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Pairings: Kagome/Dante

The Meeting

A fourteen-year-old Kagome walked the path to school alone. She was angry at her grandfather and her mother. Yesterday her grandpa forces her family to visit some shire in another town. Truthfully she had no idea why they even went, she too angry with her family for forcing her to go to ask why. She didn't even listen to anything they said that day in less it involved food or going home. She pushed a strand of hair away from her face, she was being a brat yesterday she should apologies to her family, but everyone was still asleep when she woke up. She thought it would be best to walk awhile and meet her friends early at school.

She softly sigh, she was basically the only one out of her friends that wasn't boy crazy yet. She loved Yuka, Eri and Ayumi to death, but she couldn't center her life on talking about guys all the time like they could. Besides she was bit shy to say the least about guys, whenever one of her friends pointed a guy that was supposed to be 'perfect' for her she would blush immediately. She really wanted a friend who wouldn't push her to going out in till she was ready. 'Fat chance that's going to happen.' She thought to herself.

She decide not think about it. Like Eri says 'Thinking gives you wrinkles'. Of course Eri only quote that after watching 'The Simpsons'. Kagome really hoped she didn't take it seriously. But thinking was giving her a migraine so she ran. She concentrated on her running; the sounds of her steps, the air rushed into her face to try and stop her, how the ground looks as she ran pass it, her heartbeat and her breath. She focused only on these things everything else around her was just a blur or didn't matter. At least in till she bum into something at high speed and fell to the ground. She shook herself out of her train of thought and glared up at the silver shaggy hair stranger looking rather confuse at where he was.



Dante ran down the street to get to school, deciding to test out every cuss word he knew. He really didn't care about all the Japanese's people giving him a glare or completely shock look. He was late for his first day of school. Usually he didn't care, but the orphanages threaten to take away his off ground privileges, if he was late to any kind of event anymore. He couldn't help it if their meeting were so damn boring. Truthfully he was getting tired of the orphanages all together. He was always being transfer to different orphanages every other month or so. He was fifteen now, so he just kept telling himself three more years then he would be 18 and free as a bird.

He knew he was being move around to keep him out of reach of demons. He was after all the son of Sparda and any demon able to get a hand on him would be rewarded in some way. Dante also knew someone in the orphanage must have known who his parents were to be able to move him so fast after a demon attack. Dante didn't worry too much about it; he was able to take care of himself. Like some weak ass demon was going to kill him. He looked down at the directions a girl at his new home gave him. It wasn't very useful; it was basically giving him directions by landmarks. Which was more difficult since he wasn't fluent in Japanese's yet. Whoever in the orphanage that was trying to help him, must have been running out of places in America and England to hide him if they sent him to a place he wasn't as a custom to.

He looks down at the paper with the directions. 'Okay, left at Hello Kitty Store,' He read in his head 'go past the Wac Donald's, go to the duck pond…what!!' He forces his body to ski to a stop. Duck pond? Where the hell is that supposes to be? He looks around in every direction for a clue to where he was supposed to go. He felt something bump into him but paid no mind to it. 'Come on! I don't want to be stuck at the orphanage all day!! Give me something!' As luck would have it whatever bump into him was his answer.

"HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE STANDING!" A fuming voice yelled.

Dante merely rolled his eyes showing he could care less and said, "I will if you watch where YOU'RE going."

He could hear the girl trying to come up with a comeback, but only came up with mumbles. Kagome was very aware it was her fault for not paying attention.

Dante held out his hand to help her up, he may have not cared when she bumped into him, but he was never one to leave a person down.

The girl pouted, which was kind of cute when she stuck out her bottom lip, he couldn't see her eyes since they were being cover by her bangs, but he was sure she was glaring at him non-the less. She grabbed hold of his hand and he left her up with ease. She looked up at him and he was finally able to see her eyes. He was startle to say the least, they brown an ordinary color, but these they had so much warmth and comfort in them. He then notices her aura. It was so clean and innocent the only word he could use to describe it was that it was Pure.

Kagome gave the boy an odd look and said, "Hey, you can let go now."

Dante then realized he was still holding her even though she had her feet firmly on the ground.

He let go of her remembering what he had to do. Now was not the time, he would flirt later, "Whatever, I have to get to school."

"The school on Sakura Street, right?" She asked in a calm and rather soothing voice.

He gave her an odd look, a bit surprise on how she was angry at one moment then calm the next. "Yeah, why?" He answered/questioned.

"I figured so. You've got the same uniform my school is required to wear." She gave a small smile realizing he seems to be having a bad morning. "If you want, I could show you where it is. I have to go there myself."

He gave her a suspect look. She was mad him a second ago, she could be trying to trick him and give him wrong directions, but then that would make her late too. So she wouldn't want that. He looked into her auburn eyes once more he saw nothing but innocents. No she won't do something like that. But pretty faces have tried to trick him before…

"I'm not trying to trick you." She said firmly with a hint of anger. "You know- never mind. If you want to come then come." She turned and started walking off.

He hesitated at first whether or not to follow her, trusting some who could practically read you mind wasn't exactly best idea, but when he started to feel her aura leave it felt much colder then it was before. He sighed and thought 'Why not, she's cute.' And not by his better judge of character, he followed her. It wasn't that he was a bad judge he merely likes to see how things played out.

Kagome looked up at him with a smile and said, "So how long have you been here for?" trying to start a conversation with the silver hair stranger following her.

Dante walked along side of her and look down at her crescent face; he now had a much better view of her features now that she wasn't on the ground. Her pale ivory skin, with long jet back hair that showed blue tinge with the light hit it just right; follow by her innocent brown eyes.

"Week." He answered, trying to keep his answer short like he said before, he wasn't fluent in Japanese. He knew as much as he did thanks to his mom, she had once been a foreign exchange student here. In fact, he was surprise that he was able to answer that girl back so quickly when she told him to watch where he was standing or even understood what she said just now.

"Would you like me to speak in English?" She said in perfect English tongue.

He quickly gave a shock look, "You can speak English." He then had a huge grin on his face. Yes! This meant he didn't have to pretend he understands whatever she says.

She nod her head and said, "Yeah, I'm a college level for reading in my language since I was 12, so both my mom and I agreed it would be good for me to take up English as a second language."

"Good for me at least, not only do I get to have someone to talk to, you're a total babe too." He smiled.

"Un-huh," She comments back, raising an eyebrow slightly blushing, this was actually the first time anyone seem to be attracted to her or at the least called her 'babe'. Kagome was usually just the normal looking girl in the background of all the prettier ones. Still she wasn't going just let this guy teases her. "As long as you keep your hands to yourself, I'll help you."

"So just hands…" He smiled a rather too smooth for her taste.

She took a step away from him, not liking the look he was giving her.

He laugh, "Don't worry, I know I have limits. I won't do anything you don't want."

She smile know he was telling the truth. "That's nice to know." She held out her hand, "Here, let me see your schedule. Maybe we have some class together."

He dug around in his pocket in till he found the piece of paper and hand it over to her. She gaze the paper seeing if any of it look similar to her schedule. Dante couldn't help admire his own luck. Not only did he end up bumping into a girl that was friendly enough to show him the way to school, she also spoke English. A plus note, her scent wasn't bad. His demon nose was pretty sensitive and girls around their age usually wore far too much perfume for his taste. He didn't exactly enjoy sneezing for two minuets straight, because of the chain reaction the perfumes let out. She smelt like cherry blossoms a very sweet aroma that wasn't over powering his senses at all. It was something he felt he could like.

But something was nagging him in the back of his mind for the past few minutes and he finally remembers want it was. 'WHY WASN'T SHE GOING ANY FASTER?' If she went to the same school as him then this meant they were both late. Why wasn't she panicking like he was early 'Easy, she wasn't going to get her off ground privileges taken away!' his own mind yelled at him. She seem like a good student and considering the fact she already master her own languages and was moving on to English she seem to care for her grades.

She looks down at her watch, and then looks back at the schedules. But still she didn't change her pace. He knew something was up, whether it was trying to make him late or not caring. Dante just knew he wasn't going to get to school on time at this rate.

"Listen." He said in the nicest tone he could manage, "I need to get to school. So could you hurry or give me the directions there."

The girl look up at him, he easily over toward her, but easily felt small himself when he saw the hurt look she gave him.

Kagome said, "But why are you in such a hurry?" She was a bit sad. She really didn't want to walk alone. For some reason, she felt very protected around him, like nothing could harm her. It was strange, she got different feelings around different people, but his was so comforting so quickly. That had never happen to her around anyone else.

Dante's jaw drop, was this girl that dense, "What the- BECAUSE I'M LATE!" He yelled losing his clam voice.

Kagome gave him a puzzled look, but not liking the tone he gave her. Man this guy must have been having a bad morning but that was no reason to be rude. She decided that if he yelled at her again she was going to whack him over the head. "Late? Late for what?" She asked.

"For school…" His anger died down a bit when he saw she a bit confused.

"But school starts at 8:30"

"Yes, ten minutes from now!"

Kagome look back at her wristwatch and said "But its 7:22"

He gave her an odd look and took her wrist to check her watch it did say 7:22. He checks his own watch, 8:21. It finally clicks together, why she was so calm. "You know, your watch is an hour behind?" He pointed out.

"What, but I haven't even touch it." She really didn't, she had it on the whole time yesterday. Constantly checking how long she was there at that temple for.

"Well, daylight savings was yesterday. You must have forgotten to set it an hour ahead."

Kagome took her wrist back and set her watch to the right time. If she had listened to her mom or grandpa they would have told her about it, or maybe they did and she was being a brat and not listening. She really needed to apologies to them now. "Wow, I feel dumb. Wait…then that means…I'M LATE TOO!" Realization struck her.


She ignored his cussing and burst into speed that she didn't even know she had. Dante followed right behind her, since he still needed her to show him the way.

"I can't believe I'm so stupid." She yelled still running as if her life depends on it.

Dante merely grind even thou he knew she couldn't see it. He actually found this all very funny, knowing he wasn't the only one who felt this way. "I wouldn't say that. At least you got up early to get to school on time. I was relying on the orphanage to wake me up and tell me. I don't know what I was stiffing to get that idea."

She looked behind at him and said, "You know, you should really stop cussing like that. It isn't good manners."

Before he could say anything she trip over crack on the cement. He quickly grabbed her by the collar of her white and green uniform so she wouldn't get hurt falling to the ground.

"Thanks," She said. She felt bad, she was aware that he wasn't going as fast as he could because of her.

Dante put her back on her feet. "No, problem. Let's keep going."

She took out a small notebook from her bag and started writing something, "Here I'll just give you the directions. There's no point in both of us being late. You could make it there in five minutes that's left without me."

Dante sighed he could easily get to school on time if he did know the way, but even if he did, he wouldn't leave her alone like this. She had to agree to help him when she had only first met him minuets ago. If anything he wouldn't have felt right leaving her like this.

She handed him that paper, but he decline. This only caused her to get upset and shoved the paper into his chest. Dante shock his head, they were losing time. There was only one way they would make it on time. Dante scope the girl into his arms and took off in the direction they were running to.

Kagome blushed shade of 5 reds as the man she just met was carrying her off bridal style to school. She started to protest, but was cut off.

"Don't worry, I can get us there on time just point the way." He said while dodging all the men and women that where in their way and even jumping over some crates or boxes that were in the way.

"Take a left." She said and pointed to the directions seeing there was no way he was going to change his mind. He did what she said.

Kagome wasn't sure what to be amazed at that he was able to carry her and run with easy, or being able carry and avoid not bumping into anyone. She blushed more when she saw all the strange looks people were giving them as they passed by. Even though she only saw them for a second or maybe less, because of how fast the boy was running. It was enough to make her want to hide her face. Which she did, she buried he face into his chest and told him to take another left. She could tell he was muscular not just by how he was able to carry her with ease, but by how solid his chest was. She found she like the cologne he was wearing. She couldn't put her finger on what it was but she like it. He even had the hint of pizza in there.

Dante wanted to laugh as the girl tried to herself from the world into his uniform. Part of him felt bad, because of the situation she was in made her feel humiliate. Another part he enjoy the loving shade of red the stained her cheeks. The part he truly enjoyed was holding her in his arms. The closer she was to him the warmer he felt. He felt lighter than he had in years. What was with this girl? He hadn't even known her name and yet she brought out all these wonderful things. He only wish she wouldn't be so embarrass of what these people thought. She would be happier if she didn't have that idea everyone was judging her.

"Hey, turn the next corner into the alleyway and put me down." She said looking away from his chest.

"School's there?" He asks not thinking.

"No, it's a short cut, but there is a fence that we have to climb over it." She said and he made the turn into the alley.

Sure enough there was a wired fence, but Dante didn't stop he didn't bother even to slow down.

Before Kagome could get a word out or Dante himself had time to think, the half devil jumped on to a dumpster that was there, then on to a wall, bounce off of that to the other wall, finally over the fence and land perfectly on the ground. He continued running, and then he realized he just showed his demon strength to someone. One of the things his mother told him to never do. For mankind would fear him if they found out who his father was. At the moment though he more concerned what the girl in his arms thought. He didn't want her to be afraid of him.

Kagome blink several times try to comprehend if what just happen was real. Did he just perform a Spiderman move right now? Was it even possible what he just did? Well it had to be since he did just do it right now. She looked up at in his light blue eyes and could she see he was looking down at her, waiting for her to say something.

"Where next?" He asked.

She blinks again surprise he answered her back, as if what he just did was just something normal. Of course she could tell this guy was nothing but normal. The way he act and presented him, the way he solve problems. It was his way not a normal way. Normal was okay and so was his way. He must be a great athlete to do something like that and smart to get a good idea of where to jump to make it that height in three jumps.

"Umm…go straight and then take a right." She said. She decided she would ask him about it later.

"Right." He said a bit surprise she didn't ask anything about him jumping over the fence.

He did what she said and when he turned the last corner. He stops when he saw the school. He couldn't believe he made on time.

Kagome "Keep going! The bell's going to ring any minuet."

He sprinted into the school and down the hall. Happily there were no kids in the hall so Dante didn't have to try and dodge any of them.

"Take the right." She pointed.

"Alright…Hey wait. Which class are we going to yours or mine?" He asks.

"Both, we have algebra together."

"Seriously?" He was now truly having a hard time believing his own luck. He could believe the fact that he ran into a girl that could speak English and they both were running late. But they even had the same class together? This girl couldn't be a demon or work for one. Her aura was far too pure to have ever been tainted by evil.

"Yeah, weird huh?" She said think how unbelievable this really was. "Go through that door." She pointed at the right where it said room 19.

Dante dash in to the classroom where all the students were clearly startled by the door slamming open with a new student carrying a familiar one. "HERE!" Dante yelled while tripping over a bucket the left lying on the floor. He quickly shifted his body so he would land on his back and the girl in his arms would be all right. He hit the back of his head loud enough to be heard.

Kagome quickly got off of the poor guy and sat next to him. She could hear the whole class laughing and giggling at their descend, but she didn't care. "Oh God! Are you okay? How your head! Are you alright?"

Just then the bell rang indicating Kagome and Dante class had started. Dante sat up with a big grin on his face. "Are you kiddy me I actually got to class on time! There's nothing the orphanage can do now!"

Kagome gave him a blank expression. He acted as if his head hadn't even touched the floor much less slammed to the ground. He seemed… happy more than anything. But she shook off her blank expression when she saw the smirk he gave her as his way of showing his gratitude for her. She returned it back with the smile of her own.

"Higurashi!" A callous voice called.

The voice made both of them cringes. They both turn slowly: Kagome for this being the very first time she never got in trouble, Dante for knowing that tone meant HE was in trouble, because he heard very many times before. Looking down at them was very angry teacher with a pale baldhead.

Kagome quickly got up and apologize a few dozen times and went straight to her desk with class snickering at her dismay. She pulled out her math textbook and pretends she was study to please the teacher. Her fellow classmates were laughing and snickering at her.

Dante was not at all pleased with his new class laughing at the girl who had just helped him get to class and was the only one concern if he was alright. Frankly, if a human had token a fall like that could have easy cracked open his skull. Happily he was only half, but he didn't appreciate their enjoyment in another's suffering. Him, it was fine, he didn't care. He laughs at himself all the time, but for another it wasn't.

"Sparda Dante?" the teacher questions the unknown half demon.

Dante picked himself up and held up his hand with a smile, "Yep."

The teacher merely looked at his hand then turned away "Introduce yourself." He said headed for his desk.

Dante rolled his eyes, but his smile never left his face. This teacher was one of those hard ass teachers that didn't want to even give Dante a chance, because he was almost late once and apparently that made him a 'bad student'. Dante could of careless, he keep his smile and not let this break his mood. He really didn't like being pissed off very long, it usually rude his day and everyone else's.

He got up in front of the class and scan his classmates. Some guys in the classroom were skeptical about him, while others could give rat's ass about him. He could clearly hear the girls whispering to each other thinking he was cute and his silver hair was sexy. Dante couldn't denial this fact. He was erasable to all mortal women.

His blue eyes found their way to pure hearted schoolgirl that had accompanied him here. She was whispering to another girl with straight short black hair and yellow hair band. Dante focus his hearing on what they talking about.

"Kagome, where did you find HIM?" The girl he didn't know said.

Kagome, he figured her name was whisper back, "By the park, he was coming late to class and needed directions. So we kind of help each other out."

"And this silver hair knight just swiped you right off your feet…"

He could see her face become slightly red, "NO, ERI, it's not like that. I wasn't fast enough, so he picked me up and brought me to school. It really was only in his best interest too." She slightly frowns at that thought.

"Bummer Kagome… I know how hard it is for you to get a boyfriend…"

"Shut up! Just because the rest of you got or had a boyfriend doesn't mean I can't get one." She pouted.

"Calm down," Her friend Eri said holding up her hands in defensives way, "I'm just saying it would have been nice-"

Eri was cut off again, "Give me a break! I met the guy ten minutes ago! You think I want to hang off his arm just like that!" Kagome whisper a bit more loudly.

"Well, I know it's not usually your style to hang off guys, but it looks like half the girls in the class are already head over heels for him. Sorry Kagome, I think he's going to be taken by the end of the day."

"That's okay, I guess." Kagome fiddle around with a panda easer she had out, "He is sweet from what I can tell. I'm sure whoever gets him will be pleasant enough to show him around. I just hope that they won't forget he is from another place and shows him around properly."

"Kagome, you're so innocent. While girls are thinking about making out with him, you're here more concern with his safety. You're too cute some times."

She gave a dull look at her friend's insult or complement or whatever you want to call it and said, "Geeze…god knows dating is the most important thing."

"Come on its high school and you are after all the most desirable girl in the whole school."

"When was this decided!"

"Since the day all the boys started talking about you. Don't worry though; we as your best friends will make sure you're set up with the most desirable guy."

Kagome merely gave her friend a dull look, "How can I ever repay you?"

She was silent for a few seconds while a smile crept up on her face. "Well Kagome… If you don't mind, do you think you can hook me up with the cute up there?"

Kagome fed up with her friend and toss her panda easer and hit Eri right on the forehead and turned her attention to the Dante in front of the class.

Very interesting… not a lot of women are interested in helping him the first time meeting him. Well at least not the way she was thinking. She was different in the way she was looking at him. He couldn't see any heart shape eyes directed at him. Not like the other girls. Was she truly that pure that she was untainted by lustful desires?

"Mr. Sparda, will you please introduce yourself to the class already?" The teacher said rather impatiently.

Dante put his hand to his chin as if thinking and said, "Speech? Now? I'm sorry, I feel so unprepared. I didn't have time to get anything ready." The class chuckle at his sarcasm.

"Just say something about yourself." The teacher said rather bored with his new student's humor.

Dante looked at his fellow students and said, "Well, what can I say? I came from America until I was transfer. My favorite color is red. Oh, and I like pizza." All the girls' students started to whisper to one another about how good they look in red or how pizza was their favorite food too and some other stuff, but Dante couldn't understand it due to his lack of vocabulary in this language.

"Take your seat Mr. Sparda and we can start with our lesson for today." The teacher got up from his desk and started to write on the chalkboard.

Dante survey the room for any place to sit. There were three: One by the teacher desk (There was no way in hell was sitting there for obvious reasons), Another by the door (A good and quick escape) and the last by the window. Nothing to special about, expect for the fact it Kagome was only a seat away to the left. He picked the window seat because if he got too bored he could always look outside for amusement.

Twenty minutes into the lessons and Dante's head felt like it got ran over by a stampede of demons. He held his hand up against his head and his arm prompted up to kept himself from falling over. How can anyone be as boring as this teacher? This is unimaginable torched it was more fun trying to get to school then being here. He turned to see what the class was doing to pass up the time. Some were taking notes, some passing notes, other looked half dead, like him, and found some girls were still checking him out.

He looked over pass the girl that was sitting next to him and towards Kagome. Not that he really cared what she was doing, but he wanted to know what she was doing to pass the time. She looked like she was listening, but he could tell she was merely dazing out, keeping both her mind and her sanity away.

Kagome just sat there replaying yesterday over and over again. She was such a brat yesterday. She sighed, she defiantly own her family an apology. She brushed away stray hair from her face and notes out of the corner of her eye the Dante looking at her. He looked bored and wanted to be anywhere but here. She smiled and gave him a small waved with her hand.

Dante smirked waved back at the schoolgirl; it made him happy to see some kind of human reaction, besides gawks and stares at him. But the girl next to him quickly caught it and thought he was waving to her. The girl frantically waved to him happy thinking he was giving her his attention. Dante sigh, but waved to her anyway.

Kagome lowered her hand upon seeing Dante waving to the girl next her. She had thought the new student was saying hello to her, but he was more interested in the other girl. She turned to the teacher and saw that he was extremely angry with the white hair student.

He marched up to Dante's desk and said, "Mr. Sparda, is there something interesting that you will like to share to the class."

Dante looked up at the teacher knowing he was in trouble, but at the moment he was having trouble organizing he's Japanese together to comprehend what his teacher was saying.

The teacher said, "Mr. Sparda, I will only tell you this once and only once. Don't interrupt class. I do not tolerate such nonsense, if you were not a new student I would have had you suspended from school for the day. Do you understand?" The teacher waited for his new student to respond.

Dante didn't give answer, he watch his teacher face get redder and redder with annoyance. Dante was dumbfounded by how angry his teacher was getting. He really wished he could get his Japanese back together at the moment. Then he could give some remark to the instructor instead of the sitting there looking like an idiot.

"Young man, answer me." The teacher said unhappy with the silence.

Dante caught that much, but still didn't know how to translate it back "I would if I understood what the hell you were saying." He muttered in English knowing the teacher wouldn't be aware of what he was trying to say.

Kagome on the other hand understood what had he said. She figured from the start Dante was having trouble adjusting to the language here, but didn't say anything. Not that she didn't want to help the new guy out, but because the teacher would have shouted at her and gave her two days detention for specking when the teacher was. She felt bad for Dante though, why couldn't the teacher just take a deep breath and see Dante couldn't understand what he was saying.

"That's it!" The teacher shouted making the whole class jump, expect Dante who was now finding all this funny but hid it. "Answer me right now or I will send you the principal's office and have you suspended for a week!" The teacher looked the silver hair student straight in the eye expecting him to ask for forgiveness.

But none came. This was cruel for the half demon, Dante wanted so bad to comment on the teacher actions. It was funny to him, even if he could comprehend what the teacher was scolding him for. He wouldn't have taken this seriously. Just the tension, the students' stares, and the teacher trying to make himself look intimidating, made him wanted to laugh. He faced so many horrible things before that this was nothing the half demon.

When the teacher saw no action from Dante it made him angry. No student had ever displayed such lack of respect to him. He made it clear to everyone who came in the class that it will not be tolerated and yet here he sat just looking at him. He truly did not like this child; as soon as Sparda was suspended he would have him transfer to a different class. He could not go appear soft before his student's. Then they might get the idea that they could do as they pleased in his class. Something he could not allow.

Teacher was final fed up and said "Dante Sparda …" but was cut off.

"He only wants you to behave in class or he is going to suspend you." Kagome quickly said. She sank into her chair when both the Dante and the teacher looked at her direction, mostly because their teacher was glaring at her for her. She knew she was going to get in trouble for speaking out, but she couldn't just let the poor guy get in trouble for not being able respond back.

Dante smirked finally someone was telling him what was going on.

"Miss. Higurashi" Their teacher turned his attention to his female student, which cause Dante grin to disappear. He was going to yell at her for trying to help him!

Dante said, "Quick tell him I don't understand everything he's saying."

Kagome quickly found her voice and told the teacher.

He first gave her an odd look, then turned to Dante and gave him suspect look. "Then why was he able to talk to the class."

Dante caught that much and said in Japanese, "I know enough to get me through a conversation. Then sometimes I get lost."

"Seems too coincidental for me." The teacher said.

Dante took a deep breath and turned to Kagome indicating he didn't understand. She sighed and smile, "He doesn't believe you."

Dante said, "Well I can't help it. How am I'm suppose to learn when he thinks I understand everything he says. Well at least that's half true. Chances are if I was fluent I still wouldn't have pay attention because of how this teacher's voice puts me to sleep…You might not want to translate that last part." He smiled.

She gave small laugh and quickly made up an excuse for it to the teacher who wasn't enjoying his students' conversation he couldn't understand. "Mr. Sparda, would you like to me to seat Miss. Higurashi next to you." He said very irritated and sarcastically.

Dante gave a big grin because he was happy he understood that last part, "Actually yes. I would greatly appreciate it if you let Kagome sit by me." He said quite politely and in Japanese.

Kagome went stiff and the room fell dead silent.

The teacher slapped his hand over his face and couldn't believe the new student had actually suggested him to move Dante to his friend so he could have someone to talk to. "Mr. Sparda, why would I even consider allowing you to sit near your friend?"

Dante turned to Kagome, She said, "He doesn't think it's a good idea. He thinks you'll interrupt class if you had someone to talk to."

Dante "Tell him, if anything it would probably be to his best interest." She raised an eyebrow unsure of how this will help. He just wink at her and said, "Trust me, I know what I'm talking about."

Kagome still had doubt at what he was planning, but he seems so confident in himself. She sighed, and did what he said.

Teacher sighed, "How?"

Dante looked over at Kagome and said, "Get ready to explain to him." Dante took a deep breath and look up at the teacher "Well, Mr.…Teacher" He said realizing he didn't even know his teachers name. "I know just enough of your language to attend school, but we have to face that I'm not going to capture everything that comes out of your mouth and I seriously doubt you're going to like it if I disrupt class every thirty seconds to ask you what you just said." He let Kagome catch up to what he was saying. He knew it wasn't easy for her convert messages back forth like this.

Once she finish, his teacher nod demonstrating he got the message and agreed. Dante continued, "If Kagome sat by me, then there won't be a need for me to ask you anything. I could just whisper it her and she could tell what I'm missing. Then class can continue and you won't have to hear my voice."

"Tempting." His teacher said. He said something else, but Dante couldn't catch it.

He turned to Kagome, who suddenly looked a bit embarrass. "What did he say?" Dante asked.

Kagome sighed feeling ashamed, her eyes never left her desk, "He said fat help that will do. I'm only passing the class with a C. You're better off on your own." Dante frown, which made her feel very uncomfortable. He had such a good idea too to shut their teacher up, but she couldn't help it, math was her worst subject.

Dante couldn't believe their teacher had the nerve to do that to her. She was innocent and only tried to help him and this teacher was cruel enough to humiliate her to make him look like a fool.

Dante turn to the teacher who was smirking deeming he had won, but frowned when a grin appear on the silver hair teenager.

"Even better." Dante smirked.

Everyone in the room gasps breaking the silences in the room, which still made Dante want to laugh more. What was this, a soap opera to them?

Kagome was surprise by his answer. He thought it was good she was bad at math? Still he showed the same confidents as before. Maybe he still had another plan. She couldn't believe how persisted he was though. It was almost as if he determine to win no matter what.

"Mr. Sparda, explain please."

Dante lean back in his chair making himself comfortable and said, "Well, if she having trouble in class then we can help each other. I'm not all dumb in Math you can even check my grades from my other schools. Kagome can speak English very well and can help me with the stuff I can't caught I can help her with the stuff she doesn't understand. I seriously doubt that she a bad student considering she was able to juggle two languages she has to care about her grades so I seriously doubt that she would fool around in class with me and I defiantly don't want to get stuck not knowing what the hell you're talking about again. So you won't have to worry about neither of us causing trouble."

Kagome quickly translated everything to the teacher. Wow, he thought of all that right now. But it really made her uncomfortable; she didn't want to be responsible for to make sure he had his notes were correct. She didn't say anything though she wanted to help him, because he seems to believe she could. That's a lot more credit than their teacher had given her.

Kagome said, "I wouldn't mind helping him out Mr. Uma. It will be a great opportunity to practice my English with someone who has spoken it all their life."

The teacher was not too delighted. This Sparde kid was far clever then he gave himself off to be or perhaps he had done something similar to this be for. He could just say no and have the boy send off to another class far far way from him. He truly did not like him, but to see him struggle in his class would bring him joy after see Dante's also confident idea go up in flames right on him. He was a bit concern for the Higurashi girl. Over all she was a good student and never really broke the rules aside from talking to her friend once in awhile, but she was willing to try and help Mr. Sparda. Besides that, he wouldn't mind see her drop him when her grades start to fall.

Mr. Uma took a breath and said, "Very well, I'll allow both you and Mr. Sparda to sit with one another, but Miss. Higurashi. This will be you responsibility." He could see his student go stiff with what he wanted. "If he acts up in class I will punish both of you plus if you grades fall below that of a 68 I will have him removed from the class since he is supposedly helping you. Do agree with these guild lines?"

Kagome gulped and nod her head agreeing with the conditions. The class immediately gasps and whispers could be heard all around the room.

Dante look over at Kagome wanting to know what was going on! What was the teacher saying? Was he being a jackass to her again? Why did she look so nerviest! He was too impatient he knew. He couldn't help even when he was a kid! When his mom told he to stay in the corner as a kid he would climb up it when he got bored. He couldn't help it! He wanted an answer; he didn't want to wait quietly.

Kagome turned to him and he could see the little flush of pink on her cheeks, "Well, he agreed." She said with a smile.

Dante jumped from his seat and over the girl's desk next to him and over to Kagome "Are you serious?" He asks he ask with a smile. He could have sworn baldy wasn't going to allow it.

Kagome slowly nod her head at the new student very surprised at his reaction.

Dante couldn't believe it worked. He turned to the Mr.Uma and gave a small bow as thanks he remembers his mom saying to do once.

The teacher rolled his eyes he then told the girl in the desk next to Kagome's to move over to Dante's. Dante took over his new seat and got himself comfortable he then took hold of Kagome's desk and pulled her over to his. Kagome slightly blush at how closed she was sitting next to him. He was now a few inches away from her. She looked over to Eri, she was laughing silently pointing at her from a far. 'If only I had another panda eraser…' Kagome thought bitterly to herself.

The teacher told the class to quiet down and continued with the lesson. Kagome wrote down notes the best she could. Mr. Uma lecture and wrote down the instructions faster then she write. It was one of the reasons why she wasn't passing was because of how fast he was. He barely gave her enough time to write her notes before he erased them and started the next problem. But now she really needed to stay focus and get everything down.

After a few minutes a hand gently rested on hers, "Don't pay attention to him." He whispered in her ear.

If she wasn't blushing at his touch he was certainly was for his voice. She looked over at the student sitting next to her and looked in to his icy blue eyes.

He smiled down at her seeing the flush of color on her cheeks, "Listen I know how to do this, I'll show you." He explains the problem and made a he an example on a piece of paper. He then made another one and let her try to figure it out for herself. To her surprise she found it much more easily to get her work done listening to him then to her teacher. She was surprise at how smart he was. First he was able to convents their teacher to let them sit together then HE was the one helping her with her math work.

When the bell rang was the biggest relief in Dante's whole life. As much as he enjoyed Kagome's company and doodling pictures, he really couldn't shake off the feeling of his teacher glaring at him. He shrugged it off do to fact that class was over. 'Another enemy I am to another's list.' He thought to himself.

"Thank you" A voice said.

He looked over at Kagome who was smiling sweetly at him. He smirked back, "No problem. I happen to go over this stuff last year." He put his stuff away and through his bag over his shoulder.

Kagome grabbed her bag and they both walked out of class together. "So you're good at math?" She asked.

Dante ran his hand through his white hair and said, "I'm decent, but it has been a year. I should probably go over my old notes."

"Well, if you already did this then why are you doing it again?"

He shrugged, "Honestly, it was the same problem that I was having it today. I didn't do well in my placement test, because I didn't understand what most of what the questions were asking."

Kagome "That's not fair. I know how about I go talk to the principal for you to retake it!"

Dante walked along side of her, "Aww…that's cute, you're worried about me. Don't bothered about it though, I'm cool were I am."

"But you're getting a lower education then what you are!"

"Really it's okay. I don't like my teacher very much, but I like the class nonetheless. Besides I can tell you can use the help."

She scratches the back of his head in shame, "So you can tell?"

Dante just smiled, "Yep, how about this. You help me and I'll help you."

"How can I do that? You seem to know more than I do."

"Well you can tell me when I'm doing something stupid. That will be very helpful." He said.

Kagome smiled and tapped her chin, "Well I guess I can do that and in exchange you'll help me with my math?"

He nods, "Yep and not only that. Anything else we'll both figure it out."

"Your pretty nice guy for wanting to help me out."

"You did the same me for earlier. Getting to school and then translating for me to Baldy."


"Mr. Uma, it's a very suitable name for him. If I do say so myself." He smiled.

Kagome giggled she couldn't help Dante said thing that were on his mind and it was the things she was thinking, "You really don't like our teacher do you?"

Dante's face went serious and he said, "Hell no, what ran up his ass? Is he always like that?"

Kagome sighs, "I know, it's just the way he is. He acts as if math is the most important thing in the world, but it's just best to keep telling yourself you only have do this class one year and it's all over."

"That or just throw him in front of a bus."

Kagome slapped his shoulder, "You're evil aren't you!" She said playfully.

Dante gave an innocent look, "I honestly try not to be."

"Oh Dante, you remember our agreement on making sure you don't do something stupid?" Dante nod his head. "Well your P.E class is next and you pass the gym two halls ago."

"What! Umm… Thanks. I'll see you around!" Dante said running towards the gym.

Kagome called back "Sure! Met me at room 12 after P.E! I can show you round to all your class at break!"

Dante didn't answer back just went straight into the P.E room.

Kagome sighed and continued to her Art class. He was sweet kid, but she knew he would be gone from her life once he made some friends and found out where he fit in the school. She probably wouldn't get to talk to silver hair stranger after this week.

Dante sighed to himself when he reached his locker and change into his new set of clothes. Sure he wanted to hang around with her, he like her so far. She was the only girl in who wasn't busy gawking him to say anything, but he knew better than that. He would evidentially be move again to another school because of demon attacks. Sure he would met some kids and hang round with them, but at the end when he left. They would never stay in contact he would be only a memory to them. 'So why bother' Dante thought as he closed his locker and went to P.E.

Little did the innocent schoolgirl or half demon know is how much they would affect each other lives.

Author Notes: (Don't worry you don't have to read this if you don't want to, but Please Review.) I had Kagome be able to speak English because I thought it would be good way for her and Dante to become friends right away. Plus Kagome always seem to be a natural friendly person and figure she would help out a person is she could. Since Dante likes to talk and it would be no fun if no one could understand him. So thus the connection through understanding and listening was good way to bring them together.

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