Title: the green-eyed monster named SAKURA, not jealousy!
Uchiha Sasuke x Haruno Sakura
#4 our distance and that person
Word Count: 793
I do not own Naruto.

This one is kinda Sasuke/Sakura/Sai.



You're not jealous.

You most certainly are not.

Why would you be jealous?

It's not like you like her or anything.

So what if the girl who used to be your number one fan girl is so blatantly obviously groping at your copy?

Okay fine.

She wasn't exactly your number one fan girl (she was like… what? number sixty-five or something…) since she actually had a mind and a brain and bit of common sense to go with it. And he isn't exactly your copy so to say (the two of you just looked very alike, almost like twins. It kind of causes you to wonder if your father was being a cheating prick before he died—or well, around the time that you were conceived—and had a bastard son who was then named Sai…) since he is a little more girly (although you both have a thing for showing off your abdomens). And she isn't exactly groping him, just more so… healing the giant gaping wound that Sai-teme (so what if you're pulling a Naruto?) had gotten while protecting Sakura—

That bastard.

Your scowl deepens and you twitch in your hiding place in a tree above them.

(Now you're wondering how the hell they aren't noticing you, and just how the hell Sai-teme hopes to protect Sakura, if he can't even sense your presence.)

"You are an idiot!" Sakura screams, still healing him. "Why, why, why would you jump in the way of an attack for me?!"

Sai-teme coughs a bit and smiles (how dare he smile at your cherry blossom?!). "You're hideous enough as it is," he says, annoying you even further. "I highly doubt getting stabbed in the stomach will help you look any better…"

You feel like throwing a kunai at him or something to defend Sakura, who simply takes the insult, chuckles dryly, and continues with the healing process. Who does he think he is, calling Sakura ugly? Fine, maybe she's not exactly god's gift to men, but she is very beautiful in her own way.

A sniffle makes its way to your ears and you frown when you realize that Sakura is crying.

Why is she crying?

Is she crying over him?

The part of the branch you're holding to help keep your balance makes a cracking noise and you remember to let go. You hate that spot that you are crouching in because she is right there. She is right in front of you (well technically, below you).

Regardless, she is so close yet so far away.

"Stop crying Hag. You're getting uglier."

Sakura smiles (she smiles. Why the hell is she smiling?), and wipes her forehead. You take note that she has grown into that big forehead she used brandish as a child (and think that having a big forehead was such a stupid reason to be insulted for).

"Shut up and rest," she mutters, using a clean cloth to dab the sweat that is on his face.

"You should too…" Sai-teme murmurs, slowly falling asleep. "Maybe it'll make you prettier."

You watch her as she watches him.

She waits until his breathing sets out evenly before letting out a breath of relief. You stare at her face intently and see that content and relieved and positively happy smile quirking on her lips as she continues to watch him. If it wasn't for the constant banter between them (albeit said banter was only joking—at least on Sakura's side), you would think that that look in her eyes combined with the smile on her lips was loving but you knew better.

For a moment (and only a moment) you wonder if she used to look at you like that back when you were the unconscious one and she was tending to your wounds.

(Having people touch you was never something you could bear but when the time came and you didn't have a choice on the matter, you always let her bandage you up. She had a nice, healing and comforting touch that always made you feel soothed.)

Your gaze intensifies when she makes a tired sound and slumps forward a bit. She catches herself on her hands and then throws her head back and yawns widely.

She looks down at Sai-teme and brushes his bangs away from his eyes while he sleeps contentedly.

And then slowly—ever so slowly, you notice her lowering her head until its right over his, and even though you really don't want to believe it, you know that she's stealing a kiss from him.

You swallow hard and tell yourself that you do not care because hey—

You're not jealous.

You most certainly are not.

Why would you be jealous?

It's not like you like her or anything.


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