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Totally AU: This is my version for what life would have been like if Lucas never joined the Ravens. All the way Naley with Brucas, and Jeyton. This story also takes place when their 23 but this first chapter is six years earlier.

Chapter One

The End of Innocence

Six Years Earlier

Haley James was your not your typical average teenager. No she was way beyond her years. Only a junior at Tree Hill High she was probably smarter than any of the seniors that attended school. If you asked someone to describe her in one word they would probably use the word nerd, because that's what she was and she knew it but more importantly she didn't care. She loved who she was. She loved being smart.

Her parents Lydia and Jimmy James were very odd to say the least. They were free spirited, and very high on life. They were in love and you could tell by the amount of children that they produced. They had Brian, Jason, Tanner, Quinn, Vivian, Taylor, and then finally the baby of the family Haley. Yep they had seven kids to add to their hippy life style. Being the youngest Haley pretty much grew up alone as her brothers and sister's were already out of the house by the time that she was born, that is all except Taylor her wild child sister. They were like night and day and everyone knew it. Taylor did everything wrong and Haley could never do wrong in the eyes of her parents and friends.

Haley had always done what was expected of her and Lydia and Jimmy sometimes seemed like the teenager's when she was around. That's why she stuck to Lucas and Karen. Lucas Scott was her bestfriend in the whole wide world from the moment that they were six years old and he defended her on the play ground. He saved her and from there they bonded and then their friendship began. Haley remembered telling Karen once she had met her that their family was to small so she would just join them since her family was big enough. Karen laughed at the little girl having no idea that years later she would still be sleeping over and having regular dinners with them.

Then there was school. Haley had a small group of friends that consisted of two girls and the rest Lucas and his river court boys. Yeah Peyton and Haley were the only two girls in their group and they liked it that way. Then there was Lucas, Skills, Junk, Fergie, and Mouth. They were all the same age and pretty much all smart and good in school. They all stuck together at school and Haley liked that she had them. She was head of the tutor center and working her way to be valedictorian next year.

She loved her life and her family. That was until her father decided that it was time to move them to San Francisco to be closer to Vivian who just had triplets. This was the worst news that Haley had gotten all year long. She would have to leave her whole world behind. Karen and Lucas were so upset that they even asked Lydia and Jimmy if Haley could live with them until she finished high school but Haley couldn't stand the thought of not living with her mom and dad. As angry as she was that she was moving, they were her family and she couldn't just up and leave them. She was a James and she was going to be leaving with her parents tomorrow to start their new life in San Francisco. Leaving all of her friends she cared about back in Tree Hill.

She stood up and went to look in the mirror at her outfit before heading out of her room and going to meet her friends at Karen's Café on last time. Saying goodbye to her parents she got into their car and drove to the place where she now formerly worked. Man was she going to miss this place. She was born and raised here, this was her home. Parking the car and walking inside the café she found her friends had decorated the place with a goodbye Hales banter. Trying not to cry as they all stood there looking at her, she felt Lucas give her a bear hug. He held her as tight as he could while telling her that everything was going to be okay. Looking up and smiling at him she turned to see Peyton in tears looking at her.

"P. Sawyer you can't do this to me," Haley said trying to hold everything in. She had to be strong. She couldn't break down in front of her friends.

Peyton Sawyer was many things, beautiful, an artist, bitchy just to name a few. When Peyton was just eight years old she lost her mother in a car accident. To say she took it hard was an understatement. It took a few years but Peyton finally came to peace with her mother's death and started living again. One day she was walking past the river court and there were Haley and Lucas goofing around. Peyton stuck with them ever since.

"I'm just going to miss ya Hales," Peyton said taking Haley in her arms as the two girls cried.

Lucas watched his two best friend's break down in front of him and there was nothing that he could do about it. He wished that Haley would have said yes to living with them because he didn't know what he was going to do without her.

"Will still talk and stuff you guys," Haley said wiping her tears.

"Hey James you gonna give ya boy some love or what?" Skills said throwing up his arms with a big smile as Haley walked into his embrace.

"I know you want me Skills," Haley said teasingly as she gave him a hug.

"Skills stop hogging her and let us get some love," Mouth said with his goofy grin.

"Go hug his scrawny ass Hales," Skills said smiling.

"Me first Hales," Junk said picking her up and twirling her around the room as she started laughing. Out of all of the guys besides Lucas, Junk reminded her of her older brothers.

"That boy ain't right," Fergie said shaking his head.

"You know that you want me too Fergie," Haley said wiggling her eyebrows as she hugged him.

"You are undeniable Miss James," Fergie said smiling as she let go and hugged Mouth.

"I'm gonna miss you lips," Haley joked. Everyone started laughing at the use of Mouth's least favorite names that people called him at school. "Seriously Lucas you have to watch after him, he's so little." Haley joked about his size as he threw his arms up and let them laugh at him.

"Are you sure that you don't want to change your mind?" Karen said walking up and hugging her. "We really wouldn't mind."

"As much as I would love too," Haley said smiling. "I can't."

"The offer will always stand," Karen said putting a plate of food down then going back behind the counter.

"Look what it is," Peyton said smiling at Haley. "Mac and Cheese."

"Food of the gods," everyone said mocking Haley as they all sat down. Hours later it was barely eleven o'clock and it was just Haley, Peyton, and Lucas left.

"This was great you guys," Haley said standing up. "I think I'm just going to go get some sleep, I have an early flight in the morning."

"I can't believe that I won't see you again tomorrow," Peyton said with a pout.

"We are really gonna miss you," Lucas said. "You're my bestfriend Hales."

"I hadn't noticed," Haley joked as she hugged them both. "I love you both so much. Please stay cool, I know that it will be hard without me but just try okay." They all three started laughing; Haley was great at making them laugh when all they really wanted to do was cry.

"We love you too," they both said at the same time as she started walking out the door. "Please call us as soon as your plane lands. Are you sure that you don't want us at the airport to send you off?" Lucas asked before she walked out the door. Turning around as a tear flew down her face she looked at them again.

"Saying goodbye to you once is hard enough," Haley said with a slight smile trying not to seem too sad. She wiped her tears. "Goodbye." Just like that she was gone from the café and off towards her home that wouldn't be her home in the morning.

Parking her parent's car at the river court Haley took of walking down the streets of Tree Hill for the last time. The wind had picked up and she cursed herself for not wearing a jacket. There was one thing that she wanted more than anything that she knew she couldn't have. She would be leaving tomorrow and what she wanted would be here in Tree Hill. Walking in a nice neighborhood she finally reached the house that she wanted and she wasn't surprised that there was a party going on. They always had a party going on at this house on any occasions but especially today because it was his birthday.

Taking a deep breath and pushing her fears out of her head she headed for the house. There were kids everywhere drinking in every room and she knew that his parents must have gone away on a trip for him to have all of these people in their house. Making her way up stairs she certainly did not have to worry about anyone noticing her because let's face it she pretty much didn't exist to them. They didn't know who the hell Haley James was. Finally making it to the second floor she walked past a bunch of rooms until she finally saw one with the door closed that said stay out. Making a silent prayer to herself before turning the doorknob, she hoped that he wasn't in there with someone and that the door was unlocked. Turning the doorknob slowly she smiled slightly as she found it unlocked. She didn't hear anyone cursing so she didn't think that he was inside.

Walking in slowly and closing the door behind her she felt relieved that his room was empty. Her heart was beating rapidly; she had never done anything like this before. Breaking into a boy's room on his birthday. Walking around she noticed a D12 poster hung on his wall and smiled at his taste in music. He didn't have that many things in his room and she was surprised at this. She saw his play station 2 laid out on the floor with the game on pause. Seeing his bed she took a seat and looked at the picture of him and his dad. She had grown up to hate Dan Scott for abandoning Lucas and Karen for basketball. She hated to even look at the guy he just made her so sick. She loved Lucas and if he knew where she was right now she was pretty sure that he would be pissed.

Getting up she walked over to his dresser and picked up and picture of him and Theresa hugging after a game. They were this on again off again couple. Him being the star player and her being captain of the cheer sluts it was a match made in high school heaven. She looked closely at the picture and she noticed a genuine smile from him and that was truly rare, in fact it was the first time in her life that she had seen it. She took her thumb and ran it over his face on the picture wishing that it was her standing next to him.

She didn't know when are even how but she fell in love with her best friends brother whom he hated. She wished that she didn't feel this way about him but she did she couldn't help it. Lucas once told her that you can't help who you love and standing in Nathan's room now Lucas would totally take that back. He would think that she was betraying him.

She didn't believe that Nathan Scott was the guy that she had known from school. She chose to believe that there was a good side to him. Even though he didn't know who the hell she was. Haley knew that she was right about him. There was a good guy somewhere in there. Now she would never get a chance to see him become that guy. She was defiantly going to miss looking at him. But she knew no matter what that she would always remember him. Girls don't forget their first loves. He was imprinted in her mind. All she had to do was close her eyes and she could see him.

She really didn't know how the hell she loved someone that really didn't even know that she even existed. He never said one word to her, are even looked at her for that matter. Even if he did see her with his brother around school he totally wouldn't recognize her now. Her once auburn short hair was now a honey blonde colored and came down way longer now. She couldn't help the way she felt about him. As much as she wanted to hate her best friend's enemy she couldn't. Placing the picture down and then turning her attention to all of basketball trophies. There were like hundreds. It made Haley a little sad that Lucas dropped out in junior league. He was just as good as Nathan but Lucas just didn't want to play anymore. That is unless it was at the river court which he called his fortress of solitude.

Haley froze in place as she heard the door open and closed as someone walked in. Waiting for them to say something she stood in place before slowly putting down the trophy that she had in her hand and turning around. Nathan was leaning against his door looking at her intently. They stood there for minutes neither saying a word as they looked at each other.

Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes...all you need is one.

"Hi," Nathan finally said watching this mysterious girl standing in his room.

"Hi," Haley said barely above a whisper. She was ready for him to start yelling and screaming for coming into his room.

"Do I know you?" Nathan asked looking her up and down trying to make a connection. Haley looked at him and his words hurt so much. Even though she knew that he didn't know her, it just really hurt to actually hear him say it. Swallowing the lump in her throat she finally spoke.

"No but I know you," Haley said smiling.

"Do you go to Tree Hill High?" Nathan said not moving from the door.

"No," Haley said. It wasn't like she was lying her last day at Tree Hill High was yesterday.

"I guess the only question now is what are you doing in my room?"

"I um…actually have a birthday present for you," Haley said smiling at him. She was surprised at herself for actually being able to form words.

"Oh yeah," Nathan said smirking. He defiantly was intrigued by the girl standing in front of him. "Well are you going to keep me waiting all night?"

"You'll get it later," Haley said taking a few steps closer to him.

"Well then what's your name?"

"It won't matter in the morning," Haley said shrugging her shoulders as he watched her every move.

"Well what exactly do you want?" Nathan asked as she moved closer to him. He wanted to move but it was like he was paralyzed. She moved her hand right between his body and his arm and locked the door. They were standing inches apart and Haley suddenly wasn't afraid anymore. She wanted this, she wanted him.

There are two tragedies in life. One is to gain your hearts desire.

"You," Haley said smiling as she moved her hand up and started unbuttoning his black dress shirt. He watched her as she slowly undid each button at a time her eyes never leaving his. "I want you!" She got down to the last button and she moved her hands up his bare chest to his shoulders pushing off his shirt and watching it fall to the floor. She started placing butterfly kisses up and down his chest and Nathan just stood there paralyzed as he watched. Never in his life had he been more turned on by a girl before.

He never felt that amazing from someone just kissing his chest before. His body felt like it was on fire. Haley picked up her head and looked into his eyes before talking again. "I'm going to kiss you now." She moved her mouth to his as she got on her toes to reach him. When their lips finally touched it was like Nathan was kissing for the first time. He finally moved his hands from his sides and brought them to hold her face as he kissed her. His tongue brushed against her lips begging for entrance which she granted. His tongue explored every inch her mouth as her's did the same to him.

She taste so good and Nathan knew that she had eaten Mac and cheese before. Their kisses grew more passionately with every second that pasted. Nathan felt like he was on fire. She was making him so hot and he knew she could tell by his harden member that he was pushing into her body. Nathan pulled away and looked into her brown eyes when air became an issue.

"Please don't stop," Haley said pulling him back down to her as her lips attacked his. Being that this was the first guy that she ever kissed, she felt surprisingly secure kissing him. "I don't want you to stop!" His hands made it to her waist and he picked her up never breaking their kiss as he carried her to the bed. He didn't usually go out of his way for a girl, but something was different about her. He didn't just want to fuck her and be on his way. She looked so sweet and innocent.

Placing her gently on the bed he pulled his lip from her's as they sat right across from each other. Nathan moved his hands to the bottom of her shirt and lifted it off slowly. He moved his hands around to her back and unhooked her bra and tossing it across the room as he turned his attention to her two breasts hanging in front of him. She watched him as he watched her wondering what he was thinking. He kissed both of them softly.

He laid her back onto the bed and unzipped her pants before pulling them off leaving her in her black thong. He cuffed his fingers on each side as she lifted her body so that he could slide those off too leaving her their completely naked. He looked down at her and she suddenly became very aware that she was naked in front of Nathan Scott. He had probably seen tons of girls naked and she knew that her body certainly didn't compare to theirs. "Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" Nathan asked looking down into her eyes. Her heart rate was increasing every minute and the way that he was looking at her gave her tingles all over her body.

She sat back up and started kissing him again as she undid his pants and then helping him take them off. She did the same with his boxer's until he was just a naked as her. She laid back down waiting for him as he put on a condom. He lay back on top of her putting all of his weight on his elbows as he placed himself at her entrance. He looked at her for a minute before thrusting inside of her. He felt how tight she was and he knew that this was her first time. She had her eyes closed shut in pain as he stayed still inside of her watching her face. He couldn't describe how incredibly amazing it felt to be inside of her. The thought alone was making him want to explode.

"Do you want me to stop?" He asked showering kisses all over her face. She opened her eyes and looked at him. She had never seen Nathan Scott so concerned about someone else before.

"Please don't," Haley breathed out. As much as it hurt she wanted this. He started moving in and out of her and she was filling pain that she never knew existed. After a while the dull pain that she felt wasn't there anymore and it was replaced with a pleasure that she never experienced before.

He moved in and out of her fast and hard watching her face the entire time. She was moaning loudly with each thrust and he was thankful for Tim playing the music so loud. Both of their bodies were full of sweat as he pounded inside of her and he felt himself ready to explode as he heard her moaning louder. Just her cries of pleasure, was making him want to release everything that he had inside of her. That never happened to him; he never cared about the girl before. He wanted her to feel this pleasure with him; he wanted them to experience it together. He leaned his head down and kissed her lips. Picking his head back up he looked into her brown eyes and he knew that he had never seen something so mesmerizing before. "Fuck I want you to cum for me." He moved one of his hands to massage her breast as he watched her watch him.

She didn't know what the hell was happening but she suddenly felt really warm inside her stomach and she threw her head back as she felt and explosion inside of her. "Oh god Nathannnnnnn!" Nathan had never been so turned on by words in his life as he fell over the edge into a lust filled oblivion as her muscles contracted around him. He moved inside of her until there was nothing left. He collapsed onto her sweaty body as they both searched for air. He had his head right by her breasts and she moved her hand and played in his raven spiked hair. Never in her life had she felt this amazing before. She was pretty sure that she and Nathan Scott had just made love. "Do you want to go back to your party?" She had been ready for him just to use her and then send her on her way. He brought his face to her's and brushed his lips across her's softly.

"I want to stay right here with you!"

"Happy birthday Nathan!"

They both feel asleep like that. Haley woke up a few hours later with Nathan on the side of her and his arms wrapped around her holding her close. She looked at the clock and saw that it was four fifteen. She needed to get home, her parents would go crazy if they woke up and she was nowhere to be found. Slipping out from his embrace she got out of the bed and searched for her clothes. Finally ten minutes later she was fully dressed and ready to go. She reached into her pants pocket and found his present. Placing it on the night stand next to him, she found a piece of paper and a pen and decided to leave him a note. Placing the note next to the present she looked at the boy that she loved one more time kissing his lips softly as a silent tear fell. She looked at him taking his presence in before slipping out of his room before he woke.

The other is to lose your heart's desire.

Driving her car slowly up her drive way she got out and snuck into her house hoping with each step she didn't wake her parents. Finally making it to her room she fell onto her bed exhausted from the most amazing night she ever had.

Her mother woke her up a few hours later telling her to get dressed they were leaving in thirty minutes. She looked around at her childhood home one last time before they drove away to the airport. They passed his house and Haley couldn't help but turn around and look at it as it disappeared into the distance. Tears started to fall from her eyes as she past in front of Karen's Café for the last time and she thought that she saw her friends sitting at their regular booth laughing. They finally made it to the airport and boarded their plane.

She sat in her window seat and looked out into the sky as they flew across the states. She wondered if Nathan was up yet and if he had seen her present, or even if he regretted last night because she knew that she didn't. She finally got to do the one thing that she wanted to do before she left Tree Hill. She wanted to give herself to Nathan Scott because she knew that she would never see him again. It didn't matter if he didn't love her back, the important thing was, was that she loved him.

They slowly arrived at their new house and Haley had to admit that it was a lot bigger than the one that they had before. The movers had just gotten their and they were bringing boxes into the big white house. Haley stood on the front lawn looking at it wishing that she could return to Tree Hill because she left something that belong to her. She left her heart with Nathan Scott and she was pretty sure that she would never get it back.

"Hello new girl," a girl said waving a hand in front of her face. "What are you zoning out on?"

"Huh, oh nothing," Haley said smiling before turning her attention to this brunette girl in front of her.

"I'm Brooke Davis, it's nice to meet ya neighbor," Brooke said hugging her.

"I'm Haley, Haley James," Haley said with a smile.

"We are going to be best friends I just know it," Brooke said clapping her hands. "Jake come meet the sexy girl who moved next door." Brooke yelled across the lawn.


"We go to school together, he's cool," Brooke said smiling. "Almost as cool as me!"

"I think that I'm going to like it here," Haley said laughing as Brooke linked their arms together and took off towards a handsome guy shooting a basketball next door.