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Prologue: A Child is Born…

"Damn you!" Madara Uchiha cursed as he felt the last of his strength leave him. His body had been ripped apart by the Kyuubi's container. He was the last, the hidden leader of the Akatsuki. The rest of his group lay dead in various parts of their HQ, every one killed by the elite team sent from Konoha. It had only complicated things further when Orochimaru had appeared in the body of Itachi's brother and had aided Konoha in defeating the members, only to turn on them moments later. Orochimaru now lay dead in many pieces in the very chamber that Madara would call his grave.

"You… bastard! How… can you… be so…" Madara coughed up blood onto the feet of the man in front of him.

"I can because I needed to protect my friends." Naruto Uzumaki stood, barely, in front of the most terrible opponent he had ever faced. His body had more cuts on it then if he had been in a blizzard of kunai. His face had a gash going from the tip of his left eye to the bottom of his right chin which bled profusely. How the demon vessel had not died from blood loss was beyond the quickly fading intellect of the last Uchiha. Naruto's right arm hung limp at his side, broken. The only two people who knew what this meant for him were not there. Naruto couldn't move his arm to finish Madara, but instead he channeled the last of his chakra into a foot and picked up one of his father's kunai by using chakra to stick it to his sandal. He then used his final amount of strength to decapitate the Akatsuki leader with a kick.

It was over. Naruto had won. He walked over to the last person alive, barely. Sasuke Uchiha lay dieing, missing the lower half of his body. Orochimaru had taken his body over and had used it to fight Naruto while Naruto fought Madara. Now that Orochimaru had passed out from the pain, Sasuke came back to the surface.

"Heh… I guess you win… again… dobe."

"Damn it, Sasuke. I… I didn't mean…"

"You did what you… had to… now, before I die… take my eye…"


"You… lost one… didn't you… and you… deserve… it…" Sasuke coughed up blood, Naruto was amazed he was still able to move, let alone talk.

"Ok…" Naruto took out a kunai and used it to carefully remove the left eye of the Uchiha. He sealed it into a scroll.

"You know… Naruto… I… I… lied about wanting to kill you… you…you… were my best friend… the only one who could understand my pain…"


"Thanks… for… avenging… my family… friend…"

"Shut up, Teme! Why did you have to go to Orochimaru… this had to happen… kuso…"

"Heh… dobe… don't cry over me… take care… of everyone…"


"And… don't marry Sakura…"


"As a friend… I… would advise… finding… someone… who loves you… not someone… who will look for a shoulder… to lean on… after… I die…"


"Naruto… you know it… she doesn't love you… I think… she didn't even love me… she is just lonely… find a girl… who loves you for you… do that… for me…"


"Good… be happy… and live… unlike me…" Sasuke coughed once more and then his chest stopped rising and falling. He had died. Naruto was tempted to collapse right there, but knew he had one last thing to do. Free the ones the Akatsuki had imprisoned. Naruto made his way to the cells at the back of the room that was covered in the body parts of his enemies. After looking in each one he found that only one contained what might be a live human. A small girl, probably only five or six, lay badly beaten on her side. Through the pain induced haze Naruto could see her chest rising and falling. She was alive, more so then he was. He tried the door and found it unlocked. It had been sealed by the chakra of Pein and with his death all of the seals he had held up were broken. He managed to walk into the cell.

"Hey." The girl was out cold it seemed. Naruto somehow managed to get her on his back and carry her to where his friends should have been using only his left arm. When he reached the entrance he found two people, much less then he had sent in on this mission. Much less then should have come out. Kakashi and Jiriya stood at the entrance waiting for him. He was right behind them before they even sensed him, his chakra had depleted so far.

"Naruto! Damn, you look horrible."

"The rest of the team went ahead, there were many injuries, no one was unhurt. But, as of an hour ago, no one died. Pretty decent for your first mission as a jonin, Naruto."

"No one died?"

"No one died so far."

"Good, I'll run back, after all it is only a half day from here…"

"Who is the girl… Naruto?" Naruto was gone, running through the trees towards the road. They saw how his arm trailed limply behind him. They started after him. Naruto knew that this would probably be the last time he ever had a chance to run. His body was damaged beyond that a normal human could have survived… and what was worse was that instead of healing like he normally did in minutes, he wasn't feeling any chakra at all. It was as if the demon inside of him had been shut off. Naruto sprinted for all his worth, matching speeds that Lee would have been proud of. He was dieing, he knew. Unless he reached Konoha soon, he knew that he would die of blood loss. The healing powers of his prisoner had stopped near the end of the fight. It was only three hours later when Naruto saw the city gates. A trail of blood ran behind him for miles. He stood looking at the city, with an unknown little girl on his back. He smiled. Then he fell, face first into the dust.

"…aruto… Nar…. ake up… aru… Naruto… wake up, Naruto!" Naruto came to consciousness only a few minutes later it seemed. He knew he should be in pain… a broken arm should technically do that to a human. Hey, fox? Naruto called out into his mind. Kitsune-teme? What's going on? Shut up. No, really. I should be dead, right? Not even you could heal me after that… No, I couldn't… you bastard. You used up every ounce of chakra I had. I am dieing. Finally. Shut up, at least I leave a pathetic excuse for a shell. Pathetic? I defeated three Akatsuki members without even using a little of your chakra, I only used you for Pein and Madara. Yeah, and that was that. Next time you enter your mindscape I won't be there. Thanks. Oh, well. I don't need you now that all of my enemies are dead. No, you won't. No one cares about non-combatants… What did you say? You are going to be surprised… and it won't be pleasant. What do you mean? You mean the arm, don't you? Kyuubi? Kyuubi? KUSO!

"Naruto, wake up! Why isn't he waking up? Tsunade…"

"I don't KNOW, DAMN IT! For all I know he won't ever wake up…"

"Don't say that…"

"Now, you lay back and rest."

"No! Naruto-kun will wake up! He never gives up!"

"You're right… but…"

"Shut up, 'm tired…"

"Naruto!" Three incredibly loud voices and one soft one filled his ears as he lay in what he assumed was a hospital bed. He opened his eyes, or the one that he could open. The other was covered, but if Naruto remembered the last fight correctly… then it wasn't there anyway… wait… what was he doing resting? He hadn't checked in on his team yet. He tried to sit up, but didn't have the strength. His arm was in a cast, which he had expected. He remembered it vividly. Shoving one wind rasengan into Orochimaru and then another into Madara Uchiha. He had felt his arm break on the first one and the second one… he knew that what Tsunade had told him before about what would happen if he used it again had happened. Naruto knew the consequences when he made the decision to use it.

"I said be quiet, you would think people who were trained to care for others would know to keep it down." Naruto was using a much softer voice then was normal for him, it was scary to see him without the usual energy.


"How is the team, Tsunade…"

"They all survived, though some with worse injuries then others. Lee managed to escape with only a few cuts and was the main reason why Neji and Hinata are alive. They defeated their opponent, but were poisoned in the fight. Lee brought them both back, along with a sample of the poison and they survived, though Hinata will be staying with us for a while…"

"Damn… she ok?"

"Yeah, but she had taken a lot of poison when she threw herself in the path of projectiles aimed for Neji. She had almost twice the poison he did."

"That's Hinata for you. She is stronger of heart then anyone else I know." Naruto heard a loud thump from his left. "What was that?"

"That was Hinata passing out and falling out of her bed."


"Yeah, the hospital was full so we put you in her room. She doesn't take compliments very well, especially from people she respects."

"Well, when she wakes up, give her my thanks. The rest of my team?"

"Kiba and Shino survived with multiple near fatal stab wounds. Kakashi suffered from chakra depletion, as did Jiriya. They are both out of the hospital now…"

"How long was I out?"

"About three weeks."

"Three weeks… why is Hinata still here?"

"It was a… progressive poison. It won't be completely cleaned out for another week or two."


"Yes, well. Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji all had multiple gashed, bone fractures, and various other issues. Ten-ten survived… barely… we don't know if she will ever be able to use her left arm again." Naruto cringed at that. He never wanted something like that, her weapons were her life…

"Ah, yes… That covers it."

"What about the girl I brought back?"

"Besides having multiple bruises and a case of amnesia, not uncommon for torture victims, she is fine. In fact, she was bouncing down the hallway just a while ago… who was she?"

"The only survivor in the Akatsuki prison."

"Well, she is doing fine, she says she wants to meet the man who saved her. She doesn't have a name, but I have never seen such a cute little girl. She is like you, bouncing around with all the energy people her age can have. Do you want to see her?"

"Not… right now. How about me?" Tsunade was silent, and even though Naruto couldn't actually see anyone else in the room, he knew they were trading looks. Hinata choose that time to wake up.

"N…Naruto-kun… I am glad you are feeling better…"

"Thanks… Hinata… so, Tsunade. I disobeyed you. Now I get to accept the consequences of my actions, right?"


"N…Naruto-kun… what do you mean?"

"Worst case scenario?"


"Figures… you know, the damn fox died."


"Yeah. Died after the last fight."

"Who are you talking about, N…Naruto-kun?"

"Naruto, I demand to know what you are talking about! Tsunade kept your records top secret, no one knows what is wrong with you except apparently you and Tsunade!"

"Sakura... you know… Sasuke was there… at the end…"


"I… killed him… they are all dead now…"

"You… you killed…"

"Killed with a wind rasengan…" Sakura just stared at him, tears running down her face. Naruto couldn't bare to tell her that when he was killed, Orochimaru had been in control. Let her keep her heroes… that is more important… Sakura asked to be excused before walking out of the room in a daze. When she left, it was Shizune that spoke up.

"Wait… wind… you didn't! She said to…"

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH NARUTO-KUN?" Naruto could sense all of his friends turn to stare at Hinata, who had never spoken that loudly before. "N…Naruto-kun… you're Ok, right? You're always… ok…"

"Hinata, calm down." Tsunade's voice cracked a little.

"Ba-chan, what… is… wrong with me. I want to hear you say it."

"Naruto… your arm… it wasn't just broken… kuso... damn brat, I told you to never use that again, DAMN IT!" Tsunade was in tears. "It… it…"

"I can't use chakra in my right arm now, can I?"

"…No." Her answer stunned everyone in the room. Shizune and Hinata stared at the hero. Naruto not able to use jutsu? Not able to use rasengan? Not able to be the ninja that had been destined to be the next Hokage? Limited to taijutsu for… how long?

"T…Tsunade-sama, you… wha…. how long will he be like that?" Naruto was the one who answered.


The next day found Naruto still laying in his bed next to Hinata. Visitors came and went, everyone saying how great of a hero he was and how great of a Hokage he will be. Even a few counsel members, including Hiashi Hyuga, had come to visit. Hiashi had actually been visiting his daughter to tell her he was sorry for ever calling her weak, but on his way out he had said a quiet arigato to Naruto. Hinata, on the other hand, was still crying. After he had explained what had happened to his arm she hadn't stopped crying for an instant except the few moments after she woke up. Naruto couldn't think of anything to calm her sadness, for he had nothing to calm his own. They just lay there, never speaking, watching people come and go, none knowing the damage done. None knowing that Naruto had fought his last fight as a jonin, and promotion was not in the future. None knowing that they were complimenting the one who had killed the last Uchiha.

Naruto was sitting up in bed and greeting visitors with a half smile that was, obviously, fake. Hinata was trying to pretend to be asleep, but anyone who looked carefully could see a sob wrack her body every few minutes. After the last visitor of the day left Naruto turned to look at Hinata. Why is she doing this, what have I done. I don't like seeing people cry over me, but Hinata… she never deserved to cry ever. She is the kindest person of the rookie nine by far and somehow… I hurt her. Kuso…

"Hinata, please, stop crying."

"I…I'm not crying…"

"Yes, you are. I can see you from here." Hinata turned to face Naruto by rolling over in her bed. Her eyes were swollen and red and tears were still flowing from her pearlescent eyes. It was a heartbreaking sight, even Shino would have tried to comfort her. Naruto gave her the biggest fake smile he could manage.

"Naruto-kun… I know that's not a real smile…" Naruto's smile went back to the emotionless expression that covered his face when no one was looking. "You… you saved us… you saved us all, N…Naruto-kun. A…and you… gave up your dream for us… why? I… we… no one deserved it! This city has treated you horribly since the day you were born! I know! I saw! Why would you give up your dream of becoming Hokage to save people like us…" She couldn't continue as fresh tears and sobs forced her to place her head into her pillow.

"Hinata. I gave it up… because I knew that that is what I would have to do as Hokage. I sacrificed being a great ninja so that my village, and the individuals in it, could be safe. My dream of becoming Hokage was over the second I accepted that mission. I knew that if I refused the mission, I would not be worthy of the Hokage position, but if I took it I would have a large chance of either dieing or being forced to use that jutsu. I sacrificed everything, because that is what the Third did, that is what the Forth did, and because if I didn't… I would be less then trash. Don't blame yourself… please… and don't cry for me. Live your life, Hinata, because I gave it all for that cause. So that my village could live in peace."

"N…Naruto-kun… I… want to tell you… I… I…"

"Hey! Hinata and Naruto. Still stuck in here?" The door had slammed open letting in last minute visitors before the hospital closed. Kiba and Shino stood there, interrupting Hinata in her moment of being able to tell Naruto… what she needed to tell him. Naruto put on his big, fat, fake smile again.

"Shino, Kiba! Good to see you alive."

"I wish I could say the same for you, but I have a bone to pick with you. You know I got stabbed over twenty times in the fight and Shino took a couple hundred senbon in the gut? Couldn't you have, oh, you know, given us a little back up?"

"Do you agree, Shino?"

"…We were able to defeat the criminal and survive. I have few complaints…"

"Well, then, Kiba. Let's just say I had confidence in your abilities."

"Yeah, whatever. Both of you need to get better, and Hinata?"


"I don't want you doing anything funny because you two are in the same room. I know we can trust Naruto, but you…"

"…Kiba, you made her faint again…"

"Hehe, she is so easy to tease…"

"Don't tease Hinata. She was closer to death then both of you."

"Yeah, we know. You weren't too healthy yourself. A busted arm and no left eye. You should get a replacement…"

"I have one… it was given to me… by a friend…"

"Really? Who would give up an eye?"

"A dieing person…"

"But… no one died…"

"Sasuke… was there… with them at the end…"

"You… you killed him?"

"Hai." Everyone was silent for a moment.

"Naruto… we heard a rumor…"

"Shino, he probably doesn't want to talk about it."

"No, it's ok, go ahead Shino."

"Tsunade was debriefing us and she said something about your arm before going silent and telling us to forget what she had said."


"We won't tell anyone… but… your arm… it isn't just broken, is it?" Naruto's smile slipped and he turned his face away from his friends.

"No… it isn't… I don't really want to talk about it, ok?"

"Ok. Heal quickly." Shino left with Kiba at his heels. Naruto sighed. Hinata was still unconscious, so he figured he would just sleep.

Hinata and Naruto never had a chance to finish their talk. Naruto was moved to an empty room so that Hinata would have more privacy. He spent most of his time staring out the window at the Hokage monument, thinking about how, at one time, he had known, without a doubt, that his face would be up there. Now, at the young age of 16, his dream had shattered. Or, to put it in more correct terms, he had given it up. Tsunade had given in to Naruto's request to implant the eye she found in the scroll. He had it covered by bandages now, and eventually would cover it up at all times. His only visitor for days was the little girl he had saved. She had no name, or at least no name she could remember. She would often come into his room. Like now.


"It's Naruto."


"It's Naruto."

"Otou-san?" Naruto sighed.

"Yes?" The girl would then run in, giggling at the "otou-san" she had adopted for herself. She had hair not as blond as Naruto's, more golden then anything. A shimmering light brownish blond. But, despite the hair color, she was exactly like Naruto had been at that age. She would climb on his bed and jump up and down, asking him to read her a story or play a game with her. When he finally calmed her down he would tell her about previous missions he had had, leaving out gruesome parts. She would stare at him, wide eyed, as he told her about Zabuza. She would jump around in victory when she heard his tale of learning the rasengan. She would gasp when he told her how he had fought his best friend in the valley of the end.

"Otou-san? What is a friend?"

"A friend is someone you care for and want to be happy."

"Can I have friends?"

"Sure, I know a very good one that is staying right down the hall."


"You met her?" Naruto was a little surprised at Hinata's name suffix, but if that was what the little girl thought…

"Yeah! She is the nicest person in the whole world. She cries a lot, though. It makes me sad to see her cry."

"Well, tell her Naruto said not to cry, ok?"

"Ok!" With that, the girl was off at a speed rivaling a ninja. A minute later he heard a loud thump. The little girl ran back into his room.

"I told her, but she fell down."

"What did you say to her?"

"I said, "Okaa-san, Naruto-otou-san says not to cry, ok?" and then she stared at me for a second before falling down." Naruto smiled. The little girl had known idea what she had just implied to Hinata.

"Next time, you can just tell her that Naruto said it. Not otou-san."

"Why, otou-san?"

"Because… well… you will find out when you're older."

"Ano… ok, otou-san."

"Good, so do you want to play a game?"


Naruto was out of the hospital only a week later, and, after getting himself some ramen, was the honored guest at an award ceremony. He had never been awarded anything before, and never in front of the entire village. His entire team stood on the balcony the Hokage used to address the villagers. Tsunade stood in front of them.

"People of Konoha. As most of you probably know, almost a month ago our village sent an elite team of sennin, jonin, and chunin into the headquarters of the dreaded Akatsuki. They returned in victory, defeating Konoha's greatest enemies in the process. Not only did they defeat a total of seven Akatsuki members, S-ranked criminals of the highest degree, but they also managed to defeat the most hated enemy of all. Orochimaru is now dead along with his apprentice and s-ranked missing ninja, Sasuke Uchiha. That brings the total of enemies destroyed to six ninja of sennin level, and three of kage level. Each member of the team should be shown the utmost honor for their deeds, as not one of them escaped unharmed." Applause. The crowd roared in joy at the destruction of their enemies.

"There is one ninja in particular who you all must thank. The ninja was the one who personally and single handedly took on the three kage level ninja, including Orochimaru. He was the one that ended the threat of the Akatsuki and of the snake. That ninja… is now gone." The other members of his team that had not heard about his arm all looked over at Naruto, who certainly appeared to be there. The people in the crowd were silent, thinking a hero was dead.

"No, he isn't dead. The ninja I speak of is none other then Naruto Uzumaki. He stands right there… Now, before I go on, I have one thing to say. Naruto Uzumaki, as most of the elder generation know, is different from other ninja. Ask anyone he has ever fought, ask the lifeless skull of Orochimaru. Naruto Uzumaki was cursed from birth. I have official released the S-ranked secret, and I intend to inform everyone about Naruto Uzumaki's… last battle."

"Naruto Uzumaki is unique. He was born on the very day that the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked Konoha, killing hundreds of shinobi. The Forth Hokage gave up his life to defeat the Kyuubi, all this is common knowledge. But the truth is that the Forth wasn't able to kill the Kyuubi. He defeated it by sealing it into a child, the only child born on that day, Naruto Uzumaki, his own son." The people in the crowd were silent, no one had known that this was the Forth's son. All of Naruto's friends stared at him while he stared forward.

"The son of the Forth Hokage contained the soul of the Kyuubi no Kitsune for sixteen years… up until a month ago. Naruto has informed me that, after defeating the Akatsuki, he had completely drained the Kyuubi of its chakra, causing it to perish. Now, many in this city might not care. Many have treated Naruto like shit since he was born, claiming he was the demon himself, not trusting the Forth to do his job. You made me sick, and still do. But even now, Naruto has protected you. He protected the entire village, and gave up any chance he had of achieving his lifelong goal of becoming Hokage to do it! In the last fight, Naruto used a jutsu he had created to improve upon one the Forth made. He knew what it would do to him if he used it, but he still did, just to protect this village! Naruto Uzumaki should be the next Hokage, but due to the circumstances around his injuries, he has voluntarily been demoted to chunin…" Everyone in the entire city gasped, his friends stood next to him with jaws hung open. "Because he is no longer able to use chakra in his right arm. Because of this… Naruto Uzumaki… the son of the Forth Hokage, gave up his ninja career to save you… all of you, even the bastards that beat him as a child." Tsunade was crying as she spoke. "So take advantage of it! Konoha's worst enemies are gone, the Kyuubi is dead, and peace is here again, all thanks to Naruto Uzumaki!" The crowd was silent for a few seconds. Suddenly, though, the voice of a little girl broke the silence. It was the girl he had saved, she was sitting on the shoulders of Kakashi.

"Yeah! Otou-san is the greatest!" She clapped for him, and, slowly, the rest of the crowd joined in. Soon the entire village was filled with tears of joy, applause, cheers, and celebration. There wasn't one person who didn't clap for Naruto Uzumaki. But up on the platform, his friends were crying for another reason.

"Naruto… why?"

"Naruto, your fire of youth… it out shines the sun."

"I… sorry guys… it's not like I'm dead, so stop the tears."

"But, your dreams…"

"What dreams? The reason why I wanted to be Hokage was so I could protect my friends, and I did that."


"Oh, be quiet everyone. I don't plan on giving up everything. I plan on becoming an expert in taijutsu, like Lee here. If that is all I can do, then I will do my best at it. I never give up, that's my nindo."

"Yeah, and we will help you!"

"…What are friend's for?"

"Thanks, guys." Naruto smiled a small real smile. Everyone smiled back. There was one girl on the edge of the group that was determined to help to her fullest.

"N…Naruto-kun… I… I…"

"Hey, Hinata! I said stop crying, you just got proclaimed a hero in front of everyone, doesn't that make you happy?" Hinata jumped up and turned to actually face Naruto. Kiba was behind him, silently puckering his lips and acting like he was going to kiss Naruto. Hinata blushed. Naruto, who had no idea what was going on behind him, just sighed to himself. Some things just never change.

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