Danny Phantom: Ghostly Escape

By Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: As always I don't own Danny Phantom, he belongs to Nickelodeon and Billionfold Inc.

Author's Notes: while working on Lost to Time, I came up with an idea for an AU fic, this one takes place during one the darkest periods in human history, Hitler's rule over Germany. Danny is a gypsy and he got his powers through magic and fights spirits that his parents accidentally conjure up.

Chapter I: The Coming Storm


"Get back here Phantom!" the shop keeper yelled as I raced from the scene of a fight with a spirit that ended up in his shop being wrecked.

I slowed down about mile from the shop to catch my breath, "You would think he would be a little more grateful for saving him from that ghost," I said as I gazed at the Fenton Cage and the specter within, an annoying one known as the Box Spirit.

"You can not hold me for I am the Box Spirit, Beware!" he said as I shook up the cage and decided to walk home.

"Boy things have changed here," I said as I looked around and saw the effects the Great War had on the country. Money had become virtually worthless, a loaf of bread costs a billion Marks and President Hindenburg isn't helping the situation either. Many are calling the Weimar government ineffectual and news had spread that a few years back a group of Right Wing nuts attempted a coup and failed.

The future didn't look any better either, not with Vladimir Masters running for Chancellor, that's the last thing this place needs is that nut running the country but many people including my parents like him.

Vlad was once a friend of the family, like my family he was a Gypsy until he was banished for a spell gone wrong, my parents were with him at the time, but they didn't get banished so he thinks they set him up and he's out for revenge, which I stopped.

However if Vladimir gets elected, I don't even think that I will be able to stop him then, however I have other things to worry about now.


Pretty soon I will be ruling Germany, it is only a matter of time, the people are fed up with Hindenburg's empty promises and half hearted deals leaving them vulnerable to my platform. Then I'll use my 'enforcer's' abilities to steer the people in the right direction, I will be installed as Chancellor.

"Life is good," I said with a smile as I noticed the door to my office was opening, "Guten Tag!" I told the visitors there were three of them; two seem to be foot soldiers of some kind while the last one was a skinny person dressed in black with small spectacles and a short mustache.

"Vladimir Masters, I assume," the gentleman in black said as he shook my hand, "allow me to introduce myself, I am Heinrich Himmler, I represent a potential candidate for Chancellor," he said.

"So, why do you come to me, I won't support your candidate whoever it is," I told them, the nerve of these people to come here and make me support an opponent of mine.

"Actually, we would like you to step down and support our candidate," Himmler said as he adjusted his glasses, "you will be compensated of course by receiving a share of power once the candidate comes into power," he said with a smile.

"Just who is this candidate?" I asked as my curiosity was piqued by his offer of power (I would be willing to give up my dream, if I liked their contender).

"His name is Adolf Hitler, he's a veteran of the Great War and is running on the National Socialist ticket," Himmler said producing a picture of short man with green eyes and greasy brown hair and a small mustache.

"I've heard of your party and frankly I don't think you will win, your stupid Putsch failed so what make you think you could win the election," I asked them, these National Socialists (or Nazis as the media has called them) are pathetic and only attract a small percentage of the people.

"We feel the time is right, the people weren't ready for us, but now Hitler feels that they will listen and wishes to attract those people who can really draw a crowd such as yourself, Masters, what do you say?" Himmler asked studying my face intently.

I thought for a second, if this Himmler was right about their party coming into popularity, this could be my chance to gain some power and when the time is right, I'll ditch this Hitler and take power for myself, "You have a deal, Herr Himmler," I said as I shook his hand.

"Gut, sehr gut, Hitler will be pleased to know that you'll support him," he said standing up, "here's an invitation to our next rally, VIP seats, so you get to see the party at work, try not to be late. We'll see you then, Auf Wiedersehen," he said bowing as he and his men left.

"Yes, life definitely is good," I said as watched them leave my office thinking about what the future has in store.


When I got back to the camp, I could hear my parents working on something, "I wonder what they working on now," I said as I entered my tent and laid down, "Peace and quiet," I said as I laid down and started to sleep.

"HEY DANIEL!" the voice of my father said waking me in mere moments, "Check out my new creation, I call it the Fenton Portable Crystal Ball," now we can gaze into the Spirit World from anywhere!" he said as he sat down beside me and took out a small marble sized sphere and closed his eyes, "Calling the spirits, do you here me," he chanted as the blow glowed but then blew up, "ah it still needs some work, but don't worry it'll be ready soon," he said as he left.

"I wonder if other families have this much problems," I asked myself as I finally drifted off to sleep.


"Sam, have you finished cleaning up yet," I heard my father say as I was cleaning up graffiti that that jerk Dash Baxter spray painted on our windows.

"Yes, father," I said as continued cleaning, thinking I would like giving that anti-Semite creep a peice of my mind, but it's not worth it, at least for the moment.

When I finished, I went to see anything else that needed to be done, "I'm done," I said half-heartedly.

"Thank you," he said as I looked up from his newspaper, "Sam, I wish you wouldn't wear those clothes, you've been wearing that getup since you read that Dracula novel a few years back," he said with a sigh.

"This is who I am dad, when will you accept that?" I asked him, this was the fourth time he's asked me that this month and I'm getting tired of it.

"I'm going to close up the shop for the day," he said as he left his newspaper with a worried look on his face.

"Wonder what got him so upset," I said as I looked at paper, on the front was a short man with black hair and green eyes. Above him the caption read 'Hitler likely to win election,' something tells me that this isn't good.