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Ch. 1: A New Face and the Quidditch Cup

Harry held onto the portkey with all his might. He'd decided that he rather didn't like this mode of travel. He hated it more than floo powder actually. He was relieved when they finally landed at the Quidditch world cup camping grounds. Arthur and Amos lead everyone to a small tent which was large and roomy on the inside. Harry sat on a comfy couch while he waited for everyone to get settled and unpacked. Harry was so glad to get out of being with the Dursley's early. He couldn't wait for the World Cup to start and he especially couldn't wait to get back to his real home Hogwarts.

They later went to the cup where they saw one heck of a game. It was the Bulgarians vs. the Irish and Harry had also discovered Veelas, the magical creatures and raised the testosterone levels in men. The Irish won the game but Viktor Krum, the Bulgarians' seeker, was the one to catch the snitch. When they got back Harry decided to steal away from the celebration going on inside the tent. He wanted to walk around a bit. Not far off he saw a large group of Irish fans celebrating. They were dancing to Celtic music. He saw one guy with curly brown hair and hazel eyes swinging around a girl of about 14. Her long brown hair under her green and white beanie was in a million tangles making Harry think she didn't know what a brush was let alone own one. Harry noticed her faded, ragged, baggy and torn clothes. She was obviously very poor probably poorer than the Weasley's by the looks of her attire. She was, however, a great dancer and Harry enjoyed watching her twirl. The song ended and the girl bowed to her partner. She turned to face Harry and smiled slightly.

"Would you like to dance?" the girl asked politely walking over to Harry.

"I don't know how" Harry admitted.

"That's ok Aaron will teach you. Hey Aar!" The boy with the dark curly hair came over.

"No really I can just watch" Harry insisted not wanting to make a fool of himself.

"It's not a difficult dance. Come on. Dance with me" she said holding out her hand. Harry took it and she led him to his spot. Aaron taught Harry the moves and the song started up. The men bowed and the women curtsied. They started circling each other and Harry decided to get to know the girl.

"So um are you Irish" he asked. The girl looked at him oddly.

"Do I sound Irish?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Um no. So American than I guess" Harry said taking note of her accent or technically lack of one.

She nodded, "Born and raised in Los Angeles"

"And Aaron is?"

"He's a family friend. His dad is the reason I'm here. They bought tickets but had an extra so they invited me. They know I love quidditch and just about any other sport" She took Harry's hand and he spun her. The song ended and the girl curtsied. "Thanks for the dance. You did great"

Harry smiled and felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see Ron. "Come on mate dinner is ready"

Harry nodded, "nice meeting you" he waved goodbye to the girl and went with Ron back to the tent.

As they ate they heard people screaming. They ran outside the tent to see everything in chaos. Spells were flying and people in hoods were firing the spells.

"Everyone get to the forest and stay together!" Arthur shouted. They did as he ordered. When they got there the hysteria died down. They were all alone and it was quiet until the group heard footsteps.

"Who's there?" Harry shouted reaching for his wand but finding it missing. He must have dropped it during the craziness. The footsteps got closer. "I said who's there!" Harry shouted again. The new party member did not answer. Suddenly the gang heard him utter one spell word. They knew it was a male because of the deep hoarse voice. They saw a green light and looked into the sky to see the mark of a skull with a snake in its mouth.

"We need to get out of here" Hermione said, "that's you-know-who's mark." They didn't have a chance though because they were forced to duck when several stunning spells were fired at them.

"Stop that's my son!" Arthur shouted. The spells stopped.

"Which one of you cast it?" one of the aurors asked, "who cast the dark mark!"

"None of us" Harry said, "the person who cast it was over there somewhere. We all heard it"

A few aurors went over to where Harry had pointed and came back with an unconscious house elf hold Harry's wand. It was Winky the house elf Harry had met earlier that day at the game. Winky was brought to consciousness and was questioned about why she was in possession of the wand. A quick spell showed the wand Winky possessed cast the dark mark spell. Barty Crouch, Winky's master, was livid. He decided Winky would receive clothes meaning she'd no longer belong to him. Winky was very upset considering she was a very subservient elf who didn't want freedom. "But it couldn't have been Winky!" Hermione shouted, "The voice we heard was deep." But none of the aurors listened and Crouch took Winky away.

"Come on guys" Arthur said, "We're going home"

Everyone nodded and started to head for the portkey.

Author's note: Ok well there it is. I know I didn't give you the girl's name but you'll find out who she is soon. I'll probably put the details about her in chapter two since i have nothing much else to fill it with. anyways please review and tell me what you think. puppy dog face