his head.

He could have sworn he heard the girls mutter 'ew' and 'what a loser' as he walked away.

Tyler ignored them and pushed his way through the crowds of kids, keeping his head down and hands in his pockets. Most of the students swerved to get of his way while others stood off to the side. Ty had the amazing urge to suddenly stop in his tracks and shout, 'Oh god do I have the plague again!' But he resisted the and finally made it to his locker and grabbed his life science book.

Once again he plunged back into the fray of students and made it to his class; plopping down in his seat at the back of the room by the window. As usual he was the last to arrive and as usual everyone watched him silently, no one daring to say a word.

Mr. Johanson shook his head with an annoyed frown. He didn't particularly like Matthews, but seeing as how he was a professional he couldn't exactly show it. The teacher cleared his throat and began his lecture about the upcoming lab assignment.

Ty, at hearing Mr. Johanson start his speech, turned his gaze out the window a bored expression on his face. The boy nearly yelped in surprise when he saw the town's resident ghost boy: Danny Phantom, outside battling another ghost with flaming blue hair. Tyler looked back and forth between the window and his class, but no one else seemed to notice the ghostly combatants.

Open mouthed he looked back outside just as Phantom, with his fists glowing a fluorescent green, charged through the air at the other ghost. It was a girl, about twenty or so with a guitar slung over her shoulder, she played a note on said guitar and flames burst from it in the shape of a large fist.

The attack collided with the ghost boy and he fell from the air crashing heavily onto one of the benches in the front of the school. Tyler leaned over his desk attempting to see the fight better, but a booming voice pulled him back to the classroom.

"Mr. Matthews," Mr. Johanson said sternly. "Care to tell us what you find so intriguing, that you are not paying attention to my directions?"

The blond teen met his teachers' angry glare with a frown. He knew the guy had it in for him, but he was not going to let it show. Ty let a lopsided grin slide across his face. "Well Mr. Johanson I don't think that's a fair question," he narrowed his eyes. "Because everything is more intriguing than listening to one of your lectures."

Some students let out barely suppressed snickers at the insult, while most laughed outright. Tyler leaned back in his seat enjoying the look of rage on his teachers' face. Nothing was more amusing than messing with people, especially when they couldn't do anything to get you back. That was the philosophy Ty lived by.

"Tyler go to the office," Mr. Johanson ordered pointing toward the door, his face burning red.

With a shrug Ty stood and walked at a comfortable pace out the door. He was used to being sent to the office by now and frankly, he didn't really care anymore. When arriving at the office he wasn't surprised to hear the secretary greet him without even looking up.

"Nice to see you again Mr. Matthews," she said as she typed away on her computer. "This would be the third time this week, am I correct?"

Ty grinned as he sat down, "Yeah, you know me too well Gladys."

The young woman, around her late twenties, glanced up at him a light scowl creased her forehead. Though she would never admit it out loud she enjoyed having the teen around. "That's Mrs. Swintly to you," she told him lightly.

"Sorry Mrs. Swintly," Tyler corrected, sending her one of his famous innocent looks.

But the woman could see right through it, "Who sent you and what did you say this time?"

The boy sighed and answered offhandedly, "Mr. Johanson 'cause I wasn't paying attention and I insulted his ability to give lectures." The secretary eyed him and he threw up his hands, "The guy has got it out for me Gladys! I swear I didn't do anything until he started it!"

Gladys shook her head and began typing again. "Tyler you need to stop insulting the teacher's," she started, sliding into lecture mode.

Tyler let his eyes drift away from the woman, letting his expression do all the talking. He was not listening.

Mrs. Swintly caught on to his demeanor and sighed, knowing that look by heart. She wished she could get him to understand that he needed to focus on his school work. He wasn't a dumb kid, but he never applied himself! It was infuriating, especially when you knew the potential he had inside him.

She opened her mouth to try a different tactic when the door at the far end of the room burst open. Standing in its place was a dark haired Asian woman in her forties wearing a pair of black dress pants and a light brown sweater. The name plate on the door read Ms. Chan.

The short woman motioned for Ty to come into her office and the boy wearily complied. Gladys sent him a sympathetic glance as he stood and disappeared into the other room. Ms. Chan shut the door behind the teen and sat down at her desk with an exasperated sigh.

"Mr. Matthews I would say it's good to see you but we both know that isn't true," the woman started. She was tired of having to see the boy every other day; it was grinding on her nerves.

"This is the third time this week that you've been sent to my office and I don't even want to know why," she took off her glasses and rubbed her tired eyes. "Tyler you used to be such a good student up until about two years ago."

Tyler instinctively stiffened in his chair, a snarl coming across his face, he did not like where the conversation was going. Ms. Chan didn't notice her students discomfort and continued, "You don't have to tell me why because I have a pretty good idea and I understand."

"Trust me you couldn't possibly understand," Tyler interrupted in a dark tone.

Ms. Chan looked up at him surprised by his voice, and she couldn't suppress the gasp that escaped her throat. The boy's once light brown eyes had gone completely gold, even covering the pupils. The older woman scrambled out of her chair, fear evident in her expression. Tyler tilted his head confused, his change in mood causing his normal eye color to return.

"Ms. Chan you okay?" The blond asked worriedly.

The woman stared at him her hands shaking; she took a couple of deep breaths in an attempt to calm her racing heart. I'm sure it was just a trick of the light, she mentally assured herself.

"Yes," she cleared her throat putting her glasses back on. "Why don't you go back to the waiting room and I'll call your mother." Without a word the teen stood up, watching the principal warily he trudged out the door.

Well that was weird, Ty thought, staring at the closed door. She looked really scared for some reason.

"That was the shortest lecturing to date," Gladys quipped, still typing on her computer.

Tyler smirked wirily, "Yeah I guess she's starting to learn. I don't listen."

Mrs. Swintly sent him a dry look one of her eyebrows raised. Ty put a hand over his heart, "What can I say it's a curse."

The woman rolled her eyes, "She calling your mom?"

Ty winced and nodded, unconsciously sticking his hands back in his pockets. He was okay with the whole lecturing by teachers, but by his mom that was another story. "How's she doing," Gladys asked, referring to his mother.

Tyler sighed running a hand through his short hair, "She's okay, just really busy all the time." He didn't tell Gladys about how his mother, Diane, came home every night around eleven o'clock, if she came home at all and collapsed on the couch exhausted. And somehow she'd be gone before seven thirty every morning. Tyler didn't want any one's pity, so he kept his personal life to himself.

He jumped slightly when Ms. Chan came back out of her office her flustered air gone. "Mr. Matthews, I talked with your mother and we both agreed. Your punishment will be one month of student counseling."

Tyler had been clenching his fists worriedly, but when he heard this he took a startled step back. "What?" He asked confused.

"Student counseling is a program we created for troubled teens. You will go to a session and you will discuss what's bothering you with another student," Ms. Chan explained.

The blond haired teen frowned angrily, Mom thinks I'm troubled? I'm not loopy I don't need counseling!

"Is this optional," he sputtered furiously.

The principal shook her head hands on her hips. "Can't you just give me detention?" He tried again, and again she shook her head. "Suspension?" Again she shook her head. "Can't I like clean the erasers or something?"

Ms. Chan sighed, "Tyler this isn't negotiable and you start right now." Before the teen had time to object the principal turned to her secretary, "Ms. Swintly, please show Tyler where to go." She ordered before disappearing back into her office.

Tyler stared after her, his jaw clenched tightly. He couldn't believe how unfair this whole situation was.

Gladys stood up and motioned for him to follow. He growled under his breath, but followed all the same. Once they were out of the office Gladys turned to the fuming teen, "Ty I know that you don't like this, but c'mon it's got to better than detention," she said persuasively.

"I don't need counseling," he muttered crossly.

The young woman rolled her eyes and took off down the hall, followed by a muttering Tyler. After a few moments the two arrived outside of room 210, "This is it," Gladys said, glancing worriedly over her shoulder at the boy.

Without a word Tyler opened the door and walked in. But once inside he froze, his angry expression melting away. Sitting at a table, waiting patiently, was a beautiful red head about the same age as Ty. She was wearing teal pants with a black long sleeved shirt and a headband; she turned to him and smiled gently.

Ty's breath caught in his throat and he felt his cheeks flush. She was so pretty. He couldn't even smile he was so mesmerized. "You kids have fun," Gladys said pleasantly before closing the door, shooting Tyler a knowing grin in the process.

Tyler took a seat across from the girl, still slightly dazed. "Hi I'm Jasmine Fenton, but you can call me Jazz," she said holding out her hand.

Tyler took it, "Um, I-I'm Tyler." He stuttered, wincing mentally for almost forgetting his own name.

Jazz laughed at his nervousness before beginning to speak in a very business like, "So Tyler, I guess we should start off with why you're here."

The blond teen frowned; he knew that tone. It was the voice of a person who knew they were talking to a nut job. And he was not nut job. Tyler leaned back in his chair, taking on his aloof attitude. "Well I guess it all started about fifteen years ago. My parents met at the circus, or so they said, mom was an acrobat and dad was a fire eater-"

"I meant, why are you talking to me right now," Jazz interrupted, frowning slightly.

"Oh," Ty mocked, his eyes going wide with false wonderment. "My bad, you know how we troubled kids can be. I insulted Mr. Johanson's ability to give lectures. I didn't stab anyone if that's what you were thinking."

Jazz paused for a moment, frowning even more. She hadn't been expecting that answer. "I wasn't going to say that," she protested, but regained her demeanor quickly. "Now, what exactly did you do?"

"Nothing really, the guy has got it out for me," he frowned thoughtfully and added. "Not that I blame him, I did glue all his drawers shut that one time. And I insulted his mom last month. Oh and last week I toilet papered his house. Is that the answer you were looking for, Jazz?"

Jazz stared at him, "Did you actually do that?"

Tyler inspected his fingernails with great interest, "Yep. I'm one bad apple, chica." He glanced up at her and smiled wolfishly at her thrown expression.

The girl narrowed her eyes, there was no way she was going to let this kid ruin her first real counseling session. She had studied psychology for the past three years and she would be darned if he ruined all her hard work. "You know if you don't start talking soon I might just have to call Ms. Chan in here to have a few words with you."

At this Tyler looked up, slightly wide eyed. Whoa, she may be pretty, but she is flipping evil. He cleared his throat nervously, "Alright, what do you wanna know?"

"What were you doing to get kicked out of class," Jazz questioned. Happy that maybe she was getting somewhere.

Tyler shrugged airily, "I was watching Danny Phantom fight off some ghost chick with a guitar."

Jazz's eyes widened and she gasped quietly. "Did you see what happened to Phantom? Was he alright, he wasn't hurt was he," she asked quickly, her voice sounding desperate.

Ty stared at her a little shocked at her outburst. "Whoa calm down," he said, leaning away from her. "Why do you care anyway?"

Jazz calmed a bit and shrugged, "I…I don't care," she stuttered. "I was just wondering."

The blond haired teen rolled his eyes. "Uh-huh that's why you just flipped out asking if he was okay. Please don't tell me you're obsessed with ghosts like your family."

Jazz frowned at him, her patience running thin. "I'm going to pretend you didn't say that," she snapped. The girl took a deep breath and forced herself to sound casual, "So was he okay, Phantom, nothing happened to him right?" She asked anxious-ness flashing in her eyes.

Tyler casually picked at his nails again, before giving her a rakish grin. "I could tell you if you ask nicely." He said smugly knowing he had struck a nerve with the ghost comment.

Jazz glared at him, "Please," she hissed clenching her fists. Her remaining patience was officially gone; she wanted to know if her brother was okay but this idiot wouldn't tell her.

Ty sighed dramatically. "I'm afraid that sounded a little harsh. Could you try that again, a little more sincerely?" He asked smirking.

The red haired girl dug her hand into her pocket and whipped out the Fenton Lipstick. She aimed the glowing weapon at the boy's head. "Please tell me what happened to Phantom," she snarled. The girl knew she was acting a bit rash, but if this was the only way to get information it was worth it.

Ty looked calmly between the lipstick and the angry girl the smug grin never leaving his face. "Ok psycho chick," he chuckled holding up his hands. "I didn't get to see the whole fight, but I'm pretty sure the ghost kid was fine." Ty pointed at the glowing lipstick still aimed at his head, "Mind lowering the lipstick of death?"

After a moment Jazz stuck the weapon back in her pocket and sat down. Ty heard her sigh quietly and he didn't miss the look of satisfaction that crossed her face. "So now that your split personality is gone, mind telling me why you care so much about the ghost boy?" Ty asked, actually curious.

"I told you I don't," the red head denied crossing her arms.

Ty only waggled his eyebrows as if to say 'sure, right I know your dirty little secret.'

Jazz scowled at him partly out of anger, partly out of annoyance; she really didn't like this kid. "Shut up, I don't care about the ghost kid or any ghosts for that matter," Jazz nearly shouted, on the verge of launching herself at the other teen.

Tyler chuckled, "First off I didn't say anything. Second, if you didn't care about the ghost kid you wouldn't have threatened me with a tube of lipstick. Third, you come from a family of ghost hunters, there's no way you don't care about ghosts," he ticked off the points with his fingers, still smiling that infuriating smile.

The girl narrowed her eyes at him, "Don't even start with my family," she said quietly. "Their crazy obsession with ghosts just makes me feel so," she waved her hand through the air, searching for the correct word. "Inadequate."

The girl took a deep breath and forged on, "Sometimes I feel that my parents put ghost hunting before Danny and I. And I can't help but feel angry about it." She looked up at Tyler, hopeful that her little heart to heart would help to break the shell of anger and distrust that clearly surrounded the boy. Jazz may have not been a real counselor, but she had read enough on the subject to know what to say and do.

Ty looked her up and down, a thoughtful frown plastered on his face. "Wow," he whistled after a minute. "And I thought I was supposed to be the messed up one. Maybe we should switch places for a little bit," he suggested, motioning between them with his finger.

Jazz felt like slapping him, the blond had somehow managed to contradict everything she had learned about psychiatry in a matter of, thirty-five minutes. She sighed again, and met the other teens' gaze furiously.

She had to admit, he kind of had had nice eyes. She looked him over, examining his tanned skin and messy hair. Jazz noticed, a little worriedly that he had dimples to go along with his infuriating, arrogant smirk. The girl cleared her throat and forced her gaze away from Tyler, instead focusing on some notes she had taken below her.

"How about we focus on your problems," Jazz said quickly. Tyler suddenly leaned forward, so he was mere inches away from Jazz, he inspected her with a critical gaze. The girl wanted to move away from him, but found she couldn't when her eyes met his.

"You're a weird one Jazz," he whispered, thoughtfully. She shivered as his breath tickled her cheek.

"And what does that make you?" Jazz shot back, thought it sounded more playful than witty. She was surprised, and somewhat not surprised, when Ty grinned and chuckled quietly.

"No idea," he breathed. "I'm just a troubled teenager, remember?"

The two teenagers gazed into each others' eyes: light blue meeting brown. The moment seemed to last forever to Jazz and she unconsciously didn't want it to end. She was pulled back to reality when the bell rang, signaling the end of school.

Ty pulled away from Jazz and stood up, "See you tomorrow, Jasmine," he said before he disappeared out the door.

The boy walked away from the room, thoughts buzzing in his head. Jazz was definitely different from other girls; or most people in general. And the boy couldn't help but feel attracted to her. But there was no way a beautiful girl like that would be interested in a basket case like Ty, especially after the way he treated her.

The blond rubbed the back of his neck while weaving through the closely packed halls. "Maybe that wasn't the best way to get her to like me," he whispered.

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't notice the blob of messy raven colored hair walking towards him until he collided head on with it. Ty gasped as he and the mess of black hair both fell onto their butts. The blond haired teen looked up to see the boy from lunch watching him warily with icy blue eyes.

"Sorry, I didn't see you," The skinny boy said quickly, almost seeming afraid.

Of what, Ty couldn't help but think. The two were almost the same height, with Tyler at least four inches taller. Not to mention that Danny didn't seem to be as scrawny as he usually did. I wonder if he's been working out, or something, Ty observed as he stiffly got back to his feet.

"Nah," Tyler shrugged, holding out his hand to the other teen. "It was my fault, wasn't paying attention to the road," he joked, pulling Danny to his feet.

Danny looked relieved as he adjusted his backpack, "Yeah I know what you mean," he agreed. Just then, Danny looked at his watch and winced, "Oh jeez I gotta go, nice talking to you," he said as he hurried away.

"Yeah," Ty called to the quickly disappearing teen sounding puzzled. He shrugged and turned heading for the exit. He came out of the school and took a deep breath, Sweet freedom. He thought cheerfully releasing a happy sigh. Suddenly the blond felt a hand clap him on the shoulder and he spun around to see Mr. Johanson standing over him.

"Mr. Matthews," the teacher said. "I forgot to tell you, you have detention."

Tyler stared at him open mouthed, "For what?"

Mr. Johanson chuckled humorlessly as he held up a small roll of toilet paper. Ty's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to make up a quick excuse when he saw a red head standing just behind the teacher in front of him. The boy's eyebrows rose when he recognized the head as Jazz. 'You blabbed,' he mouthed furiously, sending her an excusing stare.

Jazz sent him a very self satisfied smile as she mouthed back, 'Yep, that was for calling me Jasmine.' Before Ty could make a sharp retort Mr. Johanson spun him around and led him back into the school. The blond haired teen sent one last angry glare at Jazz and pointed at her.

'You are so going to the top of my revenge list,' he mouthed scowling fiercely.

Jazz shrugged; she felt somewhat bothered at ratting out her fellow teenager, but she felt the need to get back at Tyler for screwing up her first student counseling meeting. The girl mouthed casually, 'Whatever you say,' before she turned and flounced out the door.

Oh she is so gonna pay, Tyler thought. This means war.