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Chapter 24


"I don't understand why you can't open just one of them," Brooke said holding one of Nathan and Haley's wedding gifts in her hands. All three girls were currently sitting in the living room talking.

"Brooke it's their presents they have to open them together," Peyton said snatching the box Brooke was holding and placing it back down next to all the other ones.

"He's not going to know if just one gets opened," Brooke said smirking picking up and even larger box. "What do you guys think this is?"

"Tigger I promised Nathan that I would wait until he got off of work to open them," Haley said shaking her head as Brooke continued to pick up boxes and shake them. She had been doing it for the last hour since they all had taken a break from unpacking all of Haley's things from LA. They had been so busy with packing her things and shipping them to Tree Hill once he first proposed and when they had arrived they were so busy with planning the wedding that she hadn't unpacked. Their whole house was filled with boxes and a bunch of Haley's things that she had taken with her.

Haley looked at Peyton smiling as they both continued to watch Brooke go off into her own little world. "Lucas has no idea what he's getting himself into." Both girls started laughing at Peyton's words.

"Actually I'm pretty sure he does," Haley said smiling. "We can't help who we love right?"

"That's right," Peyton said smiling. "So your mother really kept you on the phone for three hours last night?"

They had finally arrived home from their honeymoon last night.

"Unfortunately," Haley mumbled. Once Nathan and she had gotten home last night she called her mother just to tell them that they had gotten home safe. That's when all the questions started and Taylor jumped on the other line wanting details also. Three hours later she was finally hanging up with her and Taylor only to find her husband fast asleep in their bed. They had been so tired from the flight that all they wanted was sleep.

"That bad, huh?"

"Worse," Haley said laughing a little. As crazy as her family was she loved them to death. That's the only reason why she sat there listening to her mother and Taylor ask about her sex life for three hours straight. It had been so embarrassing to actually hear some of the things that they would ask her but she toughed it out. Eventually they grew tired of her not answering and ended the call.

"What do you guys think this is?" Brooke said holding up the tiny box that she held in her hand. She had been the most excited about Nathan and Haley returning home. It had been two weeks with out her bestfriend and she couldn't wait for all the details. Well that is until Haley refused to talk about it with her. She got over it quickly when she learned that they still hadn't opened their wedding gifts yet. Lucas and she were definitely opening theirs before the honeymoon.

"That is a pretty small box," Peyton said glancing at it.

"Brooke enough with the gifts," Haley said tossing a pillow across the room. Both girls started laughing as Brooke ducked out of the way before the pillow could hit her. Holding up her hands she placed the gift down before taking a seat next to Peyton.

"I surrender," Brooke said in defeat.

"I guess we should get back to unpacking," Peyton said going to stand up before Brooke pulled her back down.

"Just a few more minutes," Brooke said with a pout.

"How can I resist that," Haley asked to Peyton. All the girls started laughing as Haley sat back down.

"So seriously Hales," Brooke said glancing at her friend. "Tell us about the honeymoon. We're all best friends and we talk about this kind of stuff. Now tell us or I'll go get a clown to scare you."

"You wouldn't," Haley said as her eyes got wide. Ever since she was a little girl she had been terrified of clowns. It all started at the fair. Vivian and Quinn had taken her with them when she was just six years old. They were both meeting their boyfriends there and once the couples started talking somehow they forgot about their baby sister. Haley didn't know any better as she wondered off looking at all the cool rides. It had started getting dark and she had started getting scared so she turned around and started running back in the direction that she had just came in. Ten minutes later she didn't know where she was as she turned a corner and a clown jumped in front of her with a huge smile on its face. She fell down terrified as she started crying. Minutes later Quinn and Vivian had run up to her picking her up and bring her home. Ever since then she hated clowns.

"Oh I would," Brooke said smirking.

"I told you guys that it was –"

"Yeah, magical," Peyton said sarcastically.

"That's not enough for me," Brooke said glaring at her. "Just tell us."

"But it was magical," Haley said honestly. "It was the best two weeks of my life."


"And this is where you'll be staying," the young man said opening the door before walking away leaving them standing there watching him go. Haley went to walk in as Nathan grabbed her arm, making her stop and turn to him.

"Don't you want to go inside?" Haley said laughing as he continued to just gaze at her. She was about to say something else as Nathan lifted her up bridal style as she started laughing.

"We're going to do this the right way, Mrs. Scott," Nathan said leaning in a kissing her softly on the lips. He turned them sideways so that they could fit through the door.

"Nathan I'm slipping," Haley said holding on tighter to him. "You're going to drop me."

"Drop you? If I wanted I could shoot you across this room like a three pointer," Nathan said laughing as they made their way inside the room. He placed Haley down and let her look around the beautiful room.

"Nathan –"

"I told you baby," Nathan said walking up behind her and putting his arms around her. "I want everything to be perfect for you." Looking around the room she noticed all the rose pedals sprinkled all over the floor and bed. There were candles placed all over the room. On the table they had a bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries. She continued walking around as she noticed the entry way to the balcony. Opening the doors she quickly walked out and noticed the beautiful view that they had of the city.

"What do you think?" Nathan whispered in her ear.

Turning around she continued to look at him. She didn't know what she ever did to deserve him but she was so happy that she did. Ever since they got together all he ever did was make her dreams come true. He was just so sweet, loving, and he always knew the right things to do. It was like he could read her so well and knew exactly what she wanted. He went to ask her parents permission for her hand in marriage before he even proposed to her. He got down on one knee and gave his heartfelt speech about how much he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She got to have her dreaming wedding because of him. They were going to spend the next two weeks in London because it's where she wanted to go. He made sure that this room that they were in now was just perfect. He was perfect and it was the perfect way to start their lives together.

"Nathan I… I've been in love with since I was eleven years old," Haley said smiling trying not to cry, "from the first moment that I saw you and ever since then. And now you're making all my dreams come true and –"

"And you made my dream come true the day you walked into my life," Nathan said reaching down and picking up her hands in his. "I don't know how I got so lucky."

"It helps that you're hot," Haley joked as they both started laughing.

"I'm serious," Nathan said as his face suddenly stopped smiling and started gazing at her intently. "I'll never forgive myself for not noticing you back in high school. We've wasted so much time and it's all my fault. I'm not proud of the person that I used to be, before you. You changed me, Haley James-Scott. I'm not that guy anymore and I never want to be him again. I just want to be someone that's good enough for you because you deserve that. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is all actually real and that you're mine because I don't know how someone like you can see something in me."

"Nathan –"

"You're all I've ever wanted and all I'll ever need. I only need you," Nathan whispered before bringing his lips crashing on hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck bringing him closer to her as his tongue brushed across her bottom lip begging for entrance. Opening her mouth their tongues began to battle as they started to feel droplets of water splashing onto them. They broke away seconds later and both looked up noticing that it started pouring down on them. They both started laughing before Nathan pulled her closer to him and his lips recaptured hers. "I love you so much."

"I love you, too," Haley whispered as her hands went straight to the buttons on his shirt. "I always have and I always will." Finally making it to the last one she pushed his shirt off before her hands went straight to his pants and unbuttoned them.

"You wanna go inside," Nathan said picking up his head from her neck and blinking a few times as some water dripped down his face. It was dark and it was raining.

"No," Haley whispered as she slowly unzipped his pants. "I want you right here." That's all he needed to hear. Walking around her he unzipped her dress before pushing it down and walking back in front of her. He watched her with loving eyes as she slowly stepped out of the dress and stood closer to him. Lifting her up in his arms he walked them over to one of the chairs. He watched in awe as she continued to undress herself until there was nothing left. He slipped off his pants and boxers before taking a seat in the chair pulling her on top of him.

"Come here," Nathan whispered huskily as he placed her on his lap. She positioned herself on him taking him in whole so that they were connected. She closed her eyes as she felt his hands on her waist as she began to slowly rock back and forth on him. Water continued to fall from above them splashing on their bodies both neither cared.

"God, baby," Haley moaned out. His hands went around to her back moving up and down. His touch sending a million tingles following throughout her body along with the ultimate pleasure of being with him.

"Hales," Nathan groaned as she started moving fast on him.

"Yeah," Haley whispered as she brought her face down to his and started placing kisses on his face.

"I think I'm about to –"

"Me too," Haley moaned out before slamming her lips on his hoping that their cries of pleasure couldn't be heard by the people in the rooms next to them. Neither stopped moving until there was nothing left.

End Flashback

"So you guys did it right there on the balcony," Brooke said wiggling her eyebrows as Peyton started laughing. Both girls noticed Haley's cheeks turning red and it only made them laugh more. It took several minutes before both girls stopped laughing and started staring at her waiting for their answer. "And?"

"Yeah," Haley said smiling as she thought about it.

"Right there in the rain, huh?" Peyton said smiling.

"Yeah," Haley said again as flashes of that night appeared in her mind. The way he was looking at her. The way he took the time to undress her and tell her how much he loved her. Even the way that they didn't care about who could see or hear them. But most of all she remembered how he made love to her several times that night –all of them each mind blowing experiences.

"She's totally thinking about it," Brooke said looking at Peyton and smiling.

"So you guys never actually left the room then?" Peyton asked as Haley was still zoned out. Both girls tried to contain their laughter but it was no use.

"To leave," Haley said softly as she started blushing again at all the things that they had done.

"My baby girl is all grown up," Brooke said clapping her hands. "I knew this day would come." Putting her hand over her heart she looked at Haley smiling as Haley stuck out her tongue.

"God, Brooke. You're such a drama queen," Haley said laughing.

"You continue to be mean Mrs. Scott and I'll start talking about sex with Lucas," Brooke said with a satisfied grin as Haley's face dropped. Brooke knew that this would always help when she wanted something. Haley was just like Lucas when it came to hear about the other's activities sexually. They really were like brother and sister.

"Not this again," Peyton said covering her ears. She didn't want to know about Brooke and Lucas's sex life. "My ears still hurting from the last time when you told me about the handcuffs –"

"Oh my god," Haley said putting her hands over her ears.

"That was the best sex we ever had," Brooke smiled proudly. "Can I tell you guys something?"

"Well now would be a good time," Haley said glaring at her, "since I'm on my way to cut my ears off."

"Not about me and Broody," Brooke said laughing as Peyton finally uncovered her ears. "Jake's gonna move to Tree Hill."

"What?" Peyton yelled with a huge smile.

"You can't say I told you," Brooke said suddenly. "But he's going to move down here. Isn't that great?"

"Hell yeah," Haley said smiling as she noticed Peyton's face light up. She was a little shocked when she first found out about them two but that's until she saw them together. The way they acted around each other was so heartwarming. She was happy that both of her friends had found each other and were happy. They seemed so in love, it was so cute. Now Jake would move to Tree Hill and be happy with Peyton. She would have Nathan and Lucas would have Brooke. It was like everything had worked out and they were with the person that they were destined for.

She had also heard from Deb that Cooper took a little trip up to LA to visit Rachel.

"I think I might cry," Peyton said feeling tears come to her eyes. She loved Jake so much and to know that he was moving to Tree Hill made her heart swell. Things were going so good between them but it was hard since she lived here and he lived in New York. Maybe now they could actually spend time together without a phone.

"Well I did," Brooke said laughing as she gave Peyton a hug. "He really loves you."

"I love him too," Peyton said smiling as she wiped away a few tears from her face.

"Guys look at the time," Haley said looking up at the clock on the wall. "Nathan's going to be home in like three hours and all we've unpacked are stupid shoes."

"Haley James-Scott," Brooke yelled glaring at her.

"The shoes aren't stupid," Haley said shaking her head as she realized that she said that in front of Brooke. "I love them –I love you."

"That's more like it," Brooke said turning to leave the living room. "Let's get you unpacked before you're husband get's home and wants to have hot married sex."

"She's never gonna stop. Is she?" Haley asked pouting at Peyton.

"I could say yeah but we both know I would be lying," Peyton said laughing as she linked arms with Haley and they started walking upstairs and towards the Brookie Monster.

"But she's totally right," Haley confessed.

"Haley James-Scott," Peyton said laughing. "You can't wait to have hot married sex with your husband."

"That's right," Haley said wiggling her eyebrows before walking into their room.

Nathan parked his truck in the Tree Hill High school parking lot. Getting out he started to make his way to the main entrance. He noticed everyone looking at him and he couldn't help but be reminded of when he was in high school. Every time he drove up to the place all eyes were on him. Tim would come running to his side asking him about his latest conquest. All the girls would fall at his feet while Theresa would try and fight them away. Back then he thought his life couldn't get any better but boy was he wrong.

Thinking about it he knew that if he could go back to high school and live it over again he would. He would do it in a heart beat because he would want to do so many things different. Lucas would certainly be at the top of that list. Maybe if he and Lucas acted like brothers back then, then maybe Lucas would have joined the Ravens. Then if they were brothers then Haley would have been in his life because of Lucas. He was sure that no matter what the circumstances were he would always end up falling for her. She was without a doubt the love of his life and his soul mate. They were simply destined for each other. He knew they were meant to be, that's why he found her again.

Making his way towards the office he had a flash of himself and Lucas sitting across the room from each other waiting for the Principle. He could almost feel the black eye that he had all those years ago. He even remembered why they had gotten into the fight in the first place. Tim had been going on and on about how Pucas was checking out Theresa in front of all their friends. It's not like he had a choice about it. If he didn't do something about it everyone would have thought that he was a scared little punk. Fifteen minutes later they were both waiting to see Principle Turner.

"May I help you?"

"Ah yeah…I was wondering if I could see Principle Turner," Nathan said shoving his hands in his pockets. He was nervous and he didn't know why.

"Sure just hold on a sec," the lady said standing up and disappearing down the hall.

Taking a seat his hand automatically went to tapping on the arm rest. He had been nervous about this all day but he knew that it was something that he had to do. Once he had got to work this morning he thought that he would have a million things to do but it turns out that his mother took care of everything. She had done a really amazing job while he was on his honeymoon. All the paper work that he was worried about was finished and turns out his mother had scheduled some extra work and they were booked for the next few months.

"Principle Turner will see you now."

Standing up he nodded his head before walking down the hall to his office. It really felt like a lifetime ago when he was being called into this very office to get yelled at.

Knocking softly on the door he heard a voice say come in before turning the knob and walking inside.

"My –my, Nathan Scott," Principle Turner said dropping the paper he was holding and letting it fall to his desk.

"Principle Turner," Nathan said taking a seat in front of the desk.

"So what brings you back to high school?"

"Actually I was wondering if you had a teaching job open in your English department," Nathan asked nervously.

"Please tell me that you're not the one wanting the job," Turner said with a smile. He remembered Nathan Scott very well and he also remembered that Nathan hardly ever made it to class.

"No actually it's for my wife," Nathan said smiling. He loved calling Haley his wife. "She went to school here also. You might even remember her. Haley James."

Nathan watched as the man looked like he was trying his best to remember her. Nathan felt a rush of relief run through his body as Turners face turned into a smile.

"Yes, I remember her. God I think she was the best student that walked the halls of this high school. We were all so sad when she moved away," Turner said nodding his head as he thought about the girl that ran the tutor center for two years. She was so kind and always helping others.

"Yeah well she graduated from Stanford at the top of her class and she just got finished teaching a few class over there," Nathan said proudly. He loved that his wife was smart.

"Stanford, huh," Turner said leaning back in his chair.

"Yeah she's just absolutely brilliant. We just got married and she moved here to be with me and I was just hoping that she could get a job here doing what she loves," Nathan said as his hand started tapping on his leg. "I mean she deserves to teach and I thought what better place to do that then the place that she went to high school."

"I think I might have something," Turner said flipping open the folder that he had been looking over just before Nathan had come in. "We actually just fired someone for sleeping with one of his students. Mr. Chavez has been gone since last week and I was in the middle of looking for his replacement."

"That would be great. It's perfect," Nathan said smiling. This was the least he could do for Haley. She had packed up her whole world and insisted that she move here to be with him. She told him that Tree Hill was home and it's where they needed to live.

"Just have her come by my office anytime tomorrow and we'll see what we can do," Turner said smiling.

"Thank you so much. You won't regret this," Nathan said standing up and shaking the man's hand before leaving his office. Haley deserved this job and he knew how excited she would be if she was teaching again. Jumping in his truck he took off towards the café. He needed to stop there before he made his way home.

Ten minutes later her was parking his truck and walking inside the café.

"How did it go?" Deb asked from behind the counter.

"You were right about that high school teacher," Nathan said laughing.

"I know I saw him and that young girl in the café a few times," Deb said laughing. "But what did he say about the job?"

"He said that he would see her tomorrow, but she's gonna get," Nathan said confidently.

"Well I hope she does," Deb said. "Does she know that you went down there?"

"No. I'll just tell her once I get home but I know she's going to be happy about it," Nathan said before hugging his mother. "Well I gotta get home."

"Bye baby I love you," Deb said smiling as she watched him leave.

"You are totally hot with a hammer P. Sawyer," Brooke said smirking as she watched Peyton hammer a nail into the wall. They had finished unpacking all the boxes about an hour ago and now they were just setting some of Haley's things up. Brooke held a picture of Nathan and Haley on their wedding day waiting for Peyton to put the nail in the wall.

"You should see me with a power drill," Peyton said wiggling her eyebrows.

"Don't flirt with her," Haley said from across the room. "She's going to thinks its okay."

"What I'm not good enough for her?" Brooke asked with a frown.

"I just said that because you're mine," Haley said as she walked across the room and slapped Brooke on her ass.

"And the truth finally comes out," Brooke said looking over at Peyton and nodding her head.

"Yes Brooke," Haley said taking the picture from her and putting it on the wall. "I want you. I needed you –"

"Oh baby –oh baby," all three girls said in unison. None of the girls realized that Nathan had been watching them from the hallway. He had just gotten home when he heard their laughter from the living room. He knew the girls were coming to help Haley unpack all of her things.

"Hey get your own wife," Nathan said smiling as all the girls jumped. His eyes immediately went to Haley and they both started smiling. This was the longest that they had been apart in the last two weeks and he missed her like crazy. His smile only grew as he noticed that Haley had taken off running before she jumped in his arms. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he held her against him. Before he could say anything she attacked his lips. He felt her small hands around his neck as she kissed him deeper before he heard Brooke interrupt them.

"Oh look it's free porn," Brooke laughed out.

"Way to kill the mood B. Davis," Peyton whispered as Nathan released Haley from around him. Both of them faced the two girls and Peyton walked closer to Brooke.

"What did we do?" Brooke whispered as they continued to look at them.

"Oh shut up," Haley said laughing as Nathan's arms went around her waist.

"Would you ladies like to stay for dinner?" Nathan asked.

"No," Peyton said reaching for her purse. "We have plans."

"We do?" Brooke asked confused.

"Yeah we do," Peyton said nodding her head as her eyes got wide. Brooke finally caught on.

"That's right," Brooke said nodding her head as she also picked up her purse. "Plus Lucas should be getting home soon –"

"You guys are terrible liars," Haley said laughing.

"Whatever," Brooke said rolling her eyes as both girls headed for the door. "Don't forget that we go back to planning my wedding first thing in the morning."

"I can't wait," Haley mumbled sarcastically.

"What was that tutor wife?" Brooke asked looking around.

"I said I'm so excited," Haley said smiling.

"Love you guys," Brooke said waving. "Call me later."

"Bye guys," Peyton said laughing as she followed Brooke.

As soon as the door closed Nathan spun Haley around and his lips landed on hers. He could kiss her all day and it still wouldn't be enough. He felt her hands running up his chest making him even hotter.

"I've missed you," Haley said in-between kisses.

"I've missed you, too," Nathan said breaking their kiss and resting is forehead against hers. "So I have something that I have to tell you. I know that you gave up everything for me when you moved down here and so I went to talk to Principle Turner today. He wants to meet with you tomorrow about teaching at Tree Hill."

"Oh my god, are you serious? Haley asked.

"Yeah," Nathan said before kissing her again.

"Thank you so much. It's perfect," Haley said smiling as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I love you."

"I love you more," Nathan whispered as he kissed her again. "Now I'm gonna go change and will get dinner and a movie."

"That sounds perfect," Haley said smiling as she pulled him down for another kiss. He pulled away seconds later and started walking up the stairs to their room. Haley was left standing there with a hand held over her heart as she watched him, her husband.

"I think that was the best Chinese food I've ever eaten," Haley said holding a hand over her stomach. "I'm stuffed."

Nathan smiled before lifting her up in his arms.

"What are you doing?" Haley laughing as she planted a kiss on his cheek. "Let's open our presents. You promised."

"There's still one more thing that we have to do," Nathan said smiling as he made his way upstairs with her. Dinner had been just perfect. They had ordered in and watched a movie. She even showed him how to eat with chop sticks. It was a very educational evening. Opening their bedroom door he placed Haley on the bed before walking over to his side. He laid himself out with his feet on his pillow on the side of the bed where his head usually was. He lifted up the phone base and brought it over to the end of the bed and watched as Haley followed his lead.

Smiling at her he hit the button before speaking into the machine.

"Hi, you've reached the Scotts. My wife and I aren't –"

"Your wife," Haley questioned with a grin. "What do you like own me now?"

"Yeah I do," Nathan joked as Haley started laughing. Haley smiled at him before reaching over and hitting the button again.

"Hi, this is Nathan and Haley Scott please leave a message or not –"

"That's the worse thing I've ever heard," Nathan said laughing.

"Oh, shut up it rhymed. I liked it," Haley said.

"Oops," Nathan said hitting the erase button.

"Fine lets just do one together, okay," Haley said with a slight chuckle.

"Wait a minute. Isn't that something that only really cheesy couples do?" Nathan questioned as he looked over at his wife.

"Well we're a really cheesy couple mister," Haley joked as she placed her arm on his shoulder and snuggled closer to his body. Nathan only nodded his head in defeat. He knew that they were in fact a cheesy couple.

"Good point," Nathan said.

"Alright," Haley hit the button and started talking. "Hi you've reached Haley –"

"And Nathan. I live here too," Nathan added.

"Yes Nathan leaves here too because we're married."

"And uh…we can't come to the phone now because we're," Nathan looked over at his wife.

"Having sex, I mean, we're having really hot sex," Haley said looking at him.

"Okay!" Nathan said kissing her neck as he moved his body on top of her, causing her to laugh.

"We're still on. Leave a message." Haley said laughing.

"And we'll get back to you when we're done," Nathan said pushing his body further into hers as both of their bodies rolled off the bed –both of them in fits of laughter. He continued to kiss her as their laughter died down. He broke the kiss and looked down into her brown eyes. He kept on gazing at her intently.


"I was just thinking about how I want…" Nathan said smiling at her. "Let's always be like this." Looking down at her beautiful face he felt his heart pound in his chest. He wanted them to stay like this forever. Always laughing and being in love. Loving each other more than anything else in the world and always having each others backs. They were both starting a new chapter in their lives and he was so happy that it was together. Both of them against the world.

"Always and forever," Haley whispered before picking her head up and pressing their lips together. Finally after years of being apart they were both finally where they were meant to be. In each other's arms forever. They were both truly home.

The End