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Chapter XXXI: Nie Wieder


Soon I will have those children back in custody, from what I have been told they have left Rouen and it is only a matter of time before they come here and end this childish game once and for all.


The journey on the Seine was peaceful until the halfway mark when Valerie spotted some Nazis on the water.

"I'm going to deal with our intruders," I said as got to the back of the ship and started blasting the Nazis away with my green lightning while dodging their bullets. "Ist that you best you got," I taunted them as I used my ice spell to freeze them before heading back to where Tucker and Valerie were at.

"How did the fight go with the Nazis," Valerie asked curious as to how the battle went.

"They won't be bothering us for awhile," I told her as I looked out on the river, "How close are we to Le Havre?" I asked anxious to reach our goal and freedom.

"We should be there soon," Tucker said as he steered the boat and looked out onto the horizon. The sun was starting to set and it cast a beautiful red glow on the river. It made me wish Sam was here, but she isn't thanks to Vladimir.

I hated that man for what he did to my family and friends. He will pay for what he did not if not in this world than in the next as the flames burn his wretched for Eternity, but right now I must keep my thoughts positive and focused on Freedom.

I must have dosed off, for the next thing I remember is that Tucker was waking me up telling me that we have reached Le Havre.

"Finally freedom," I said as I stepped out of the boat but as soon as I was on land I was blasted to the ground. "What the…" I said as I looked up and saw a most unwelcome sight.

"Greetings Daniel," the cold voice of Vladimir von Plasmius said as I looked and beheld him looking down at me. "I must say I'm impressed you made all the way here and evaded my men. A pity this as far as you will get," he sneered as he raised his hand and shot lightning at me.

"You're wrong, Vladimir, I will get to freedom," I said as used a protection spell to block his attack. "You're the one who will not go further, here is where you will pay for your crimes," I told as I shot my own lightning at the man hitting him at the shoulder.

"Do you think I am heartless, that I did not shed a tear at your mother's death? You're wrong," he said solemnly.

"SHUT UP, I don't want to hear your lies," I told him as I went to punch him but he grabbed my wrist and sent me flying across the dock.

"You really think you can defeat me, I hold the winning cards in my hand," he said pointing to Tucker and Valerie who were surrounded by Nazis.

"Let them go, Vladimir, I'm the one you want," I told him as I got up I was not going to lose my friends not after I lost Sam.

"Very well," he said as he snapped his fingers and his men backed off.

"Tucker, Valerie find a boat and leave," I shouted to them.

"What about you?" Valerie asked confused, she wasn't going to leave me stranded while she and Tucker were free.

"I'll be fine just go," I told them as they boarded the nearest boat and took off for freedom.

"You're wrong; however, I am not without mercy. This is your final chance my boy, either join in fulfilling Germany's birthright or return to Dachau," he said with a smile as his red eyes glowed brightly.

I laughed at him, "You are one seriously insane slice of fruit cake. You still can't see that Hitler is leading you to your doom. Can't you feel the flames start to burn you or is your soul so dead that it feels nothing and is caught up in the lie that you have fed it since the day you joined them," I told him as I looked into his red eyes, Vladimir was drunk on power, Satan had filled his glass and intoxicated him.

"You fool; you are the one who is blind. Don't you see that I am doing this all for Germany and I wanted your mother, the woman I loved more than anything, the only person who I ever cared about, to join me. However, that fool you called a father poisoned her mind against me. Don't follow her mistake little badger. Join me in forging the sword of Germany's future," he said holding out his hand.

My blood began to boil at his words, how dare he speak so lovingly of my mother and disrespect my father at the same time. I stared silently at him, my green eyes overflowing with venom, "DON'T YOU EVER TALK OF MY MOTHER AND FATHER LIKE THAT AGAIN YOU ARROGANT PIECE OF NAZI SLIME," I shouted at him, it felt like I had used up all my power in that scream and even watched in amazement as the energy sent him flying across the sky until he hit the wall of a building and fell into the sea to his death. After that all was darkness.

When I woke up, I found myself on ship, "what happened?" I ask myself as I look around see crates of cheese from floor to ceiling.

"I found you lying on the docks, I figured you were trying to escape and took you aboard my ship, Le Fromage," a voice said as a short man dressed in a red robe and gold crown with blue eyes and white hair and mustache walked in the room.

"Who are you?" I asked worried he might be working for the Nazis and taking me back to Dachau.

"I am Le Roi de Laiterie, the Dairy King, Yves St. Charles, at your service," he said bowing and removing his crown politely.

I had heard of him before, he was said to be the leading supplier of diary goods to Europe and was exceedingly wealthy but why was he helping me.

"Thank you, monsieur, but why are you helping me," I asked curiously as he would help an escapee from Nazi Germany.

"My friend, Étienne St. Dominique, who lives in Germany, was taken prisoner by the Nazis. He's a writer but since Hitler came into power, he could only get a job as a ghostwriter," he explained to me as a tear rolled down his cheek. "Anyway, we're heading for America. I figure it's best to pack up for there as it seems those Nazis get more and more bloodthirsty and seem to have their eyes set on ruling Europe," he said before he left. I had done I was free!


I couldn't believe it we were heading for America, this was happiest day of my life but one thing would make it happier.

"Valerie," I said as I walk over to where she was lying, she was so beautiful and I was entranced by her since the day I met in Dachau.

"What's wrong Tucker," she asked as she stared into my green eyes and smiled, she too had the most beautiful green eyes that spoke of hope and happiness.

"Valerie, would you marry me," I asked her as knelt down and held her hand.

"Of course, Tucker, I will marry you," she said as she stood me and wrapped her arms around crying tears of joy. "I love you Tucker Foley," she said weeping. This is now truly the happiest moment of my life.


Weeks have past since we have left France and Tucker proposed to me making me the happiest woman in the world.

I look out now from the deck of the ship and see the Statue of Liberty, we have reached America and freedom. However as we celebrate freedom and our new life together, I fear that world would soon lose its happiness it is swallowed up in more bloodshed.

I also think about Daniel and wonder if he made out of Le Havre, I wonder what he's doing now and if he thinks about us, maybe one day we will meet again but only time will tell if that is true.


Years have passed, too many in fact, since that day we tempted fate and made our heroic escape to freedom but time will not dull the memory of what happened to us.

I haven't heard from Tucker since I read in a paper he got married to Valerie (They deserve to be together). From what I heard, Tucker is a scientist working on the latest technology (although he might be retired now, seeing as it was so many years ago).

Valerie on the other hand, has written to me numerous times. She tells me that Tucker still thinks about me but rarely has time as he always working on something. She tells me her adventures of as a Nazi Hunter, the Huntress she calls herself. She has brought many infamous Nazis to justice (including helping to arrest Adolf Eichmann). However she tells me her greatest regret is that Dr. Mengele evaded justice by living in South America where he died from drowning in 1979 (every night, I lay awake for hours on end as I remember what that monster did to me. The only comfort I have is that he is getting his punishment in the next life).

While Tucker and Valerie have been famous, I have stuck to the shadows mostly. During the Cold War, I worked for the United States government but soon quit as I found that they were hiring ex-Nazis (I cannot in good judgment, work with those who so brutally treated my family and friends). After I left, I began a freelance agent, helping those in need as that is what my family taught me.

I rarely change into Phantom nowadays as I learned that the spell that created him is wearing off and he is slowly dying. A friend of mine who runs a local occult bookstore informed me of this and told me that Phantom is in pain when I call upon him and so I have decided to let him die in peace.

Speaking of death, I just found out a few years ago that Jasmine was killed in Auschwitz. The poor girl, all she wanted to be was a doctor but her life was cut short because of Hitler's inhuman hatred. I wonder what her last thoughts were and if she thought of her family and hoped they escaped somehow, but I will never know.

Every year, I make a special trip back to Germany. Amitystadt is no more, wiped off the map from the bombing it received from both the Allies and the Axis Powers. The people thought it best not to rebuild as it would awaken too many bad memories.

I go back to Dachau, now a memorial for the poor souls who died in those dark times. I lay five flowers by the memorial (three for mom, dad, and Jasmine; one for Sam; and one for Amorpho, for whom I am probably the only person on Earth who mourns the man's passing as his memory was ravaged when he destroyed his face to avoid being identified).

I look at the stone memorial and place my trembling hand on the words written there, Nie Wieder, Never again!

The End.

May we never forget the horrors of the Holocaust and do everything within our power to prevent such evil from returning.